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by sluttyprincess

Chapter 3


I arrived a short time later with the man with tattoos and the brunette.  They were still at the bar where we had left them.  They were both drunk and willingly came with me, but I hadn't been completely honest with them.  

"Hey! What the fu-" the man with tattoos said as i quickly jammed the needle into his arm.  He tried to turn and swing but I quickly dodged out of the way.  His sloppy swing caused him to fall over and with the help of the drug I had administerred, he fell to the floow unconsious. The brunett tried to run but i caught her by the hair.

"Not so fast." I said calmly.  "Your friend wants to see you."

"Deanna?" she yelled. "Where is she?  What did you do to her." She tried to fight but she was too drunk to be effective.  I lead her by the back of her neck, aroung the corner where Joe and Deanna were still fooling around.  They were vicibly in pain from not being able to cum. I smiled.  

"Both of you STOP" I said firmly. They stopped.  The recording I had left playing instructed them that the hornier they got the deeper into trance they would fall.  Clearly it was very effective.  "Come here! Crawl on your knees." Joe got up first and started to rawl.  Deanna, dripping wet followed closely behind him. 

"This is sick! What are you doing with them. "Jason! JASON!" the brunette yelled.

"He's out cold. He cant hear you!" I laughed

She began to cry.

"Shhhh, we cant have that now. I'll tell you what. I'm going to help you calm down a little bit. Deanna, grab that knife over there like a good girl."

Deanna took a large knife I set out on the counter.

"Now I want you to take it over to that nice passed out tattooed man and hold the knife nect to his junk.  If she fights me cut his dick off"

"Yes mistress"

"Shit! what did you do to her?  Deanna? Why are you acting like this?" The brunette began to cry again. 

I lead her to the bed. "Joe, be a doll and get dressed and go to the car. Grab my case out of the trunk.  This one is going to be trouble."  

As he left I sat her down. "What's your boyfriends name?"

"I'm not telling you anything!" She said angrily

I nodded to Deanna who begand to firmly press the knife down.  

"No stop stop Kevin. his name is Kevin."

I told Deanna to stop.  "Deanna is this true?"

"Yes mistress" she said blankely.

"Why? Why are you doing this? Whats wrong with you? "  She seemed to be asking both Deanna and me. I ignored her as I got what I needed out of my bag.  

"Take this. It will calm you down." I gave her the same mix as Joe and Deanna already had. She looked as though she was about to decline but I quickly reminded her of her friend Kevin.  Defeatedly she took it and shot it down in 1 gulp.  

"What was that?" She asked. 

I explained the mixture of cannibus and aphrodisiac. She didn't believe me.  It didnt matter.  "Lay down" I said Looking down at her friends she did so.  Joe returned with the ase and I took out my headset.  "Joe help Deanna tie that one up." I looked back at the girl.  Her face was confused and tear stained but the drig was beginning to work.  "I'm going to put this headset on you.  You will only be able to see the monitor and hear the recording programmed into it.  Deanna is going to buckle you down so you don't hurt yourself and add a few more... accessories, in order to make sure you perform to your fullest potential." She looked confused but fought very little. After the pair was both tied up I placed another headset on Kevin.  I then gave a spiked cock cage to the boys - one for each- and a handless vibrating dildo with clit vibrators to the girls. the 2 waiting to be programmed also got a little extra for thier mouth.  All four of them got nipple clamps. While I allowed the programming to begin on the brunette (Who I now found out was named Kay) I waited unitl Kevin started to wake before starting the  programming on him.  While I watched them try to fight it initially, they both eventually fell limp as their will left thier bodies to be replaced by mine.  

That was the most satisfying part for me, watching as my subjects lost the will to fight.  The moment when they realized it was better to submit than to fight it.  You could literaly see the fight leave thier bodies and thier mind become mine.  I looked over to Joe and Deanna. I smiled as they sat their blankly waiting for instruction.  They were my willing slaves. The hot red head hot for my -now- anything but vanilla husband.  



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