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My hypnosis fun time

by bruh.momento.io

Chapter 1- the beginning

hi, today I wanted to tell you about the time I was hypnotized. It may sound odd or impossible to be hypnotized but believe me, It's real.

As I walked to the circus I noticed a poster which said "come in, if you dare" and a spiral drawing near it.

I didn't know what to expect, but holly that was 1 hello of a time.

When I entered the room, I was greeted my a little old man sitting on a large table. Near him there were 2 massive humans and then another 1 appeared  behind me, which blocked my exit.

I heard the old man screeching  voice saying " come on closer young lady:, then, he snapped his fingers and WHAM! I was in sort of a sleep-awake state and felt amazing. Next thing I knew that I was a frog, then a little baby, and then a stripper


To this day, I still wonder around the world with the old man. I can't leave because he is my master. So if by any chance you see a poster like I saw, stay away...


More, please! - MN_FriendlyGuy

You have a wonderful understanding of the risk involved, and your story describes it quite well. It\'s all fun and games until...

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