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by haillow


"Hey uh, Lyle?" A lady at the counter in the entrance spoke up to me as I walked back in from a trip.


"Yeah?" I walked up to her counter.


"Glad to see you're accounted for, but please bear with me." The sorry look on her face obviously tells bad news.


I threw my head back and let out a sound of displeasure. "Ahhh, what is it now?"


"The last spot you called for was already taken. What took you long out there?"


"I've been really late because I had to do something with my family."


"Yeah, I'm afraid you'll have to look for a different hotel. Sorry sir."


"Not a problem! I'm used to walking, so good day!"


And like that, I turned and headed out of the building in the direction to the forest. Mainly the reason why I wanted to move out is because I believe I can live on my own and maybe prosper that way too, but it looks like things aren't that simple. Casting my thoughts aside by looking at the sky, it's indeed getting really dark out here; I'd love to pull out my phone to light the way but guessing how long my travel's going to be, that's a waste of power. Thankfully it isn't too dark, but bad news is I feel cold winds breezing and what I'm wearing is for warm weather; shorts and a T-shirt. I'll have to look for shelter quickly. I pulled out my map to figure which direction I'm going and what's nearest to me, and I felt chills down my spine at what my eyes laid upon.


An icon of a mansion, all alone in a forest for miles to come. I'm guessing that usually mansions like these are usually vacant since nobody feels like making houses next to them, so I'm going to give myself the benefit of the doubt and went towards the direction of it. When I put away the map and looked down at the path I'm taking, I've noticed that there's a complete lack of dirt tracks until about a couple minutes later, where it just trails off because of grass growth. So I followed the dirt path and in about 8 minutes there's no mistaking the mansion's shape in my sight. I don't think I could see if any of the windows are lit up, so I just went ahead past the gate leading to the mansion and walked up to the door, shivering a little from the cold.


When I knocked on the door to make sure nobody's in the mansion...


I jumped a little the second I saw it open on its own. "Oh!"


"Oh, sorry about that mortal. What brings you here at this hour of the night?" A feminine face peered out of the crack of the doors.


"I-I uh... I'm just looking for a place to be in since it's c-cold and really dark out there." I shivered a little more against the cold winds as I gazed into the lady's emerald green eyes.


"Oh, cold and lost? You poor thing... Come in, I know a place for you to be seated in." She opened up the door with a nod, allowing me to step inside.


"T-Thank you miss. It really is cold out there!" I followed her into the living room, which is currently lit by only a fireplace. I could see chairs and a sofa surrounding it.


"Come sit right here, sir. I appreciate your manners by the way.~" She casually bent down to pat the spot she wants me in with a hand.


I walked over and sat in the spot she wants me to be in as requested, taking my backpack off and placed it against a nearby chair. "Never hurts to show them, really. Also did I forget to mention that you have a French accent?"


"Zis a fine accent for a lady like me, no?" She smiled brightly and giggled a little. "Now zat you're seated, I'll bring something zat will warm you up. Won't be long."


"Thank you miss. I'll stay right here!" I watched her rush out to her task.


When she went out the door, I idly stared at the fireplace while waiting for her to return with whatever she has in mind. While I sighed and leaned back, feeling the warmth of the flames, I had nothing to think about in my head so I just spaced out until she returns. When she returned to wrap a blanket around me, I jumped a little again and felt my head and eyes snap to the direction her hands are coming from.


"Jeez, did you like the fireplace's lightshow?" She chuckled as she tidied it in front of me before sitting next to me.


"I-I did, sorry. This is a pretty nice blanket though." I got myself comfortable under the cozy cotton blanket and just let myself warm up.


"That's from one of the guest rooms. My family did treat guests nicely back in the day." Smiling, she told me a little backstory while she sidehugged me friendlily, ensuring the blanket's close to me.


There, I didn't respond and simply let myself grow warm and comfortable enough that I eventually just relaxed and went limp in her arms, practically melting as I just closed my eyes and lower my head...


...Until I felt a pair of sharp things poking against my neck. That was when I was set off like a bomb, eyes wide, heart beating loudly in a fraction of a second.


"OH GOD!" I shouted and immediately sprang up out of her hug and the blanket, beginning to book it.


I knew she was going to chase me while just bolting straight for the door, unwilling to be here for any longer out of terror. It didn't take me long to reach back outside, but she is hot on my heels as I glanced back at her, looking like she's smiling sadistically. Thankfully I didn't close the gate as I made my way in the mansion, so I easily made past it and started running for the trees. I just continued running and running, my heart racing like crazy and my breathing becoming more and more heavy, but eventually I felt her hands grabbing my shoulders roughly. I knew my life was already going to come to an end, so I had no point to continue running, allowing me to fall like a tree except with her softening my fall so that she could quickly pin me down.


