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The day i met my slave

by onlinemasterlooking

Chapter 1

HI my name is jerry and I want to tell you about the day i met my perfect slave.

The day started off normal like always but then during my lunch break my manager called me down to his office. When i arived he told me to come in and take a seat. standing next to him was a young woman probably about 21. He explained to me thatshe just got hired and wwas going to be workig for me now. he also told me to make sure she is comftorable and that she fits in. 


he told me her name was aria and that she just moved here. as we left for my office we got chatting and one thing she told me is that she was really into hypnosis. I took this optotunity to ask if she had any trigger and she said that if anyone she told the trigger to said sex slave now she would imeditly fall into a deep trance.

I wanted to test this out so after a little bit i walked over to her and said sex slave now and she droped just like she said. I took this as my chance to expeiriment a little bit. i gave her some simple triggers and sugestio but right before i woke her up i had an evil thought. I told er that she would live with me now and she would be my loyal sex slave and so what ever she was told. 

I woke her up right as it was time to go. whenwe got outside she jumped into my car and aske what master wanted her to do. I told her that i wanted her to strip down and while i dove home for her to blow me till we got home. she imidietly striped off her cloths revealing her secert she had monster tits that she left concealed. as i pulled out of the parking lot she leaned over to me took out my dick and started blowing me. By the time we had gotten home i had already cam twice.

the end (for now).


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