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by usuario

Chapter 1

It's a warm Friday afternoon as Jake lies down on the couch, hands clasped behind his head. Staring up at the ceiling, the 20 years old mulls over whether his decision to stay in the dorm room doing nothing but lying on the couch is the right one. He sighs, realizing how boring his life must seem to an observer, and that the observer would probably be right in making such an assessment. Despite his roommate Ray trying to get him to go to parties, the young man just couldn't muster up the energy for it.


Suddenly, the roommate in question bursts into the room. The two men have become very close friends since the start of orientation when they arrived at the college. Ray is excitedly gasping, perplexing the bored Jake, interesting him enough to finally sit up and look over. "What is it?" he grumpily asks in that moody tone, signifying how he is really looking for some relaxation.


Ray sniggers, before telling the other guy "You've really got to get out of this room sometimes. Listen, you remember what I've told you about Claire?" Jake frowns at this slightly, trying to recall their previous conversations. He shakes his head slightly, making his friend sigh. "The blonde sorority chick with that amazing rack? Who's been seen blowing Tyrone's meat in the toilet by some of her pledge sisters?"


"Ah! That Claire," Jake realizes, now smirking at the already grinning man. "Finally succeeded in seducing her, have you?" Ray nods rapidly in answer, making his roommate smile with approval. "Well, congratulations buddy. I'll make myself scarce now so you can bring her over to blow her back out," Jake says, deciding to just head off campus and go to the local cafe to chill out for a while.


His roommate quickly stops him. "Oh, no, no, no. You don't have to. I can bring her over later. I know I've been pushing you to go outside for some time now but if you really want to stay in here and..." At this, Jake simply waves his hand with a dismissive air, gathering his wallet and phone, before turning to smile brightly at his roommate and best friend.


"No worries, man," he says, patting the taller guy on his shoulder, stuffing his wallet into his trouser's pocket. "You were right. I really do spend way too much time moping in this room. Just leave the good old sock on the doorknob so I don't walk in on your romp, okay?" Jake makes one request, not wanting to witness the sight of his friend having hot, passionate sex.


"Of course," Ray assures him as the smaller young man walks outside the door, making sure to close it behind him as he leaves. He sighs as he heads down the hallway, making his way past many other fellow college students living on the same floor. The man waves at some of them in a friendly way that comes naturally to him, being generally nice to other people for as long as he could remember.


Soon, Jake is outside the campus and nearing the small place he enjoys going to for dinner. With a grin on his face, he pushes the door open and enters the establishment, smiling at the ever so friendly manager and sitting at a table near the front. Ordering the same vanilla latte he always asks for, the boy begins to sip from the straw as he waits for his other order, the chicken salad, to arrive.


When it does, the boy starts forking the greens into his mouth eagerly, also enjoying the thin slices of chicken as well. The dressing is as lovely as always and that, along with the nice latte, is more than enough to convince him to leave a nice amount of tip. He smiles at the waitress as he leaves, walking away in a carefree manner, prancing about a little like he always did when he was a little kid.


He has only been skipping along for a bit though, before noticing something unusual. Or rather, someone. Lying on the ground in front of him is clearly a humanoid form. Most likely a woman, judging by the long, silky hair flowing halfway down her back. Jake tentatively approaches. Unsurprisingly, his assumption is proven correct as he gets a decent view of her face. And what a face it is.


She is obviously attractive, perhaps not in a conventionally beautiful way. Her features are hard and sharp, unforgiving, with the chiseled, a bit masculine-looking jawline that looks like it has been sculpted from marble. The black leather jacket and crop top fail to hide a muscled yet curvy and feminine body, with perfectly sized breasts and wide hips, and full, thick thighs.


Jake quickly shakes his head, getting rid of these perverted thoughts. Crouching down, he then notices a pool of blood gathering by her stomach. That explains why she looks so pale and weak, unable to get up. The woman, probably around his age, is still breathing, much to his relief. Feeling around slightly, he manages to locate what he believes to be her wound and places his hand firmly over it, pressing down and trying to slow down the bleeding.


