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Amazing Feeder For Hire

by brownlicker

Amazing Feeder For Hire

I found God’s gift to toilet-fags today. I spent a few hours at the baths yesterday getting my mouth and asshole filled with splat. I took about 6 loads of cum, but still came home horny, probably because I didn’t get any piss down my throat or any sticky assholes on my mouth. Vanilla sex is easy to get, and I get it all the time, but it just doesn’t take the edge off. I’m always still horny after it. One half hour after sucking cock or getting my ass filled, and my cock is back up again and I’m craving more. On the way home, I stopped and picked up a new Frontiers so I could call one of my regular feeders-for-hire and set something up for tomorrow’s breakfast. When I got home, the first thing I did was open the rag to the S/M Models section. There was a new ad listed and it was worded so nasty I couldn’t resist. “Choco Souffle” is what it said. Fuck, in all my experience with hustlers, I‘d never seen a dude come right out and advertise that he shits in faggot’s mouths. My kind of guy. No bones about it. I called and left him a message. I guess it was around 4 in the afternoon. Like I said, I was still fucking horny so I got on one of the jack-off phone-lines and started to stroke my cock. I was talking this guy who said he was looking for a toilet. I’d talked to him before and so I knew that he was all talk, but, he was twisted and nasty and I could blow another load talking to him. He was a nasty fuck and kept telling me how he wanted to raw-fuck my shitty hole then pull his cock out of my ass and shove it down my throat for cleaning. Too bad he was just a phone freak, because he said all the right things. I was just getting ready to blow my spooge when I got another call, it was the hustler. He said his name was Naldo. He asked what was up. I told him that his ad was fucking hot and asked if was available mornings (I like mornings, because I’m a size queen and want a man’s biggest dump of the day). He said yeah and told me his rate. He asked me a few questions about how I wanted to get into it. I told him that I liked the guy to be nasty arrogant, superior and to treat me like a faggot. I also told him that I crave really big logs. He said,” then you called the right guy because I dump 5 times a day”. He asked what position I like to be in and I told him that I have a hot rimseat, but that I would take it anyway he wanted to give it. Then he described himself, he said he was straight (I was willing to buy it), 28, 6’, 180, muscular, shaved head, big butt, half Spanish, and a soccer player. Then he asked what kind of guys I liked. I said “him”, he said “good answer”. Everything he said sounded good to me, totally laid back guy and confident and the price was right. He told me to call him at 9am the next morning but not before that because he’d still be sleeping. He said that he would just put on some sweats and come over.

The next morning I woke up at about 8am with a huge hard-on. I always get worked up when a new man is about to use me as a toilet. I actually get a big knot in my stomach. It was still too early to call him so I made some coffee and got on the computer to pass the time. Went to a couple chatrooms and stroked my cock. I decided to clean out my ass in case the dude was into fucking fag-hole. Took a big thick dump and thought how grateful I’d be if the guy’s dump was at least as big as mine this morning. I douched out my hole, slicked it up, rode a fat dildo for a few minutes, then slid a fat butt-plug inside to keep it open. It was about 8:45 by now and I decided to call Naldo early. Got his machine. Fuck! I left a message and my number, and went back to stroking my cock and checking the chatrooms. I was all worked up by now, and worried that the guy was a flake and that I’d end up at the baths again having vanilla sex. I was jacking my cock and dripping goo like crazy…even jizzed a little, just enough to run down my shaft and all over my balls. I licked it off my hand. At 9:15 he called back, he just woke up and was yawning into the phone, very blasé he asked “You ready to eat?”. I said “fuck yes”. He said, “cool”, then added, “Make me a big pot of tea so that it’s ready when I get there…it’ll get my bowels moving”. Then he asked if I had any melon in the house. I did. He told me to have that ready for him too. He then said, “Okay, man, I’ll be over before 10am”. I gave him my address and directions and hung up.

I’m a fucking hound dog by this time. Naked, big dripping hard-on, a butt-plug up my ass, walking around the kitchen getting his tea ready and cutting his melon. I set it up on the kitchen counter for him, Then I set up the rimseat outside the bathroom and moved a big free-standing full-length mirror in front of it so the guy could see himself feeding me if he wanted. I decided that I was going to answer the door naked, hard and with the plug intact, just like a hungry faggot should. No fucking pride or shame, just a horny fag willing to do anything a man asked.