"Got you!" She announced with the same smile.


"M-Mommy..." I breathily croaked until my eyes rolled up and fainted out of sheer anxiety.


After a couple seconds of her watching my KO'd look, she leaned in to my hear to whisper the last things I heard. "Good boy."


I think I felt the same sharp things- no, fangs- against my neck, but there the rest of my consciousness went out for a while. After getting her serving of my blood, she gently picked up my limp body and carried me back into the mansion, putting me in the bed of the same guest room she took the blanket from after hanging my hat on the nearby rack. Once she laid me there with my head soundly on the pillow, she went back in the living room to grab the blanket and returned to comfortably tuck it onto me, and crawled on next to me with a happy sigh. There, she just waited until I regained consciousness.




My eyes slowly opened to the soft glow of a couple nearby candles on the nightstand, and I felt way warmer than when I was at the living room with the strange lady. I checked my surroundings, seeing the same blanket over my body and surprise surprise, the same lady cuddled next to me! I flinched hard and started to book it again, but this time she placed her hand on my chest, commanding me to lie back down.


"Whoa there Mister Speedy, there's no need to be in a hurry... Lie down. Your world is certainly spinning, I can tell, but it isn't ending." She softly told me as she patted my chest.


"B-But... Am I dreaming?" My eyes wide open and locked in to hers, I told her.


"No, jeez... Count your fingers."


I pulled my fingers out and counted them; all 10 of them are there. I even checked the nearby grandfather clock, and it's not at a rather unususal time; but it's pretty late.


"Dreams often give you additional fingers, and you don't have them. So just..." She started to take audible deep breaths. "Take deep breaths, and relax your muscles."


I would relunctantly do so, but she said it in a comforting tone so I followed her directions. In a short amount of time, I felt myself relax once more as I rested my hands on my chest.


"Good. Now before I start asking questions, I suppose you have a couple you must ask me, right?"


"Yeah, um... Why did I feel something sharp on my neck?"


"Did you absolutely disregard that I said 'mortal'?"


"I-I did, sorry."


"Jeez... Anyways, I'm going to try to say it in the most sincere way possible." She said as to give me a heads up. "I'm a vampire. It's been quite a while since I've had my last serving of blood, so needless to say I had to relax you enough so that I can do that. Sorry."


"A vampire..." I echoed her words with a moment of thought before I continued. "Well um, am I pale-skinned?"


After a short look on my still somewhat scared-looking face, she shook her head. "You're fine, I probably would've looked nauseous if I fed that much from you."


"Good. Anyways, how did you get a mansion all by your lonesome?"


"Again, my family used to live in this mansion but when people used to live around us decades ago, but they really didn't like vampires so they- along with the mayor, even- requested that we move out. My mom asked me to hide in a secret trapdoor so that when the officials show up, they can simply treat the mansion as an abandoned one and eventually move everyone out because it still looked unsettling to them. Eventually all of the houses were demolished and reused somewhere else, thus explains why there's nobody else but me for quite a distance. Trust me, I have no idea how the officials didn't demolish this mansion nor check literally everything including secret trapdoors such as the one I hid in either."


"It really is a weird world sometimes, isn't it?" I raised an eyebrow at the absurdity, but I believed her.


"It is. Anyways, don't you have somewhere to be?"


"Well by the looks of my backpack I do, but uhh... Do you mind if I live here?" I really thought I indeed had Stockholm Syndrome as I asked the same vampire that ultimately knocked me unconscious; is it how friendly she is overall?


"Oh? What makes you say that?"


"You brought a blanket for me for crying out loud! That, and when I was out doing family business, somebody else took the room I was gonna buy in the nearby hotel!" I sighed wistfully after exclaiming at her a little.


"Ahh, how unfortunate... Of course I can let you live here. My name is Kinella.~" She beamed a happy smile, her retractable vampire fangs making a toothy look.


"I'm Lyle, and... Whew, I'm really warm. You didn't want to mess with my clothing?" I told her as I pulled off my shirt.


"Oh, I forgot about that part. My bad!" She giggled innocently.


I just let her watch me strip myself down to my underwear, showing a little of my skinny torso under the blanket.


"Anyways," I started after putting my pants on top of my shirt, "you could've at least let me know you were gonna bite my neck, maybe whisper it to save you a chase. I really didn't like the feeling of being unconscious!"


"Again, I really needed blood, it's been a while..." She sulked before kissing my cheek as an apology.


"Mm... You just kissed me on the cheek, Kinella. Do you like me?"


That brought a color to her beige cheeks. "I... I-I do. I like how skinny you are; did you work out?"


