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Serving Slut

by Leashdog

Dan sat nervously at the bar. He didn't normally go to bars but he really wanted to meet someone so he thought this might be a good way. He was very handsome, lightly muscular with a great bubble butt. He was wearing jeans and a V-neck t-shirt, showing off a light dusting of chest hair. His dirty blond hair and blue eyes completed a flawless appearance. The thing is, he was so good looking guys were often too intimidated to approach him so Dan had become incredibly shy.


"I know this will sound cliché but can I buy you a drink, sexy?"  Dan spun around on his bar stool and came face to face with a devilishly handsome man. His name was Raphael. He was older with salt and pepper hair, and wore a stunning black suit with a red tie and pocket square and he seemed to have a very powerful aura about him. The two hit it off and talked about getting together but Dan was still really shy and too reserved to go home with a stranger. Raphael was incredibly understanding but before they parted he asked Dan if he wanted to make some extra money. He was throwing a party the next evening and needed someone to serve the guests. Dan could use the cash, plus he thought it might be a nice way to meet some new people. And, since Raphael asked im to come early and help set up he figured it would be a good chance to get to know him better.


He arrived early as instructed. One in the afternoon seemed a bit early for a dinner party but he didn't have anything else to do that day, so he didn't mind. Raphael greeted him at the door and let him in. They sat down together in the living room and Raphael poured Dan a drink. He started telling him about the party and what they needed to do but it was so warm in the living room and the drink seemed to go straight to Dan's head, soon Raphael's words were just droning on and on and he couldn't even make sense of them. His eyes were so tired and although he tried to stay awake the longer he struggled the sleeper he got. Finally Raphael suggested he allow himself to sleep and he drifted off.


He awoke as Raphael was whispering softly in his ear that the guests had arrived and he needed to start his serving duties. He felt bad that he didn't do much to help with the setup but Raphael seemed to not mind. He had a warm sexy smile as he helped Dan up off of the bed and brought him out of the bedroom and over to the bar. Dan's head was swimming. How did he get into the bedroom? The last thing he remembered was being in the living room. He seemed to recall bits and pieces of a strange dream where he was taken into a room where a couple of guys stripped him down and gave him a makeover. But the more he thought about it the more the images seemed to slip away. He didn't even have time to try and focus on it because he was immediately handed a large tray of shots to offer the guests. 


Passing a mirror he stopped short when he saw his reflection. Something seemed really off about it. The first thing he noticed was that his normally dirty blond hair was now platinum blond and done in a sort of well coifed messy look. He was practically naked and could tell that his lightly hairy body was now perfectly smooth with what looked like a spray on tan. He was wearing a light pink crop top with the words "SERVING SLUT" in hot pink rhinestones, and a pink lace thong, knee high pink and white striped socks with pink tennis shoes. Even his small silver hoops had been replaced with pink rhinestone earrings. Before he could take it all in he heard Raphael say "Serving Slut, my guests are thirsty". He shook his head, what was he thinking again? Oh yeah, he was checking out how hot he looked in the mirror. He wanted to be sure all the guys would be turned on by his hot body.


Just then a man approached him for a shot and told him how hot he looked. He blushed and giggled, and any concerns that were still plaguing his mind evaporated instantly. In fact, he couldn't really think at all, but then again he was a serving slut, he didn't need to think. He was there to serve men... and give them shots.


Another man came up behind him and put his hand on his ass. He rubbed his palm up and down over his smooth tanned bubble butt and his touch was like an erotic rush. It made Dan's head swim even more, which made him giggle and push his ass out even farther hoping the man would keep groping it.


The tray was so big he couldn't do anything about the hand on his ass even if he wanted to, but he really didn't want to. Then another man came over and started rubbing his nipple. He loved the attention and his cock strained against the material of the thong.


More men came over for shots and it seemed like something in the shots was making them super horny. They would gently tug on his nipples, run their hands all over his body, give him playful swats on his ass. And he was loving every second of it.


One man moved the back of Dan's thong aside and slipped a finger into his ass. He found it was pre-lubed so it slipped in easily. Someone asked him what was in the shots but he just giggled and said "I dunno". He was so dumb he was unable to answer any questions that weren't about him having sex. He also soon found that he was unable to say no to any advances the men made to him. Well, it's not that he couldn't say no, he just didn't want to. He loved all the attention he was getting and wanted to be the best serving slut he could be.


Finally, he'd given out all his shots but was too dumb to put down the tray so someone took it from him. One man was rubbing his stiff erection through his lace thong leaving long stands of pre dripping onto the floor. He was so incredibly horny and he didn't want it to end.


Soon the men were putting fingers in his mouth and hole so he sucked diligently and moved his hips to help get their fingers in deeper. He looked at them with a hunger, knowing if he did a good job they would replace their fingers with their raging hard cocks. Finally they did just that and entered him from both sides. He let out a long, soft moan. He was so horned up and mindfucked that he didn't even realize his normal manly voice was now really slutty and girly. The men were totally getting off on using him and he couldn't have been happier. Not only was he enjoying the sex but he was totally getting off on being of service to all these men, fulfilled by serving his purpose as a serving slut well.


Finally the men showered him with cum. They shot up his hole, into his mouth and covered his body with warm spunk. He was a total cumdump and he couldn't get enough.


Raphael sent Dan to clean up. He had a big beautiful octagonal shower with glass doors so he instructed Dan to take his time and make sure every inch of his body was clean so the men could come in and watch. And since he was such a good slut and took all those loads he was allowed to jerk off and shoot his load, as long as he put on a good show. He spent the remainder of the party naked, hanging out by Raphael's side like a lovesick puppy.


After the party was over Raphael put him back in his clothes. He wiped his memory of the entire eventing, but programmed him to believe all the changes in how he looked were totally natural and his own doing. He also discarded his original underwear and put him back in the cum soaked lace thong and programmed him that when he removed his clothes and saw himself in the mirror with his sexy smooth body wearing nothing but the pink lace it would trigger a response that he would begin fantasizing about how slutty it made him feel and that he would need to call Raphael before the night was through and ask to see him again.


As Dan drove off Raphael thought about how much fun he was going to have with him, turning him into his own permanent serving slut. 


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