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Caught and Turned Sissy

by markhypnosub

Caught and Turned

Caught and Turned into A Sissyt


Mark met Candi quite by accident -- and quite by accident he found himself in a strange world of satin and chains. It was all a misunderstanding, really. If only she would have let him explain his behavior toward her young, attractive daughter! But it was too late for explanations now as his painted mouth encircled the head of a hard, black cock and his tongue danced along the shaft bound and determined to make that black tool give up its seed.

It was at a seminar on Learning Disabilities that Mark met Candi. She was a Clinical Psychologist who specialized in helping people overcome mental blocks. That day she was demonstrating her technique on a Pitcher who had lost his fast curve Through hypnosis she prepared the Pitchers mind to learn the correct technique of throwing a fast curve. Then, when prepared, the subject was shown a video of an pitcher throwing a number of pitches with perfection. The video showed every muscle nuance and body motion required to throw the perfect pitch. While he watched, the subjects hypnotized-prepared mind absorbed the teaching with such concentration and acceptance that his body would forever mimic the 'perfect pitcher' he had just seen. The subject was then given the opportunity to demonstrate his new ability. PERFECTION! He threw the pitches he had seen as perfectly as demonstrated on the video.

Mark struck up a conversation with Candi following the seminar and the two seemed to hit it off. She invited him over to her house for coffee or a drink and he readily accepted. She was BEAUTIFUL. 54" tall -- 38-23-36 body -- blonde hair -- blue eyes -- lips that looked as tender and soft as a beauty queens -- a sex goddess all the way! At her home, Candi and Mark talked and she learned about his life. he was divorced and the father of an 18 year old daughter. he worked as Human Resource Director of a company and was at the seminar to learn how to help those who had mental blocks. he had learned quite a bit! Mark was on his third drink and getting friendly with Candi when her daughter came home.

"This is Lori, my youngest daughter", said Candi.

Lori was 17 and looked like she was going to be every bit as sexy as her mother. She was also a flirt! 'Hi mom!", she said, "I see you have a new squeeze!"

"This is Mark", said Candi, "and he's not a SQUEEZE -- we've just met! Why don't you come over and entertain him while I go and fix something for us to eat?', she said.

Lori bounced over to the couch and sat next to Mark as Candi took off for the kitchen. It must have been the drinks which went to his head, because Mark noticed the young girls tender body a little too much. As Lori nuzzled next to him, her short skirt rode up her thighs to reveal not only all her lovely legs, but a glimpse of nylon panty as well. She cuddled close to him -- smelling, O so LOVELY! Her young breasts barely fit into the tight tee shirt she was wearing -- she wore no bra. As her nipples touched his arms and her eyes met his, his cock began to harden in his pants. he didn't remember saying a word during the whole thing -- it happened so fast. But when Candi returned, Marks hand was inside Loris shirt and he was fondling her tits. he was kissing her and she was fondling his hard cock through his pants.

Candi went ballistic! As Mark got up to explain, she walked up close, raised her knee with terrific force, and reduced him to rubble with a devastating kick to his nuts. The force was so great that as he bent over in terrific pain, blackness enveloped him -- and he fainted.

When he woke, he was in the kitchen -- sitting at the table. Candi was opposite him. he tried to get up, but found that he was tied to the chair. "Let me explain", he began. "YOU need a little teaching, my friend", Candi said, interrupting him. "And IM going to teach you. There was a metronome ticking away on the table -- a twirling disk in front of Mark which, as it twirled, seemed to draw the observer in -- and there was Candi, an expert at hypnosis.

"I've taken the liberty of giving you an injection which will make this whole process go easy for the both of us", she said. "you are being put under -- your mind hears the constant ticking while your eyes are, captured by the lovely disk. LOOK at it -- how it draws you in. you are fascinated by the depth of it -- it seems to go on forever and ever -- drawing you deeper and deeper inside.

Her voice so was soothing and strong -- and whatever she had given him was doing its job. he felt himself being driven into a world where his mind could only listen to hers; he couldn't take his eyes from the disk.

"you are becoming relaxed -- sooo relaxed! Deeper and deeper you fall -- the disk will not allow you to escape -- you belong to ME now -- deeper and deeper -- relax -- relax!" Candi soon had him under and soon had him confessing his deepest, darkest fears and fantasies to her -- things he never knew he harbored inside. SHE knew now -- and these would be her tools to use against him.

"Your mind is MINE", she said. "I will teach you and you will learn -- when you look at my videos you will be unable to resist doing and becoming what they portray. you will become whatever they teach you -- you will be unable to resist. your MIND may disdain what you see, but your WILL is unable to resist. you are a captive to whatever I teach you -- that is what you MUST become. you are my slave -- now and forever -- you are my slave.

" When Candi brought Mark out of his trance, he was no longer tied and no longer remembered anything that had gone on. In HIS mind, they had just enjoyed some coffee and conversation. he was STARTLED to see Lori across the kitchen table, not fully remembering how she got into the room or who she was!

