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Pink Ink

by printjam000

Chapter 1

March 22, 2022 Current Mood: WTF This is the first entry in a journal I plan on keeping for a while, at least for this year. Some backstory is in order for why I am keeping this journal, so this is the best I can do. It was two weeks ago (March 8th), which would have put me a week after graduation. High School was over, and I was ready to enter the real world. Moving out wasn’t a problem, I was going on a paid internship with the company I had applied for earlier that year. I knew college life wasn’t the one for me so having this internship was a lifesaver. It was a small biochemistry company, specializing in gene therapy and manipulation. I joined for the pay and benefits, as well as my intrigue in the gene manipulation and the effects it could have on the mainstream health industry. I thought the ideas being pumped out of here were revolutionary, and I wanted to be at the forefront of such discoveries. My role as the intern was shadowing various people around the office, as well as being a conductor of experiments since there was less liability with me than a fully paid professor. Anywho, the only thing I was worried about then was where my friends were. I knew several who wouldn’t be attending college, as well as a few who were doing the same internship program as me. They were all excited about gene hypnotherapy and Subliminals for the healing of the body and mind. I was the only guy at the firm from the new interns. There were occasional professors from universities around town to conduct their experiments but aside from me, two janitors and Mrs. Waller. Mrs. Waller, I counted as a man since she was transgender, I had only known because she had said something to me on my first day, as well as the pride flag in her cubicle. Otherwise, I would have never known she was by birth, a man. So usually in the firm, it was all women, and then me. While that may sound enjoyable at first, I quickly realized that being the only guy had its downsides. The restrooms for men were really only cleaned once a week, which was not the same treatment as the women's restrooms, which were scrubbed once a day. There was also the fact i was the only option if you were straight in the office. Which lead to some interesting moments for me later. That also included the fact that I was the leading consultant for relationship advice. I didn’t mind that part much. March 23rd, 2022 Current Mood: I don’t know anymore I had to stop writing context last night. I was getting cravings and drove myself to get food. Anywho, back to what I had been saying about the lab. I didn’t mind working there though. Even in break time I was always learning, whether it be a progress report from Mrs. Waller (Her first name is Diana but we hadn’t got there yet) as well as Mackenzie, Bri, and Liv. Mackenzie was 5’6 and a little curvy and had slightly curled brunette hair. (I hate describing girls by size but it feels appropriate) She had moderate boobs and a rather large ass. Her eyes were green and she had been interested in me since I began working here. She specialized in hypnotherapy for gene healing. Liv was a blonde, blue-eyed and 5’8. She had small boobs and a moderate ass. She was working in gene transformation and specialized in reproductive therapy. Bri was 5’8 as well and a little more curvy than Liv. About the same down under, but she had some more boobs to her than Mackenzie. She specialized in subliminal cell hypnotherapy, which I thought was the coolest subject. Mackenzie was the prankster and usually could convince Liv to join in on her schemes. That was my little lunch group. I should mention though, that Mrs. Waller was the curviest and most well endowed of them all. It came as no surprise to me when they asked me to help with human trials on their projects. I would oblige them usually, but they always had to convince me it was safe first. Mackenzie had me try a prototype drug for more stem cells, and it worked so well that when I got hurt, I healed much faster than normal. It was a cool phenomenon, but it also meant I was due for bloodwork every week. When I went home I was usually sent hope with a pair of headphones and some sort of subliminal for me to listen to as I slept, which was complimentary of Mackenzie and Bri. I would return in the morning with the headphones and subliminal and would be pestered by the two women about any effects and sensations. They were simple enough, things about an increase in libido, an increase in stress, a decrease inactiveness, etc. Until of course, Mackenzie got curious about something. I knew something was up when she had been chatting with Mrs. Waller. Those two in the same room cooked up some of the most devious plans of all. It was Friday too, so that meant