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Story of a cumdump whore

by subbttmboy

Chapter 1

Finally sharing a little bit about myself and telling you guys what a dirty little cum whore I've been! 
I'm a cute slim twink that is a little on the taller side, nice head of hair, I shave my ass, crotch, and chest but leave the rest alone. Guys always love when I bend over so I guess I look really hot that way. Nice and slim/toned body, long sexy legs, and arms that aren't anything to brag about but still nicely formed. But that's not what you came to read about!

It started as soon as I turned 18 I was hoping on any dick I could find, using condoms mostly at the time, but I already knew I liked being bred... from porn, we will go with that! But it wasn't enough, by the time I hit college I had started using Grindr more and actually asking if guys would breed me. Turned into threesome then into groups until I was the cumdump bottom getting gangbanged like those whores you see in porn. But it still wasn't enough. Then I found out my city has a bath house!! I made that place my second home. Always either one my knees or ass up somewhere. Had a guy even write cumdump on my ass once, then it was just guy after guy and my ass felt so good. Eventually I got so much cum fucked in me that it kept leaking out while guy after guy, who had lined up by this point, took turns loading me up like the public cum whore I am. I begged for every cause I wanted them all and more. 
I found the swing in the maze and laid up in it a couple times but once then guy took his time and it drew in a crowd, and these guys all had the same thing in mind. Using my cummy slutty fuck hole. And I loved every second of it.

My next fantasy is to be tied somewhere public and let someone invite men to breed me while also posting pictures and the location all over the internet for anyone to come and use. I don't care what you look like I just want your load sir. I want to be the world's sloppy cumdump, available to all men.

But I'm too afraid to post my face or even anything online :( I'm such a cutie with a nice face and a nice body and I want to show of for the men of the internet but I can't seem to bring myself to do it. So I even considered letting someone blackmail me into it. Cause nothing sounds more like a dream than being able to whore around all day especially when everyone knows what a cheap whorish pump you are! 

I also love being degraded, it's so hot when I'm being used by a guy and he starts complimenting how much of porn star I look like, being all slutty. And love when a guy chokes and spanks me <3 My ass was made to give pleasure to mean, my hole was meant to take brutal fucks for anonymous guys just so they can shoot their load up into me.

Ideally I'd like to be in a relationship but I can't imagine anyone wanting a complete anal cum whore like me :,( but that's okay! Just means no one can tell me not to take loads 24/7. But I think I'd fall in love if a guy was attractive enough and loved that I'm such a whore... but also we'd have to get along nonsexually! But I dream there are nights I'm kicked out and told not to come back until I have xxx amount of loads in my hole, keeping track by having guys record me and add a tally mark to my ass. I think that'd be so hot. I also wouldn't mind being whored out, I'd happily let these guys fuck me for money, hell I'd do it for free but don't tell them that!

If the cum inside my doesn't slosh around when I move, then it's not enough, and even when it is enough... it's not. Always wanting more cum, because I'm a sloppy cumdump. I have only been in a breeding gangbang a couple times but I miss it and crave it. Once when I was walking to my car from traveling around and taking loads, all the loads in my ass slipped out around my plug and loose hole and dripped all over my ass and thighs while I was in the middle of a busy street. It was honestly super embarrassing but so fucking hot. I was wearing shorts so I couldn't even deny anything if I wanted to, people definitely saw that I was a cheap cumdump right then and it felt nice and freeing being exposed but I was so embarrassed and wet that I hooked to my car, cummy ass cheeks bouncing the whole way, and you could tell just from the smell of cum lol.

My ultimate fantasy is to be one of those whores on sketchy sex, here guys literally just come in cum in my cummy ass and move aside for the next guy, and put on a hot cummy show for all the men of the world to get off to. I love to imagine guys cuming to my porn and sending me their loads to consume or add to my ass. If you guys are interested in that lmk!

Now I have more stories I'd be happy to share but only if you guys really want to hear more! I'm new to this website and love using cumdump, slut, whore, public use, no loads refused kind of stuff so definitely hmu if that's up your alley! Look forward to hearing from you guys and hopefully getting to be used by some of y'all! Be sure to show me a good time cause I promise I'll show you an amazing cum filled time!!! Lots of love and cum!



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