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The Move

by garypraha

Chapter 1

I had spent years trying to change myself.  After the failure of my first marriage, I said to myself that I would never be that man again.  Three years into my second marriage and things were going great.  Sure, no kids so far, but Katerina’s career was going full swing, and sales were up for me, so I was bringing in lots of money.

            After Theresa left me for Mike, I vowed to become a different person.  I focused on work and tried to turn my life around.  When I met Katerina, I knew that everything would be great.

            Sure, Katerina knew I was going through a divorce, and she knew that Katerina had left me for another me.  She felt sad for me, and couldn’t really understand how someone could be so horrible as to leave such a lovely guy.  I had always showered Katerina with gifts, and I tried to be the person who made her feel like a princess, and she loved it.  Once I started properly earning, those gifts became shoes from Prada, handbags from Dior, and my scarves from Hermes.  

            Of course, Katerina only knew the high-level truth, but not the detail.  The detail that I introduced Mike to Theresa.  The detail that I asked Theresa to sleep with him.  The detail that I would watch as they fucked.  The detail that I sucked his cock to get him ready for Theresa.  Or the detail that I would wear panties and sissy clothes as they did so.  She especially didn’t know that I told Theresa that it was my fantasy that she would leave me for another man in the most public way possible, which she did.  I also didn’t tell her that Theresa exposed me as a sissy to my sister, my friends and my parents.  

            It took time to repair the mess that I made, and I promised myself, I would be normal from that point on.  

            In the year following the break-up, Theresa made contact with me a few more times, sending me photos of her with Mike.  Eventually, these messages became more infrequent, until the last thing I heard was that they both married around the time that I married Katerina.

            I actually met Katerina on a business trip in Germany.  She was working for a competitor at the booth next to mine at a tradeshow in Dusseldorf.  In the downtime when the show was slow, I made sure to go over and chat with her, and quite quickly, it turned into flirting.  

Quite honestly, I’m a skinny guy who runs a lot and tries to keep fit, but never really bulked up.  I always felt that I would never date hot women and maybe that is where my submission stems from.  However, Theresa was a gorgeous brunette who could’ve been a model, with a tight little arse, tall, firm pierced belly, and massive D-cup breasts.  Her green eyes pierced your soul, and I always used to say how gorgeously evil she looked.  If I had to compare her to someone, I would say she looked like Eva Green.

I thought I was just lucky.

Then I met Katerina.  The spitting image of Amanda Seyfried in the face, except with long very curly blondish-brown hair, which she occasionally liked to straighten.  She was just as tall as me, at 180cm, a tight firm body, with even bigger breasts than Theresa, which I later discovered were augmented.  “I always wanted big tits.” Katerina told me.  “I had A-cup, so going to DD was kind of an over-correction, I know, but I like them.”  Fair enough, I thought.

In terms of our sex life, it was good.  At the beginning it was very active, but yeah, it slowed off.  I struggled with maintaining an erection, and I put that down to the emotional turmoil created by my breakup.  But Katerina never seemed to mind, as I regularly went down on her, something men had refused her in the past. 

We fucked at that tradeshow; or rather, in the hotel after the show.  After that, we flirted online, and I used every opportunity to go see her in Germany.  Eventually, she even came to see me in the UK, until finally, she moved over and in with me.  We married quite soon after that.

Three years on, and finally, we decided to move out from my apartment, out of London, to a house in Hertfordshire, back near my childhood home, back near Theresa.  Katerina knew the risk of running into her, but she liked the area and felt it would be a better place to raise a family, as and when that moment arrived.  

Here’s a bit of advice for all those of you keeping something from your partner for many years.  Either destroy the evidence; or at least remember you have it somewhere. 

I was away at work when Katerina found the key.  It was stupid really.  I had used the self-storage padlock rather than buy my own, so the key had the logo and locker number on it.  I could hardly hide it.  Katerina had taken the week off work to pack, whilst I worked, and on the last fucking day, she found that key.