whatever they had planned was going to be two times funnier to them. However, I had been working with the two for a while now and I was hoping to give them the benefit of the doubt, so I accepted the binaural subliminal disk when they asked me at lunch. That night I didn’t pay much mind to what I was feeling. I made sure the disk was looped and went to bed. I woke up that morning to some of my hair in my face. Thinking nothing of it, I went to the bathroom. However, the moment I turned on my bright lights I was hit with a large wave of nausea. I doubled over my toilet and puked, wiping the saliva from my mouth. My hair had fallen back into my eyes when it happened, so I brushed it behind my ear. Then it occurred to me, my hair was an inch long when I went to sleep. It was now about four inches long at the bangs, and when it wasn’t swept to the side it fell directly in my eyes. I also was a little skinnier, nothing extremely noticeable but my form seemed quite a bit more androgynous. It looked as if my bone structure had changed. My ribs and chest had shrunk a little and my hips had widened. I removed my shirt to see small build-ups of fat on my chest, not big enough to call breasts but they were there. My nipples had also gained circumference as well. I checked my pants and to my relief my dick was unchanged, but my usual matting of pubic hair was smaller and thinner, and also not near as wiry. My legs and ass had plumped little as well, nothing too noticeable to a stranger, but to me, it was quite the experience. I called Mackenzie and asked what was on the disk. “Hey, Mackenzie.” I began acting calm. “Yeah?” She wondered. “What was on the disk you sent me?” I asked. “A hypnotization to make you feel dumber. Did it work?” she teased. “WELL, SOMETHING WORKED.” So much for acting calm. “What!? What’s wrong?” She asked me, genuinely concerned. “WEll Mackenzie, I look completely androgynous right now. I have an almost completely new body.” I explained. “But I didn’t give you that disk… in fact, we don’t even have a disk to do that.” She answered. “Well, could you please come over and tell me what disk you did give me?” I asked, exasperated. “Yes. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” She promised and hung up. It was another ten minutes before she showed up. She had brought a small blood test kit and wasted no type collecting a sample of my blood ad urine. She asked me several frantic questions and I gave her the most competent answers I could. She stayed with me for another few hours as she physically examined me. I even had to let her give me a mammogram, and she looked at my genitals as well. She tested my sensitivity to touch in certain areas and recorded it all in a journal. “Well. here’s what I know.” She said finally. “What?” I asked. “Your dick is bigger than I thought.” She teased. “Really? I mean. Ugh, you are frustrating.” I responded. “You have also gained sensitivity in several new places, as well as your mons pubis having been grown.” She concluded. “So what does that mean?” I asked. “ I, truthfully have no idea. It could mean a lot of things, but right now I’m assuming that this all might have something to do with your increase in stem cells. They could be reacting with what was on that disk.” She explained. “And just what was on that disk?” I asked her. “I don’t know. It’s not one of mine and I won’t be able to check until Monday.” She answered. “So what am I supposed to do now?” I asked her. “All I know is yous should keep listening to the disk no matter what happens and...Well, you could do something for me right now. I want to test your sperm, they could have a key to what is going on right now.” She said in a calm but commanding voice. “What?” I asked, bewildered. “You heard me. I want to test your sperm. I’m going to leave this cup in here, and I want you to ejaculate in it.” She said and handed me a medical cup. “ Uh… okay, I guess.” I agreed. She nodded and backed out. I sat down and unclothed. I began to touch my member, unwittingly also touching my chest as a pang f pleasure shot from my crotch. Already, I was extremely hard and knew my climax was close. I had never felt like this before, but perhaps the stimulation of a new erogenous zone was too much for me. I grabbed the cup as my member began to spurt semen, and by god, it felt so good. It was a pleasant, tingly head shooting through the entirety of my supercharged body. Unlike previous orgasms, this new one was felt through my whole body, and as the cup filled I looked at how much I had cum. Definitely much more than usual. I put my shirt and pants back on, noticing how loose they both were still. I called Mackenzie back in and handed her the cup, careful there wasn’t any on it. She took that, my blood samples and my urine samples and bade me a good day as she left. She