"I've got a video for you to watch", said Candi. "I think you'll like it!"

"GREAT!", said Mark. "I'll watch it tonight!"

"DO that!", said Candi -- "and, by the way -- get this prescription filled on your way home. you'll need to start taking these pills tonight." It never occurred to Mark WHY he should be taking pills -- but she was the Doctor and there must be a reason. he took the prescription and the video and went home.

For an hour Mark watched the video, unable to take his eyes from it. It was a video of a man transforming himself into a woman. Every facet of the transformation was given in great detail. "Why would Candi give this video to ME?", he wondered, thinking he ought to just turn it off -- but somehow he could not. he watched as the MAN became a WOMAN! She looked so convincing at the end -- the end where she took a pill.

Mark got up from his chair after the video had finished and went to the bathroom. he filled the tub with warm water and put some of his daughters bath oil into the water. he went and got the clippers and shaving equipment he saw the man using on the video -- assembled everything he needed -- and took his bath. Then he began removing his body hair. "Why am I DOING this?", he wondered unable to stop his actions. he worked to feminize his body as though it was something he had done thousands of times before! Feeling his legs to make sure he got every hair, he felt the soft, smooth skin. Then his arms and underarms were next. he HAD no chest hair -- his body was smooth.

Then he went to his daughters room -- she was out for the evening -- and he began putting together his wardrobe. he fumbled through her drawer and took out some pink nylon panties, a garter and stockings -- a pink bra-- a short skirt and a sheer blouse. he pulled the panties up his smooth legs and tucked his semi-hard cock between his legs to make the front smooth.

Then he went to her makeup table and found nail polish. For the next 20 minutes he painted his toenails and fingernails a bright red. he frowned because he didn't have false nails to put on even though it seemed the right thing to do. "I'll have to go shopping for what I need", he thought to himself. All the while it was as though he were watching the video. he was fascinated by what he was doing, even if he WAS a bit embarrassed to be doing it. he started on his face, applying makeup as though he were an expert. Like the girl in the video, he made himself look as sluttish as possible. Then the perfume!

Once made up, he put on his garter and pulled up the stockings as though it were a daily task. his bra came next -- filling it with more panties from his daughters drawer. Then the blouse -- the skirt -- the 4" pumps --and then he pranced around the room as though he were a practiced transvestite. "I shouldn't be DOING this", his mind screamed as he wiggled his ass in a most provocative manner. Then he went to the front room, opened the prescription bottle -- and took his first pills. Reading the label it read, "Estrogen!" For some reason he felt compelled to make a phone call. he dialed a number he didn't know -- and Candi answered the phone.

"Are we all pretty now?", she asked.

"What's happening to me?", Mark asked over the phone. "Have you done something to me?"

"On your way back to my house I want you to stop at Fredericks of Hollywood at the mall and purchase a wig for yourself, Marcie. I also want you to have your nails done at the mall boutique -- BEFORE you buy your wig! Do you understand, slave?"

Mark merely nodded as though she could see him through the phone. he grabbed a spare purse from his daughter’s room, put some money in the purse as well as his keys -- and was off to the mall. he was quite the sight! he walked in heels as though he were born in them. his hips swayed as though to draw attention from every male, as though he wasn't doing that already. he LOOKED like an attractive female with a male haircut. As people stared at him and studied him, they could tell that he was a man in drag!

he went to the Beauty Boutique and asked to have his nails done. The young lady at the boutique had received a call from Candi informing her that a "slave was coming." "Right this way, Marcie", the young lady said. "Were going to put you up in our WINDOW seat!"

She sat Mark down in the seat where everyone could see him being worked on. As he sat down, his skirt rode up his legs to show his garters. The girl asked him to take his stocking off so she could give him a proper pedicure. Mark stood up tears in his eyes because of the humiliation and shame of it all -- he pulled up his short skirt, removed the tabs from the stockings, showing a little pink panty as he did -- and removed his stockings. WHY was he doing what he was DOING! It was as if he had no control over his actions. he was beginning to gather quite an audience in front of the window. Then he sat down as the young lady stripped his nails and gave him a lovely pedicure and manicure. he had a little more difficulty pulling his stocking back on with the long nails, but he did it as though he had done it before. The video had taught him well. As he fumbled through his purse to find enough money, he emptied some of his daughters contents on the counter -- including some purple condoms! he paid the bill -- and went to buy his wig!

"Well now! What do we have HERE?", asked the cute blonde at Fredericks as she eyes the feminized male coming into her shop. "Another CROSS-DRESSER!", she said loudly enough to grab the attention of everyone in the establishment.

Mark cowered in shame. "I need a wig", he said meekly.

"I guess you DO, sweetie", she quipped. "What kind of WIG do you think you NEED?"

"Whatever you think best", said Mark, now thoroughly defeated.

