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Finding his Genie

by bigmanting

Chapter 1

Dale was your average 19 year old college kid. He grew up in a small town where everybody knew everybody else and anything exciting rarely happened. Dale was attending college at a school that was an hour away from his house. He lived on campus and dormed with his best friend, Steve, from high school. They always got along well and had a good time so far at college. They would hang out after classes, go to the gym, play racquetball, and have a good time with the friends they made. Steve had a girlfriend and was about as straight as a guy could be.

Although Dale and Steve would talk about the hot girls that they would see around campus, Dale had a secret. He always liked girls and to mess around with them, which everyone knew about. He was about 5'8" tall, 155 lbs, short brown hair, with a well toned and smooth body and fairly handsome; all of which made him popular with the ladies. But he also liked to think about what it would be like to jerk off with or get a blowjob from a guy. He really liked the handsome, thin, muscular and athletic types and would eye up guys that fit that description while at the campus gym. Of course, no one but Dale knew about the other side of his sexuality and he wanted it to stay that way. He knew that he wanted to stay with girls in the long run but he couldn't help occasionally fantasizing about hot studs. Dale was a very shy person to begin with so he knew it wasn't likely that he'd actually go through with fooling around with a guy even if the opportunity presented itself.

Fall break was approaching and so Dale would have Thursday and Friday off from classes. He decided to head home after his classes Wednesday night and then go back to college Saturday night so he could get a project done for his macroeconomics class. While you might say that Dale is an average college kid, his mom and dad where not exactly average parents. His dad was head of international accounts for a technology company and so he was constantly traveling for his job. Dale's mom did not work and to be honest she didn't need to. Dale's dad made a ton of money and so their family was financially set. His mom did, however, like to travel so she often went along with his dad on his business trips. In short, Dale's parents were rarely home.

Dale arrived home Wednesday night and was able to spend time with his parents before they would leave for Japan in the morning. Dale dropped his parents off at the airport the next morning and was looking forward to having the whole house to himself. When he got back home he walked into the living room and turned on the TV. While watching the morning news he noticed something new sitting on the shelf in the corner of the room. He got up to take a closer look and saw that it was some type of lamp which reminded him of Aladdin. He remembered that his parents had been in the Middle East not too long ago (he lost track of exactly which countries his parents had gone to) and figured him mom must have purchased it and brought it home. With a chuckle, he picked up the lamp and jokingly gave it a rub. As he expected, nothing happened and so he put the lamp back on the self and went back to watching TV.

Dale flipped between the channels until his a tall, thin, tan surfer, early 20's standing on a beach shirtless caught his eye. The show was about surfers in Hawaii but Dale wasn't as interested in the surfing as he was in the guy. Dale felt the crotch of his jeans tighten slightly and decided that he'd jerk himself off to this perfectly figured surfer. Dale unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off. He saw that he had a major tent pitched in his boxers with a small wet spot where the end of his cock had already begun to leak with excitement. Dale stood up, pulled down his boxers until his fully erect dick sprung out. He sat back down, grabbed his cock and began to slowly stroke it while playing with his balls. His dick was 6 inches hard and although he had wished it was a little bigger, he was content with it and knew how to work it well. Dale began to jerk his cock faster as another surfer, equally at hot as the first, was interviewed. Dale's rock hard cock was now oozing and twitching more than ever and knew he was getting close to cumming. Finally, with a moan, Dale shot several long ropes of warm cum onto his chest and even up to his neck. It had been a while since he had cum like that and he was a little surprised at how he almost shot onto his face. Dale went to the bathroom to clean himself up

Having gotten up so early to take his parents to the airport, Dale got drowsy and decided to take a short nap in his room. He awoke several hours later and opened his eyes slightly and could tell that it was now dark outside. Deciding that he had napped way too long, he got up and walked back into the living room.