told me she would call me after testing them tomorrow. The rest of the night was uneventful, and I went to sleep listening to the CD again. I woke up the next morning to nausea again. I went to the bathroom, puked my guts out and examined myself in the mirror. My chest had grown, and it was enough to confidently call the fat deposits breasts now. However, they seemed small enough to conceal. It seemed my thighs had widened, as a thigh gap was now evident. The extra space between my legs had invited my butt to grow, and it was just noticeable. My shoulders and ribs had slimmed as well, but thankfully my figure was still androgenous. I turned to look at my butt, found nothing superbly out of the ordinary and looked at my back in the mirror. With my compression underwear on it looked pretty feminine, but I was sure the right sweatpants could hide it. I pulled down my pants in the front, and thankfully the only change there was my lack of pubic hair. My balls were still together and I covered the front back up and was hiking up the back of my pants when something pink winked at me. I had only caught a small glimpse and figured my asshole had changed. Spreading my ass cheeks I took a look. My asshole had indeed changed, but the pink cane from the small pussy nestled just behind my balls. I groaned. This was not how my weekend was supposed to go. March 24th, 2022 Current Mood: Constantly Changing This is the final bit of context to wrap up my current situation. Anywho I hope I can finish this up. Mackenzie called me later that day and gave me the news. She began with my blood work. “So we found that two of your hormones have begun to replicate on massive proportions. Your estrogen production is up 300% that of a normal male, and your count is akin to that of a pregnant woman’s. The other imbalanced hormone is progesterone, which is also akin to a pregnant woman. Your stem cells have begun replicating and changing and they all have the same thing in common. They are female. You are slowly cellularly becoming a woman. Next would be your urine, it showed the same hormones as your blood and to be frank, if you had a sperm cell in you right now you’d be preparing for motherhood. Which leads me to your sperm test. I recognized the heightened production immediately, but your sperm cells are even carrying estrogen. I think if you were to conceive a child with someone else using your semen, that you would definitely only have girls. Now, what this means, is that you are going to completely become a girl soon. I don’t know the exact date, but I and the rest will do check-ups on your when you get to work tomorrow. In the meantime, you are going to feel an increased libido, and you will probably be sick, have tender nipples, bloating, etc. But the real bad news is you have to let it happen, which means you have to keep watching. By today I’m assuming you’ve grown a vagina, and tomorrow your penis will probably be gone. You have to listen to the disk until you are fully female. Stopping now would make the change permanent, as well as probably screwing your body up for the rest of your life. The good news is, you can go back to being a male… in about a year. You see, the only way to not mess up your female body would be getting you pregnant, so we are preparing an artificial insemination area fro you. We have a donor already, and you won’t have to worry about ovulation, your body is acting like it is already pregnant so the moment that sperm is in you, you should be conceiving already. Anywho, we’ll do it for twenty minutes for two weeks. Now I know you won’t want to do this. Hell none of us want to do it to you but it’s my mistake so I need to fix it. We are not going to let you harm yourself or screw your life up in any way so just come into work tomorrow with your regular ID. We’ll have everything sorted for you. I’d recommend not ignoring your increased libido, and masturbating with both genitals frequently if you have them. Do not get your semen near your vagina if you have it though. Where some rubber gloves or cover the vagina when you masturbate with your penis. If even one cell gets near your cervix you could be in big trouble. Anywho, get familiar with all your new changes because we’ll be getting familiar with them on Monday. Don’t be scared. There’s plenty of mothers in the office to talk to. And, you’ll have a full maternity leave, so the moment we know you are pregnant, you’ll get paid to stay home or come in for us to run tests. Since legally, the company is at fault. Your boss knows the current situation and she wishes you the best. I wanted to cry. I truly did. I had gone from and working man to a hermaphrodite in a day, and supposedly I was to become a working woman soon. Not only that, but my body will literally kill me male cells unless I got pregnant. Well. I