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6 year old Regression script

by creepylisa

Chapter 1



Relax. relax now. Calm your thoughts. Resist outside noise. Listen to my words. Words are magical. Words are powerful. My words are powerful. You will feel the power of my words. The power of my words will send you deeper. Deeper into trance. The more you hear my magical words, the deeper you go. My magical words comfort you. My words are strong. You are weak against my words. My words are my will. You will obey my will. You need to hear my words. My words will empower you. You will desire to hear my words again. You know my words will make a change. You want the change my words will bring. Feel the lullaby my words create. You feel tired. Tired enough to sleep. Go to sleep. Rest your eyes,allow my words to take root as your sleeping. You are now going back, going back to childhood. you were happy in your childhood. you had toys to play with. you had a stuffed animal to cuddle with. you felt safe. you felt warm. go, go there, now. back to that time. where everything was good. you feel yourself getting smaller, your voice rising higher as it was before pewberty. your vocabulary has become limited. you are now six years old. you will speak as a six year old. remember that age. you were happy then. you enjoyed watching cartoons. you enjoy playing with toys. your friends came to your birthday parties. you enjoyed all things that little children do. enjoy them again. Enjoy them now. Anytime you say "young again" you will safely revert to this age. Young again will take you to those times you enjoyed most. you are now of that age that simple things amused you. Your enjoyment when the one who took care of you made you your favorite sandwich for lunch. or how you would stand by your mother's side as she made dinner in the kitchen. yes, things were better. you are there now. Relive those times. relive them now. you are going deeper now, deeper into time. view those times with your eyes. Your brain remembers those times, Your brain wants to relive them. you find great satisfaction in reliving those memories. In your child like mind, you will be able to revert back to your adult self. you will say " i am an adult". This will bring you back to your adult mind. You will feel satisfied as an adult until you want to revert back to your child self. you will feel yourself revert back to your normal size. you will feel your voice going back to its normal tone. you feel a sudden urge as you lay there. you feel a pressure building. you feel your bladder is full. but you feel comfortable listening to me. you dont want to move. you are relaxed. so relaxed that you feel your self becoming wet. wet with urine. you find your bladder has relaxed before you could get up to go to the bathroom. the warmth on your body and bedsheets feels good. You know you should not be wetting your bed. you know your parents would not approve. but you know at your age they will forgive you. They love you. They cuddle with you and talk to you like the child you are. You are happy. extremely happy. you become happy knowing your father is coming home from work. You enjoy being hugged. you enjoy being held. You love being read a story in bed, before you go to sleep. you enjoy having a night light next to your bed to keep the room from being dark. You need to cuddle with a stuffed animal, to make you feel, safe during the night. As you fall asleep at night, you will be sound asleep, as a child. you will not be able to wake to go to the bathroom. you will sleep in your urine, until it becomes cold. you will find the need to wear a diaper in bed. you will enjoy the comfort of that diaper. knowing, that it will keep your sheets dry. You will not feel any shame in wearing a diaper. this is normal for you. being six years old, bladder difficulty is normal. you may even find yourself sucking your thumb because you know you should not be wetting the bed. sucking your thumb comforts you. You will find that you enjoy being six years old anytime it is safe for you to do so. you are experiencing that now. my voice is like that of a mother. telling you a story. you are living that story. feel the love of a mother embrace you. feel my arms cuddle you and talk you to sleep. anytime you listen to this file, you will feel that. a mother's love for her child. caring and nurturing you. A smile on my face as i talk to my little six year old. it brings a smile on your face too, doesnt it? You love your mother, and will listen to her words with excitement. I, am your mother, when you listen to this story. I will teach you, love you, care for you. you will desire my approval and will recieve it by listening to this story again. you love when your mother tells you a story. You will play this story before you go to bed. when you wake in the morning, you will wake as a child. you will look around your room as a child does, while deciding what to do. You will allow yourself a few minutes to be that child, before reverting back to an adult. you may trigger back to the child as you wish, so long as its safe for you to do so. you will have the choice to either awaken from this story or go into a deep sleep, as a child when i am done. everything takes effect the moment you play this story. you will want to play this story continually on repeat. the more you listen to this story, the greater it will have effects on you. Your mother loves you. Sleep well, my little child. on the count of five, you will awaken or go into a deep sleep. one. two. three. four. five. you will now awake or go to sleep. remember, your mother loves you. 


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