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becoming a pet baby

by astrocat295

Chapter 1

It's time for you to admit a self evident truth. You were enver meant to have control over you bowel. No my little babay. You are losing your continence, I am taking it away from you. You suddenly feel an urgent need to go bathroom and get up to go to the toilet. I grab youa nd stop you. No, little baby you need to wet yourself like a wee little baby. You try to restrain it but horus of hypnosis has just been too much. You finally let it out iwth pee all over your clothing. But that is not enough. No baby, you cannot change your clothing, this is who you are, this is just how you behave, how you are meant to be. Now I know you have a poop yourself too. I know you have to go, really bad. let it out. You once again fail to hold it and poop feels your diaper up as it swells your butt up. Then I grab it and psuh it around on you covering your butt in poop. There little baby, it's time to live like a little baby pet. You will never use a toilet again, the room you are in simply does not have any, and I will never ever let you out


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