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A Visit to the Sports Therapist

by lnhtx

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"Okay! Everyone let's wrap this up. Start fixing the cones and equipment. After that, head to the locker rooms and clean yourselves up. You all did a good job today.", said our soccer coach at the university.

It was an intense training session. I was dripping and soaked in my sweat, with my white soccer jersey practically being see-through. Not only that, but my jockstrap and cup were full of sweat as well, which I usually take a whiff off after practices. My musk always gets me worked up. Even of thinking of it right now, I could feel something swelling in my crotch.

"Maxence, you're spacing out again!", our coach shouted to me. 

"Sorry, sir!" I got startled, woken up from my somewhat erotic daydream. I notice our coach walking towards me. I look towards him and stare, but it was awkward so I started looking somewhere else.

"Boy, what's going on? You aren't usually like this. Is it your thigh injury? We already made an appointment to our therapist. You seem very fatigued today. Do you have any issues?"

"No, sir! It's nothing. I just feel really tired from balancing university and soccer practice. I'll figure it out."

"Good. Good. Figure it out. The team needs you, Max. Don't forget to visit Mr. Laurent after showering."

"Yes, sir!" I said in reply. My coach went back to the benches after.

I sigh in relief. In reality, I was not even fatigued. I just felt really turned on by the fact that I will be seeing Mr. Laurent after the practices.

You see, Mr. Laurent and I have a very special relationship, maybe an inappropriate one, per se. This man is such a tease, he knows what I feel about him, and he really rubs it in me. His body is very chiseled, statue-like. When I come to his clinic, I can sense the sexual tension in the air. He knows how to switch me on, both physically and verbally. His voice as slick as oil. The way how he praises me for my body and my hard work after practices makes me horny; and he always makes sure that I leave his clinic with my mind clear, with whatever means it takes.

I start picking up the left-over soccer equipment and put them on the storage room. After that I start heading on to the locker room.

This is going to be hard, well, because I am hard as well.


The locker room didn't help as well. I could see my teammates stripping down. The door was closed. Their musk combined is strong. I was hypnotized by the scent. Before I knew it, I was breathing deeply, whiffing the scent in the room.

I had to collect myself. This is not the right time. I had told myself that I would save my load for my visit to the therapist.

I began to undress, only leaving my jockstrap on. I head on to the cubicle and locked it. I slowly removed my strap, my cup, grabbed them, closed my eyes and took a whiff. It was a fucking intense scent. I let out a slight moan after that. After opening my eyes, I could see a puddle of precum on my cup. I scooped it with my finger and sucked it. It tasted good; a mix of saltiness and sweetness. This was my usual ritual before starting the shower and letting the water hit my body. I had an addiction for it. It gave me a sense of pleasure and accomplishment; like a reward after training hard.

I started the shower. The water was refreshingly cold. I continued teasing my self, feeling my body and touching my skin. I knew where I was extremely sensitive and I gave special attention to those. I started teasing my chest, where it feels the most sensitive. Creating circles with my fingers, I slowly built up and lightly grazed my nipples. I let out a whimper. It felt good. I continued teasing and twisting my knobs; it felt euphoric, my eyes were rolling up to the back of my skull. I notice my cock throbbing, dribbling with precum. I milked the stringy clear fluid off my cock and collected it on my finger, then I licked it off of it. I stopped myself after this, so that I can be at the edge for the encounter later.

I finished my shower, dried off and prepared myself for Mr. Laurent. I wore a see-through thong and then I wore a tight tank-top and shorts over and I was ready to go.


I arrived at Mr. Laurent's clinic, about five minutes early. I was waiting in the hall, before his door. My anticipation was so evident; my legs were shaking out of excitement. One could see the uneasiness in me.

He came out of the door. We both smiled at each other.

"Max! You arrived early." He laughed. "Come inside. Let's get this started."

I followed him inside and sat on the massage table. I looked at him while he was preparing. He looked so big. His buttons were about to pop. It was hot.

"Sir, you're looking very good today! Still hitting the gym?"

"Oh, thank you! Yeah, I'm still on the gym. Your compliments give me more motivation to continue working out.", he said.

I laughed, and was flustered. I was really hard at this point, my bulge very evident that its impossible to not be noticed.

"Lie down on the table, face up. Okay. So can you point where the thigh muscle is strained? So I can treat the right area."

"Sir, it is right about here." I point at the location where it's sore, about at the same point where my balls and thigh meet.

I see him notice my bulge, and he looks at my eyes and creates this smirk which I exactly understand what he thinks.

"Your shorts are out of the way. Remove them so I can fix you up."

I look at him, smirking, and slowly pulled my shorts down, revealing my see-through thong, keeping my cock in place. It was throbbing, and leaking of precum.

He looks at me and laughs, "Well what do we have here?" He starts to cup my package, moving it left to right. My breathing hastened.

"We should take care of your thigh later, don't you think? Something is more urgent right now." He lightly tickles my balls.

"Yes, sir. Please take care of it first."

"Take care of what?"

"-my cock, sir. Please."

"Good boy. I know you kept this up for long. You deserve a release." 