"Wait for me," he says, trying to keep calm as he dashes over to the Walmart nearby. Grabbing a saline bottle, a pack of gauze, and a roll of tape, he quickly purchases all the objects, rushing back to the scene where she is still lying on the tarmac.


Without further ado, he pulls her shirt up enough to reveal the deep wound. Washing away the blood and cleaning around the site with the saline water, he places a gauze over the bleeding hole. Then the boy tapes it onto her skin, hoping this would buy enough time.


"Please, stay with me. Just wait for a minute," he tries to tell her in the most comforting voice. Then he reaches for his phone to call for an ambulance. Before he could do that though, she reaches up with one hand, grasping his wrist tightly. He is astounded by how firm and powerful her grip is, given the severe condition she appears to be in because of her injury. It feels like she could easily shatter the bone if she wanted to. There is something else about her appearance that is boggling him, but he couldn't determine just what.


The attractive brunette's vice-like grip loosens slightly as she notices the grimace on his face. "Sorry," she whispers in a raspy voice. Great. Now she sounds like she's dehydrated too. "But please, don't call 911." As soon as she finishes that sentence, the woman begins coughing violently, further alarming the boy. It's a good thing there's no blood on her hand from after she covered her mouth. That means her lung hasn't been punctured. One less thing to worry about.


"But you're seriously wounded," Jake protests anyway. That much is obvious, even to a non-medical expert like him. She sighs, gathering her strength and rising to her feet, placing an arm around his shoulders. The young man quickly supports her, helping her get up under her legs as best he could. "Are you really, really sure you shouldn't go to a hospital right now?"


The girl turns to face him directly. Her eyes look into his almost searchingly before she replies "Please don't take me there. I really can't let anyone know where I am." Suddenly Jake is struck with a horrible thought. What if she is an escaped violent criminal who just got into a gang fight? That would perfectly explain both her injury and not wanting the authorities or anyone else to know of her whereabouts. He might have just helped out a dangerous gangster.


Jake pushes these thoughts aside, realizing that, even if she's a gangster, her life is still worth saving. The ideal thing would be to take her to the hospital, but since she's adamant not to go there, it would be better to just ask her where she would rather go. "Where do you want me to take you?" he asks cautiously. "It will be very difficult for you to get anywhere like this by yourself," the young man quickly adds.


She frowns a moment, before saying "Just let me prop myself up with your shoulders. I'll walk and you support me. I'm Amanda, by the way. I'm an 18 years old high school girl," Jake notes the prompting and quickly tells her his own name, doing exactly as she suggested and letting her walk with him supporting her weight. Amanda is surprisingly capable of walking, given the amount of blood loss implied by the pool on the ground.


The young woman heads several blocks down the road, limping along the sidewalk, before leaning against a tree. As her hand rests on it, she accidentally gives it a push. When Amanda removes her hand, Jake is stunned to see a palm imprint on the trunk where she was touching it earlier. "H H How did you do that?" he gapes, making the woman frown again, eventually realizing what he is asking her about.


"Oh, that," she snorts lightly. Grunting with pain, she places a hand on her wound. "Well, I suppose you could say I'm a bit stronger than the average girl. Benefits of working out, you know?" The last part is accompanied by a lewd smirk as she flexes her biceps. He is still dubious though, but couldn't figure out a way to probe and get more answers from her.


It is only now that he realizes exactly what about her has been bothering him earlier. Her eyes seem to be red. Not the 'burst capillaries from crying' type of red but scarlet. He only sees it briefly but is quite sure that it is there. Amanda doesn't let on anything though. The young woman keeps on heading along the same path over the next several minutes until she reaches a small building.


Heading inside, she takes him in with her, leading him straight towards her room. It is minimalistic, with only a few essentials and a small area constituting the living room. The walls are barren, yet not in bad condition. She has kept the place reasonably clean. The young man is impressed by the neatness of the room, but that isn't much since most of the rooms he has been in over the past couple of years belong to messy college guys like himself.


