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I mean, looking back on it, (Musk Kink)

by brosingr

Chapter 1

I mean, looking back on it, I was kind of ambivalent with the idea of hypnosis. I had never considered it to really be real, growing up. To me, it always seemed like a gimmick that TV and Movies used for plot twists. Looking back on it, I never considered I'd be into it today, or craving the power it gave me over others, or the power it gave them, over me.

I had a boyfriend, let's call him Mark, shortly after becoming an adult, and he was a really kinky fucker. I had barely looked into the world of kink, but this man had everything he needed to have a good time. A fuck hammock, ropes, toys, a ballgag, urinal gag, hoods, collars, and an entire assortment. Mark introduced me to a world of physical pleasure and fun... and then mentally, to Hypnosis and Subliminals. 

He's the kind of man that enjoys being dominant, but really enjoyed spicing it up often, so he wouldn't get bored with what he was doing. So after a while, he looked into mental dominance tactics, and like a sensible person, found something he liked and tried it out first. So I sat with my boyfriend, and watched as he took a trip through some Dumb Jock Hypnosis files online. The effects weren't really instant, but after a few weeks I did notice he was spending more time wearing athletic attire and in our texts, he was having fun using it as an excuse to forget grammar and just throw words down. In the moment, it was exciting, new, and unbelievably hot. That's when we started taking examples from these files he was listening to, and trying to learn how to hypnotize eachother without them.

I was the successful one first, probably because Mark was the better subject at this point, and decided to suggest to Mark that he should be cockier and more confident with his actions and words. I was trying to be helpful and give him more drive to go with his Dumb Jock persona he was building up, and it worked. After a few sessions, he was more confident, cocky, and a lot more dominant than usual.

Shortly after that though, Mark finished practicing his induction and managed to get me down, and for the first time, I got to feel myself drop and be guided to a comfortable place, and it felt invasive, but comfortable and open at the same time. I remember very clearly falling down, and then waking up as if nothing had happened.

It's worth mentioning at this point that Mark, despite being a Dumb Jock at this point, was crafty and got his way often. Earlier that day, I had complained that he smelled like a locker room, and asked him to shower, but after giving him a cocky and confident attitude, he must've come up with a plan, because when he lifted me out of that trance, I barely noticed the smell and didn't nag him about it again for the night. We played, slept, and the next day, we decided to practice again right after he got back from a workout.

So once again, I took him down and reinforced his cockiness and decided to try a trigger for the first time, so I chose one that would make him feel really dominant and want to flex. I woke him up, said the trigger, and he flexed for me and gave me a really devious grin, and told me it was my turn.

So I laid back, and let him take me down. I drifted to his words, snapping back occasionally but ultimately going down, and felt pretty blissful for most of it, and woke up again without remembering any of the suggestions, and when I did my mouth was practically watering. My eyes widened, and I gasped at him, because I realized what kinds of suggestions he was going for with me. Mark was slowly implanting the idea that I liked his musk into my brain, and by the time I realized I really didn't want to stop.

We were both tired after that session, and so we went to bed for the night, and the next morning I woke up cuddling a bit too close into him than I usually did, but shrugged it off and moved on for my day. It was a Saturday, and Mark spent the morning nagging me to try another session, so we sat down shortly after breakfast for another, and he took me down again, and I came back up feeling almost no different, but enjoyed the feeling anyways so I took him down and reinforced his suggestions as well, played with his Flexing trigger, and enjoyed a bit of a gunshow before we continued our day.

I noticed around lunch that it was hot in his apartment, and a little after that, that he was walking around shirtless. He had turned off the air conditioner, and earlier reinforced the musk suggestions, I'm pretty sure. At that point, I was feeling really needy and from the look in his eye, he knew it, so I did what any self-respecting man would do. I walked over to him, hugged him, and took a deep breath, and he grabbed the scruff of my neck and pushed it into his pit. In that moment, I was his plaything.

I would've done anything to just continue smelling Him and being dominated by his scent, and it felt like a trigger all its own in my brain. It might've been. Everything was a haze of pleasure and musk as my now Dumb Jock boyfriend led me to the bedroom and pushed me to my knees. I was kneeling before someone with total power over me, and we both knew it, and he guided me to his cock, because we both knew I was going to do anything to my nose into any musky part of his body, and blowing him would do that.

I mean, looking back on it, I was never really enthused with the idea of musk, but I worshipped this man over his. Anything is possible.


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