He removes my thong and starts stroking my cock. His grip is light as a feather, slightly grazing my dick. I squirm in the sensation, moaning and whimpering.

"Easy, boy. Easy. Just relax. Let go. Let me handle this for you, okay?"

This string of words instantly put me in a hazy trance. His sultry, deep voice caressing my mind. My body loosened up. My muscles not wanting to move. I made myself vulnerable to him. Putting him in charge of what I should feel. I had a sudden need to follow him.

"Take your top off. Good boy."

I feel a powerful tingle up my spine. I moaned after he said that. It felt good when he praised me.

"You like that, huh? You like being a good boy for me?", he said in a raunchy tone.

"Yes, sir. I like being a good boy for you."

"Very well. A good boy deserves a reward. I know what you want."

He opens his drawer, and grabs a bottle of silicone lube. He knows I have a fetish for it.

"Where do you want this, Max?"

"My chest, sir. Please."

"Alright." He opens the bottle and squirts some on this palm. He rubs both hands and begins to massage my chest. It felt so fucking good. I was moaning with every stroke. His palms were touching my nipples. He starts playing with them, circling his finger, pinching, flicking and even blowing air on them. I couldn't remain silent. It was too good to remain silent.

"We can’t continue with you being too loud. I have an idea." He starts stripping off, bare naked. He takes his briefs and places it on my face. I could see stains of his precum.

"Take a whiff. Good boy." I follow. His musk smelled so hot. I whimpered afterwards.

"Open your mouth." I do so and he places his briefs inside my mouth.

"There, there. Moan into my briefs. Be as loud as you want."

He reapplies more silicone lube and gives attention to my nipples. I feel euphoric; squirming and arching my back, cock dripping and throbbing, waiting to be stroked.

He stops. He looks at me and says "Place both hands behind your head. If you remove them, I will stop. Got it?", he said firmly.

"Yes, sir." I follow his orders. He applies more of the silicone lube on his hand, an excessive amount. I see this and my mouth opens from the anticipation.


He starts stroking my cock, with two hands. The sounds of the lube were loud. It was a wet, sticky and titillating sound. He pumps and twists my entire length, and it was unbearable.

I was biting on his underwear. My body was spasming, muscles contracting as he slid over my cockhead. My eyes were watering up.

He teased me. He instantly went very hard and fast on my dick. I was grunting and moaning. I felt like I was about to cum.

"Sir--, please, I'm close", I muttered with a muffled voice.

He stopped, and laughed. I was sweating, breath shaking.

"Maxence, go ahead. Fuck my hands. Thrust into them. Hands behind your head."

I start sensually thrusting into his hand.  He moaned with me. It was hot. I gradually went from slow to fast. It felt really good. The lube makes fucking his hand very slick and smooth.

"Are you close, boy?"

"Yes, sir. I can’t hold much longer."

"Beg for it." He removes his hands. I whimpered in dissatisfaction.

"Please, sir. I want to cum. Please allow me to cum."

"So needy, Maxence. You'll need to wait for your turn. Let me fuck your face first. Hang your head on the edge of the table."

I oblige.

"Such a good boy, always following my orders."


He removed his briefs from my mouth. Strings of saliva followed it, flowing onto my chin. He teases my mouth by placing his cockhead over it. I start licking his head. He immediately thrusted into my mouth, up until my throat. He was big, and I gagged, eyes watering.

"Take it all in, boy. Eat my cum first before I'll let you finish."

He thrusts in my mouth repeatedly. I swirl my tongue inside, massaging its head and frenulum. He grunts with every thrust, feeling intense sensations.

"Im getting close. Im about to cum. Im about to-!"

He cums in my mouth, continuing his fast thrusting. I gag with my mouth being filled with his seed. It starts leaking to my nose. He slows down, and removes his cock from my mouth. He takes the cum dripping on my lips and feeds it to me.

"Swallow. Good boy." I swallow his thick cum. It tasted very erotic; manly. It felt rewarding.

"Now for your turn."

He grabbed my cock with both hands and stroked it, full length. He twisted on my head and went down to the base. I was getting really close. I couldn't handle it anymore.

"Cum for me, boy. Go ahead. Cum."

I let out a loud grunt and I cum forcefully. It shot to my forehead and chest. He didn't stop stroking.

"Such a good boy. Saving all this nut for me."

"Sir, it’s enough. You can stop now-"

"No. Not yet. I will know when it is enough for you.", he said.

He continued fucking my cock with his hand. I was nearly screaming and moaning, with my back arching. He then started rubbing his palm on my cockhead. I was so sensitive, it felt too good that it felt somewhat painful. I was squirming violently. My muscles were spasming in pleasure. I felt like my soul was leaving my body.

"Sir, please! Fuck! Please, I can't handle it anymore!", I cried out in pleasure and pain.

"Okay. Okay, fine." He laughs.

He lets go of me and I give off a sigh of relief. I just realized we made such a mess. My heartbeat was racing, my breath as well. We were both sweating and panting.

"Well, I guess it's time to clean up first. Let's take a shower together before I treat your thigh. Okay?"


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