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The nursery Chapter 2

by BabyShadow

Chapter 2

“Mommy, uh what is that?” She eyed the horrible bowl; the smells wafting from it were enough to gag.


    “This is your lunchy silly, and I want you to make all gone for mommy!” She had a large spoon full of the stuff just inching towards her face. Twilight felt conflicted. She wanted to do good by Mommy, but her mind was not that far gone, she knew that stuff was as terribly tasting as food got. But without warning a large spoonful shot into her mouth, she immediately spit it up, causing a large portion to land all over her. “Huh, silly mommy! I forgot your bib!” In less than ten seconds a new very large bib was tired around her neck, Twilight did not even bother to look down. “Now open up for mommy!” For some reason she did and even swallowed the food, she tried to spit it up but nothing happened. 


    [i]“I need to stop swallowing, this is horrible!”[/i] But another spoonful of the stuff was brought to her mouth and she opened.


    [i]Open and eat.[/i]


    “Wha? OOMPH.” Part of the slop went into her mouth and the other across it. She tried to make sense of the random thought but Fluttershy kept pouring the nasty food into her. Spoon full after spoon full. She felt angry, but something was pacifying her feelings.


    [i]Eat for Mommy.[/i]


    “But-“ She finally gave up and allowed the nasty stuff to be fully stomached, it took twenty minutes for Fluttershy to be finished. By the end she felt dazed but not from some sort of drug, she felt disgusted with herself for allowing it to happen.


    “Good baby! You made all gone, now let’s just get you wipe you clean and get you back on the carpet!” Twilight felt nothing from that statement, it almost filled her with a sense of pride to not feel happy for her ‘mother’ but she felt too exhausted to care. Her breath smelled and she knew it, the baby food taste would not go away for some time. She slowly wiped her mouth off after being lowered down and looked around again. She took a good look at her friends.


    Rarity like before was playing in the corner, she wasn’t fat but not far off. As in she hadn’t been exercising or watching her diet at all. Somehow Pinkie looked almost the same, but like the others her eyes had been dilated and looked to be that way for some time. Applejack looked to be the same as Rarity in physic; Twilight noted that if they ever get out of there that her earth pony friend would need to kick her chores into overdrive. She was also missing her hat, it made her look almost childish but Twilight still saw something freakish. Rainbow Dash somehow was not chubby like the others but her wings looked to be in a state of disrepair, a closer inspection revealed that they looked clipped.


    “They better be able to grow back.”




    Twilight grabbed her head with both of her hoofs and held on for dear life, she tried to will the unwanted thoughts away so she could focus. Thankfully whatever happened with the Master and her spells had not fully taken hold of her. The only reason she had not gone into a rage induced fit was from whatever was causing her to become weakened. So she crawled over to a corner and sat down to try and focus, but her friends had made it difficult. It was exactly like a nursery, only much, much louder.


    “Pinkie, this is mine!” Rainbow Dash was pulling on what looked to be some sort of rattle, the rainbow manned mare was scowling but Pinkie was smiling away.


    “No silly, it’s mine!”




    “Hehe, mine!”




    “Will you both just share!” Twilight snapped, causing both of them to look over. They stopped tugging and then shared a glance with the toy and back to themselves. Pinkie whispered something into Rainbow Dash’s ear and then she shrugged. They both then crawled over and dropped the toy in Twilight’s lap and waited.


    “What? No I don’t want-“


“C’mon Twilight play! Pinkie insisted, Twilight stared down at the rattle and shook her head.


    “Egghead, it’s just a rattle, it’s fun!” She shook her head even harder.




    “Do it!”




    [i]“No! Don’t listen to them!”[/i]


    Pinkie Pie then picked up the rattle and placed it in her hoof without warning and gave it a loud bang. The insides rattled, making a basic noise. But Twilight was not enthralled with it. She herself gave it one experimental shake and smiled, but only slightly. Her neck turned to her friends who gave them genuine smiles.


    [i]“Don’t, this is wrong. It’s a stupid babies rattle!”[/i] But she kept shaking it, feeling a guilty pleasure of excitement. She wouldn’t go so far as to call it fun but she was definitely enjoying herself. [i]“What have they done to us?!”[/i]


    “See it was fun, now it’s our turn!” Pinkie grabbed it out of her hoof, but this only put her in a slight state of panic. For a split second her thoughts seemed to be overwritten.


    [i]“Get the rattle back!”[/i] She panicked and grabbed it in mid swing, but Pinkie wouldn't let go.


    “Twilight, it’s our turn!”


    “NO IT’S MINE!” She wailed and tried to pull back with all of her might, but the earth ponies strength was too much.




    “MINE!” Twilight kept pulling, eventually Fluttershy had taken notice and flew over.


