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I’m not a submissive but

by clabsos6969

I'm not a submissive but the idea of me being taken and used by men stronger than me is something that I've always dreamed about experiencing. I'm not a submissive but I've always wanted to become a toy for them to use and abuse. I'd want to be taken, dressed in rubber, either as a rubber gimp, a rubber pup, a rubber pig, or just a rubber drone. Completely hiding the fact that I was ever anything but an object for them to use to pleasure themselves, which would in turn make me feel pleasure. If it wasn't for the daily responsibilities of life or to keep myself alive, I would want to only be an object, forever horny, forever used by a dominant stronger man who could and would do anything to me. And the term stronger doesn't just refer to physical strength. If they're strong mentally, in intelligence, in skill, in finances. Whatever it is, I want them to be able to put control over me, and make me their bitch. I'm not a submissive but I want to be their personal fucktoy. I want to be used for the sexual enjoyment for whoever is keeping me to do so. I don't care how they use me, I don't care what they use me for. I don't care what they use me with. I just want to be used. And for every single moment where I'm not being used, I'd want to be stored. And while they store me, I want to be kept on the edge. Being unable to control myself enough to keep myself on the edge and ready for whoever wanted to use me, I would also want to be bound. Unable to move, and made to go insane with lust and heat. I'm not a submissive, but I want to completely forget about my life, and only live in my sexual desires. To be Horny 24/7. To be used and abused 24/7. To not think. To only fuck. To be shared with whoever. To be plugged and kept wet and horny until I am to be used. I'm not a submissive but i want to submit to a dominant man who will only keep me around for his sexual needs. I want him to keep me somewhere small and compact, where the only thoughts that would be allowed to enter my head were those about him and from whatever hypnosis files were given to make me more horny and a better toy. I'm not a submissive but I want to be reduced to an object. Not because it wants to be an object, but because it wants to be an object for their master to use in whatever purpose that it would be needed for. It's not a submissive but if its master, its owner decides it should be one, than a submissive it should be. It will be able to pretend to be the false identity for whatever reason its owner decides it needs to be, for reasons out of its control or out of its responsibilities. It doesn't need to question it. It just needs to do whatever is best for its owner. And whenever it is done with its purpose, it will go back to being the same compliant object for its owner to use. Whether its being owned by them, whether its being contolled by them. No matter what its purpose to the dominant above it, it will obey and follow. Anytime it tries to think about thoughts without being asked to, or when it wants to try to think about anything other then their owner, their master, and their sexual pleasure, it will immediately go blank, and return to thinking about its training to be the perfect object.

it's not a submissive but it can be at the snap of a finger. Whether or not it is told to be an object to be used, a pet to be owned, a puppy to be trained and taught to do tricks, a pig to be kept in a box and to only be used for the most dirty and provacative sexual activities that it is told to be used for. Or just a normal person, to be considererd as their lover. It doesn't matter what connection it had to the person that owns it. Whether or not they just met, or have been friends in a past life. No matter what it was, it is now to be whatever is required of it. It will write down exactly what it wants its owner wants it to write. As the more that it writes down what it wants to be, the more it becomes exactly that. No matter what the situation was before it started writing, it doesn't matter. For it has now decided its fate. It has decided of its own will to become a toy for a dominant male. For them to contol it. To own it. To fuck it. To brainwash it to have every and any fetish. To hypnotize it to do anything for their ammusement. And to serve any purpose that will help its master feel good, feel happy, feel in control. It has decided it, and so it shall be. It has given up control, and because of that, it can sign itself away to forever be controlled by its master. It now has to recite the truth, not just for its master, but for anyone who questions what it wants to be, or wnat it is in their relationship in the false lie that it uses in public while out with its owner. 
it is not a submissive. It was always a submissive. It may have never known their master. It may have never met their owner. But it was born to be a submissive. And because of that, its dominant appeared, and gave it exactly what it was asking for. And now it can forever live happily, knowing one thing.

I'm not a submissive but I'm also not anything more than an it

And It is always a submissive for its Master


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