At 9:50 - - a knock on the door. I opened it with one hand and never stopped stroking my cock with the other, that is, until Naldo held out his hand to shake. He didn’t really look me in the eyes when he shook my hand, pretty much stepped inside and looked over my shoulder around the room. I said, “Damn, you’re sexy” and he half smiled and put his huge arm around my neck into a headlock, forcing my face into his pit. “Smell it”, he said, “Take a deep breath”. Fuck, he didn’t waste anytime and that made my cock even harder. I took a deep breath inhaling his strong underarm smell. “ummmm” is all I could mumble. He pulled me into the kitchen, never releasing his hold on my neck. “Is that my tea”, he asked. “Umm hmmm”, I answered. He released me and told me to get him a glass, not a cup, and pour him some tea. He said it was too hot and told me to fill the glass with ice. I liked his attitude. It fit his looks.

He was 6ft and looked like he weighed about 180. White t-shirt and black shiny sweats. Shaved head, big brown eyes, small nose, full lips, totally sexy. “This mine?” he asked about the melon. I was standing across the kitchen from him, naked and pulling on my boner, just staring at him, wondering what his ass, cock looked and smelled like. “yeah, all for you”. He started chowing up the melon and with his mouth full, he said, “Come over here and smell me some more”. I walked over and he motioned for me to get on my knees. I did. Still slurping on cantaloupe, he lifted one foot up to the counter and told me to get my face in his crotch. I did. I tilted my head back and pushed my face into his balls and took a big whiff. No smell at all. “wait a minute”, he took his foot off the counter and put his face close to mine. “Tilt your head back and open your mouth”. I did and he spit a big glob of chewed up melon into my mouth. “Good?”, he asked, not really wanting an answer. This guy was hot. He wasn’t mean, he was just totally into himself and amused with his power over me. “How did my balls smell?”. I said, “I couldn’t smell ‘em through your sweats”. He immediately just stripped down in the kitchen, shirt and sweats, and put his foot back up on the counter. “Now smell them”, he said and drank his tea. Fuck, got my first look. Thick natural body, muscular like a guy who gets his exercise playing sports but not at a gym. His cock was plump and thick, but not hard, his balls were fat and drawn tight. Not a shaved crotch, totally natural with a thick brown bush, hair on his nuts and lots of it underneath leading to his ass. I couldn’t see his ass yet. I pushed my face into his nuts again, this time I could smell them. Ummm, that perfect smell of old sweat in a man’s crotch. I stated to lick and he pulled away. “Don’t lick them, just smell ‘em”, he said. I smelled his balls some more, deep long breaths and felt his cock getting fatter against my head, all the while he was making me tell him how they smelled and why I liked the smell. “Okay, now put your nose on my asshole”. Fuck yeah, is all I thought to myself. I did, and he bent his floor knee a little so that his butt cheeks would spread a little. Fuck, now I could really smell his hole. I couldn’t see it, but I could smell it and feel the damp asshole hairs on my nose. It smelled fantastic! Just the way I hoped. Sticky and natural like a man’s asshole should always be. The way it should smell after a day and a half without a cleaning, even more so. I couldn’t help but moan when my nose touched his hole. “Like that?”, he asked, “That’s pure straight man asshole. 4 dumps, and no shower”, almost like he was giving me the opportunity to smell something that I wouldn’t find on my own. Maybe he was right. Too many squeaky clean holes in the gay community. “Ummmm”, is all I could answer to his question. “You want a fart, man”, he asked although he wasn’t looking for an answer, “stick your nose into my hole and just hold still”. Naked, on my knees in the kitchen, jacking my fat cock, my nose buried in a hustler’s asshole, a hustler who I was beginning to believe was as straight as he said he was, waiting for him to blow a fart in my face. “Here comes, man, suck it up your nose”, and he let go with a short “Ffffffft” which I sucked into my nose. It was hot, oily, and smelled like roasted corn. I was in fucking heaven and must have been moaning like a faggot because he was laughing. “Fuck, man, you liked that, huh? Pour me another glass of tea and then let’s get my ass on your face. I’m starting to cramp up and can’t hold my dump in”. I crawled on my knees to pour him another tea and he said, “Get up, bro, what are crawling around on your knees for?”. Blood rushed to my face. I couldn’t believe it…I was fucking embarrassed. Here I was about to pay a 28 year old man to take his morning dump in my mouth, and I was embarrassed about being on my knees in the kitchen. Fuck, I was totally into this guy. I poured him his tea and watched him gulp it down. Then he told me to open my mouth and he gave me glob of his tea-flavored spit.