"Can I get you some coffee?" Amanda asks him out of the blue. Gaping, Jake stares at her in shock. "Or perhaps tea? I just presumed coffee since I could smell the Vanilla Latte on your breath." The man now quickly brings up his hand to cup his mouth, trying to smell his own breath. Nope. He can't smell it distinctly. It's there but not that obviously. Their faces haven't been that close so how could she have smelt it?


She turns to face him from in her kitchen, smiling at him widely. Jake grins weakly back, feeling nervous and self-conscious all of a sudden. He suddenly realizes that something else is weird about her earlier statement. "You're asking me what I want to drink when you're injured and bleeding like that? Please, let me have a look at the wound. If you won't let me take you to the hospital, then at least allow me to see what I can do to help clean it."


Amanda shrugs, before quickly yanking her shirt over her head, further stunning the young man by her brazenness. Her wash-board stomach is perfectly flat and lightly toned with muscles. Yet that is not the first thing that catches his eyes. It's the fact that, after she rips away the bandage, he can see that there is no longer a wound where there was earlier. She has healed completely.


"See? I'm perfectly fine now. You were so sweet, though, making sure I was okay when you found me." She walks towards him slowly, an almost predatory glint in her eyes. The man finds himself backing away slightly, when she grabs his chin with her powerful hand, holding his head in place as she plants her lips on his, sticking her tongue in his mouth. The young man is still astounded by the sudden turn of events but couldn't break free from her.


It terrifies him how easily she traps his lithe body against her firm, solid one. With one arm around his midsection, she effectively stops him from struggling. Her searing kiss blows his mind as he becomes weak in her embrace. As she moves back, he notices something else he has failed to notice before. Namely, the young woman's unusually sharp teeth.


They look more like a wolf's canines, long-pointed and curved. He feels startled when she suddenly tells him "Come back here tomorrow, as soon as you wake up, or I'll break into your college dorm room myself. I can't be with you tonight. Not when it's a full moon." Needless to say, this perplexes Jake, but he nods anyway, promising to return. Before he could leave though, she seizes him by the wrist.


Turning around, he is astounded when she leaps forward, planting her lips on his neck, sucking and biting gently, nibbling his skin and lightly piercing the outer layer. Gasping, he backed away, bringing up his hand to feel around the point of contact. Looking in the mirror, the man discovers that she must have given him a hickey. That must be what is on him right now.


"I just want people to know you are mine," she says, waving dismissively at Jake's confused look, before ushering him out the door. "Remember. If you don't come here, I'll go over to your room and drag you back with me." Jake walks out of the building with a stunned expression on his face the entire way, completely bewildered by the dramatic turn of events.


He takes the walk back there at a regular pace, trying to clear his mind of the countless thoughts. This proves to be fruitless. After all, this is the first time he has ever been kissed. It's not something one forgets easily. Still, Jake feels like that woman is very odd. It doesn't take away from his feelings for her but makes him confused about who she really is.


The man is curious why his fellow students are looking at him strangely as he walks about. Indeed, some of the women are giggling at him for some reason. Jake has a feeling it has something to do with his appearance, yet he couldn't put a finger on precisely what it is about how he looks. It's right on the tip of his tongue as he re-enters his dorm room.


He finally realizes what it is as he enters and finds Ray inside, now by himself. Ray takes one cursory glance at his friend and raises his eyebrows in surprise. "Dude, your neck," he whispers, pointing towards it with a trembling finger. "Y Y You got a hickey!" Jake suddenly figures out the meaning of all the weird looks he has been receiving. It all makes sense for him now. They were surprised that a complete lowlife like him actually had a make out session with a girl.


"Oh, you mean this thing over here?" he asks brightly, gesturing towards the spot cheerfully. Ray quickly nods his head, still not getting over the fact that his dearest roommate actually got necked today. "Yeah, I know. I was surprised she'd want to do that on the first date, too." He heads over to his bed and sits down, finding his favorite move on the bedside table and reaching for it. Plopping the book open, he begins to read as Ray continues to stare, still in disbelief.


