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sasuke's Finding chapter 1

by Jakken

sasuke's Finding chapter 1

Chapter 1
It was a rainy day in the village of Konoha . Sasuke had just finished a day of training and had started walking to his apartment. One big thing was on Sasuke mind as he was going home: to put on a diaper, cuddle with a plushie, and suck on a pacifier as he slowly drifted to sleep.

But a weird sound snapped him out of his mental picture. He overheard what sounded like something crying in the alley way. Curious, he walked in the alley way and found a young baby lying in a card boarded box, wearing a baby blue sleeper and covered with a small baby blanket, being drenched by the rain. He quickly grabbed the black haired baby boy and held him close to his body. This time of night nobody would be able to help them, so he had no choice but to take the baby home with him. He quickly made a dash to his home, getting both the baby and himself out of the cold rain.

When he got home, he noticed the huge problem he had. The baby’s sleeper was completely soaked from the rain and the cold had left him shivering uncontrollably. Trying to warm the baby up, Sasuke removed the wet clothing, and then his diaper, and placed the infant in a warm bath to raise his temperature. He kept a close eye on him, rubbing his skin and trying to comfort him until he finally stopped shivering.

Relieved that the boy now seemed okay, he lifted him up out of the tub and dried him off, trying to find some clothes to put on him. He found one of Naruto's black t-shirts lying around, which the dope must have left last time they had sparred together. Getting to return it drenched in urine was enough incentive to wrap it around the baby's crotch as an improvised diaper. The sleeper he had left over the heater seemed to have dried and the child was happily smiling as he was lifted back into his familiar outfit, comfortably warm.

Sasuke held the infant close and the snuggle caused a cute giggle from the boy, before he placed a small kiss on the ninja's nose.

But then seconds later he started to cry again. Sasuke wasn’t to sure what to do with this loudmouthed thing. He thought about it and finally laid him down on the couch with one of his pacifiers and plushies. The baby, though still sniffling, was too exhausted to stay awake, and while cuddling and sucking, he fell asleep.

Sasuke petted the youth's hair. "I know it's only for a day, but I'm going to need some stuff to take care of you..." He said, softly, afraid to wake him up. “I have to get some baby stuff, definitely. And whatever's left, I can always use myself.” He grinned at his own remark before quickly getting ready to go out, a few minutes later going to the local store.

Sasuke was a little nervous of running into someone he knew, but was determined to get what he needed no matter what. He stepped down into the baby aisle and got some baby diapers and some formula. Then Sasuke got some diapers for himself. When he walked to checkout counter he was still nervous, a small blush on his cheek every time he turned around and thought he saw a pink or orange ninja walking by. As soon as it was all packaged up, he paid the bill and quickly ran home with the supplies.

When Sasuke got home, the baby was just the way he had left him. Lying on the couch with his plushie and the pacifier in his mouth. Sasuke went to see if he needed a change. Sure enough the t-shirt was soaking wet and it had even leaked on the couch a bit. He was glad he had thought of putting a towel or two under him.

Sasuke gently picked up the young baby and placed him on his kitchen counter to change him. He removed the wet black cloth and threw it in a bag to be delivered to a certain blonde's house later. He cleaned him, powdered him and then placed a new diaper on. Sasuke enjoyed the cute sight of the boy in a padding for a few seconds until eventually the baby woke up and started crying, remembering his earlier need.

“Don't you worry, little guy. I think I know what you want.“

As quickly as he could, he prepared a full bottle of formula. Sasuke cradled the young baby as he started feeding him the formula. The baby sucked so sweetly that Sasuke was starting to have second though of turning him into the proper authorities the next day. One more day couldn't hurt, right?

After the bottle was empty, the baby was full and started to drift off to sleep again in Sasuke’s slowly moving arms. Sasuke looked down at him and gently ruffled his black hair.

“Well, I don't know what your mother used to call you, but I think I can think of something myself. Maybe James. Yeah, I like that name. James... Uchiha.” He smiled at the sound of a second Uchiha, before yawning from fatigue.

The tired genin carried Ronin towards his bed, and placed the sleeping baby down on it. Now that he was done taking care of him, it was time for some attention to himself, which the stressed ninja had earned. Sasuke went to his closet to pull out a diaper and quickly padded up. He grabbed a pacifier and a plushie and then went to the bed. Before Sasuke went to lie down besides him, equally childish, he kissed James on the forehead.

“Good night James.”

After saying these words, the young genin went to bed and fell asleep within seconds while cuddling the infant, about to have the best night's sleep he had ever had.

End of chapter 1


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