Rather than ignore it, or call me, she headed to the address and found the storage unit.  It wasn’t a big one, just a cupboard really, but it wasn’t the size that mattered, it was the contents. 

Four large boxes, two shoeboxes.  That was all.  That was more than enough.

She went for the shoeboxes at first and found all the CD-ROMs with my name on them.  Then she found the photos of me dressed up in sissy clothes.  The photos of me sucking cock.  The photos of Theresa with Mike.  The photos of Theresa fucking me with a strap-on.  She found the letters, the emails, my stories I had to write, describing the night I had just spent serving my Master and Mistress.  She found the printout of the BDSM checklist showing what I wanted and how much I wanted it.  

Next, she opened the large boxes.  The first contained all the toys.  Many buttplugs, strap-ons, whips, clamps, torture devices, gags, you name it, I had it.  The other three boxes were filled to the top with dresses, pinks, yellows, light blues, lots of satin and lace.  Nothing normal.  All sissy clothing.  Lingerie to the max.  Wigs, make-up.  Shoes and boots, more than she even owned.

With a sigh, Katerina shook her head and walked out, locking up behind her.  Of course, she grabbed a few CDs and then realized she didn’t have a CD player anymore, so put them back.  Then she headed to the reception of the building and asked how much the self-storage cost per month.  

“The small unit is…” The woman looked at the chart.  “Fourteen-ninety quid a week, or thirty-five a month.”

“Thank you.” Katerina said, and then headed home to continue packing.

Once I arrived home, Katerina was in a cheerful mood.  She had done most of the packing and we were ready for the weekend, when we would finally move.  On top of that, she had just received some good news.

“Work called.” She told me.  “The Conway deal closed.  Boom, fourteen million dollars over the next three years.” She said, swinging her sexy hips in those grey sweatpants in a victory dance.  

I had also bid on Conway for my company, but we were kicked out in the first round.  I was, of course, happy for her.  “Congratulations babe.  With the work you put into that deal, you deserved it.”

“And we have the best product.”

I laughed.  “Well, I wouldn’t go that far.”

She blew me a raspberry, and I told her I would go get changed to help her.  Instead though, she jumped onto me and gave me a big fat happy kiss.  “I’m almost done.  Just grab a beer and relax.”

“Come on, I wanna help.” I complained.

“I know you do, but you don’t need to.  It’s fine.”

“Okay, your choice.”

“Order us some food, if you want to help?” She called after me, as I headed into the bedroom.

“Sure.  That I can do.” I laughed, unbuttoning my shirt. 

As I began to pull off the shirt, I spied the locker key on the sideboard.  I literally froze and I prayed she wouldn’t ask me what it was for.  I continued to undress, the whole time looking at that key, wondering if I should quickly hide it and hope she’d forget, but unfortunately, she walked in, panting after carrying something.

“Oh yeah, I found this key and your boxes.” She said, as if she had found something completely normal and benign.  “You’re paying a lot of money to store those.  I guess we’ll have more space in the new house, so you might as well pick them up and close the account.”

I nodded, my mouth open in shock.  “Or…or, I-I-I, could throw them out.  Old rubbish.  Don’t need it anymore.”

She smiled and tilted her head, looking confused.  “Why?  You have some toys in there we could play with.  Up to you, but, I don’t know, I guess when you feel comfortable about it, you’ll tell me more.  I won’t push.  Don’t worry though, if that’s the problem?”

Once more, my mouth opened further.  “I don’t know what to say.”

“Nothing. Don’t worry.  Just don’t waste money letting it go to rot there.  Go pick them up.”

“Um, okay. Tomorrow.” I told her.

“Sure.  No hurry.” She said, heading out of the room.  Then she stopped and turned back.  “Is Mike black?”

“Last time I checked.” I said.

“Huh.  I always pictured him as white.”

“Bit racist.” I noted.