Ray shakes his head, getting himself out of that hazy stupor. "So who is she, anyways?" he asks, wanting to find out more, sitting on his own bed now. Jake decides not to tell him that his shirt is on backwards. "C'mon, tell me more about her!" The young man shakes his head at this request, not wanting to divulge anymore than he already did by leaving the mark visible on his neck like this. It isn't something he feels discussing, even with someone he is close to like Ray.


His roommate just sighs. "Oh, all right. Fine. Just be a killjoy and not tell me anything," he grumbles, lying down on the mattress. "It's not like I've always been here for you whenever you needed someone to talk to over the last couple of years or anything..." Great. Now Ray is trying to guilt-trip him into talking about what happened between him and Amanda earlier. And it is, unfortunately, working quite well.


"Alright, I'll tell you," Jake sighs, feeling exasperated by all this. Ray eagerly smiles, waiting to hear all about it straight from the man's mouth. "I found her outside by the cafe. She is a really nice girl and we went back to her place and made out. That was it. We didn't do anything else. Definitely not sex, okay?" He tries to convince his roommate nothing else happened but realizes it isn't a very convincing sell.


"You're telling me she took you back to her place just after having met?" Ray asks, still unwilling to believe all this. "And that you two did nothing more than making out? Yeah, right. Don't worry. I won't slutshame you so you can just tell me. Did you open those legs like Cassandra is planning to make you?" The last part he asks his closest friend with a very suggestive smile.


"I didn't spread my legs like.... Hang on," Jake looks at Ray curiously. It takes him a few seconds to grasp the meaning behind Ray's words and he still couldn't believe it. "Did you say Cassandra wants to make love to me?" he asks, eyeing his friend incredulously. He has never before entertained the notion that a member of the opposite sex might find him attractive and want to bed him. Up until Amanda, of course.


Ray sniggers at his response. "Make love to you? No, man. She wants to fuck you. As in throw you around and then ravish you completely. After you left and I sent Claire off, she came over here, asking for you. When I asked why, she said she really wants to fuck your brains out." Given that Cassandra is very pretty, Jake is quite shocked by the new information. Still, he remains silent. " She also said something about how she's not going to take no for an answer."


Jake's mind is now reeling uncontrollably, trying to latch on to something, some fragment of the life before all of the changes took place in the last several hours. But everything is quickly spiralling out of control. Still, he decides to put on a masquerade of being completely in charge of his situation, acting like nothing is bothering him at all and that he's perfectly fine, even though he is seriously busy trying to figure out how to sort through all this mess.


That night, he lies in his bed, thinking about what to do next. There are many things weird about Amanda. He just couldn't put all the pieces in the puzzle together. Sighing, the man rolls over to lie on his side, draping the covers up over him entirely, listening to Ray snore. After ten minutes of back and forth deliberation, the tired Jake finally falls asleep under the cover of darkness.


Next morning, he gets out of bed early, sneaking out of the room as quietly as he could. Because Jake has no class today, it is the perfect time to go over to Amanda's place and be with her like he promised. He still couldn't believe he agreed so easily to this, despite only meeting her once. Something about that young woman makes him can't help but to trust her.


On the way over to her apartment though, the man couldn't get rid of the feeling that he is being followed. At first he chalks this up to being due to paranoia. After all, checking behind his back reveals that there isn't anyone behind him. But he still couldn't get rid of the feeling that someone is watching him. It's like he can feel their eyes on the back of his head at all times. Obviously he is unnerved, but couldn't do anything about it.


By the time he got there, Jake had already lost more sweat than he ever did before in his entire life. He is shivering uncontrollably with fear as she opens the door to let him in. "Hi, Jake!" Amanda greets with a bright smile. "Come on in." The man quickly accepts her suggestion, making his way inside the room. Jake is surprised by the state that the room is in. Even though it has beef tidied up, it is still obvious that it has been sort of ransacked earlier. There are what appears to be specks of blood in a corner of the living room, yet he couldn't be sure.


