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Nagisa Shiota's Bedwetting Quest

by crinklefox

Chapter 1


A ray of sunlight peeking through the curtain is what woke him, the small boy with blue hair sat up groggily. With a groan, Nagisa Shiota stretched, and as he did a quiet crinkle sounded from underneath the blanket. a smile formed on the feminine boys face. He moved the blanket out of the way to reveal a stark white diaper, 'dammit...' Nagisa thought, 'still dry.'

Nagisa had been in love with diapers for as long as he could remember, so now that he was 19 years old, and now that he had moved out of his mom's place and gotten his own apartment, he had been able to enjoy his fetish freely. Assassination was a well paying job after all. Nagisa had been able to teach his body to wet and mess his diapers when he wasn't on the toilet, but he hadn't been able to teach himself to wet and mess automatically, or to wet and mess while asleep.

Nagisa sighed, "How am i supposed to teach myself to wet the bed? I can barely manage to pee myself standing up, and even then I have to force it!" He said, frustrated. He then noticed the pressure in his bladder "Well speak of the devil." Nagisa stepped out of bed and focused, after about five seconds, a small yellow spot spread across the front of the white diaper, the plastic backing crinkling as it was forced to move by the absorbent material. Nagisa sighed in relief, a large smile on his face. "What a mood changer! Well time for breakfast."  He said to himself.

Nagisa walked into his kitchen and gathered all of the neccessary materials: eggs, bacon strips, and a potato. 'I feel like having  a western style breakfast today!' He thought to himself.

He went to his stove, his wet diaper squishing and crinkling the entire way, he washed his potato, then he peeled it and cut it into fine strips, he then cut those strips into small segments. He proceeded to put a skillet on the burner and waited for it to heat up, he made bacon strips, he made some fried eggs using the bacon grease, and he made hashbrowns.

He set the plate on the table with all of his food.

Nagisa sat down on the hard plastic chair he had at his table, as he felt his wet diaper squish against him, he felt the familiar feeling of blood rushing into his privates, with a blush and a smile he looked down at his crotch, he could see a bulge in the front of his diaper, he quickly ate his breakfast so that it didn't get cold, then he slowly started to rub his bluge through his diaper with his fingertips and his breathing quickened. He started to speed up, and applied more pressure as he did. "Oh fuck!" Nagisa moaned in pleasure as he rubbed himself. He stopped for a second, noticing the pressure in his bowels, a grin formed on his face he slowed his breathing and focused, he started to rub faster as he focused on pushing out the pressure in his bowels, Nagisa moaned loudly as he got closer and closer to cumming. "Agh!" He moaned as he finished, messing himself at the same time. The poop filled the back of his diaper as he filled the front of the diaper with his cum. A stench filled the room. Nagisa laid back in the chair and panted for a bit. "Oh- *huff -that felt- *huff -amazing!" He caught his breath and sat up "-*sigh- Guess it's time to get ready for the rest of the day!"


Nagisa looked at his phone, seeing that he had a new notification from an employer, "looks like I got a job!" He said out loud to himself.

Nagisa stood up, his diaper sagging heavily, its white color had been long distorted into a neopolitan of brown and yellow. He sweatdropped as looked down at his sagging mess, "Guess I should change huh?" He said to himself

The notification on Nagisa's phone was for a new assassination job, some asshole CEO of a shady company. The man was reportedly a huge pervert who pressured the female interns and employees to sleep with him, so seduction was definately the way the go here, but killing someone was the easy part, the hard part came from avoiding getting caught, that took reconnaissance and spying, finding out when he was most vulnerable and when Nagisa had the best window of time to get things done, the employer had already paid half of the fee in advance, a hefty 55,000,000 yen (roughly 532,000 usd), the other half was to be paid after the job was done.

Nagisa took his white button up sleep shirt off and gazed at himself in the mirror, the small 19 year old boy looked absolutely tiny, his ribs visible on his slender figure, and his barely noticeable atoms apple, you would swear he was a girl if It wasn't for his lack of breasts! The boy looked like a toddler standing there in his huge sagging diaper, his long hair had been left down since he woke up. Nagisa broke eye contact with himself and looked at the shower "Time for a bath I guess!" He exclaimed cheerfully. Nagisa proceeded to take off his loaded adult Pampers and threw them in the diaper pail he had bought a week earlier "Man that thing was a good investment! Much better for diapers than a regular trash bag!" He said to himself for the thousandth time since he got it. Nagisa stepped into the shower carefully, as to not let the left over mess that stuck to him fall on the floor l, nagisa turned the knob to a faded black marking, seemingly made from a sharpie. The Nagisa shivered as the cold water that was already in the pipes cascaded down on him, the water soon got warmer and nagisa relaxed, enjoying the sensation, he quickly washed the mess off himself with some soap, then he washed his hair with some baby powder scented shampoo and conditioner. 

After nagisa hopped out of the shower he wrapped a towel around himself and carried his old night shirt back to his room and put it in his laundry basket. "Now... what should I wear for spying today?" Nagisa looked through his closet, spotting a fluffy tan and lavender jacket, as well as a pair of black shorts "that seems cute! I'll go with that today!"

He grabbed the articles of clothing and threw them on to his bed, nagisa then walked over to a dresser and opened the top drawer, inside was a few stacks of fresh, stark white diapers,  a few pairs of see though plastic panties, changing supplies, and a few pairs of stockings "who needs an underwear drawer when they could have a diaper drawer!" He said to himself. Nagisa grabbed a diaper and the changing supplies. He lied down on his bed, diaper unfolded beneath him, he rubbed some baby lotion onto his privates, then powered himself liberally before pulling the front of the diaper up, and taping it in place. He then picked up a pair of clear pvc locking panties and put them on, he tightened the panties the used a small pad lock to keep them in place. Nagisa looked at the key for a moment then smiled, " You're staying here in the drawer until I get back! No changes for me until then!" He said with a smile as he set the key back in its place. Nagisa then put on a pair of thigh high socks that had cat ears on their hem, nagisa looked at the drawer that would complete his outfit for the day, he opened th second drawer the reveal what looked like a bunch of shirts. "What should I pick today? I think I want the white one today!" Nagisa pulled the object out, which turned out to be a white adult onesie that read "Mommy's little princess" in bold pink lettering.

Nagisa slid the onsie one, snapping the crotch snaps in place, then he slid on his shorts, which had barely enough room for there to be space to wet and mess, but for there also to be a significant diaper bugle. He then put on the jacket and looked in the mirror, "Oh! I still need to put my hair up!" Nagisa grabbed two pink silk ribbons from on top of his dresser and put his hair up in his signature pigtails. Nagisa smiled at his image in the mirror, "whelp, time to go!" Nagisa grabbed his phone, wallet, and house keys before stepping into some black Mary Jane shoes and heading out the door, locking it behind him.


End of chapter one.


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