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Diapercritter fun

by abdl123

Chapter 1

Hours later after the commercial shoot Shade was on his way back to his apartment in pred city. He was driving back in silence then let out a sigh as he looked at himself in the rearview memory finding a diaper critter staring back at him. “I cannot believe that winged wolf I am so getting back at Druid for this, how am I gonna explain this to Blaster when he gets home” it’s been years since he has even lived in furville and to be honest he wouldn’t have minded being a diaper critter if he was still living there since everyone there is normally diapered anyway.
He never really wanted to move away, the thought scared him at first then he met his boyfriend, an arcanine with gray and white fur. They had met at a club meeting for his movie club at pred cities college campus. His boyfriend was a recent graduate at the time but still attended all the clubs he could on campus with the ok of the campus principal. He was nice then and still is, Shade never thought that he would be into another guy but there was something about Blaster. They moved in with each other shortly after with the dream of having an actual house in the future instead of a stupid apartment.
Moments later he had pulled into the apartment parking lot and got out of his car to quickly run into the building and up to the third floor to his apartment. He closed the door with a slam and laid back on it with a sigh before walking into the kitchen. He was thinking of getting a snack but oddly enough he was not very hungry he thought it could be because of him being a diaper critter now but brushed it off as he opened a bag of cookies then sat down on a chair at the kitchen table. He sat there watching youtube and eating his cookies trying his best not to let the feeling of the cookies just sitting in his belly get to him.
It was a few minutes later when he heard the lock of the front door get unlocked before his boyfriend who was well over two feet taller than him walk into the apartment. Hey Shade I’m home I got a surprise for you babe. “Hehe you’re not the only one” Shade whispered to himself as Blaster came walking into the room. As Blaster walked in he looked up at his boyfriend and freezes for a few seconds. “I know this is weird but keep an open mind ok sweety” oh um it’s ok Shade I’m not freaked out it’s just a little surprising thought you would be back to normal after the commercial. “You saw the commercial?” heh hard not to when a certain someone has our tv constantly tuned to nickelodeon and that old for kids channel. If Shade could blush in this form he would but instead he just sits there covering his face.
Hey don’t be embarrassed how bout you tell me what happened at the studio. Blaster said as he sat next to Shade holding his boyfriend's paw in support. “Well we were done shooting the commercial when my friends girlfriend and aunt noticed that my TF collar had been messed with. Turns out Druid being his natural pranking self reset the collar to make me a diaper critter for almost a week” Well I guess that means my surprise will have to wait until this weekend. He said as he grabbed the shopping bag off the table. “What was the surprise?” Shade asked looking up from his paws. Oh well after I saw your commercial I thought of how much you miss living in furville and decided to buy a box of those new diapers you helped advertise and a onesie or two to help ya get into that little headspace you like so much. “But I already have diapers for my night problems” yeah you do but I figured you would like something a little more puppyish instead of those boring adult white backed diapers.
“Oh…” don’t go getting sad on me mister we’ll have none of that in this house we can still have a little bit of fun tonight. “Really and how would we do that?” well I was thinking about how you keep saying how cute I’d be in diapers and decided to try them. “Really? But my diapers are too small for you” really buddy I’d do anything for my little eeveelution and I tried my best to find diapers in my size but couldn’t they’re out of my size everywhere for some reason. “Aw that sucks I was really looking forward to seeing my big growlithe walking around in just his diapy” oh haha little Shade, well how bout this since someone wants to see me diapered so bad I can wear a certain diaper critter sitting next to me.
“I….I think I can wait,” shade said as he stood up to throw his cookie bag away. Oh no you don’t mister you’re stuck as a diaper critter for five days and diapers get worn. Without another word Blaster walked into their room and closed the door before coming out minutes later with nothing but his fur to cover his private areas. This was yet another instance where shade would have blushed for he has seen his boyfriend naked a limited amount of times among them being on their first date night at the local lake for a nice night picnic that ended up with them both in the water and their clothes scattered on the picnic blanket on the shore.
He walks over to him and grabs him trying to figure out how to put him on. Moments later Blaster had figured it out, he laid Shade down and fed both of his foot paws into his maw with mere seconds later his body was inside Shade up to his waist. He fed his legs into the legs of the diaper then fed the rest of himself into the suit pulling Shades diaperfied head over his own as if it was a hood. He sat up then stood up to walk over to a mirror sitting next to their tv in the living room. He stands there looking at his new clothing slash body and does a three sixty turn looking at his tail which has now become a smaller umbreon tail to help fit inside his used to be boyfriend.
Ok now this is so cool Shade you’re comfy. Not able to speak with his mouth now an opening in the diaper for his boyfriend to look out of he just looks at the mirror blushing in his mind as his boyfriend looks over himself. After he had looked at himself in his new diaper suit Blaster sat down in the living room right after he had made himself a sandwich with some lemonade. He sat playing a game on his phone while looking for a movie on the tv. While looking for a movie he starts to feel a cramp in his stomach just moments after he had ate and drank something. It appeared to him that his used to be boyfriends new form sped up his digestion wishing to be put to use he looks up at shades eyes on the hood of the diaper suit then started to push grunting in effort as he sat there. As he pushed in effort his rear end under his tail starts to bulge out and turn a shade of brown as he messed himself for a good five minutes leading up to a huge diaper bulge around his waist as he begun to pee himself adding to the new color of his suit turning it from brown to a mix of yellow and brown everywhere the pee and poop had touched. He sighs then sits back squishing his mess more as he ate more and drank even more.
Unannounced to him the new form of Shade was taking over making him eat and mess more and more every hour he was worn. Hours later and half into the movie Blaster had picked Shades' new body began to slowly absorb his boyfriend. Blaster had fallen asleep before the movie had ended with a full diaper suit on with his mess spreading from the legs almost to the arms which were already saturated with his own pee. The next morning had rolled around with the form of a diaper critter snoozing away on the couples couch only there was no wearer Blaster seemed to be fully absorbed with his mess and urine disappearing as well leaving nothing but even fluffer padding in its wake. Shade woke up realizing what had happened hoping for the return of his boyfriend thanks to their reformation machine in the laundry room. If he doesn’t return at least they were closer than ever now Shade had thought to himself as he got up to try and eat something.

(Alt end)
Next morning Blaster woke up with a yawn then went to the bathroom forgetting he was wearing a diaper then looked in the mirror before bending down letting out another mess into his diapered lover who had already absorbed last nights messy hang out result. With a sigh he goes to the kitchen grabbing a drink and his keys to the apartment before walking out of it to go walkabout the market to find the best snacks and food for making the biggest messes he can inside his new diaper it was clear that the memories of growing up as diaper lover in furville that were his boyfriends memories were now bleeding into his own memory to turn him into a Diaper lover as well due to the diaper suits demand to be used to its full potential.


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