    “Girls! You need to share, Twilight I saw you play with it so let Pinkie have a turn, right now!” Fluttershy stared into her eyes, the lavender unicorn’s eyes shrunk down to pins and she instantly released control of the rattle. Twilight shook her head and closed her eyes, she could still hear the rattle being played with but she found if her eyes remained unfocused than the odd thoughts from before stopped.


    [i]“Why did I just do that? I was fighting over a flipping rattle! I’m going to lose myself if I’m not careful!”[/i]


    [i]Play, it’s fun.[/i] She shook her head even harder, to the point of hysteria. Fluttershy noticed her distress and picked her up.


    “Twilight dear, I need you to focus.”


    “No! This is wrong! Stop-“


Fluttershy had placed an oversized pacifier in her mouth and waited for the desired result.


    [i]Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck.[/i]


    Twilight’s train of thought was interrupted by the crazy urge to keep on sucking, it’s all she could think about no matter how hard she tried.


    “Good, now I need you to listen to mommy can you do that?”


    [i]Listen to mommy. [/i]Twilight looked into her eyes and smiled, she was listening alright.


    “Now, I know you’re confused and probably scared but your friends here just want you to relax and have fun!" She looked over Fluttershy’s body; it was at that moment that she noticed something was wrong. She didn’t look chubby anymore or in a blunt sense ugly. Not that her friends were ever considered that but with the weight she had put on it was quite notable. She concentrated and for a couple seconds she noticed the weight again like an illusion being lifted, but it went right back to being her beautiful mommy once she began talking again. “Now do you want to be a good baby or a bad baby?”


    “Good baby?”


    “Good, and good babies play! Just like they are doing, just look at the rattle. Do you want your own? Hmm?” She nodded; suddenly the idea of owning one was enchanting to say the least. “Well let’s go get you one; oh you’re just so cute using your binky like that!” She looked to her muzzle and sure enough she was still sucking, the thoughts of doing so would not go away. Out of nowhere Fluttershy produced her own rattle; it was colored lavender but no designs on it. “Here you go, play all you want!”


    For the next twenty minutes, Twilight had done nothing but suck on an oversized pacifier and ‘play’ with her rattle. She banged it and banged it over and over, while sitting next to Pinkie. Her previous emotions and concerns long forgotten. She was actually smiling and laughing like crazy, even Pinkie saw that it was weird. Twenty one minutes in, she was interrupted but not by one of her friends. It was her stomach. She dropped the rattle and groaned, she knew something was coming and the full bladder that she felt only proved it.


    [i]“I was playing with a rattle for how long?! I have to go, geeze!”[/i] She clenched her muscles and strained herself to hold in what dignity she had left, even if it felt dead.


    “Are you okay?” She looked over at Pinkie Pie, the giant baby had dropped her rattle and placed a comforting hoof on her shoulder. She looked into her eyes and noticed something weird, they were twitching. Every once in a while they would return to the dilated state but they kept bulging out and would not stop twitching.


    [i]“She’s still in there! Pinkie is trying to stop this! FIGHT PINKIE! OHhhhhhh!”[/i] The battle was lost, in less than ten seconds she released her bladder and her bowels, it seemed to be an automatic command from her body. Once the mess left it, her body screamed to push it out. So she did, when it was over she noticed that the eye twitching of Pinkie had stopped. She was now grinning which scared Twilight to no end.


    “Poopy!” Pinkie screamed, it was the last thing she wanted to happen.


    [i]Good baby.[/i]


    “No! This is-“


    “Oh what a good baby, did you make a poo poo?” Fluttershy asked who had just hovered over.


    [i]Good baby. Good Baby.[/i]


“I, yes but-“ Twilight stammered, Fluttershy shook her head and smiled.


    “No need to feel embarrassed about what babies do silly. But we better clean that up, you’re starting to stink!” Twilight sighed; she had no argument so she waited. She tried to pretend that this was all a dream or that she was somewhere else while the cream colored mare changed her. She looked into Fluttershy’s eyes and before they took her away to the bliss that was her mommy’s control, she saw the same twitching as before.


    [i]“I need to be good, but this is so wrong!”[/i]


    “Bath Time!” Fluttershy declared, Twilight looked down at her friends in confusion when they all immediately scattered and attempted to hide. It looked laughable, their sizes made it impossible to do so. She had no clue what was so wrong with a bath, she actually felt like one herself. It only took Fluttershy a good five minutes to rustle them all together in another room, inside she found a large tub that could maybe fit two of them at a time, so she sat down and waited again attempting to collect her thoughts and feelings. Rainbow Dash was first, she was brought in after the tub was filled up with bath toys and bubble bath. Twilight saw that she appeared to be pouting.


