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Time Well Spent

by sleepsackslave

Chapter 1 "In The Beginning"


My Master and I are older men, but young and kinky at heart, We’ve both lived a lot of our lives before meeting, so when we met online, we knew we should take it slow, so out of an abundance of caution we did. We’ll now both admit that it was frustrating at times, but after many months of chatting and emails, then phone calls we finally decided to meet, but only for lunch.  We hit it off immediately and continued to meet socially for quite some time. While we’d always discuss BDSM and kinky sex, we never did more than that. I had started to wonder if He’d ever allow me to submit to him, so we could explore all the wondrously kinky things we’ve discussed and let me show him how much I want to be his. However, we had drawn very close and we could talk about anything, from the everyday life to the most intimate personal feelings. Our many conversations led me to know that he knew what I needed better than I did and I trusted him to guide me, train me, and to do what’s best for me. So fortunately, I listened to my heart and experience and let nature run its course. I’m so happy that I did and so is He. Little did I know at the time what the future would hold.  


We came to know a lot about each other. We discussed our experiences, likes and dislikes, passions and desires, kinks and limits, and so much more. We’d have long conversations and would take the time to dive deep into topics. He wouldn’t settle for generic, generalized, or ambiguous replies, so he was really good at pulling things out of me that I might not have offered on my own. Conversely, he always offered complete replies to any questions and was good at explaining himself in detail. At the same time we were exploring things like our taste in art, music, food, movies, theatre, pets, and so much more. So our shared knowledge of each other’s personalities grew and we became even closer.


Then one day he invited me to his home and not just for lunch or dinner… but for a weekend. He said he was satisfied that he knew who I was and that I knew him equally as well and asked if I agreed. Of course I did, so I quickly accepted and we picked a weekend a few weeks from then. In the interim, we spent time talking about normal stuff and making some plans for meals, but didn’t discuss what we would do in his bedroom. So over the weeks our anticipation grew, although I know mine was perhaps greater as it was difficult to keep myself in check. We were finally going to spend some significant time together and I was excited.


I also had no idea really what to expect when we did meet. For all I knew, we’d spend the weekend just hanging out, watching the tube, and sharing meals together. No domination or submission, no control or service, no sex, just hanging out together… and if that’s the case, I’d still be happy as a clam. We were close and anytime together was wonderful. But, I wanted to submit to Him and become HIS. I needed his domination and control. I wanted to feel His firm hand and serve His will. I needed to become His and wanted Him to be my Master. He knew this, but in the weeks leading up to our first weekend together, He would always steer the conversation away from the topic. I have to say it tested my faith and made me feel somewhat insecure, but I knew in my heart of hearts that I had to at least try, so being a little uncertain, the day came for me to drive to his house, and so I did.


I had no idea what to expect upon arriving and what laid ahead, beyond his front door. Would He invite me in for polite conversation and lunch? Would He kiss me hard and long as soon as the door is closed and dominate my senses? Would He slam me against the wall and tie my wrists and feet? Would He have me strip naked and surrender my clothes? Any would be awesome, but who knows, anything could happen. At least I didn’t think He’s an axe murderer… months of conversations have convinced me He’s not a psychopath.  But the unknown and the unknown unknowns that will unfold in time had me hyped up with anticipation and horny as fuck. It had my imagination working overtime and my submissive lusts boiling over. I couldn’t wait to find out what He had in mind and how our visit would go.  


I arrived at lunch time and he had a very nice meal prepared. While we had spent time together in person before, I felt Him look at me in a way I had never experienced before. His eyes were beautiful and quite expressive on a normal day, but today the also had a deep passion and I could feel the weight of his gaze upon me. This thrilled me even more and added to my excited state. He sensed my nervous and aroused demeanor and I caught Him making little evil grins throughout our meal. He was playing me mentally and I was more than a willing participant in his mindfuck. I didn’t know what He was up to, but He clearly liked where He had me and was like throwing gas on an already big fire. I understood in that moment he wanted control of my mind, knowing my willing body would follow. We both knew He could only truly make me fully His if he owned my mind. We both wanted it and needed it. But, the kind of control he wanted to take and I wanted to give would take time and patience.


That weekend we engaged in any manner of kinky BDSM and sex including cock worship, nipple torture, CBT, flogging, and so much more, most of the time in prolonged immobilizing bondage. He left no doubt who was Whose and to Whom I belonged. He focused on anal sex and kept me plugged anytime He wasn’t fucking me… which he did a lot… a whole lot. I had never been fucked like this before and was in Heaven. From slow and loving to hard and furious, in so many positions I lost count as he fucked me all weekend. His cock was big, but not huge. It was enough to challenge me, not so much to ruin me. I found it became the focus of our time together that weekend and beyond. I couldn’t be happier.    



At the end of that wonderful weekend, we both commented that we were glad that we took the time to get to know each other and the months of correspondence paid off. Over the next year, we’d schedule weekends together, and each time, I slipped deeper into his domination and control and he taught me be a better submissive.