“No, not like that.  Just, I don’t know, the way you described him I guess.”

“Well, he is.”

“So it was him on the photos?”

My face suddenly felt hot.  “Yes.”

She smiled warmly.  “Hm.  Okay.” She chirped cheerfully, turning to walk away.

“Why?” I asked, calling after her.

“No reason.  Just wondering.”

“Just wondering why I had a black cock in my mouth?” I said bitterly.

She walked towards me and stroked my face, and then bent over to kiss my forehead.  “I told you, when you are ready, I’m sure you’ll tell me all about it.  I’m not angry, or upset.  It’s clear it is something you are embarrassed about, but just know, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about with me.”

I sighed and then nodded.  “I wasn’t entirely honest about my relationship with Theresa.”

“Yeah, I kind of got that.”

I tapped the bed next to me and she sat down.  “Things were fairly normal when we started dating.  I had, erm, fetishes, but I kind of kept them to myself.”

“What sort of fetishes?”

“BDSM, femdom, erm, forced feminization, stuff like that.”

“Okay.” She shrugged.

“Anyway, we were at this party when we ran into this couple who were into it.  Like, the guy was in male clothes, but had lingerie on underneath, and kept calling his wife Mistress.  I did this whole, what did you think?  Weird huh?Thing with Theresa and she basically said it was hot.  So over time I started to introduce her to the idea of BDSM, and she admitted she liked the idea of cuckolding.”

“Fucking another guy?”


“But that was your fetish?”

“Yes.  She read it in one of the stories I wrote.”

“You still have the stories?”

“Erm, yeah, on the DVDs.”

“Oh, they were DVDs?  I thought CDs.  We don’t have a DVD player though.”

I smiled.  She was right.  Everything was in the cloud or on USB since then.  “I have one in a box somewhere.  I can hook it up.”

“I want to read them too.”

I took her hands.  “Katya, I messed up my first marriage by turning it into some fetish fantasy.  I vowed to be normal from now on.”

“They’re just stories.  I want to read them.” She told me.  “Relax.”

            “I just don’t want things to get weird between us.”

            “They won’t.” She slapped my leg.  “Going to work. Order the food!”


            Nothing more was said about it for the rest of the night.  We ate, watched a movie, then headed to bed where we made love.  However, to say it hadn’t affected us would have been wrong.  The sex was amazingly good for both of us.  I stayed hard, and Katerina actually almost came.  However, I did do something I hadn’t done for years, and that was go down on her after I’d cum inside her, something I used to do to Theresa regularly.  If Katerina found it weird, she didn’t say so.

            The next day, the movers arrived, and they carried everything out.  Once they were done with that, we locked up and handed over the keys to my landlord and set off, me in my company Jaguar, and Katerina in her company Vauxhall, a car she hated with a passion, with her in tow.

            We first stopped off at the self-store facility, where two of the boxes went in my car, and two in hers, and the small boxes in mine, and then we set off to the new house in Hertfordshire.

            The house itself was a nice sized old, thatched house with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and a wine cellar.  I had a nice down-payment saved up which covered twenty percent of the six-hundred and fifty thousand cost, with the rest going into a mortgage.  The bright white house was set on a four-acre garden, surrounded by a small wood.  Just down the road, about five miles, was the village of Chiphampton, a place I had grown up and lived in for many years.  And just past Chiphampton, was the hamlet of Norrington, home of Theresa and Mike.

            “I fucking hope they didn’t break anything.” Katerina complained.  The movers had been a little sloppy.

            “It’ll be fine.” I told her, as we began unpacking.  

            “Tell you what,” She said, “You unpack the kitchen and I’ll get started on the bedroom.  We need someplace to sleep.”

            For the next two hours, I worked on the kitchen.  Once complete, I called up to Katerina to say that I was heading into the village to go to the shops.

            “We need bleach.” She called back.