Within seconds, he is embarrassed to find himself on the couch with his pants down by his ankles. Amanda is on her knees in front of him, looking up with her feral eyes. She moves her head towards his crotch now. Flabbergasted, Jake tries to stop her but to no avail as she pushes his hands away, clearly intent on sucking his dick.


"Wait!" the boy asks her in a frantic voice. "I really like you a lot, but we've only just met yesterday. This is moving very fast right now. Don't you want to take things slowly?" At this, the woman shakes her head, silencing Jake. He sits there, stunned.

Amanda then opens her mouth to speak a few words of her own. "I really like you a lot too, Jake," she begins in an earnest, beautiful voice. "Which is why I won't take it slow. I'm going to show you I own your cock by sucking it all I want today." And then she swallows his rock hard penis past her lips. Taking the entire shaft into her mouth, she slides her wet lips down to the base of his dick.


The young man gasps, trying to rise up but held down by her strong hands. He is once again surprised by how easy it is for her to keep him still from that position. Amanda then begins sucking, bobbing her head back and forth. She swirls her tongue around the tool, licking the sensitive underside, targeting the cluster of nerves. Her lips form a suction around his cockcrown at times, alternating between attacking the glans and moving down the length of his entire tool.


Jake moans as Amanda continues to fellate him. She is giving him the blowjob enthusiastically, humming, using the vibration to stimulate his raw cock further. The woman also makes this as sloppy as she could, lubricating his shaft with a huge load of saliva. As a result, her lips are very slippery as she continues sliding them up and down his solid erection. It drives Jake out of his mind with pleasure as she sucks him inside her mouth.


She suddenly begins sucking faster and harder, holding him in place with those powerful hands, trapping him on the couch. He begins to cry out "Wait! Stop, Amanda!" She just ignores him, slurping noisily around his rigid shaft, taking him fully into her mouth, the tip of his cock pointing at her throat as it explodes. His dick throbs violently, erupting as he screams, firing multiple loads of semen down her throat. Amanda eagerly guzzles down the rope of the sticky, white mess as he keeps cumming inside her mouth.


"That tasted wonderful, baby," she whispers, standing up. He looks at her astounded, as she continues "I just wanted to show you what I would do for you. Come on. Let's have breakfast together. Do you have any classes today?" Jake shakes his head at this question as a reply to it. Amanda beans happily, smiling brightly at the young man.


She skips into the kitchen to prepare a quick breakfast for both of them. Meanwhile, Jake sits on the couch, pondering. Gathering his courage, the man asks "Do you want me to eat you out too? So you could cum like I did." He is blushing madly at the end of this, as she turns around to look straight at him. Amanda seems to greatly enjoy the blood suffused cheeks of the blushing man as he turns even redder at her smirk.


"Later, perhaps. You really are adorable, you know?" she says with a teasing smile, turning back to the task at hand. Jake remains sitting there, finally gathering his wits and bringing his pants and boxers up. He heads to a table and sits down on the chair as she continues cooking. Soon, Amanda finishes, bringing the plates over and setting them down as she too sits down.


The two eat together and talk for a while, enjoying each other's company very much. It doesn't take long before Jake realizes he is already deeply attached to her. Once they are done with the meal, the two of them head over to the couch and lie down, cuddling and watching the small TV together. They lay there for a couple of hours before Jake finally tells her he has to go back now.


"But you don't have any classes today though. That's what you told me, right?" Amanda pouts, still spooning him from behind after he said he has to leave. "Can't we spend the entire day here together like this?" The man is really surprised how sort of clingy she already is but finds it touching to see how attached she is to him, and also feels the same way towards her as well.


"Amanda, I'd really love to spend the entire day here cuddling with you, but I have to go back to study. There's an assignment I have to hand in next week too," he tells her, getting up on his feet and turning around to face her. "But I promise I'll be back here again tomorrow." She nods reluctantly, agreeing to let him leave. He bends down to kiss her gently on the forehead, and she gives him a quick peck on the cheek.