"I think you'd look good in a long, flowing brunette style!", she said. She disappeared into the rear of the store and came out with several wigs. She had Mark sit down in front of a vanity-type mirror as she tried the wigs on him. She decided that the first one was for Mark. "I think you'd better take it home in the box", she said as she boxed up his purchase. "Do you need anything else?"

"I don't think so", said Mark. "What do you have filling that BRA of yours?", she asked, seeing how lumpy his breasts looked. 'Panties', said Mark sheepishly.

'That'll NEVER do!', she said. 'We have some WONDERFUL full silicone breast forms for the FLAT CHESTED", she said. "They feel just like the real thing! In fact, they even have NIPPLES!" That's what the guy in the video had put on.

"I'll take them", said Mark -- "AND, I'll wear them home." She had him follow her to the back of the store and handed pair of breast forms to Mark. he put them into the bra as though he knew what he was doing. he paid for the purchase -- and was off to Candi once again.

"I don't like what you've DONE to me", said Mark trying to be forceful.

"Makes no difference", said Candi -- "OH! by the way! Diane is here. She's watching her OWN video right now!" "my DAUGHTER?", asked Mark in a panic. "What does my DAUGHTER have to do with this?"

"I thought that since you LIKED fondling young girls, that you might as well fondle YOUR OWN!"

"What are you DOING to her?", asked Mark.

"She's watching a DIFFERENT video -- one about how to become a teen Dominatrix! She's about to become your MISTRESS!", said Candi. "Right about now she should be learning how to ass fuck her sissy whore for the first time. By the way -- have YOU ever sucked cock before?"

Mark was taken back by the reference to cocksucking. "NEVER", he said. "PLEASE don't turn my daughter against me", he pleaded.

"Too late for THAT, Marcie!", said Diane as she came into the room. "Candi -- can I use your living room to acquaint myself with DADDY?"

"Its all yours, dear", said Candi. "Maybe Lori could help you! Would you mind?"

This was moving in a direction Mark dreaded. his daughter was clearly changed by what she had seen. Her blouse was open revealing her black bra and ample breasts. She had taken off her skirt and was dressed only in a black garter, fishnet stockings and black panties. "On your KNEES, slave", she said as she approached her father.

Mark fell to his knees as his daughter came up to him and ground his face into her snatch. "I think I've got a GOOD pussy slave -- don't YOU, daddy?", she asked. Mark could only nod his head as he took in the aroma of his aroused daughter.

It was about that time that Lori came into the room with a strap on dildo in her hand. "Maybe THIS would help", she said as she handed Diane the dildo. Diane took it and put it on as though it were second nature to her. "Like my COCK, daddy?", she said as she rubbed the phallus against his painted lips. Then she SLAPPED his face with the rubber cock causing him to fall back. "Crawl over here and lick my cock, daddy", she demanded.

While Mark crawled to his daughter, Candi was getting the whole thing on film using her video. Mark opened his mouth -- took in the head of the cock and began licking around the shaft. "SUCK it, daddy", she said as she drove the cock deep into his mouth. he was choking now -- and she was getting more and more into her dominant role.

"Lori, why don't you help Marcie pull her PANTIES down", said Candi as she continue to film Marks debut into the world of female domination. Lori went up to Mark, put her arms around him and kissed his painted lips. Her hands fondled his breasts as she lowered them toward his short skirt. Staring all-the-while into his eyes, she lifted the hem of his skirt and pulled at the panty. With the panty around his ankles, she made him bend over a chair as Diane readied herself behind him.

"I hope you got this thing lubricated enough", said his daughter as she played with the opening of his ass with the rubber cock. And then -- without notice -- she thrust her hips forward. The first attempt failed as Mark screamed in pain. It was the fourth attempt which finally penetrated deep into his ass. he was crying now -- fiercely. his daughter was fucking his ass while Lori looked lovingly at his feminine, tear-stained face. Mark had become a whore!

"Are we all straightened up now?", asked Diane as she looked her father over. he had touched up his face to repair the damage done by his crying. "I want you to THANK Mistress Candi and Mistress Lori", she said.

Mark went over to the two women and gave them each a hug and a thank you. Before they left, Candi handed Mark another video. "If you thought the LAST one was interesting, you'll LOVE this one."

"What's it about?", asked Mark weakly. The first video had changed him into a transvestite on his way to becoming a shemale. he had become a slave to his daughter and was on hormones. How much worse could it GET?

"In THIS one, Marcie learns to become a HOOKER! she learns to suck REAL cock. By tomorrow, I bet you'll be sucking your first black cock and getting ready to have one buried in your pussy!" She was going to make him gay!

That was yesterday. Today Diane took him to a Gay Bar and introduced him to a pair of black studs looking for a good time. Marcie had just encircled her lips around her first black cock, already dripping with precum. she worked it like a pro! -- she had learned well.



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