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Shari Shimmies at the Bar Ch. 1

by Terryake1

Shari Shimmies at the Bar Ch. 1

Shari Shimmies at the Bar Ch.1
By Terry Ake

We arrived in Nassau late in the afternoon and it was stinking hot! The Bahamas was always good for warm weather and relaxing holidays. We had been flying for almost four hours and I was excited to get back to Nassau. Shari and I stepped out of our Cessna Citation X and walked over to the waiting limousine. Even though we only had to walk fifty feet, I was starting to sweat. I watched my sexy wife walk ahead of me; her loose sheer knee-length cotton dress was billowing in the wind. Shari made no attempt to hold her dress down as the swirling hot winds lifted it high up, showing off her tiny hot pink thong to all around her. Shari just casually looked over her should at me, smiled her sexy smile and winked. She knew how I loved it when she flashed or accidently exposed her private parts! This was simply an act of nature after all! The two baggage handlers and the chauffer both watched her intently as her dress continued to blow up and fully expose her toned dancer’s legs and incredible tight ass. Her cheeks were divided by the hot pink strap of her tiny Wicked Weasel G-string, otherwise she was perfectly tanned and toned, a heavenly sight for any healthy man to enjoy!

When we reached the limo, she slipped into the back, allowing her dress to ride way up, affording me a full view of her G-string that barely covered her pussy lips and little tuft of hair on her mound. The center seam was definitely wet! Shari was also turned on by her little show leaving the plane. I couldn’t wait to slide in beside her and get the divider panel up so I could see just how wet she really was. Shari must have been reading my min! She slid over on the cool leather seat and leaned forward and flipped the switch and closed the divider as she smiled lustily at me. I hadn’t even got into the limo and she was slipping off her G-string to allow me the pleasure of unrestricted access to her laser smooth pussy lips and tight hot nether depths. I jumped into the limo and the driver closed the door; sealing us into the blacked out windowed Rolls limousine’s opulent back seating area. We were now in our private playroom, undisturbed for the next hour as we headed to our Nassau summer house. Shari slid down on the seat and spread her legs wide open and her eyes told me she wanted her pussy licked, right fucking now!

I never hesitated and I knelt between her taught tanned thighs and took in a deep breath of her heady erotic scent as my tongue ran up the soft folds of her pink petals. Shari moaned loudly as I slowly circled her swelling clit with my eager tongue. She tasted incredibly good and I ran my tongue down to her quivering opening and lapped up the seeping honey that was already close to her rosebud. My tongue travelled up her smooth bare lips as she pulled her pussy lips apart, making her little bud stand up at attention. I loved watching Shari peel her lips back and caress her clit as I licked her soft lips and oozing vagina.

Now I focused on her erect clit, strumming it steadily as Shari’s hips bucked against my steady firm tongue as I slid two fingers into her gooey depths. Shari shuddered and pushed down against my hand as I slid in to my last knuckles. She was close to coming, her tummy arched as she groaned in time to my fingers that were slowly pumping her nether depths.

I licked her clit faster and she started to arch into her orgasmic fog. Shari exploded as I licked her nub as fast as possible. I slid out my fingers and she squirted honey onto the seat as she shuddered and bucked against my glazed face and tongue.

“Oh Terryblossom, I’m coming, I’m coming, don’t stop, don’t stop licking!” Shari groaned over and over as she fucked my face through several hills on her rollercoaster orgasm.

I slowed down the pace as Shari regained her breath and composure.

“We’re almost to the house; I’ve been licking your pussy for almost half an hour Sariblossom! I hope you enjoyed your little reward for that show at the airport.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, honey, it was just for you!” Shari smiled as she slowly stroked her pussy, enjoying the afterglow of her massive multiple orgasm. We both knew that she enjoyed the attention from all the men who were fortunate enough to see her show! “I must confess that while you were up front with the pilot, I was pleasuring myself on the couch. I was so wet when we arrived in Nassau; I was worried I’d have a wet spot in the back of my dress. I promise to return the favour of that fabulous hummer, Master, in any way you desire. I was so horny when we got into the limo; I was desperately in need of an orgasm. So what do you wish of me in return for that incredible pleasure you just gave me?”

“I will think about that for the next few hours and let you know what I desire of you as a sexual favour, in return. For now, let’s get your honey cleaned up off the seat and get ourselves ready to get out of the car.”

“Do you mind if I don’t put this wet little G-string back on honey?” Shari smirked as she slipped her G-string in her purse and pulled down her dress. Shari casually wiped her sweet nectar from the smooth leather seating and offered it to my waiting mouth to savour. “There’s more where that came from, once we unpack and have a swim my dear loving husband.”