Dale barely walked two steps into the living room when he stopped dead in his tracks. In the corner of the living room was a glowing purple figure. The purple figure looked like a muscular torso of a man floating in midair. The lower half of its body tapered into a narrow thread that lead into the opening of the lamp on the self. Upon closer inspection, Dale realized that this thing must be some sort of genie. Before Dale could do anything, the genie spoke:

"Thank you kind human for releasing me from this lamp. I have been locked inside for thousands of years waiting for a boy under the age of 21 to set me free."

Dale was so startled that he couldn't find any words to say. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Was he still asleep? Is this a dream? The genie spoke again:

"As a reward, I will grant you whatever wish you desire until you reach the age of 21."

Without fully realizing what the genie had just told him, Dale said:

"W-why didn't you come out when I rubbed the lamp this morning?"

With a grin, the genie said,

"I can only be called upon at night and so I was not able to show myself until now."

After a few moments had passed Dale asked:

"Wait, you will really grant me my every wish until my 21st birthday?"

The genie nodded.

"I can wish for anything?!"

The genie nodded again.

Dale had never expected anything like this to happen to him in his life. Dale was still stunned at the fact that there was a genie in his house ready to grant any of his wishes. If it was true, he didn't know where to start, so he decided to try for something small first. Dale held out his hand:

"I wish $20 would appear in my hand."

The genie snapped his fingers and a crisp 20 dollar bill appeared on Dale's hand.

Dale was giddy with the possibilities. Out of all of the possible things he could wish for, his mind first went to an erotic place. He had remembered that extremely fit surfer guy he had jerked off to earlier on and thought how he'd like to have the surfer jerk off and suck his dick and maybe even more. But then Dale got nervous about making such a wish. Dale wasn't sure what the genie would think or if a wish like that was even allowed. Dale worked up the courage and turned to the genie to express his concerns. As if reading Dale's mind the genie said,

"I will make no judgments on what you wish for. I will grant your every wish."

Dale felt as if a weight was lifted from his shoulders. He asked the genie,

"Do you know that surfer guy that I was watching on TV earlier today?"


"I wish he was gay and that he was standing in front of me. I want him to be extremely horny and attracted to me. I want him to have the urge to give me a blowjob. I also wish that he listen to whatever I tell him to do. And when I cum, I want him to return to normal, be sent back, and remember nothing."

As soon as Dale finished describing his wish, the genie snapped his fingers and the surfer with the perfect body, golden blond hair, wearing nothing but swim trunks, appeared in front of him. Dale's jaw dropped. The surfer was even sexier than he looked on TV. Dale could see how smooth and toned his body was. The surfer had an amazing set of abs and perfectly tanned skin.

Without saying a word, the surfer walked up to Dale, took off Dale's shirt and started to rub his hands across Dale's chest. Dale shivered with excitement and still could hardly believe this was happening. The surfer unbuttoned Dale's jeans and slid them down along with his boxers until his cock sprung out. In all of the excitement, Dale didn't realize how hard his cock had gotten. The surfer grabbed Dale's pulsing cock and began to stoke it. Dale had never felt anything quite like it before and immediately started to moan as he got his cock stroked.

Dale looked down and saw that the surfer's shorts were bulging a lot. Dale knew he wanted to get his hands on the surfer's dick and so he told the surfer to take off his shorts. The surfer paused from stroking Dale's cock and took off his shorts. Dale gasped at the size of the surfer's semi hard cock. He watched the surfer's cock stiffen from a semi hard all the way to its full glory. Dale was astonished at how perfect the surfer's uncut cock looked. He was cleanly shaven and had balls the size of two large eggs which dangled between his thighs. Dale figured his cock must be at least 9 inches long with impressive girth as well.

Dale grabbed the surfer's cock with one hand and immediately noticed how great and warm it felt. He could feel the cock throbbing in his hand. The surfer resumed stroking Dale's cock which by now was as hard as it could get. Dale deeply admired the surfer's large sagging balls and reached down and cupped them with his other hand. The surfer's balls were heavy and indeed felt just as big as they looked. The surfer followed suit and tended to Dale's balls too.

