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My little hypnotic slave


The beginning.

Hello, my name is Tom and I wanted to tell you about my little slave.

When I was around my 27th birthday, I had a big fight with my mother and decided to run away to the nearby woods. When I arrived, I saw a woman, that woman was about 20 years old when I found her. I reached out for her and then I saw.. I saw she was butt naked. I asked her " what are you doing in the woods so late and naked?" She looked at my with a confuses  look on her face. I tried to ask her the same question again, but to my surprise, no reply. Until I found out she was in some sort of a trance.

Chapter 2- the official meeting: 

When I reached out to her, I realized she was in a very deep trance. The trance was so deep that I couldn't even hear her breathing. She was like a statue. A stone statue. And she was stunning. Stunning from her foot to her head. So I got closer and closer, and as a professional  hypnotist, I said, "when I snap my fingers, you will be right awake! And when I snap my fingers again, you will be again in this deep deep trance" 

Then, *snap* and she was awake, like magic! She looked at me so so confused. 

We talked for about an hour and a half and I understood what happened. She told me the last thing she remembered  was seeing a poster about getting hypnotized for 100$ and that she really needed the money to buy a gift for her mother's birthday.  I remember feeling so bad hearing how she cares so much about her mother and that not too long ago I fought with mine. So, she kept on telling me everything was blurry since then and now I understand she really was hypnotized very strongly by another hypnotist. I snapped my fingers and WHAM she was in a deep trance just like I told her. " when you hear my fingers snap again, you will be right awake, BUT, whenever you hear the word "red" you will feel this very intense orgasem" and *snap* she was awake! 


Chapter 3- the fun begins! 

I shouted "red"! And there she was, screaming in pleasure for me to stop it, but I didn't, I was too shocked to even understand what had happened. I shouted "red red red red red" and she was screaming so loud i had to snap my fingers again. "This time, you will be mute and you won't be able to make a sound, and then like you imagine, *snap* and there she was, naked and looking like she was having so much pleasure that she can faint out of it. Now, I began to have my real fun. 

As I understood what power i had in my control, I snapped her into trance again and again, 1 time, I told her she was so in love with me that she will die if I won't date her, but the best thing was, I told her there's a barrier between us and she couldn't pass through, she looked so sad but I felt strong. I felt like I had power, in fact the power went up in my head so badly that I forgot she was a human, just like I am. And so, I turned her into a cat, then  a dog and then a chicken.

After all the fun I had, I told her that when she wakes up, she will feel a strong urge to date me and marry me. So then, I woke her up and brought her home.

1 thing i forgot to tell you guys, was the reason to my fight with my mother. The reason is me being lonely, she's mad at me that I can't find love and can't be normal and have kids and live life. Instead, I sit in my room and playing video games like a loser. She didn't want her son to be a loser.. I know I know that sounds bad, but what can I do? I look bad, I have a very low self confidence and I'm actually a loser. A wireless loser. But not anymore!


Chapter 4- the meeting with my mother:

When we got home, I apologized to my mother but she was shocked. Yes, she was shocked I "have" a girlfriend, but what can she do? She's under my complete control and cannot resist it, so then we were. Sitting at my mother's home and eating dinner like a typical family, but then 

*WHAM* The door broke down and 2 FBI agents came through the door. Apparently, that girl was missing for 3 days, and her mother was then head FBI agent, and finding her was a high priority. But, the FBI agents couldn't do anything, after all they do not know about the hypnosis  and that in was controlling her. So we were brought to her house, and whoa she was rich. So rich that she had 3 maids just for herself, so I was actually really lucky to have her as my lover^^ now, all that was left was to get married and start my new life as a rich and successful man. And there we were, about to marry and that was the best day of my life! My online friends, as well as my mother and father were there and we married and kissed, it was the best day of my life and I couldn't help it, I screamed in shock and everyone looked at me and I said" I'm just really lucky to have Monika as my wife". Everyone laughed it off and we had a great time. It was so lovely seeing everyone that saw me as a fool now sees me as a man, and lucky to be my friends and family. Everything went smooth until a girl came up to Monika, that girl had a RED dress and asked her, do you like my red dress? And then.. ORGASEM.

The end.

Thanks for reading!!


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