knew Mackenzie was taking this too serious to lie to me now and I decided to calm down and have some tea. While making it I felt a huge cramp in my stomach and rushed to the sink so I could vomit. My lower body hurt so much. I could feel my skin stretch and watched as my hips widened, even more, letting my butt and thighs fatten more too. My dick began to shrink and I braced myself for the worst, but it seemed it would not be disappearing today. I quickly rooted around for something to wear over my genitals, as my usual male underwear would be too tight and I didn’t want to risk hurting my new sensitive system. I checked my underwear drawer for anything that could work. Thankfully, I found a pair of girls panties from a pretty drunken one night stand a few days ago. They fit well enough and the underwear got me thinking about how I would have to change my wardrobe completely. It was another few minutes before I got extremely hot in the chest and crotch area. My shirt had tightened over my petite breasts, and I removed it to watch my nipples darken and gain more prominence on my chest. The small amount of fat to my chest was quicky changing to match, and I watched as my breasts grew enough to be affected by gravity. There was no longer hiding them, as I guessed I had gone up at least a cup size. If not two. My nipples hardened in the cool air of my room and I touched them, beginning to knead and roll them like I would any other woman I was sleeping with. However, I can’t even describe how good it felt to feel them pulled on. Anyways, the tingling feeling only intensified as it traveled south, and I quickly grabbed a condom from my drawers. I tore open its packaging and gently massaged it on to my waking member. With it snug tight around my penis, I spread my legs and looked at what I was working with. My vaginal lips were a slightly darker color than my normal skin, and the outer labia were quite thick, THey hid the inner labia quite well and I parted them to see my new asset. The first feeling was a shock. My inner labia were a light pink, and they were conjoined to my clitoral hood. My own little doorbell was nestled under that. With a shaky finger, I maneuvered around my male genitalia and touched the doorbell. That sent a message to my brain. I laid back on my bed, and spreading my legs as much as I could, began to masturbate. I’m not sure how many orgasms I had. By the time I was done, however, it was night time and my sheets needed a stern washing. My penis was even smaller than this morning, but in my lust addled mind, I paid it no attention. The condom was full, so after an extremely delicate procedure of removing it while wearing sterile gloves, I then removed the gloves and washed my hands. Even so, I made sure to mind where my hands were placed from that point. I sent my self to an easy, restful sleep that night with the disk playing in the background. I had no idea what was to come tomorrow morning. May 23rd, 2022 Day One: IUI That’s about all the context needed to catch any reader up. I awoke that morning to my breasts feeling a little larger and did my normal routine of puking and such. My hair had grown down to my shoulders in the night and I knew I would need a haircut soon. My shoulders had also slimmed even more, and my barreling rib cage had long since gone. My penis had remained unchanged, as well as my hips and thighs widening even more. My butt had also grown to accommodate the extra space, ad I figured my ass was about as big as Mackenzie’s. My outfit for that morning was a tight white tank top, an oversized sweatshirt and the same pair of panties I wore yesterday. I got in my car and actually had to adjust my rearview mirror as I drove down the freeway to work. To say I was anxious about people’s reactions was an understatement. I pulled into the parking lot, put my lanyard around my neck and went inside. I immediately, I was assaulted by Mackenzie and Bri. Mrs. Waller stood back to the side with Liv. We met and caught up, and they all escorted me to a lab room that had been cleared of everything except a fridge, washroom, magazines, books and a few pieces of cellular cleaning equipment. I was instructed to remove my sweatshirt and the girls wasted no time in having me stripped to the nude. I was then told to lay back on the table and they brought out a catheter. I cannot describe the feeling of a catheter. My entire being was kind of a blur at the time of the IUI. They did more blood and urinary work. Guide: Mackenzie, Bri, and Liv. AI (Diane) Two Week Intermediary (AI day and the 14 Concept) Side Effects Change In Preference Mood Counter of Days after a test Morning Troubles Diane and Mackenzie Mackenzie’s choice ⅓ over Milk Run Belly Jugs fill Libido Increase ⅔ over Growth      


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