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Shark toy

by trovinsfw

Chapter 1 :The roommate

first story in a bit, ill be slowly completeing it if it isnt already done, been fun writing this but im new to hypnosis and things in general so sorry if it isnt the best for the fetish. only posted incomplete because I accidnetally published it and submitting edits over time is better than having something that was just the first paragraph.

Kevin had always been a loner, and no attempts anybody else made ever made any significant change to that fact. The black and blue shark always made it a point to stay away from everybody else and avoid any sort of friendship, not that he was entirely cold. A few times he would let somebody get close to him because they were lonely and cared, but those friendships never lasted long, and once he found that person a new group of friends to call their own theyd cut off contact and move back to being alone. Thats why when he heard he HAD to have a roommate for his dorm, he was to say the least, unpleased.

In the best case scenario, he'd want nothing to do with his roommate, and his roommate would want to have nothing to do with him. They could just live their lives pretending the other didnt exist, and by the end of the year theyd wouldnt even remember that they HAD a roommate in the first place. But what if his roommate wanted everything to do with him? What if his roommate was actually interested in him? He couldnt imagine being stuck living with somebody who wanted to be friends with him, but despite his heavy protesting to the school, he was assigned a roommate just like everyone else. When it came time to finally visit his dorm for the first time and meet his roommate, he wasnt entirely sure what he was expecting, but he sure as hell wasnt expecting to be hit over the head and knocked out before he could even get all of his stuff inside of the room.

Kevin slowly began to come to, his vision foggy and unclear. He began to groan as he tried to move his body, finding that he couldnt really move anything, and his mouth was completely gagged, and he could barely make any noise at all. He was sitting down in a way that made his ass visible, and all of his clothes were removed. His hands were tied up above his head, to the bedframe as tight as possible to prevent him from moving, and his ankles were held on place by large, heavy velco straps that were stuck to the carpet. He tried to wiggle as his roommate walked in front of him. Kevin could see that they were a rabbit, he continued to wiggleas they began looking him in the eyes and opened up their mouth to speak, slowly turning towards a table on the other end of the room. "You're finally waking up? Good, the faster I can get to making you my ideal roommate, the sooner I can start to have some fun with you~" With those words a mixture of fear and confusion began to wash over kevin. 

What did they mean, ideal roommate? What exactly was their roommate going to do to them? The rabbit walked over to the table and picked something up off of it, walking back over to kevin and giving them a smirk as they crouched down in front of them. "I've heard hypnosis only works on those who want it. I've been practicing for a while, but if I were you, id just cave in now. I have so many other things I can do to break you, and this is definitely the best outcome for the both of us. I really dont want to get physical you know, I just dont think I can live without a little slut to keep my company..." 

Kevin began to wiggle around more and more, attempting to scream for help only to be stopped once again by his completely gagged mouth. But one thing was beginning to frighten him more than anything that the rabbit was saying, and that was himself and how he was reacting. Sure, he was struggling, but the moment the rabbit began to talk about hypnosis and implied they wanted to make him a slut, he began to shiver, and he could tell his cock was getting hard. His roommate, no doubt saw this as they revealed the object in their hand, a gold stopwatch dropping out of their hand, stopping in mid air as it began to hang from its chain. Sure, he read stories and fantasized about this kind of stuff on his own time almost constantly, but he always told himself if it was ever forced on him he wouldnt budge, but now that it was happening he wasnt sure if he could stop himself from handing himself over..

The rabbit began to swing the stopwatch in front of him, as they began to speak in a soft tone. "Now, I need you to just look at the stopwatch, and watch it move, back and forth.. back and forth..." Kevin told himself he just needed to close his eyes or look to the side, didnt he? If he just ignored the rabbit entirely he wouldnt be hypnotized, but no matter what he tried he couldnt stop himself from following the rabbits suggestion as his hard cock laid against his chest and throbbing, his eyes intently focused on the gleaming object before him. The rabbit giggled a bit as they continued to speak. "Just watch it swing back and forth, and begin to relax your body. With every swing you feel calmer and calmer, your body drifting off more and more. Ignore everything else as your mind starts to slow down, every swing making it slower and slower, making it harder and harder to focus as your thoughts slow to a crawl..." 

Kevin couldnt help himself, as he began to slowly drift away, everything other than the stopwatch beginning to darken, his body beginning to feel more and more like it was floating on air, and his mind beginning to slow to a complete crawl as he willingly entered a trance. "I'm going to count down to ten and I want you to repeat every number as we go along. 10. Youre completely relaxed. 9.... 8.... Your thoughts are slowing to a halt... 7... 6.... Youre falling deeper and deeper into the trance... 5.... 4...... 3...... Drifting away.... 2... 1.... " The rabbit finished counting down and the shark in front of them was completely in a trance, and almost certainly ready to fully commit to anything they were told. "Now... we're going make you into the perfect roommate, and you want nothing else but to be my perfect roommate. My perfect roommate is a complete toy that will do everything that my horny, lust fuelled rabbit self desires, wether that be pounding me into tommorow, let me do the same to them. All of my whims will become orders that you must follow." Kevins subconscious wasnt sure how to process what it was being told, he was a shark, he was naturally supposed to be pretty dommy, right? But every single part of him actually wanted to be controlled like this, and now that he was under he couldnt stop himself from being programmed by his roommate. "If I want you to ride a dildo until you cum, youll do it. From now on youll be whatever I want you to be, and youll do whatever I want you to do. As long as it doesnt cause any long lasting permanent damage to your body, you will obey. Following orders makes you happy, and pleasure is obedience." Pleasure was obedience. Kevin knew the rabbit was right, the idea of the rabbit doing whatever they pleased with his body and mind only made his subconscious listen more and more, preparing itself for the next set of words or possible command the rabbit would give it.


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