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Mike's hypno experience

by disjsosndkj

Chapter 1

-START CHAPTER ONE-Mike wakes up after a nice hypno session. The strong and tanned man who has put him into trance greeted him, asking him how he felt."I feel really good... A bit sleepy... Will I stop smoking now?""Yes, you did great. Now get up and lets talk about the payment"Mike grown a little skeptical now but the feeling of being scammed fade away the instant the hypnotist spoke."I do not want money. I actually traded something with you already while you were in trance."Mike was a little confused "And what did we trade?""You have traded the ability to stop smoking with some denial triggers and partial control of yourself.""It cannot be true, but thank you for the free session then!""Control kneel" Before Mike realized it, he was indeed kneeling before the hypnotist."Whaaaat!?" said Mike as he got up"Control kneel until I tell you to get up"This time Mike was unable to get up."What the heck dude?""Orgasm denial on. Control get up, undress, kneel again like before and them stroke as fast as you can until I tell you to stop."Mike was speechless has he was performing each and every command. He never truly believed in hypnosis nor he believed that such a good-looking straight guy like him could do such things in front of another man. Mike started stroking as the muscled man was getting undressed to."Would you suck my cock out of your own will, slave?""Of course not you perv! Do not call me slave and make this stop!""Control every second you will get hornier and hornier until I say so. You will also reach the edge of cumming really easily this time"As he spoke, Mike was on the edge of orgasm but, as the hypnotist commanded, he was not able to cum. He was just staying on the very edge of cumming while his stroking was driving him more and more frustrated and horny."I am gonna leave you have fun for a while slave. Hope that once I come back you will be more willing to submit.""HELP! SOMEONE HE-""Command silence until I say so" and he left.After two hours the hypnotist, still naked, returned. Mike was in tears as he never performed any kind of orgasm control before and just wanted to cum. Only horny thoughts were filling Mike's mind indeed and the first sentence Mike said once being allowed to tall was obvious."Please let me cum""Then suck my cock out of your own will slave. It is the last time I will ask you nicely.""I am straight don't make me do this...""Very well then. Control suck my cock until I say so, and no teeth.""Wait no please" said mike as his mouth got closer and closer to the men's cock."Also, you wont cum for a while since I had to use the trigger"Mike was truly crying as he was trying to get his mouth free, but with no use.He was straight. He used to be the dominant one and now he was at the mercy of someone else.The sucking went on until the hypnotist was about to cum."I am about to cum in your mouth, slave!"Mike was now squirming trying to push himself away unsuccessfully."Control, you will take my whole load in your mouth and keep it there. Once I tell you, you will shallow it all"Mike was now desperate to escape his torment but his body was just obeying his newfound Master's commands and, soon enough, his mouth was full of cum.Unable to spit it, Mike was forced to taste the manly liquid for several minutes as he was keeping up a good show out of his desperation."Now shallow!""Please listen I am straight and I just want to cum... please...""You wont be very satisfied then, bitch. Control, on all four and stand still."The manly hypnotist grabbed a condom and some lube."No please stop please wait please I will do anything just please don-"Mike's sentence ended with a scream as his virgin ass was being violated by a strong and big cock.By being straght, he never had used his ass in such ways and the new experience got him in tears.He was just crying and begging to stop and to be able to orgasm while still stroking and staying on the very edging of cumming as he was truly helpless.He would have paid gold for an orgasm but getting laid with a man was really something the straight guy did not want to try.After half an hour, the hypnotist decided he had enough and made his slave stand and stop stroking.Mike was crying. He just wanted to stop smoking, nothing else.His ass was painful and he was desperate to cum.As soon as he was free, he got up and tried to blow his load with no success as now his hand seemed to move away everytime he was about to cum.His desperation, became even higher when the hypnotist asked him to finish his second blow in his mouth.Once it was done, he was ordered to dress up normally and, as the strong and dominant man was doing the same, Mike started to beg."Please let me cum I need to cum sobbadly I dont even care you raped me just please let me cum please let me go...""No slave. You are mine now, whether you like it or not. Control you will read this and forget it but you will obey everything that is written on it".The hypnotist passed to Mike a piece of paper and then suddenly there was a cut in the guy's memory. Mike passed the paper back without even realizing."I also want you to call me Master. But you will have to do it by yourself.""Absolutely not you fucker! Now let me cum already!""The more you put resistence the more you gonna suffer boy. Control go home"And so Mike did.-END CHAPTER ONE-


Hot Story - kinkysub44

THis is a hot Chapter One. I look forward to seeing what is in Chapter Two.

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