    Over and over each of her friends were brought in, until it was her turn. It was felt weird to be bathed and Fluttershy was thorough. She washed Twilight all over, including her private regions. When she got to the butt, Twilight was surprised with herself when she wished for it to never stop. It felt good, her guilty feelings being mixed with pleasant emotions. After a little while, bath time was over and each of the babies were dried off and re diapered. Twilight felt both relaxed and scared that she had let so much happen.


    “Okay babies, nap time is soon but I think we could all do with a story!” All of them but Dash cheered, still a part of her even wanted the story. “Right, let’s all sit in a circle in the middle of the room. I want each of you to put Twilight in the middle and make her feel comfortable, can you do that my babies?”


    “Sure!” Pinkie beamed and instantly brought them all in a circle herself; Twilight rolled her eyes when she saw the cover of the book that Fluttershy had picked.


    “Thank you Pinkie! You’re such a good baby! Now then, let’s start reading: [i]The Grumpy Bunny[/i]!” Twilight couldn’t help herself.


    “I can read Fluttershy! This is ridiculous!” Fluttershy then gently placed the book down and stared into her eyes, she saw the twitches but they did not win out in the end.


    “Babies, please wait right here! No moving or you will a l get spankies, understand?” They all eagerly nodded, two of them looking scared to death. “We need to see the Master I’m afraid Twilight, you need more training.”


    “Fluttershy, please I’m your friend! There are so many things wrong with this!” But Fluttershy would not hear any of it, she was carrying her charge down and the hall and posted her master reading a book in another room.


    “I take it that Twilight is not working out yet?” Fluttershy bowed and shook her head.


    “Sorry Master.”


    “No problem, just leave her with me.” 


    [i]“Whatever she does, don’t give in. DON’T GIVE IN!”[/i]


    Twilight found herself on the familiar rug from before, staring into the mare’s eyes. She didn’t even wait for a response, her horn simply lit up and like before she saw thousands of images flood her mind. Only this time they were more vivid. Twenty minutes later, she felt far more dazed. The Master lifted up a book with her magic and placed it before her. “Now I heard what you said before in the nursery. Can you read this Twilight?” She knew the answer already; Twilight began to read but stopped herself.


    [i]Bad baby! Bad Baby! Bad Baby![/i]


    Feelings of guilt and remorse flooded her system. She still knew how to read, no amount of mind control could stop that but every time she tried, she felt guilty. Like she was letting Princess Celestia down, or worse yet her friends down. She vigorously shook her head; she was not into reading that very moment. The master smiled and nodded, she then brought her back to the nursery. She spotted her friends all sleeping in one big pile next to a series of stuffed animals they were using as blankets.


    “I’m afraid she missed story time, oh well I guess a warm bottle will do…” The master shrugged and let Fluttershy to her job. Twilight felt far too defeated to do anything but sit there and wait.


    [i]Good baby.[/i]


    [i]“I’m Princess Celestia’s personal protégé, I’m Twilight Sparkle the librarian. I just have to keep my head, I’m sure help will arrive. Oh not a bottle!”[/i] She sighed and accepted it without hesitation, again it tasted awful but what else could she do? Fluttershy instructed her to lay down with her friends, she choose a spot next to Applejack. She sucked and sucked for eons, but she did not feel sleepy.


    Fluttershy watched her, she was waiting for Twilight to simply finish and sleep. Sighing in her head she did just that or tried to. Sleep would not come. Over and over again she tried to will her horn to do something, so she could send a distress message to Princess Celestia but it would not even produce a spark. It was at that moment that she realized something.


    [i]“The milk…no. It’s causing this! She’s drugging us!”[/i] She felt disgusted but she had already finished off so much of the milk, she almost went into a full panic but she tried to remain calm and think logically.[i] “Okay, no actually drug can permanently reduce a unicorns horn ability, so I know whatever has happened to me and my friends, it can’t be forever. But it’s the only thing she’s feeding us and if I refuse I bet she would find a way to force me, plus…”[/i]


    [i]Bad baby![/i]


    The invading thoughts kept creeping up and the more they did the stronger they felt. She knew that they were not her thoughts, but they still felt pleasant to listen to. She noticed that the tingles and feelings from the reinforcements that called her good felt far stronger than the negative ones. She didn’t know much about mind control or anything of the like but she had read a few psychology books before. And it was clear that negative thoughts were always outweighed by positive ones. She sighed and laid back as the bottle finished.


    [i]Good baby.[/i] For the entire session of their nap which she spent the time pretending to, she did feel good. Really, really good. She shuddered, thirty minutes later the other babies had begun to wake. Twilight just rolled her eyes and sighed, she was now stuck there and had to think of a plan. But every time she tried to thin those invading thoughts would try and counter act them.


    [i]“Okay, Think Twilight!”[/i]


    “Let’s play Twilight!” One of them practically screamed in her ear, she assumed it was Pinkie from the voice but she was busy closing her eyes and concentrating.



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