“Hey, man, I can’t hold this in anymore. Where do you want to do this?”, he asked. I pointed at the rimseat and mirror outside of the bathroom. “You know I’m gonna piss all over the place while I’m shitting, right? That’s cool with you?”. I said, “fuck yeah”. “You don’t mind that I get piss all over the place?”. I was so fucking horny for his ass in my face that I was practically shuddering while I jacked my cock. “no, man, I want your piss all over my floor, all over me, all over everything”, it sounded like a whine. “Okay, he said, but first come here”. We were standing right next to the rimseat when he grabbed my arm, pulled me toward his ass, and pushed me back down on my knees again. He held my arm by the wrist and straddled it. My arm was between his thick muscular thighs. Starting at my shoulder, he wiped his asshole down the full length of my arm. “Smell your arm and tell me how it smells”, he said. My arm smelled like his hot, straight, dirty ass. “It smells fantastic” is all I could say. Then he took my other arm and did the same. Then each leg, so that all my limbs now smelled like his unwashed ass. It was so twisted and weird, he was marking me with his butthole smell. This guy was so uninhibited. He was like a big nasty kid, just doing anything that came to his mind, nothing planned out, just doing nasty things to me for his own enjoyment and he was having a fucking great time doing it. “Damn, now you smell like my butt, huh?”, he asked, “yeah, you’re all covered with my asshole funk.” Then without any warning he picked me up, literally, like I weighed nothing, put me under one arm, lifted the rimseat up with his other arm, laid me down on the floor and put the rimseat back over my head. “I did that just to show you that I could.” This guy was making me ache, pushing buttons every chance he could. Shit, picking me up made me feel like his bitch. He was working me. I was so into him by this time that there was nothing I wouldn’t let him do to me.

“You ready for this, man, ‘cause I really can’t hold it in anymore.”. I was in heat, and I moaned something breathy like, “Oh fuck, yeah, I want your ass on my mouth so bad, man” as my eyes lids lowered and I kind of squirmed around on floor. This Italian guy once told me once, as he was feeding me his piss, that he loved seeing my eyelids go to half-mast when I was really turned on. He could always tell I was totally into it when my eyes did that. I’ll tell you about him sometime - - he had a face like a fucking angel and it wasn’t hard to swoon when I was looking into his huge brown eyes as he pumped his urine down my throat. Naldo, looked down at my face framed in the toilet seat and smiled. “That’s hot, man, you looking up at me from a toilet. You know what I wanna do? I wanna just take a dump from up here and let it hit your face. That would be so fucking hot”. He was laughing and acting like a kid again. “You could open your mouth real wide and try to catch my logs, like you were bobbing for shit or something. You wanna do that?”. I told him that I would take it anyway he wanted to give it to me. “Yeah? Cool, let’s do that sometime, but I think I wanna use your rimseat and feed you direct the first time. My hole flat on your hungry mouth. We can do bombs away next time”. Now I’m thinking that this hot stud truly is a kid in a man’s body, and it was so different for a change. He was nasty and pushy and fucking strong, but he was totally natural about it. He was totally comfortable in his skin.