"I often moved around and jumped about for a long time in my life. Also..." I told her while I placed a hand on her soft cheek. "For a vampire, you're r-really pretty."


We both couldn't resist smiling to each other about that, but I had to disguise my baser needs when I realized I was thinking about her and how she was lying next to me. Oh wait nope, not next to me; she laid on top of me. Since she just so decided to be on top of me, her face's expression changed with a harder blush and a smile.


"Th--... You're hard, aren't you." She half shyly half knowingly told me that.


"I am, Kinella... You made me so warm and you laid next to me though, so I hope you were expecting that!" I gently booped her on the cheek, making her lightly imitate a bite with a smile.


"Well then, uhh... Do you mind if I take care of that? I-I heard it can be difficult to sleep when you're hard." She looked away for a second, as if admitting to her baser needs as a mamono.


I raised my eyebrows at her for a little bit before I asked her. "Y-You want to help me down there?"


"I mean if you want." She shrugged.


"G-Go ahead. We like each other anyways, and you did suck my blood." I pulled down at my underwear, revealing my penis under the blanket.


She scooted back and pulled down the blanket, revealing my maleness in front of her. "My... S-Stiff as a board down there."


"I mean again, you're pretty..." I blushed along with her.


She gently curled her soft fingers around my cock and started to stroke it as her eyes kindof locked down on it. I nervously bit my lower lip as I watched her slowly masturbate me, tensing up a little bit around the legs even. Eventually she started to rub one of my legs as her gaze went back to my eyes and started talking to me in a gentle tone.


"Mmm, I'm quite nervous too but your legs are quite stiff Lyle. Just think to yourself 'relax'.~"


With a soft exhale, I relaxed my legs once more and went limp on the bed while I watched her continue her caressing. Soon enough she licked her lips and bent down to begin licking at my crown in circular motions, making my breathing sounds more pronounced in response. She giggled a bit as her hands slid onto my cock to hold it up for her fellatio.


"Do you like this, Lyle?"


"Y-Yeah, it feels good. Keep going..."


She licked at my crown a little more until she dipped lower and started to gently lick around the rest of my length, getting all of it covered in her saliva. Once she did so, she continued licking all around me a little more until deciding to gently push my tip past her lips. She paused a little bit before gingerly sliding inch after inch of my cock into her mouth. A gentle moan passed my lips as I felt her hilt me in while she watched me closely, monitoring my reactions with a rather mischievous look on her eyes. Her fingers went to curl around mine and moved about a bit; she's probably expecting me to ask her something.


"Since you're a vampire Kinella, does this mean when you suck me off I'll be moaning like crazy?" I felt myself twitch a little inside of her mouth to the thought of that.


"Mmmhmmm,~" she said through my cock, sending gentle vibrations around me.


Having that asked, she applied the same suction as she would to get blood and started to gently move her head up and down my length. I don't know if it's her lips, her tongue, or pretty much her mouth in general, but already I can't help but to moan like a harlot. I swear with nearly every three times she moved her head back down, I leak a dollop of pre for her to lick up. She giggled like a little schoolgirl as her pointed ears picked up my moans and her eyes read the sheer pleasure I'm receiving off of my face. I'm not sure if she knows, but I actually never had sex before or even masturbated in my life so an experience like this is both surprising yet... It makes me feel happy. Deep down, our new friendship- most likely relationship aswell- had made me happy.


So since I'm a virgin, I couldn't last very long in her; probably about like 2-3 minutes until I let out a big exhale and emptied my load inside of her mouth for the first time. Her eyes widened a little in surprise and she almost choked, but after a little struggling she swallowed just about every drop down. I just watched her reaction to my hasty orgasm, and honestly I felt a bit sorry for her as she eventually pulled off.


"Ahh... I knew I'd be moaning like crazy." I let out a satisfied sigh.


"Jeez, you could've warned me! I'm not angry, but at least you remember now, right?"


"Sorry about that Kinella, and yeah. Um... I suppose we're in a r-relationship now?"


She crawled up until she could plant a little kiss on my lips. "How could I say no? You make cute reactions, you have a slender body and you're just about as kind as I am at heart."


"C-Cute..." I muttered at that remark as I pulled the blanket back over us.


"I had the biggest smile on my face at how quickly you relaxed in my arms in front of that fireplace." She gently pinched my cheek in her thumb and pulled at it.


"Well you do know how to relax me, so I do appreciate that... I'm looking for a better sleep anyways." I softly told her with a yawn inbetween.


"Yeah, me too.~" She gently kissed me on the lips again before we both hugged each other close and relaxed.


"Night, Kinella."


She blew hard on the nearby candles to put them out before she rested her head next to mine. "Night."


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