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by Leashdog

Chapter 1

Rob slowly regained consciousness. His head was really fuzzy and he had no idea where he was. He tried to move but found that he was somehow restrained to a chair.  Where was he? Trying both his arms and legs he found it nearly impossible to move. Slowly opening his eyes, he found himself in total darkness. He tried to look around but even his head was being held into place and it felt like something was in his ears. There was also some kind of tubing in his nostrils that must have been feeding him pure oxygen. He'd been to one of those oxygen bars in the past and remembered how it made him feel slightly energized and he was feeling that now. He tried to speak but something was stuffed into his mouth too. It was some kind of rubber or silicone and almost felt like it was in the shape of a penis. This was too much, what was going on here?


He struggled a bit and felt a slight pain his wrist. Was that an IV? As he became more aware he noticed that while the room was warm he could still feel the slightest of breezes across his skin, which told him he was naked. Or nearly naked. He felt things touching various parts of his body and couldn't tell if it was just the restraints from the chair or if he was in some kind of outfit.


Before he could really focus on what was going on a flame appeared in front of him, as if a candle had been lit by some mysterious force. His eyes tried to focus in the darkness and he realized that it wasn't an actual candle, but rather an image on a TV screen. It didn't make any sense. But given that the room was pitch black and he couldn't move his head all he could do was stare at the flame. The picture was incredibly clear and it was somewhat relaxing. He was glad there was at least some light in the room, even though he couldn't really see anything else in its glow, but at least he could try and focus a bit and try to remember how he had gotten here. The last thing he remembered was leaving his fiancé's house. Noah! He hoped he was okay. He would be worried sick because Rob usually texted when he got home. Maybe he'd call the police. Someone would surely come looking for him. It was a Friday night so he wasn't due back in the office until Monday so nobody at work would be missing him, but Noah would certainly know something was wrong. He loved his fiancé so much. In a few months they would be married and moving in to a new apartment together. He kept that thought in his head to keep himself calm. He just had to get out of here and get back to him. 


Even with this strange and scary thing going on his concern was more about making Noah worry than his own safety.


Suddenly he felt a cold sensation going up his arm. Whoever was holding him here must have put something in the IV. He wished he knew what was going on. After a few minutes he started feeling a little warm and very relaxed. He stopped worrying about where he was and what was going on and just sat there watching the candle. It was nice to have something to focus on because he was feeling kind of floaty. There was a low hum in his ears. It seemed to have been going on for a while but he didn't notice when it started. He just sat here watching the flame flicker feeling really relaxed and euphoric.


All at once some images starting flickering on the screen. They would appear for a split second, totally covering up the flame, but then disappear. It happened so fast it almost seemed like he could see the flame through the images because while the images changed the flame was always there for him to focus on. In fact, it was easier to focus on the flame rather than try to make sense of the images so he just continued to do that.


The images were of men. Hot men. They were sucking guy's dicks, making out with other men, getting fucked. The looked like they were really enjoying it. Rob's cock got rock hard. He was so turned on looking at these guys. In the back of his mind he started feeling a little guilty. He didn't usually watch porn because he was so devoted to his fiancé and he knew Noah didn't approve of him looking at porn. He didn't want him thinking of other guys, but he didn't need to worry because the only guy Rob ever thought of was Noah. But all those thoughts seem to fade into the background while he enjoyed the images on the screen. His inhibitions faded, the little voice of his conscious faded, his feelings of guilt and shame over enjoying what he was looking at faded. After a little while he wasn't even the slightest bit concerned that he was restrained in a chair in some unfamiliar place, all he could think about was enjoying the images of the hot guys fucking.


Then he felt something moving on his dick. It was like some sort of suction tube causing gentle movements up and down his shaft. His cock was an impressive size and whatever this thing was it made his entire body tingle. Then he felt stimulation on his nipples. Something was gently sucking on them but also massaging them. They were hardwired so these sensations were adding to the feeling of his hard cock being touched and teased. He was so incredibly horny and his head was swimming.


He was breathing heavy. Then he noticed the fresh oxygen in his nostrils changed. There was a strong smell of papaya and a sensation of chemicals, and being that his mouth was full he couldn't help but breathe in whatever it was. He'd never used poppers before but if he had he would have recognized them immediately. It made him feel a little dizzy and has face got hot. He felt even more horny and totally zonked out while he kept staring at the screen. The images started focusing on guys asses being penetrated by big hard cocks and almost on cue he felt something enter his ass. It usually took him a little while for Noah to work up to entering him but thanks to the poppers his hole just opened up and let whatever it was slide in. He was so out of it he started associating what he was watching with what he was feeling and to him he felt like he was being fucked by all the guys he was watching.