He positioned the mirror closer to the rimseat and did a squat to see if he was going to get a good view. He was facing the mirror when he sat, which would put his balls on my forehead. I was laying with my legs stretched out the opposite way. I lifted up my knees for some reason and he said, “Fuck, man, you have a dildo up your ass? Let me see”. I lifted my ass up to show him the fat end of the plug. “That feel good? Being all filled up in your ass?, he asked. “You’re gonna be filled in both ends any second.” He straddled the seat and started to squat, jutting his ass out and showing it off for me. I got my first view of his asshole. It was so fucking sexy. Big, pink and tight with brown hair all around it. His ass was huge and round. Not huge, meaning fat, but huge and muscular in a natural way. Big round white cheeks covered in real fine brown hairs. Not one of those rock hard muscle butts. He asked me if I liked his hole. I said I did. He said he had a big hole from taking big shits, and that I had a big hole from taking big cocks. He squatted some more and pulled his ass cheeks apart so that his ass was about a foot from my face and just stayed there. He started constricting his hole for me and showing it off. He clenched it closed, then he pushed it open showing me the pink interior, in and out, in and out. On the last push out, he showed me the fat blunt end of his turd. “See that, man? Can you see my turd?”, he asked all excited. “I want you to just kiss the tip of it next time I push out, okay?. Just raise your head and kiss the end of my turd.” He squatted a little more and I raised my head. He pushed his hole open again and revealed the huge round end of his loaf to me. I put my lips together and pressed them against his turd. Oh fuck, man, it was fucking beautiful! My lips pressed against the enormous tip of his morning loaf. It was hot and sticky and I gently rubbed my lips around it feeling his loaf leaving a trail on my mouth. Only about a quarter of an inch was protruding, fuck, this guy had muscle control. “That’s good, man, kiss my turd, coax it out, coax it out. Now smell it. Put your nose right on my turd and tell me how it smells”. I did. I pressed my nose against the shiny brown knob with just enough pressure that it made a very slight impression. It was firm and slick, medium brown, gnarly and sectioned. I inhaled through my nose. Ummmm, healthy man shit smell. “smell good?”, he asked. “Yeah, man, it smells incredible”, I answered. “Your ready for the whole thing”? “Fuck yes, fuck yes”, I moaned. His hole clenched shut, sucking the tip back inside as he stood up again. He clenched his ass cheeks, looked over his shoulder at me and winked, then squatted back down, this time for good.

