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We Meet Again

by underyourcontrol

We Meet Again

It's been a few days since we met and I've been thinking about you a lot. What a trip! At first I was a little nervous about all the things you made me do, yet every time I think about being hypnotized by your roommate I get hard as a rock. It's led to some embaressing moments in public. I decide to give you a call. The phone rings and you answer. "Hello" "Hi, it's Zach" "Hello Zach, I've been waiting for your call" "I've been thinking about what happened that night and..." "You want to go under again, don't you Zach?" "Well, um, YES!" "That's good Zach, very good" "I'm free this weekend Aidan, do you think I could come over?" "Of course Zach, I was already plannig on it, you will come over Friday night" "Will your roommate be there?" "Not to worry Zach, you just do as you are told and leave everything to me" "Alright, see you then Aidan" "Goodbye, Zach My Boy"

For the next couple days I can hardly concentrate on anything. All I can think about is your roommates voice and the way you look at me when he puts me under. I love to see your face as I slowly drift away. I just want to melt in your arms and sleep. Every time I think about it I get so horny I can hardly stand it. The day finally arrives and I show up at your door, exactly on time. You open the door with your disarming smile and a pleasant wave of relaxation washes over my body. "Come in Zach" you say, as you caress my cheek and lead me into the living room. I look around and start to wonder. "Is your roommate here?" I ask. "He had other plans tonight, Zach" "Oh shoot, I really wanted to be hypnotized again" "I know you do Zach... I know exactly what you want... why don't you just sit down and relax... just RELAX" I never noticed this before but when you talk slowly your voice is almost as enticing as your roommates. Like smooth syrup in my ear. You reach down and pull out a pocket watch. I recogonize it instantly. "My roommate left this for us Zach... so we could keep track of the time... focus on the watch Zach... just relax... let yourself go... deeper Zach... DEEPER" You dangle it in front of me and my eyes are drawn to the watch, back and forth, back and forth, as your voice takes me down, so softly, drifting, floating, your words blend together, all I can do is focus on the sound of your voice, the movement of the watch, as it sways back and forth, over, and over, and over...

You snap your fingers and my eyes pop open. You look so pleased as I look down and see my hard cock standing straight up in the air. My clothes are on the floor. And I can see your dick pressing against your pants as you stand up straight in front of me. "I told you Zach, you are mine, why don't you stroke your fat cock for me Zach?" I try to grab my dick, but I can't move my arms. I keep trying, but it's no use. "You see Zach, we are going to train you, train you to submit, train you to OBEY" Oh God! When you say that word it feels like your hand is on my cock, stroking me, squeezing me, tugging on me. You are standing six feet away from me and yet I can feel your hand wrapped firmly around my throbbing cock. "That's right Zach, it feels so good to OBEY, and when you OBEY me it gives you incredible pleasure, doesn't it Zach?" "YES AIDAN". I look down at my cock in amazement as it pumps upward on it's own and my erection reaches for the sky. "From now on you will OBEY me all the time, won't you Zach?" "YES AIDAN" "I will hypnotize you whenever I want and you will do whatever I say, isn't that right Zach?" "YES AIDAN" "It feels so good to OBEY Zach, you love to OBEY". Just when I think my cock is going to shoot a stream of cum strait up in the air, you say SLEEP NOW ZACH

I wake up to your sweet smile and it feels so good. You compliment the clothes I'm wearing and I look down and say "Thanks Aidan, I wanted to look my best for you tonight" "You're a good boy Zach!" Then you ask me what I'm doing for the weekend. "Well I have plans tomorrow, but I can come back on Sunday" "No Zach, you are going to stay the weekend, you are going to be my subject, over, and over, and over" "Well..." "Yes Zach, you are, it's what you need" You start kissing me and I melt in your arms. I honestly don't know what has me hotter, the feeling of your hands exploring my entire body, or the thought of going to sleep with your voice in my ear. That's when you stand up. Step back. Look me straight in the eyes and say... CUM. "Oh God! Oh FUCK!!!" You watch as I cum in my pants over and over again... and it seems to last forever. "Ok Aidan, I'll stay the weekend" "I knew you would, Zach My Boy, I knew you would... it feels so good to OBEY!"


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