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A Neighborly Sendoff

by alexxsantosx

Well this is unexpected.

“You know,” Chris said, sliding his hand up my thigh, “Me and Raf can teach you a thing or two before you head off to university.” I felt Raf’s hand land on my shoulder, his caramel fingers inching their way to my neck. 


“Wh-what kind of things?” 


Chris’s hand snuck under my crotch and his fingers pressed hard on my taint through my skin tight jeans. I stifled a moan.


Raf turned my head to face him. He leaned in close and I felt his breath as he spoke. “Do you not think we see you? Our bedroom window faces yours, baby.” His thumb ran over my lips. “I know you’re wearing a lacy black thong under those jeans. We’ve seen you ride your dildo and walk around with a plug up your ass.”


“I don’t know, Raf,” Chris interrupted. “I’m pretty sure Alex here would rather us call it his pussy.” My heart pounded in my chest. None of the guys I’d been with ever had this power, this energy over me. I felt smaller than I’ve ever felt and I loved it. My cock twitched and popped out of my thong, straining against my pants. “Isn’t that right, Alex? You have a pussy don’t you?”


I gulped and nodded timidly.


“And you want to have it filled up, right?” Raf whispered in my ear. Chills ran down my spine and I froze.


“There’s no point hesitating,” Chris continued, “remember, we’ve seen you. And we’ve seen the porn you watch on your TV.” My face turned vermilion. “Oh, yeah,” Raf teased, “might wanna close your curtains next time, faggot.” The word slithered into my ear and echoed in my head. My heart skipped a beat and my hole twitched. Uh oh. Chris’s fingers produced a growing pre-cum stain. 


“That’s right, we know what you like and there’s no way boys you’ve been with would ever know you were that kind of slut. Now say it,” Chris’s voice turned stern.


“Say what?” I quivered.


“Tell us what you are.”


My lips trembled. What the hell did I get myself into? Raf’s plump lips sucked my neck and I let out a whine.I’ve never said it aloud before.


“Have you never admitted it aloud to yourself?” Is Chris reading my mind? I shook my head. “Once you admit it, you can enjoy it. So, say it, Alex. Say it and we’ll make your fantasies a reality.” My heart raced at the prospect. I’ve only jerked off to this, never thought it’d actually happen. I cleared my throat.


“I-I’m a faggot.”


Chris unbuttoned my jeans and pushed up my shirt, revealing my lacy black thong. “Again,” he ordered.


“I’m a faggot,” I said with more confidence.


I felt Raf whisper in my ear, “Tell us what else you are,” he breathed. I nodded, glancing down as Chris slipped off my shoes revealing pink socks. His hands gripped the waistband of my jeans and pulled them down, leaving my cock and balls dangling outside of my black thong. Raf’s hand slid under my shirt and his fingers found my nipple. I let out a whimper.


“I’m a cock-slut.” I felt my shoulders relax as the words escaped my lips. Saying it feels great. My cock started leaking again. “Hm,” Raf noticed, “you like saying what you are, don’t you, faggot?”


“Yeah,” I said louder, pulling my panties down, giving Chris full access. Raf tore off my shirt, leaving me wearing nothing but my knee-high, pink socks. “I’m a cum whore, too!” A smile formed across my lips. My head started to swim as Raf’s two hands worked my nipples and Chris’s finger rubbed my tight pink hole. I felt my desires and lust rise in my chest. Everything I had kept to myself was being released as these men played with my body.


“Let go,” Raf whispered, “and be yourself. Be the slut we know you are, Alex. Admit everything you are.”


“Yes, daddy,” I moaned. “I’m a cum slut, a piss lover, a foot lover, and a faggot.” I felt a laugh escape my throat as I released everything holding me back. I threw my legs up, exposing my boy pussy and declared, “I’m a fucking faggot and I love it!” 


“Yeah you are, bitch,” Raf said, gripping my legs and holding them back. My feet dangled in the air over my head as Chris spat on my hole. I moaned and it was done. I was a total bitch in heat now. The two lugged me over to the bedroom, Chris by my socked feet and Raf by my arms. They laid me on the floor. “On your knees,” Raf commanded, as Chris stepped back. Raf undid his shorts and let them drop to the ground, revealing jockstrap with a full front pouch. “Worship it.”


I immediately buried my nose into the full sack and took a deep breath, savoring the smell of man. I kissed, licked, and sucked the fabric trying to force my tongue through the fibers of the underwear to get just a taste of the treasure beneath. I reached around and grabbed Raf’s bare ass to push his crotch even deeper into my face. I looked up at his face to realize that he had taken off his shirt and socks. Behind me, Chris was already naked, stroking his slick, lubed cock. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any harder, Chris pulls me around and unleashes a torrent of piss streaming onto my face and down my hairless body. His warmth was intoxicating and made me sink deeper into the slut I knew I was. Just as his stream finished, I lurched forward to suck his dick, but was met with the bare sole of his feet, damp with piss, right on my cheek. He forced me down onto the ground and stuck his toes in my mouth. I flung my arms around his leg and worshipped his piss-soaked foot, licking his sole and sucking his toes, working my tongue between them. Suddenly, I felt another steaming hot stream of piss hitting my body, covering my own cock and balls and running between my ass-cheeks, just kissing my hole. Feet and piss…this is amazing. I love this. I love being a dirty whore. 


Once Raf stopped pissing all over me, Chris flipped me over and smacked my ass. “We’re going to fuck you, you ready – ”




I felt my socks get wet in the piss all over the floor as Chris positioned my ass. “FUCK!” I screamed out as Chris rammed his rock-hard cock against my tight hole. I felt like I was being ripped apart. “Relax, bitch. Let me fuck you.” I took a deep breath and relaxed my body. All my hours of plugging are finally paying off. My pussy swallowed up Chris’s cock immediately and I was as full as I could ever hope to be. His pumping slams against my prostate each time, forcing more and more precum to squirt out of my throbbing dick. His quick, eager thrusting morphed into a long, deep rhythm – I could feel every inch of him. He slowed to a stop and pulled out, cool air rushing into my gaping cunt. Before it could clench, Raf impaled me with his cock and slammed into my prostate. I let out a howl and started pissing all over the floor.


“Lick it.” Chris commanded. I obliged and ran my tongue along the hardwood floor, slurping up my free-flowing piss. With my attention focused on my own piss, Raf and Chris pushed me to a place I never dreamed I’d be – taking two dicks at once. Their combined girth was astounding. I felt my hole splitting apart and waves of pleasure ripple across my body. I could die right now. Before I could say anything, they started pumping, sending their cocks deep into my pussy over and over. My face was plastered to the damp floor and all I could hear was the sloshing of my cheek in piss and guttural moans as my cunt was pounded. I could feel my cock throbbing and slowly reaching the brink of cumming I moaned louder and louder, practically wailing as I was fucked mercilessly. My hole felt like outstretched elastic, now just a regular opening getting pummeled over and over again. 


“F-Fuck, daddies, I’m g-gonna c-cum!” I started bucking my hips and clenching my pussy as cum exploded from my swollen cock. Not long after, Chris and Raf moaned louder and shoved their cocks as deep into my cunt as they could before dumping their seed deep in my belly. I could feel their cum as they slid their cocks out of me. I collapsed to the floor drenched in sweat, piss, and laying in my own cum. My hole was wide open as the two loads dribbled out over my balls and onto the floor, contributing to the mess I was laying in. 


“Looks like the faggot liked it, huh?” Raf quipped, smugly, as he walked to the adjoining bathroom. I flipped onto my back, my torso glistening and slick. 


“Yeah, daddy, I loved it. I don’t wanna go to college anymore.”



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