“Keep that thought warm and ready, I’ll take you up on that offer when we’re in the pool!” I responded, excited about making love to my incredible wife by the pool on our queen-size lounger. I so love to watch her lounge naked by the pool or swim naked in the sparkling blue water and then climb out of the pool with her erect nipples and sensual body shimmering and glistening! We never have any of the servants around the house and pool area until after 4:00 pm. so Shari can be naked, well almost naked; she usually wears a tiny Wicked Weasel G-string and that’s it. She is truly an incredibly sexy woman, considering she is in her forties and looks mid-thirties, she has full natural 36DD breasts (yes they have settled some with age), a sexy tight waist and stomach and incredible legs from years of highland dancing. If I were to create a perfect porno star body, it would be Shari’s! She moves so erotically, yet very naturally, not contrived or put-on! Every time I see her naked, I sigh and thank myself for insisting she hire a personal trainer and work out every day. It was the best investment I have ever made. She has taken 8 10 years off her body, four inches off her waist, lost all her cellulite and nearly 20 pounds of weight. When we go to a public beach and she wears any kind of bathing suit, girls half her age look at her with very “green eyes”!

Shari also made me a promise to become my obedient sex-slave wife, if I allowed her to stop work and start working out. She agreed to let me select most of her wardrobe, decide on what she wears and obey my every sexual want and desire. I pay her a very generous salary; simply to stay in shape and be my sex-slave on demand. Her regimen of workouts and diet has really ramped up her sex drive too! Shari is always horny and always ready to pleasure her Master (and often herself), in any way! I made her promise me to go back to modelling once she was back “in shape”. God is she in shape now! I get hard whenever I look at her; she is so toned and sensual. She has made me the proudest and happiest husband in the world!

We arrived at our summer home on the ocean and headed directly to bedroom and stripped and showered. While Shari was slathering moisturizer all over her body I dismissed the servants and locked up the house; we were completely on our own now, no prying eyes or nosy servants offering “anything” to see what we were doing.

I returned to the bedroom to find Shari sprawled on the bed, her legs wide apart and her fingers busy strumming her erect clit.

“Hey, I thought you would at least wait for me!”

“You said to keep it warm, that’s all I’m doing, come and have a taste if you don’t believe me?”

I couldn’t wait to taste my wife’s sweet nectar. She knows how much I love to lick her pussy and taste her sweet honey; it is the most incredible aphrodisiac for me! I slid across the bed and kissed my way up her taught thighs, slowly kissing her smooth fragrant skin every inch of the way. As my mouth neared her nether lips, Shari stopped stroking her clit and pulled her lips up and apart, eager for my tongue on her pulsing nub! I slowly circled it with my tongue as Shari moaned loudly, arching her hips to get her erect bud under my tongue. I let her chase my tongue for almost two minutes and then I sucked her swollen nub into my mouth and sucked on her little erection as I swirled my tongue around the sensitive tip. Shari’s pussy was now oozing honey freely as she shuddered through her first orgasm of this licking. I knew she wanted me to take her on a full rollercoaster ride this time. I sucked softly on her clit as I slid my teeth up and down the hard little shaft of her erect clit. Shari was thrusting her hips against my teeth as I “gave her head” and took her whole shaft down to the base between my teeth. Another orgasm coursed through her body and I slid two fingers into her contracting nether depths. Her pussy slurped hungrily on my fingers as they slid in and out of her slippery warm lips. Shari’s hips were bucking uncontrollably now, fucking my mouth and wanting another bigger orgasm. I focused my attention on her throbbing clit and ran my tongue firmly up and down the hard shaft; steady firm pressure always sends her exploding over the top!

Shari was about to explode, her body was shaking with sexual energy, she was kneading her breasts and pulling her hard nipples as my tongue continued with firm pressure and an increasing tempo.

“FUCK! Don’t stop Terry, I’m going to come, keep licking, harder, faster!”

I pulled up my head and stopped licking her pussy. “So I have decided what I want in return for that hummer in the Rolls”

“Anything, just keep licking my clit, I really need your tongue on my clit, I’m about to explode. Anything at all, just make me come, NOW”

“Done, I’ll tell you after I finish pleasuring you now”

“Shut up and lick my pussy, PLEASEEEEEEE!”

I placed my warm mouth over her swollen throbbing clit and licked her hard and steady until she exploded in erotic pleasure and covered my face in her sweet thick nectar. I love how she comes when I lick her like this! I rolled over and crawled up alongside Shari as she panted and moaned, her orgasm still coursing through her.

“I really need that big thick cock in my pussy Master. You know I always need to be properly fucked after you give me a hummer like that. In fact, it’s after two!”

“In a moment, my horny sex-slave and insatiable wife, I have something to share with you now.
So, my sexy slave, to my request for a returned sexual favour from this afternoon. Tomorrow night when we arrive in Tortola on the boat, I’m going to dress you and take you out to entertain the patrons at a bar on a private beach.”

“But Master, what exactly does this mean?”

“I’ve always told you that you are an incredibly sexy dancer and you could have been a Go-Go dancer or stripper, right?”

“Yes you have, but I never expected to ever do it!”

“Tomorrow night you will be. Don’t worry, the club is private and it is closing forever in less than a month. So you’ll never see anyone from there again. I have an outfit in mind and even a hot wig for you to wear.”

“Oooh Master, this is actually making me horny, thinking about being a “Private Dancer” for you!”

“I won’t be the only patron; there will be at least fifty other men that will be there.” I love to show her off, anywhere we go; and that brings me to this story.

…… Stay tuned for Chapter Two


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