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Shopping Buddied

by jamie13ropedope

Chapter 1

     I love my wife. She's smart, funny, an excellent cook, and great in the sack. The only thing I couldn't stand was going shopping with her, especially clothes shopping. It was soooooo boring. At least that's what I used to think. I think it started when she first had me try on nail polish at one of those booths. "Come on babe, what are you, chicken?" She mocked. My fragile masculinity wouldn't stand being called that word; chicken. Besides, it made her happy. I'd do anything to make her happy.

     I started wearing it pretty regularly. She said it was "edgy" and "bold!" Then there was the time we were at Victoria's Secret. I hated lingerie stores; I never knew where to look. We were in the changing booth. "Hey babe, you should try these on!" She was holding a pair of black panties with lace at the top.

I protested, but I gave in. They were way more comfortable than I thought. I was immediately addicted to the feeling of silk. "See, I knew you'd like it. You should just listen to me when I tell you to try something baby doll," she teased. I like being called baby doll. She bought two pairs; one for her and one for me.

    At first I only wore them around the house; whenever we were relaxing or...having sex. I got more pairs too. Then one day I openned up my underwear drawer and all I had was panties. When I asked my wife where all my boxers were she said they were in the wash.

They were always in the wash. That's when I started wearing panties everyday.

     One saturday we were out dress shopping. I had my panties on and my nails painted a cute seafoam. That was a new sensation I had started to enjoy; feeling cute. There we were, once again, in a changing booth. "Hey babe, you should try this on," she said in her signature mocking but seductive tone. In her hands was a strapless seafoam dress. I rolled my eyes; "fine," I huffed. I had stopped protesting her demands at this point, plus it did match my nails. It was a little tight, but I couldn't deny I loved what I saw in the mirror.

     "Mmm don't you just love it? You look so hot baby doll," she whispered in my ear. Then I felt her hand slide underneath my dress and wrap around my cock. She grabbed my ass and started to stroke. I tried not to moan as she stroked faster. She pulled me closer to her, totally manhandling me. "Mmm, you like that baby doll? You like being my little play thing?" She teased in my ear. "Oh yes baby," I stammered. "You wanna cum baby doll? You wanna come for me?" She taunted. "Oh yes please let me cum!" I tried to say as quietly as possible.

     I think the people in the next booth might have heard me though. she stoked faster. "Who's my little baby doll?" She asked in that soft yet domineering tone that made me so hot. "I am, I'm your baby doll. I...I....fuck!" O huffed as ecstasy washed over me, and I sprayed semen all over the mirror and fell to my knees. "You better lick that up. It would be rude to leave a mess." She commanded. Without thinking I went over and started licking up my spunk. She had that power to make me do things without thinking. "hey babe, smile!" I looked up with puzzled eyes and cum dripping from my lips as she snapped a picture.

     She bought me the dress. I liked it when she bought me things. I would wear it around the house for her. I think she showed some of her friends the picture from the changing room. They were sitting on the couch, looking at her phone and laughing. It didn't bother me they. I had dress days; days I HAD to wear a dress around the house no matter what. I started to look forward to those days. She would have those same friends over and they would do my makeup and taught me how to walk in heels. I eventualIy got to the point where I could do my own makeup and started wearing it all the time, even to the office.

     My wife started telling me to do things instead of suggesting them. I liked it. Life is easier. Now I know it's called being submissive, but at the time I was just trying to make my wife happy; same thing really. She had me start taking "vitamins" and growing my hair out, which she died red. My wife likes redheads apparently. After a few months of taking my vitamins and doing cardio the dresses started to fit better, my butt and breasts got bigger, and my penis got smaller.

     It didn't bother me though; I hadn't been inside my wife since the changing booth. We still had sex though; I would go down on her and she would finger my ass, which I found to be so much fun. Then one day she comes home and says she has a suprise for me. I should mention at this point I was always dressed up at home. She had dipped into the bedroom while I was cleaning dishes in the kitchen. She strutted into the kitchen wearing nothing but boots and a strapon. I suddenly remembered her joking about getting one when we were dating. She forcefully grabbed me by the neck and back of my head and started to make out with me; forcing her tongue in my mouth. God, I love it when she is rough. "Get on your knees baby doll," she commanded. I didn't understand what was happening but I complied.

    That's a lie; I knew exactly what I was doing, part of me always knew I think. Down on my knees I went; I was now face level with the stapon. She grabbed it and stuck it in my face. Go on, lick it, lick it like a good little slut. She had started calling me slut, which made me super horny, and when I get horny I get dumb and compliant.

     I licked that thing like a lollipop. Then i started sucking on the tip. I loved this feeling, my wife's strap in my mouth, not a care in my head. She grabbed the back of my head and forced the strap, oh fuck it, lets just call it her dick, down my throat. I gargled and drooled and felt my eyes roll back into my head. It felt so fucking euphoric.

     She pulled me up and bent me over the counter and I gasped as I felt her rip my panties down to my ankles. She lifted my dress up and started to tease my asshole with her dick and I started to moan "You like that babydoll?" She asked in a silky and seductive tone. "oh yes," I moaned without thinking; I didn't plan to say it I just said it. It felt so natural. She started to penatrate my as and I moaned louder. It felt so good, I'd never felt so good. With every thrust I was hit with a wave of euphoria. "She's fucking my ass, she's fucking my ass and I love it!" I thought as I drooled onto the counter. She grabbed my hair and lifted my head as she fucked me like a whore. I looked across the kitchen to a mirror hanging in the hall, and I was shocked by the person that stared back. I was shocked by this slutty, readhaired fuck toy that my wife was fucking. When I realized that bimbo slut was me I couldn't help but smile and laugh with pleasure.

     I never would have guessed that my wife was trying to feminize me, but I'm so glad she did. I felt happier than I ever had. I was free; free from my fragile masculinity. My body writhed and overflowed with ecstasy as I orgasmed from being fucked in the ass. It was the best orgasm I had ever had, and there were many more to come. Goo leaked from what we would come to call my clitty; it was far too small to be thought of as a dick. As I layed on the counter huffing, my wife leaned over and kissed me. "Your name is Amy now, and you are my slutty bimbo wife, understand?"She spoke the words with all the truth in the world as she held my chin and stared into my eyes. "Yes maam," I gleefully replied with a smile.

     That's how I became Amy. I don't remember what my name was before that; it doesnt really matter. I love my new life. Now all I have is dresses and girly clothes, and shopping with my wife is now one my favorite activities. One night she tells me we're going shopping, and takes me to a bar. I was extremely confused until we sat down and I noticed all the men staring at us. I was so turned on. We invited them back to our place. I never thought watching my wife have sex with another man would be such a turn on, especially while a different man was fucking me in the ass.

     So there you have it. That's how I became my wife's shopping buddy.


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