The images of different guys having all kinds of sex continued, all of them incredibly hot, all of them making him more and more horny. Then he noticed words flashing along with the images. Single words in big block letters. They were flashing one at a time yet some of them were making full on sentences. "This... could... be... you..." He blinked when he had to but didn't want to miss anything so his glassy eyes kept open as much as possible. "This... could... be... you..." The words came so fast, and being intermixed with the images of guys fucking, sucking, being fucked, he hardly had time to comprehend what they were saying. "You... are... a... dirty... slut..." He wasn't a prude but he was hardly a slut. He just didn't have a lot of sex because he preferred to be monogamous. "You... love... sex... You... love... to... get...fucked..." He was so horny between the images on the screen and the way his dick and nipples were being stroked and massaged he started agreeing with the words. Maybe he was a slut. Maybe he did love sex more than he thought he did. The poppers kept alternating with the oxygen so that just as he was recovering from the last blast another one would occur, keeping him in a perpetual state of euphoria and confusion. After a while the words started to bypass his conscious mind and become his own thoughts. This went on for a while. He started instinctively sucking on the cock in his mouth and found that when he did an occasional stream of warm water would pour down his throat. The taste was unfamiliar. Was that piss? Once the action in the images got super intense the images started showing guys cumming into the mouths and on the faces of the guys in the video and a creamy load of cum would fill his mouth. After that, things would slow to a stop and he would get a break from the onslaught of sensations with clean air coming in through his nose tubes. Sometimes the break would be for a short amount of time, sometimes it would be long enough for him to sleep. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason for it so the sleep deprivation made him even more incapable to resist the images and ideas that were being implanted into his head. 


At one point the words changed. "You... are... a... cheater..."  and "Monogamy... is... unnatural". He just took it all in. He came... repeatedly. But the chemicals from the IV and the poppers being fed to him kept him horny and craving more. Words like "SLUT, LIAR, and CHEATER" kept flashing before his eyes while his cock, nipples and ass kept being stimulated and he was so hypnozonked that he had no idea where or who he was anymore. The images got more and more intense, going from couples to three-ways and then on to orgies. The dick in his mouth would "cum" when he was seeing images of guys on their knees being a cumdump for several cocks surrounding their heads like a halo and the "piss" would accompany videos of guys getting pissed on and drinking right from the tap.  The cycle of programming and resting went on and on all weekend long until Rob woke up in his own bed Monday morning. Feeling groggy he called in sick to work and went back to bed.


Friday afternoon Rob's boss, Frank, was sitting in his office talking to his assistant Tom while watching Rob on the security monitor at his desk.


"And you're sure he doesn't remember a thing", Tom said.


Frank watched the figure of Rob sitting at his desk intently, "All he remembers is staying in all weekend with a stomach bug. We kept him hydrated and nourished with the protein drink and IV infusion. And he was so deep that when the Uber dropped him home he went upstairs, fell asleep and forget everything except for what we programmed into him."


Frank had put a lot of work into this project and watching it come to fruition was making him horny as fuck. His run of the mill tech company was successful enough but it was the top secret projects he ran on the side that made him his real money. When he was approached to create a system where a person could be reprogramed he knew exactly who his guinea pig was going to be. 


He had dated Noah for over a year. He told him he didn't believe in monogamy but Noah did and had been so smug about it. He totally had this holier than thou attitude when he caught him cheating and broke up with him right in his own office. It was just by chance that Noah met Rob while storming out of their last argument.


Rob was really hot. He could have a different guy every night if he wanted to, but when he met Noah he fell head over heels. Frank thought it was such a waste for him to keep that gorgeous ass all to himself, saving it for just the right guy. But when that guy turned out to be Noah he was outraged.


Noah tried to get Rob to quit and find another job but Frank wanted to keep him around so he kept giving him little promotions, tossing him just enough bonuses and raises to keep him around. He wasn't sure why at first, maybe just to get Noah's goat but once this project came about he knew how he could get his revenge.


So the previous Friday as Rob was leaving Noah's apartment he had one of his assistants show up and pretend to be the Uber that Rob had ordered. A second assistant chloroformed him and took him to Frank's secret lab. He texted Noah on Rob's phone telling him he was home safe and that his stomach was feeling a little off and let him know eventually that it was just a bug and he'd talk to him during the week. He even contacted Uber to dispute the charge for the missed ride and have it removed from his account so if something happened nobody would know by looking at his phone that he called for a ride and didn't get picked up.


The setup was brilliant. The cock gag in Rob's mouth kept feeding him piss flavored water to keep him hydrated and would periodically squirt a high nutrient liquid into his mouth that tasted like cum. The drugs from the IV contained a psychotropic drug that made his mind incredibly open to suggestions. The poppers being fed into his nose tube were simply to keep him horny and help his ass stay relaxed while the fuck machine worked his hole. The goal was to associate all the stimulation of his erogenous zones with the reprogramming on the screen and subliminal messages hidden in the binaurals being streamed into his ear buds.


