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Fattened up by my roommates Ch1 and 2.1

by fafas

Setting up the story


Hey my name is Josh and this is a story of how I ended up 300 pounds. 

All started 2 years ago. I was around 140 pound ,19 years old,5 feet 9 inches tall with blond straight hair. I was just starting college for Business Management after some time off from high school.


I had decided that I didn't want to get in a dorm so I looked for a house to rent with some other college student's. I got on Craigslist and saw a few houses. One in particular caught my eyes . It was another dude that was in the same college as me looking for a third person to rent a 3 room house near the college .The house looked cool in the pictures posted so I decided to check it out. The dude's name was Aron and his friend's name was Cole and they were Psychology students . We met for coffee and then headed to check the house. It seems they were buddies from high school and decided to come to college together. There was another friend in their group but he had an accident a few years ago. 


The house was nice and they seemed nice and easy to chat with, so we rented the place and the next day we started moving in. After each of us moved his stuff in his own room we headed for grocery shopping and some stuff for decoration since the house came in with the basics (beds , sofa, fridge, tv etc). 

A week came to pass and we had settled in. Cole, Aron and I became friends and hung out in and out of the house. It seems Cole knows how to cook. And oh boy he was really good at it.


Another week passed and the classes started. That week we explored the college grounds, tasted the cafeteria food and we tried the take outs to determine which one is the good and which one is not. Also Cole got the chef role in the room. He cooked for us every time he had the chance. 


One month passed and we had really bonded with each other. And around that time the first project started to come by. When I was about to start on my paper Aron knocked on the door to my bedroom. He seemed to want to ask me something. It seems in his class they were studying about subconscious and its effect in the personality of a person and he needed my help on a project that his professor gave him and Cole. Since they will be working together they couldn't ask each other so he asked me while Cole was doing some research on the library. After the explanation I asked him what exactly he wants me to do. He said he just wants me to listen to him for around 10 minutes and relax. Well it didn't seem much , to be honest it seemed goofy. Moreover he offered to buy me lunch for the next two days for my help, so I agreed. So he had me lay on the bed and started talking. The next thing I remember was him saying "good morning sleepy head".i must have blacked out after he started talking and it was not just 10 minutes but half an hour later. He said that after we started I must have been bored to death and slept through the project , he noticed me sleeping after he had finished speaking but he let me sleep since i looked tired.I apologize for sleeping through but he said it was okay . After he left the room i got really hungry and i couldn't focus on my paper, so i got up and got to the fridge. Cole must have cooked a lot those days because there were quite a lot of tapers with food on them that I don't remember being there yesterday. I grabbed one with macaroni and meatballs. There were enough for a family of five. I grabbed a big plate and put it in the microwave. Damn he really is a good cook i don't even remember when i ate the whole taper and it was tasty as hell. 


That night I had trouble sleeping. The same thing happened the next day. When we hung out with Aron and Cole the next morning I talked to them about my sleeping problems , and apparently they had done a lesson in class that the sound of rain can help people sleep better. So Aron offers to give me his ipod to hear the sounds of rain to help me sleep. After that day everything changed. 

Chapter 2.1


The changes begin


After I got that iPod I started listening to the playlist he gave me every night. It had something very soothing to it that made me sleep like a baby. What I didn't know was that there were words behind the sounds to make me eat more and also to make me oblivious to any change in my body. Another thing that i didn't know was that he could change the playlist from his iphone.After that night i ate the day away. When I woke up I ate a breakfast that Cole made for me. I didn't notice that it was bigger from what he made for himself and Aron together. After that by the time I arrived at the college I was hungry again and grabbed a dozen donuts from the closest bakery and a milkshake to wash them down.


After my classes I was starving. That was unusual for me since I ate more than I normally eat the whole day. But the hunger was real and it was starting to become painful. So I rushed to the cafeteria. 


Apparently Cole and Aron had finished their classes and they were waiting in line too. So Cole offered to grab mine too and so I got to grab a table for us to sit. When they arrived they had a disk filled to the brim with what must be everything the cafeteria had to offer and two disk that looked normal . Cole gave me the full disk but for some reason the difference on the portion did not seem weird to me.


End of ch 2.1




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interesting. keep the story going. You have a long way to go to reach 300lbs

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