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The Breaking Point (part 1)

by heroortime

Chapter 1

Dazed and confused, the young reporter awoke in a dark, damp room. The walls covered in condensation, and the smell of mold, filled the air. She squinted as her eyes adjusted to the mysterious setting she found herself in. She tried to remain calm and collect her thoughts, but as hard as she tried, she couldn't. Her head was throbbing, it felt like someone had smashed the back of her head. Unable to make heads or tails of what happened, how it happened, where she was. She decided her best course of action was to look towards her current predicament. She tried moving only to realize she's been chained, trapped like an animal, her arms and legs cuffed. "Shit..." Julia Sparks murmured to herself. Taking a deep breath, she tried once more to go over what could have happened for her to end up here. That's when it finally clicked, the story, of course. She was digging into a case, one that everyone would just ignore, but why? In her city, women have been going missing at an alarming rate the past 10 years, the problem is they don't stay that way. These women are usually found, months, sometimes years later. Except every single one isn't the same person that went missing, it wasn't some case of running away, or even bad ptsd. These victims were completely different. One such example was her old college roommate Samantha, Samantha went missing a year ago, and was found two weeks back. Julia had been walking home from the heart of the city when she saw Samantha. Samantha was a rebellious, and spunky spirit. A real tomboy, who had a deep passion for her studies. Someone who graduated top of her class in Forensic science. At least she was, the woman that Julia had run into was far from that. She was nearly unrecognizable except for the tattoo of her family dog that passed shortly before the two met. The woman she met day was not Samantha, she walked over in disbelief, reaching out to the blonde in front of her. "Samantha ...? Is that really you?" The woman in front of her was some warped image of her friend, her once short brown hair was now long, platinum and curly. Her eyes while they looked the same, lacked the light that used to be there, and were now coated in heavy make up with long false lashes. Her nose was surgically shrunken and looked unnatural, her whole face was altered. Her lips were huge, bulging lumps of augmented flesh, so large they couldn't close. Her body was even worse. Her once petite frame was stretched and warped, her b cup breasts expanded to spherical g cups. Her waist unnaturally tiny, while her hips were large and fake. Her ass was cartoonishly proportioned, putting the kardashians to shame with how fake it all looked. Her barbie body was barely covered buy a pink mini skirt and matching top, both a few sizes too small. Julia couldn't believe it, especially when her roommate, her friend of 4 years looked at her with no recollection in her eyes at all. The Bimbo opened her lips and began to babble to Julia. "Heyy, do I, like, know you, or something?? By the way my name is, like, Sammie. It's soo good to meet you, and stuff. Like you don't look familiar, but you like knew my name, but I don't really use that version of it. Cus it's like too long and stuff, ya know?" Like someone had just broken a dam, the words came pouring out, half of them having no meaning whatsoever. Julia was horrified, this thing infront of her not only looked off, but was completely off mentally too. The spunk, the sarcasm, any trace of the intelligent girl was gone. All the dumbfounded reporter could do was stare. That "thing" just kept babbling on and on, at the moment she realized, her friend was gone. She backed away slowly, which Sammie didn't realize at all, and called the cops to report she had found a missing person. After relaying everything to the cops, she left, taking a final look at the empty shell of her friend. Those events lead to her finding the people who were possibly behind this. While writing her findings in the comfort of her own home, she didn't realize she accidentally left the back door open. The last thing she remembered was the sudden sharp pain to the base of her skull, then blacking out. "Oh god..." the reality of her situation had fully set in, she got too close to the truth. They had kidnapped her, and now they were going to kill her, or much worse. The redhead started hyperventilating, she couldn't have that happen, all of those years. All of that time studying, making a name for herself as a reporter, making a difference. Desperate, shaking, she called out into the darkness. "Hello... Please, is anyone there, I'm sorry... I'm so fucking sorry, I'll drop the case.... PLEASE! Let me go, let me go...." Tears filled her eyes, as she pleases louder. "This doesn't have to go out to anyone, no one has to know, I mean the cops didn't even seem to care... please, don't turn me into one of those things. For all she knew she was just yelling to no one, but she needed someone to respond, she was breaking down. Static followed by a click filled the room, a speaker sputtered to life as a cold voice replied. "If it's any consultation, I must admit you were one hell of a reporter." The voice unwavering continued " Sadly Julia, you got a little too close to the truth, it's a shame what we gotta do to you next." This caused the reporter to break down even more, repeatedly begging for forgiveness, but to no avail. "Don't worry Julia, it's nothing personal, just business. Now if you'd be a doll for me, a screen will shortly lower from the ceiling, just stare at it and relax." Just as he said a screen lowered down onto each wall around her. As a panel opened above her, a helmet was lowered on the shivering girl's head. "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll love this, all the girls do" the man chuckled. As the sound of a machine starting up came over the speakers, they finally went silent, as a pink gas started to fill the room. With that Julia's world began to crumble around her. ( Hey, I hope you enjoyed, this was my first time writing a story like this. I plan to make a part 2 to this about her descent into a brainless bimbo sometime soon, but in the meantime, I'd love to hear any feedback.) 


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