An assistant dropped him off at home late Sunday evening and he was programmed to call in sick to work on Monday and sleep off the effects of the drugs, believing that he had spent the weekend in bed feeling sick because of a stomach flu. By the time he got back to work he was feeling back to normal. Or at least he thought.


"Rob, could you come into my office please. I have a matter I'd like to discuss with you." Frank said to Rob over his desk phone. When he released the button he said to his assistant, "Things are about to get interesting."


Rob came into Frank's office to find him sitting at his desk with his assistant Rob standing behind him. While Frank droned on and on about some new project he wanted Rob to be involved in he couldn't help notice that Tom was staring seductively at him. He was trying his best to concentrate but he couldn't help thinking how hot Tom was and what he might look like without his clothes on. Ever since he recovered from that stomach flu he had been incredibly horny and seemed to be undressing every man he'd see with his eyes. He was feeling incredibly flirty and found himself chatting up all kinds of guys. He loved Noah and was excited to start their lives together but he just kept thinking how hot it would be to have sex with some other guys for a change.


"Mr. Jacobson, does there seem to be a problem?" Frank snapped.


"No, Mr. Grove, I'm sorry.  It's just that your assistant..."


"Tom? Yes, I'm trying to talk to you about this important project and it seems like you're just sitting there drooling over my assistant. What do you have to say for yourself?"


"I... I... don't know what came over me, I'm sorry. It's just that I..." Rob stumbled over his words trying to keep his composure.


While he was focused on his boss, Tom walked around the desk and over to the door, quietly locking it. He then made his way behind Rob.


"It's just that you're a little slut." Frank said directly yet somewhat seductively. "I see how you are around the office, following every guy's ass with your eyes. I've seen the way you look at me every time I walk by your desk and the way you were practically drooling over Tom. I think you're a little slut who's just dying to get some cock."


Rob's eyes started to glass over. His raging boner, the sexual heat in the room and his total embarrassment over being called out by his boss was almost too much to handle. He just stood there eyes wide with his jaw practically hitting the floor. Then, without meaning to, he said almost under his voice, "I am a little slut who's dying to get some cock".


Frank faked a shocked look. "What did you just say?" he growled at Rob.


Tom slid his hands down Rob's shirt and started playing with his nipples. Rob's eyes closed in ecstasy as he left out a slow guttural moan.


Frank asked again, "Mr. Grove... what did you just say?"


Without even opening his eyes Rob cooed seductively, "I'm a little slut who's just dying for some cock."


"That's what I thought you said" and unzipped his fly letting his huge erect cock hover just inches from Rob's face. When he opened his eyes his mouth started drooling and without waiting any longer he looked up into Frank's eyes and took his cock into his mouth. Frank smiled, he had Rob right where he wanted him. He let the cock hungry slut work his mouth up and down his shaft. For someone who didn't get much dick he certainly had some skill. Tom undid Rob's shirt, belt and pants and soon everything he had been wearing was down around his ankles. Frank and Tom both pulled out their cocks but left their suits on. It was so much hotter having their new office slut be naked while they were still fully clothed.


Frank picked up the pace and started face fucking him while Tom started eating his ass. He wanted to fuck him so badly but knew better than to even try it before the boss had a chance to. Plus he knew he would have many more chances.


Frank was getting close so he pulled out of Rob's mouth.  He stood there looking at the hunger in his eyes as he started at Frank's cock. Putting his hand under his chin, he wordlessly instructed him to rise. He led him over to the desk and gently tossed him onto his back. Tom went around to the other side and started playing with his nipples again causing Rob to moan like a cheap whore. Frank lifted his legs off the desk and placed the head of his cock right up against Rob's hole.  He pushed in just an inch and then stopped. Rob looked up at him with a pleading look in his eyes.  Frank paused just a moment then said, "Don't you have a fiancé? Noah, isn't it?  Aren't you planning some big gorgeous wedding? And moving it together? Well, Mr. Grove?"


Rob's eyes had a faraway look in them, just for a moment. As if his head was saying one thing but his heart was saying another. But it lasted for only a moment as his mouth turned into a wicked grin and he replied, "What he doesn't know won't hurt him."


Frank looked deep into Rob's eyes and replied, "Are you sure? We can end this right now and you can go back to your perfect little life. Or we could do this and you'll have more cock in this office than you could ever want. What'll it be."


Rob didn't even hesitate. "I'm a dirty slut... monogamy isn't natural... he'll never find out. Please, fuck my ass Sir. I need it bad. Fuck my slutty little ass and breed me like the slut I am, Sir. Please!!!"


And with that Frank plunged his cock deep into Rob's gut while Tom slid his dick down his greedy throat. From then on Rob's primary job was to be the office slut, and go home every night to his loving devoted and clueless husband.


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