            I jumped into my XF and drove the five miles to the village, and I parked up outside the small supermarket that I had visited so many times before, and then headed inside.  Taking a trolley, I stocked up on some basic items, and some ready meals I could throw together for the evening.

            “Ready meals?” The posh sexy voice purred.  “You must be slipping.  It was always a wonder home-cooked meal for me.”

            I turned to look at the sexy brunette smiling at me.  “Hello Theresa.  That was fast.”

            “What was darling?” She asked.

            “I only just moved back today.” I told her.  “I had hoped it would weeks before I had the misfortune of running into you.”

            She looked hurt.  “I seem to remember I did everything you wanted of me.  I don’t understand where this hostility is coming from.  Can you imagine a woman loving you so much that she would gladly let her marriage fall apart just to satisfy a fetish?”

            I looked down at my feet in shame.

            “You’re being very unfair.” She continued.  “Anyway, you have moved back?”

            “Yes, Katya and I decided to get out of London, start a family.  How about you?  Any kids?”

            “One, yes.  He’s two now.  Mark.”

            “Cool.  Congratulations.”

            She smiled at me with a tilted head, a long earring dangling down.  “Thank you, Tom.  I appreciate that.” She said softly.  “You and Katya should come to dinner one day.  I’d love to meet her.”

            “Maybe.” I said, not meaning it.

            She looked at me, her green eyes piercing my soul.  “Does she know, Tom?”

            “Yes.  She knows.”

            “Did you tell her?”

            “No.  She found out herself.”


            “And I told her I don’t want to be that person anymore.  I can’t.”

            “It’s you though.” She reached out and rubbed my arm.  “You were always so hard on yourself over something so silly.  Anyway, I’m serious.  We’d love to see you again, and it would be nice to meet Katya.  I’m sure she’s lovely.  I’m sure anyone you choose is lovely.  You’ve got a kind heart.”

            “Thank you, Theresa.”

            She pointed at the food.  “Don’t eat too much of that crap. Not if you want to keep the lovely figure.” And with that, she pushed her trolley away.

            When I arrived home, Katerina was already unpacking the living room.  I carried the bags into the kitchen and then walked back in the living room and gave her a kiss.

            “All good?” I asked her.

            “Yes, the bedroom is unpacked.” She said.  “I’ll unpack some things here, but we will need to watch TV in the bedroom.  I’m not fiddling here now.”

            “No that’s fine honey.  Relax now.  I bought a bottle of red.  I was going to get some ready meals, but I decided to put them back and quickly knock up spaghetti aglio olio.”

            She looked a little sad.  “Honey, you didn’t need to go through the trouble.  Ready meals would be fine.”

            “Nah, only takes me a few minutes.” I told her.  “Erm, anyway, I erm, ran into Theresa.  She made me feel guilty.”

            “Oh wow.  How did she look?” Typical.  Should’ve expected that.

            “Erm…well, still the same.” Probably the wrong answer.  “But she’s had a kid.”

            “Oh, that’s nice.  Was Mike there?”

            “I didn’t see him.  She invited us for dinner one day.”

            Katerina burst out laughing.  “Yeah, don’t see that happening anytime soon, do you?”

            “Not really.”

            “Anyway, she guilted me into eating right.  I realized she was probably right, that I used to cook a lot.”

            “Aw baby.” Katya said, wrapping her arms around me.  “You didn’t need to, but it’s nice of you.”

            I cooked the meal and we ate in the kitchen, drinking the cheap red wine from the little shop and missing London almost immediately.  Then I washed up, and Katerina suggested we watch Netflix upstairs.

            “Can’t watch Netflix.” I told her.  “I need to activate the broadband.  I’ll do that tomorrow.”

            “We can connect the TV to the phone and watch through there.”

            “Ah, true.”

            I headed upstairs with her and saw that cream-coloured satin covers of the bedding, and the neat and well-lit room, and I realized she had put in a ton of work.  

            “I’m going to take a shower.” I called out to her, as she climbed the stairs.