One weekend, He asked if I wanted to do deeper and truly become enslaved to him sexually. He said he had a method that would make me addicted to his cock and elevate both our levels of pleasure and passion to heights otherwise, but it would forever ruin me from getting pleasure with anyone else. He didn’t allow me to answer that weekend and send me home to consider His proposal, as serious as it is. I appreciated that… He has always had my good intension in mind. But I knew I wanted it and He did too, so the decision was a no brainer.


The following weekend was a long weekend so I arrived for an extended visit, wondering if He was going to weld a collar on me. But Master had something else much more controlling in mind. Upon arriving he had me strip naked, attached electrodes to my cock, and inserted a sizable metal butt plug. He then put me in a perfectly sized sleepsack, and zipped/laced it up tightly with the wire leads hanging out. I could hardly move, but was comfortable enough for an extended time in the sack. It had flaps over my nipples, so He attached some clamps after I was hemmed in. Once I was nice and secure he put a special hood over my head that seemed to connect up with the sleepsack. It had built-in displays in front of my eyes and headphones over my ears and like the sleepsack, it fit exactly right… tight, snug, and comfortable. I suspected I’d be there for a while, which was fine with me… I had shared prolonged bondage with Master before and knew he’d take us on a ride. This ride however, would be different. Before I knew it, a stroboscopic hypnosis file started playing on the displays and in my ears. At the same time electro currents started flowing through the electrodes, and my body, and the butt plug start surging in my ass. The content of the hypnosis was centered around hand-free orgasms and cumming from being fucked. I got lost in the flashing images, binaural-beats, subliminal suggestions as my Master started conditioning me for sexual slavery to Him and his cock. The electro was synchronized with the visuals and sounds, and crept up in intensity over time as the hypnotic content ramped up its subtle reprogramming of my mind. The electro was dialed in to get me and keep me on edge, taken to barely under the point of orgasm, but in gloriously frustrating sustained pleasure. I did’t know how long I was in that state of ecstasy and didn’t care as I totally lost track of time and reality in a hypno induced craze of submissive lust and submission to Master. Later I found that Master had kept me there for over 12 hours to get me ready for what was coming next.


I was taken out of the sleepsack, but the hood and electro remained on. Then Master strapped me into a black leather straightjack that also had nipple flaps. Knowing my nips are hard-wired he re-applied clamps. He then bent me over a fuck bench that I didn’t know he had, although I was unsure of what it was exactly at the time. He then secured my arms and legs to the bench using cuffs and ropes pulled tight, pulling my torso snuggly against the bench, leaving my exposed ass hanging over the edge, and affording very little latitude for movement. He didn’t want me going anywhere once he started fucking me. I suspected I was in for quite a long and intense ride. My instincts served me well.


After securing me to the bench, he restarted the hypnosis, but this time with a much stronger file. The butt plug was removed, but the electro on my cock and balls resumed… again ramping up my edge. Then he started fucking me with His amazing cock.  And fuck me he did… over and over again for the rest of the weekend. Taking breaks on and off, we fucked for hours. After the first few rounds he removed the electro from my cock and balls. Every time he penetrated me, I’d get harder and hornier. I became crazed as he endlessly fucked me until we both orgasmed harder than either could remember, with me doing so totally hands-free. Our simultaneous climaxes were so intense and so long lasting it was like we fused into one pulsing ball of energy. It was so amazing as I came from being fucked by Him, By doing so I became addicted to His cock and became his devoted slave. It’s the only way I can cum or get sexual pleasure now… from His cock in my ass or in my mouth. He has since conditioned me to cum from deep throating Him. No other cock or Man will do.  So he owns me totally and completely and I cannot get enough. 


He maintains my mental state with return trips to the sleepsack and hood, and his use of hypnosis has expanded to more and more skills to please him. But His focus is still on make me cum from being fucked, so He has hugely expanded the ways in which he fucks me. I’ve become His slave and sex toy, but not his sissy. We are men and have intense man sex, so he's not made me feminine. I'm his man-slave and have learned how to use my body to pleasure Him. We both work at it and he’s made me the best slave I can be and I've helped him be a better Master. It's a symbiosis we are both addicted to.


Am I worried about being ruined for other men? Absolutely not. Both of us agree it would never be even close with anyone else, so he's in the same boat. We don't need anything else. We’re happy together and I love being only his.  


     AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is fiction, but is based on the kind of relationship I’d like to share with a Master.

                                  Please be in touch if you want to discuss it.  



An excellent subject - MN_FriendlyGuy

This story may be fiction, sleepsackslave, but reveals that you\'re an excellent subject. Maybe it\'s instinctive talent, but it\'s a gift when a submissive offers himself so completely in the form of a story, and it reveals what he\'s capable of.

RE: An Excellent subject - sleepsackslave

Thank you... i just wrote about how I feel. Perhaps someday I\'ll get to experience it for real! I appreciate that you see potential in me!

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