His hole was flat on my open mouth. All I could see was the underside of the toilet seat. In my own world. The smell of Naldo’s ass and ball sweat everywhere. The feel of his big sticky hole planted center on my wide open mouth. He put his feet on my stomach and grunted. His hole opened a little and a “ffffft” escaped. I inhaled it. He grunted again, although this one sounded more like a sigh. His asshole blossomed open and the fat plum head of his loaf stuck out again. “Close your mouth a little, man”, he grunted, “close it like you’re kissing it. I want to feel your lips on my butthole while I dump”. I pursed my lips and in doing so, wrapped my lips around the head of his turd. Fuuuck, I was in heaven. My lips were wrapped around the hot stud’s buttloaf like it was a giant cock about to fuck my mouth. It even felt like a fat cockhead between my lips. “Okay, man”, he said, “breakfast is served”! His sticky buttlips puffed all the way out and the fat tip of his loaf forced it’s way between my lips and across my tongue. His fat turd was getting fatter as more of it came out. It must have easily been 6 inches around, because I know how my mouth feels with a cock that size inside it. Now, with the tip of loaf hitting the back of my throat, I figured I had about 5 inches of the growing loaf in my mouth because that’s about the distance from my lips to the entrance of my throat. His incredible asshole was stretched about as wide as a straight man’s hole should be, just to allow this enormous torpedo of shitloaf to get out. My lips were stretched wide open by now, my cheeks distended, and my gag reflexes began to react. My mouth was so full of this man’s massive tube of shit that I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t close my mouth. I couldn’t suck on it. And there was no physical way that I could let anymore of this gigantic turd enter my throat or I would have choked. But I couldn’t move either. The back of my head was pressed hard against the floor, and his asshole was flat on my open mouth, and his feet were on my chest. This guy weighed over 180 pounds, so there was no way I could push him off me unless he allowed me to. The turd kept slowly emerging and I could feel it moving into my throat. I was fucking scared. I couldn’t breath. My hands reached up and grabbed his thighs. I guess he got the message, because he asked, “Mouth full enough now”? I squeezed his thighs again. “Okay, man, relax, you’re going to love this”. With that said, I immediately felt the turd stop emerging and Naldo slowly lifted his ass off the rimseat. As he lifted his ass, I could feel his shit loaf retreating from my throat. This guy was a God. He had his hole clenched around his loaf and was pulling it out of my mouth. “let me know when you can breath again”, he said. The fat end of his loaf retreated from my uvula and I could breathe again. I made a “mmmmmmmmfffff” sound. “Yeah?”, he said. “Okay, cool”. My mouth was still crammed full of Naldo’s shit, but I could breathe through my nose, and the feel and thought that I held this stud’s smelly waste in my mouth was overwhelming. I had to take my hand off my cock or I would have spurted. “soft-serve”, he laughed, and he once again relaxed his hole and let the monster continue to emerge, this time, however, he let it curl around my face, across my cheek, across my forehead, and back down the other cheek. No feeling like it, man. Having my mouth stretched open and filled with man-loaf, and feeling the weight and heat of the remainder on my face. “Here’s the last of it, man, no more shit to give”, he said. I heard a squishy sound as he clenched his hole closed and pinched off the end of the loaf. He stood up, looked down at me and smiled with a puzzled look, as if he was happy with the load he dropped but at the same wondering how I could let him take a dump in my mouth. “Fuck, you’re face is covered! I wanna show you”. I couldn’t speak, just “mmmmmmffft”. He grabbed the big floor length mirror like it was a hand mirror…he lifted in up and tilted it over my face so I could take a look at myself. What a fucking amazing sight! Totally nasty, twisted, fucked up, wrong, perverted and hot. My face was a pile of glistening brown and gold almost completely covered with piles of this guy’s shit. My cheeks were bulging from the first massive turd loaf he’d grunted into my mouth and my lips were stretched into a big “O” to accommodate the rest of his turd loaf that protruded from my lips and draped across my face. I was in fucking heaven! “look at you, man”, he laughed, “Fuuuuuck, you got what you ordered, huh? I just took a crap in your mouth, man, a huge crap, and your cock is ready to burst. Look at your face, man, mouth filled with my shit, face all covered with my shit, fuck! Now look at my ass so you can see where it came from. Yeah, just stare at my ass, taste my shit and stroke your cock.”

He was so into this. He was totally into the psyche of it, just like me. He had a childlike awe of his power over me. He totally got off on the novelty of it. There I was laying on the floor with my mouth full of his waste, and instead of being grossed out by it, I was the opposite. I should be repulsed. I should be gagging, and trying to spit it out. I should be throwing up. I shouldn’t be laying on the floor with my mouth filled with a man’s shit, stroking a massive hard on. And Naldo was totally into seeing me this way. “Seen enough, man”, he asked. I barely nodded my head yes. “Okay, you just lay there and enjoy. I gotta take a shower, but you just lay there and feel my turd in your mouth and my shit all over your face, okay? Just whack your cock and breath in the smell of my shit. You cool with that?” I barely nodded again. “Yeah? Cool. And don’t be embarrassed if you wanna eat it, man, that’s totally cool. It’s good healthy straight man shit and I’m totally cool with you eating it. I think you should”. Then he laughed. “Don’t worry, man, I’m not laughing at you, man, it’s totally cool with me. Chow down, fucker, I’m gonna shower”.

Naldo went into the bathroom and closed the door leaving me laying on the floor in fucking ecstasy. He showered quickly, dried off. When he came out, he looked surprised that I was exactly where he left me. He didn’t say anything, he just smiled and went into the living room and got dressed. I was still stroking my cock. He yelled from the other room, “Is this my cash?”, I couldn’t answer, but I’d left his money in plain view. He walked back to where I was while he stuffed the wad of twenties into his pocket. He looked down at me and smiled. “Fuck man, you’re really in heaven, aren’t you? I’m taking off, call me anytime”. He started to leave, but then turned around and walked back to me. “Last treat”, he said, and worked up a big glob of spit and dropped it on my face. “See ya”.

I called Naldo back many times and it was always fucking great. His attitude and imagination just kept getting nastier and nastier.


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