            “Sure.  I’ll jump in after you.”

            I stripped down and through my clothes in the hamper, then stepped into the large walk-in shower.  The hot powerful rain-like experience was a welcome rest from the move and finally it made me feel at home. 

            I stepped out, wrapped in a thick towel, and went to clean my teeth, as my hot naked wife tiptoed into the bathroom, holding a black silk nightie which she hung next to the shower.

            “I love heated floors!” She giggled, enjoying one of the perks of the renovation of the old house.

            “Mmm-hmm.” I mumbled over the brush, myself glad to walk out of the shower onto hot tiled floors.  

            Spitting, I finished cleaning my teeth, hung up my towel and walked into the bedroom.  Immediately, I froze in my tracks.  There on the bed was a nightie.  It was pink and black; pink chiffon, lined with thick black lace.  A baby-doll nightie.  It wasn’t one of Katerina’s.  One, Katya took one into the bathroom.  Two, I recognized this one.  I recognized it, because it had been purchased for me, by Mike when he was on a business trip in Vegas.  It was from Victoria’s Secret, I remembered that.  

            I walked over to the chest of drawers on my side of the room and opened the top drawer.  It was filled with my boxers.  The next drawer?  My socks.  The drawer under that?  My panties.  All the panties which were in that box, were now in a drawer.  Below that?  Stockings, bras, and then under that, corsets, nighties, harnesses, and other such lingerie; all mine.

            I walked over to the cupboard, and next to all my suits and shirts, were all my sissy dresses, neatly hung up as if ready to use.  Folded on the shelves, my sissy skirts and tops.  

            Closing the cupboard, I turned to see my wife stood in the doorway, wearing her short black nightie, the lace trimming her huge breasts.  

            “Wear it for me.” She said softly.

            “Of course.” I told her.

            “Thank you.”

            I slipped on the nightie and climbed into bed with her.  She pulled me close and felt my body through the soft, thin material and then traced her hand to my hard cock, and then maneuvered it to her wet pussy.

            The sex that night was the best we’d ever had it.  I was so turned on that I could do it three times in a row, and one of those times afforded Katerina with her first orgasm with me.  I ate her cum filled pussy every time, and she loved it. 

            “Did you do that to Theresa?” She asked.  “After Mike fucked her?”

            “Yes.” I admitted, shamefully.

            “Did you like it?”


            “Would you like my pussy, if it was filled with someone else’s cum?”

            “Of course.”

            She grinned at me as she rode my cock.  “Maybe I’ll let you, one day.”


            “Of course.” She grinned.  Moments later, she came.  “You know I’m joking right?  I could never be unfaithful to you.”

            “You know that cuckolding isn’t about being unfaithful, right?”

            “You know what I mean.” She laughed.

            “I know.  But…”

            “Do you want me to cuckold you?”

            “I don’t know.  I really don’t want to be that person anymore.”

            “I couldn’t do it Tom.  I couldn’t hurt you like that.  I know you might want it, but, it’s risky.  Look at you and Theresa.”

            I nodded.  She switched off her lamp and she cuddled up to me.  

            “Good night love.” She said, her hand on my nightie covered chest.

            “Good night honey.”

            We lay there quietly, our heartrates slowing as we tried to sleep, and then I said, “You know it was my fault she left me, right?”

            “How do you mean?” Katya asked sleepily.

            “I mean, it was one of my fetishes, to be ruined.  To be exposed to the world and lose everything.  And, even though she didn’t like it, she did it, for me.”

            Katerina was quiet for a moment.  And then she said, “So Tracy and your parents know?”

            “Yes.  Everyone knows.  They try to ignore it.”

            “Interesting.  Let’s talk about this tomorrow.  I’m shattered.”

            “Sure.  Good night.”

            I was almost gone when I thought I heard her say, “If you want me to cuckold you, then I’d do it for you.  If you wanted it.”  At least, I think she said that, but I may have been dreaming already.




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