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You Never Know What You Want Until You Have It.

by Aestrius

You Never Know What You Want Until You Have It.

She yawned, waited a few seconds, and her eyes fluttered open.
“That was the best nap I’ve ever had”, she looked around, the room was barren except for the chair she was in.
“Well hello there ma’am, do you need some help?”
“Wha-, how did you get in here?” Amanda said as she whirled around, she could have sworn she had just checked that direction. She saw no sign of a door on that side of the room, either.
“Well well, it seems someone is having a bit of amnesia. Don’t worry, it’s not uncommon” the women replied with a chuckle.
“Who are you?”
“Me? That’s not important. Who are you?”
“Um… Last I checked I was Amanda… 80th Plum street, 2 bedroom house.” Nothing made sense right now. Amnesia? This strange woman asking obscure questions? She felt unnerved.
“Right… So I’ll assume that means it worked, welcome back, though I assume you don’t remember your first time.” The woman giggled at that, walked to the other side of the room, and left through the door.
“What…” Amanda glanced around again, nothing had changed. Sighing, she got up, and nearly fell backwards back into the chair. “Who would leave clothes on the floor like this?” Glancing at them revealed the culprit to be a white muscle shirt, a pair of faded jeans, 2 socks, and a pair of boxers.
“Alright, if you’ll just slip into these, we can be off.” The woman rounded the corner of the doorway, causing Amanda to repeat her battle for balance again. This was only made worse by the fact that she suddenly realized she was naked, which actually did cause her to fall back onto the chair.
“You have a terrible habit for surprising me, and why am I naked?” she asked nervously.
“Don’t worry, just get into these and we can go see the boss.” She handed the stack of clothes to Amanda, which upon inspection, revealed a pair of panties, a bra, and a large dress.

After the woman had helped her into her new clothes, she was led down a long hallway into an elevator.
“I don’t remember anything, what happened to me?”
“Don’t worry my dear, all will be explained soon.”
They entered a large room, within which sat a man. He wasn’t fat, but he certainly wasn’t skinny.
“Welcome my dear!” He exclaimed as they neared.
“Um… hello? Do I know you?”
“Oh please? You don’t remember your fiance?”
“I think I would remember the man I would pledge my life to!” she exclaimed.
“Well, you don’t remember the surgery, so I highly doubt-“
“What surgery?!”
“Listen my dear… when I first saw you, I knew we were made for each other, forever. But I knew we could never be, we were too different. But even gender is something that can be-”
“WHAT? Am I hearing this correctly? I’m sorry, but that is just rediculous! You would kidnap me, and have surgery to change my sex, just so you could marry me?” She yelled, as her memories slowly came back. “I’m sorry sir, but you are a perverted, no spined, jackass of a man!” Amanda turned on her heal, and began to storm off.
Her feet froze. What’s happening? I can’t move…
“Now young lady, I didn’t want to have to do this, but I figured it might be necessary. Now, you will obey me.”
“Y-y-yes…” she stammered… what was happening? She couldn’t refuse!
“Now, we’re going to get married next week, you’re going to be happy about it. You love me, isn’t that right?”
“Yes my love…” she turned around and walked to him, put one arm around the man, and sat in his lap.
“Now there’s a good girl, are you happy that I gave you the surgery now?”
“Yes my love… I adore my new body…” Her dress was lifted up as the man fingered her panties.
“Yes…” the man whispered, sneaking in a kiss. “Now isn’t that better? All snug in your panties and a dress? Much better than before.
“I love it like this” she said, wrapping her arms around the man.
“And you love obeying my words, every one of them.”
“So much…”
The man grinned, it had all gone according to plan, he finally had his new wife, so perfect, and she was finally happy. The man and the woman grew old together, the business was enough to supply them both with enough to live their lives out, and needless to say, Amanda never disobeyed her husband, especially since she had a thing for bondage from that day on.

The End.


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