Jake starts heading back to the college now. He is completely blissful about what just happened earlier. Being back in her room, having her hold him, being so close to her like that. The young man has never known a fraction of that happiness before in his life. Indeed, it is almost like he is skipping through a field of lavender as he goes back to the campus, a relaxed, happy smile plastered across his joy-filled face the entire time.


Once again he makes his way through the hall and receives looks from his amused classmates. This time he knows exactly what they are looking at. "Yes, people. I have a lipstick mark on my cheek. Could you all please stop staring now?" Jake asks. They are all so interested only because he is, in their mind, the least likely person to be engaged in intimate activities like this.


Ray, the smarmy bastard, takes just one look at him and begins "So you finally lost your V-card, huh? Good job, bro. Come on in and tell me all about it." It takes Jake a further half an hour to convince his roommate that he didn't really get deflowered, and that it was only oral sex. The infuriating jerk still teases him relentlessly about it though, but seems to relent after seeing how much discussing the event troubles Jake, who isn't comfortable talking about sexual experiences, since he's never really had any before this. Except for his right hand, of course.


Over the next month, he regularly goes to her place to be with her and let her hold him, and make out on the couch. Usually this is in the afternoon but he comes by in the morning during the weekends. She lives alone with permission from her parents who are in another city most of the time. The young couple has gotten to the point of regular oral taking place almost every visit. He now eats her pussy too, although she prefers sucking his dick most of the time and only lets him eat her out occasionally. Not that he is complaining about it, of course.


Jake is still puzzled, though, by her strength. In fact, he is more confounded than ever after once seeing how easily she moved the couch by himself. He offered to help her but before getting there, she had already shoved it a metre away with just one hand, not even exerting herself at all. She tries to claim that this is because she is a weightlifter but her body isn't bulky. Amanda has muscles, yes, but they aren't outrageously massive like the ones she would require for the amount of raw power she could generate.


It all comes to a head one day, when he walks in on her lifting a mattress up to her shoulders to flip it. All by herself, mind, with no one helping her. Gaping, he stares at her in shocked silence. She turns around, noticing Jake and realizing that he has seen her incredible feat of strength. This time, she realizes it isn't something she can just explain away with some flimsy excuse.


She sighs. "I suppose you want to know how I'm able to lift up that mattress by myself?" Amanda asks, sitting down at a chair, looking at him, for the first time, nervously. He quickly nods, still shaken by the incredible display of raw strength from earlier. "Okay, this might be a shock, so let's take it slowly. Do you remember seeing anything weird about me before?"


Jake silently ponders this for a moment. Her superhuman strength, scarlet eyes and sharp teeth that looked more like a wolf's... And also how she told him he couldn't stay the night because it's a full moon. "Now wait a second," he begins, his voice trembling. "Are you telling me that you're a a....." Amanda doesn't let him finish asking before simply nodding, looking very anxious now.


"Yes, Jake. Exactly what you are thinking," she says. Looking straight at him, she shows him her bright red eyes. "I am a werewolf." With that said, she makes an expression of pain before her body starts morphing before his eyes, ripping the clothes on her frame to shreds as she expands. In mere seconds she has fully transformed into a large, muscular wolf with black fur.


He gapes while she stares at him in that form, before transforming back into her human shape, now fully nude. Quickly, Jake reaches down to pick up her clothes and hand them to her, letting her cover herself up. She does so slowly, unsure of where they now stand. The man is going through the same thought process in his head, but reaches a decision quickly.


"You may be a werewolf, but you're still the same kind, smart and funny woman I love, and I still want to be with you," Jake says earnestly, holding her hands, bending forward to kiss her on the tip of her nose. "And I mean it. I still want to spend all my time with you here. It doesn't matter to me that you transform into a giant wolf. Nothing can take away my feelings for you."


"Really?" Amanda asks, astounded. She has spent many years worrying about the implications of what would happen if people found out. And now she has found the guy she really likes a lot, and he is fine with her condition, still wanting to be her boyfriend. "You don't think I'm a disgusting monster? You're not afraid of me?" she asks, wanting to make sure of this.