Dale felt himself getting close to cumming. Dale told the surfer he was close and the surfer immediately stopped and let go of Dale's cock and balls. The surfer walked over the couch and told Dale to sit down. Dale noticed the surfer's perfectly formed and smooth ass as he walked over. Dale sat sown on the couch and the surfer kneeled down in front of Dale so that his face was level with Dale's cock. Then, the surfer lifted Dale's cock and slowly licked the head. This was it, Dale knew he was going to get his first blowjob from a guy and he couldn't wait to see how it was going to feel. The surfer opened his mouth wider and slowly swallowed Dale's cock, inch by inch. Dale leaned his head back out of pure joy and pleasure. This was better than anything he ever felt before.

Slowly, the surfer began to bob his head up and down on Dale's cock. He got into a rhythm that was neither too fast nor too slow. The surfer paused every so often to lick and tenderly suck Dale's balls. The surfer's hot wet mouth along with the twisting and twirling of his tongue on Dale's cock made Dale moan. Dale cried for the surfer to go faster and he obeyed. Moaning louder and louder, Dale all but screamed that he was about to cum. The surfer then took Dale's whole cock into his mouth. Dale shot loads and loads of warm cum down the surfer's throat and he could feel the surfer swallowing every last drop.

The surfer licked the last of the cum off of Dale's cock and stood up. The genie appeared and was about to snap his fingers when Dale said:

"Wait! Don't send him back just yet. I'll let you know when we're finished."

The genie nodded and disappeared back into the lamp.

Dale had noticed that the surfer's cock was still rock hard and he didn't want to send the surfer back without first trying to return some of the favor.

Dale got up and told the surfer to sit down. The surfer smiled and obeyed. Dale didn't feel quite ready to give a guy head, but he did want to try jerking a guy off. So Dale took hold of the surfer's cock and began to stroke it. Dale realized that the hand job might be better with some lube and so he said:

"I wish I had some lube."

And beside Dale appeared a bottle of clear lube. Dale poured the lube on the surfer's cock as well as the surfer's chest. Even though it didn't seem possible, the surfer's body looked even sexier as the light gleamed off of his pecs and abs. Dale's hands rubbed the lube all over the surfer's chest and abs and Dale could feel his now soft dick slightly rise from the feeling of the surfer's smooth body. Dale had an easier time sliding his hand up and down the cock. Dale noticed that his one hand only held half of the surfer's cock and so Dale used both his hands, one on top of the other to stroke the surfer's cock. Dale started to jerked him off faster and Dale saw that the surfer had his eyes closed and was breathing faster. As Dale picked up the speed, the surfer was now arching his back slightly and lightly thrusting his pelvis.

The surfer gave Dale a nod indicating that he was about to cum. Dale stroked as fast as he could and aimed the surfer's cock towards the surfer's face. Dale felt the surfer's cock give a great flex and shoot a blast of cum right across the surfer's face. Ten more squirts of cum followed, all of which landed across the surfer's chest.

The surfer remained sitting as Dale rose to his feet and turned towards the genie's lamp.

"I wish that the surfer would be cleaned up and returned back."

The genie appeared, and snapped his fingers. The cum and lube was cleared from the surfer's body. The genie snapped his fingers again and the surfer disappeared.

"Thanks." said Dale.

The genie simply smiled and nodded.

Dale was now standing completely naked in his living room in the middle of the night thinking about everything that just happened. He knew that this was only the beginning of these experiences and that he would soon think of something even more exciting.

Dale had been thinking of the surfer's body and amazing cock and wished he could be built more like him and have a larger cock. He felt stupid after remembering that if he wanted a body more like the surfer's, he could now have it. Dale turned back to the genie but he wasn't there. Dale called for the genie to appear but there was no response. Confused, Dale looked around the room wondering what was wrong until he looked out the window and suddenly realized the problem; the sun was rising and the genie would not grant another wish until the following night.

Exhausted, Dale went to his room and climbed into bed. As he dozed off, he thought about the next wishes he would ask for.


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