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Pokemon - A Second Chansey

by genericaccount37

"Yeesh, what's one of these pink blobs doing out here?" I asked nobody in particular.

I had been relaxing out by the riverside. Even a city girl like me, a delinquent punk with dark clothes and dyed hair, needed to walk on the grassy routes between towns sometimes. Not for training today, just chilling, until I saw a Chansey. Pretty rare pokemon to be seeing on this nowhere route.

It was so quiet around here that I hadn't seen another trainer all day. Though I had seen a pile of clothes - a skirt, blouse and some underwear - by the riverside.

"Man, if it's not a wild Chansey the trainer's off skinny-dipping. Fuckin' weirdo."

Dumb thing was wider than it was tall, and had stubby little legs to boot. I could have caught it easily, if I had wanted it, but the pink just wasn't my style - a delinquent through-and-through, I wouldn't be caught dead even trading the damn thing, rare or not.

I shrugged. "Well, no skin off my nose." I said, turning to walk away.

My first step was onto a twig, which loudly snapped in two.

"Chan?" I heard a startled voice say.

I looked back at the Chansey, which had looked around before diving off into some nearby bushes. The egg rolled out of the Chansey's pouch as it fled.

I may not have cared about the Chansey, and I definitely didn't want to be a mom to some whiny baby Pokemon, but an egg's an egg, and it had probably dropped it by accident. Maybe my pokedex would help?

"Chansey. The egg pokemon. It walks carefully to prevent its egg from breaking. However, it is extremely fast at running away."

I sighed, then yelled after the pokemon. "Hey, you dumb Chansey! You forgot your egg!"

"Chansey! Chan chan!" said the pokemon, somewhere off in the distance, ignoring my shouts as she vanished from my sight forever.

"Man, what a weird looking egg." I said, kneeling down to poke it with a finger. "Is this even a Chansey's? Fuckin', whatever."

I stared at the pink spiral pattern on the egg. I had seen Chanseys at pokemon centres before, and I'm pretty sure they just had plain white eggs in their pouches. Did wild ones have different patterns? I picked up the egg, turning it around in my hand. The spiral continued all around the egg, and even as I kept turning it I couldn't see a beginning or end to the line.

"Yeesh. I'd leave it here, but it'd probably get eaten."

Even though I loved being thought of as a tough delinquent girl I wasn't completely heartless. If it wasn't one of the eggs I had seen a Chansey give out before then it might hatch into a pokemon.

"Yeah, I'll take it home, try to find that Chansey again tomorrow, no biggie."

I slept with the egg on my bedside table, just so I wouldn't forget about it. I didn't know what was in it, but it'd be a real fucking mess if it hatched into a Grimer or a Slugma when I wasn't looking. But it wasn't like I was losing sleep over it, so when I woke up I took it with me on my morning routine.

Placing the egg gently on the bathroom windowsill, I started brushing my teeth.

"Huh." I said, holding the toothbrush aside as I stared at my reflection. There were pink streaks running through my normally blonde hair.  "Fuckin'... weird."

I had a stray thought that it looked kind of good on me. But as I ran my hands through my hair the pink streaks felt kind of... rubbery?

"Last time I cheap out on haircare."

I tried to get dressed, but my panties just wouldn't go up past the middle of my thighs. I pinched my flabby legs, wondering why they were so much chubbier than usual. I kept in pretty good shape, after all.

"Man, have I put on weight? Got to lay off the pokepuffs."

Even my loose tracksuit was too tight to zip up. So I just tossed it aside and put on my bathrobe.

I shook my head, and went to the kitchen. Whether or not I needed to lose weight, that could wait until after bacon and eggs.

I glanced at the strange egg, which I had once again picked up, feeling kind of strange about my breakfast choice.

"Maybe just bacon today."

I reached up to the top shelf for a frying pan. But today, somehow, I couldn't reach.

"Man, fuckin' what?" I said. "Am I just not flexible enough to stretch up there now? Shit, maybe I really should go on a diet."

I was about to climb up on a chair to grab the pan, when a thought crossed my mind. If I put down the egg somewhere, what if I suddenly had trouble reaching it? I couldn't just abandon it.

"Fuckin', at least I live alone." I grumbled, bunching up my bathrobe to make a pouch for the egg, nestling it snugly against my waist. There wasn't enough material to cover up my chubby pink belly, so I'd be flashing the hell out of any roommates if I had them.

I clambered up the chair, with the frying pan still somehow only barely in reach. Setting it on the stovetop, I returned to the floor.

I blinked in confusion when I realized the pan's handle was at eye level.

"Fucking what." I said. "What the fuck is going on? I've been feeling like absolute shit since I saw that Chansey."

I looked down at the egg in my pouch.

"Yeah, I've got to get this back to the Chansey. Clear my head, then I won't have to think about Chansey again."

I walked to the front door, briefly looking at myself in the mirror. I felt chubby and short today, my skin was a blotchy pink mess, and the egg pouch was doing me no favors. I kind of looked like...


Yeah, I've got to go find Chansey, that's it. I can give back this egg, even though I'm kind of attached to it. Just have to give this egg away. I'll go outside and find-

"Chansey." I said, not realizing every other word was only in my head.

I left the house, not even stopping to grab my Pokeballs. Not even stopping to put on more clothes. I needed to find-

"Chansey!" I called, walking through the grass of that same riverside route. "Chansey! Chansey!"

My bathrobe slid off my frame. It had been gradually opening wider and wider as I grew shorter and chubbier. I didn't pay it any mind, letting it crumple in a heap behind me as I took the egg in my arms and without a thought put it in my own pouch.

I looked at the makeshift pouch of clothing, empty and discarded. Then, I reached out, short and stubby arms patting my belly, my pouch, and the egg.

I stumbled to the riverside, needing to see my own face.

"I'm a Chansey." I tried to say, looking at the pink creature reflected in the river.

"Chansey!" was the only word to come out.

"Chan chan sey." I added, finding myself unable to say anything more.

"Chansey?" I inquired, tilting my head to one side. Talking like a human was so hard for a Pokemon. A Pokemon shouldn't have to think about words.

Something was making me feel weird.

"Chan..." I pondered.

"Sey? Chansey!" I exclaimed. The egg! The egg in my pouch! It wasn't one I had laid!

It should go to someone else now!

I reached into my belly pouch, holding up the spiral egg one last time. I cheerfully laid it down on a clump of grass, and hummed cheerily as I wandered away into the bushes, all thoughts of being an angry delinquent girl washing away in the pink haze of becoming a Chansey. I was a Chansey, and it was time for me to get bred by wild pokemon and start laying eggs of my own. Yes, becoming a mother... that sounded nice.


A lone trainer - a camper boy - had been watching the Chansey with some confusion. Such a rare pokemon wandering around was a peculiar sight, even before the pink pokemon had stared at her reflection as if admiring herself before walking away, leaving something on the ground.

"Hey, Chansey!" he yelled after the pokemon, though if she heard she didn't emerge from the bushes to respond. "You forgot your..."

He picked up the object, turning it in his hand as he stared at the spiral pattern, unable to look away as even now it began to change him.



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