Jake suddenly bites his lower lip coquettishly, giving her a coy grin. "You know, you being a werewolf actually makes this all better," he says in a part timid, part teasing voice. "You're so warm, which I like a lot when we're cuddling. And so strong too. I bet you can really throw me about and fuck my brains out." Amanda seems to be momentarily speechless, before a determined look crosses over her enchanting face.


Suddenly, she sweeps him into her powerful arms. "Shhh," she whispers, pressing her full lips to his earlobe, making Jake feel electricity in his skin. He thrashes about half-heartedly, not wanting to appear too easy. It shocks him how firm her grip is. The man isn't very strong, but he isn't weak either. So it surprises him when he can't move an inch, until he is reminded of the fact that she is a werewolf. "Don't move Jake. I'm going to do everything. I'm on the pill so we don't need condoms."


"W W What?" he sputters indignantly. "I mean, what are you going to do? She answers by violently smashing her lips against his in a forceful kiss. Her tongue probes about inside his mouth, flattening his as she drags him over to the small bedrooms. Without missing a beat, she throws him onto the bed and moves on top of his prone body. Gasping, he tries to sit up as she presses him down on the bed, ripping his clothes off with incredible strength.


"You want me to fuck your brains out, don't you?" she growls, suddenly sounding like the massive animal she was a few minutes ago. "I am going to fuck you senseless." Then Amanda tears her own clothes apart, revealing her nude form to him again. Straddling his thighs, she rubs her labia up and down his length, leaking pussy juices all over his rampant tool.


Moving up, she then lowers herself down his cock, swallowing it past her pussy lips as she sheathes him completely. Jake moans in delight as she takes in his entire tool past the entrance of her sex, trapping him inside. He is now buried balls deep in her as she rests atop him, holding him down. Amanda looks into her boyfriend's eyes with love and lust, before she starts moving.


At first the girl thrusts slowly. She grips him by his shoulder delicately, controlling her strength and using only enough to hold him there. The girl rides his cock, her snatch soaked with arousal. Her lover is easily rendered incoherent by the warmth of her folds pressing around his manhood from all sides. With her flesh bunched around him, the man gasps, the friction sending him out of his mind in pleasure. Amanda smirks at his reaction, pleased as she continues pumping.


Her insides caress his turgid shaft gently at first. She is stroking up and down his cock with the linings of her vagina as he begins to get louder. Noticing this, Amanda begins moving faster now. Her hips start flexing powerfully as her muscles ripple beneath her perfect skin, a light sheen of sweat glistening off it. The girl bounces, her thick ass slapping down on his legs.


"Do you like this, Jake? Do you like how I'm fucking you?" she hisses into the red-faced boy's ears as she begins fucking him faster. Her cunt is now gushing juices out all over his dick, drenching him as she slams down. "You're so hard inside me. So eager to cum." Amanda continues bouncing up and down, taking him in and out of her pussy again and again.


She spears her sex with his rampant rod, buring the spear deep in her with each stroke, sliding the inside walls of her cunt down his entire length. "Fuck me harder, baby!" he begs her as she pounds him now, railing him hard, slamming down with her great strength. Jake gasps as he hears a loud crack, realizing she has broken the bed in half with how hard she is fucking him.


"Yeah, take it Jake. Take it. You are mine now," she growls as the boy squirms about in pleasure beneath her, taking her aggressive fucking like a champ, crying out loudly like a common whore. Her muscular body continues pounding his violently, driving him into the mattress, the broken bed creaking beneath their bodies as they get near their climaxes. Finally, both are driven over the edge of no return.


Amanda lets out a guttural growl as she orgasms, spraying her pussy juices all over and coating his dick. Jake's whole body throbs as he screams, cumming violently inside her cunt, painting the inside walls of her pussy with his semen.


As they both come down, Jake notices the condition of the frame beneath them. "I thought only vampires can break the bed with fucking, but now I know werewolves can as well," he says dryly, making Amanda giggle as she draws the sheets over their naked bodies. The two fall asleep together in a tangle of intertwined limbes, locked in each other's embraces.


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