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Started in listening to the Curse_Shaving file

by dukie069

Chapter 1 - Curse_Shaving

Today I started to listen to the Curse_Shaving file.   Since I have enjoyed listening to the Sissy boi files and it encouraged me to shave my body, I was thinking of making things more permanent.  I found this file Curse_Shaving and it is supposed to make my body kill off my body hair and it will fall out.  This will immensely help with my daily grooming, as it takes a long time to keep my body feeling hairless.  I have started listening to it, and will continue to do so daily or multiple times a day, until I am permanently smooth.  I have also shaved my face and head, and I am hoping it will kill off all my facial and scalp hair as well.  I don't think of this file as a curse, though I guess some people might.  I feel this is a necessary step in my feminization, since I just adore the way I feel without body hair.  Since the file states that shaving is trigger and will make my hair die out faster, I have continued to shave my body in the meantime.  I am not sure how long this process will take, but I will continue to shave and listen to the file until its done.


Not really a story - genericaccount37

I\'m happy for you, but this is what Journal posts are for.

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