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Daddies little girl (interactive)

by Reece93

Chapter 1

Listen to me very carefully. I want to give you instructions on how to read this. This is not a story. You're meant to interact with this writing. I will ask you questions throughout and I want you to respond. Responding in your head is OK if you're not comfortable but I prefer you to respond out loud. There are only two acceptable responses, "Yes, Daddy" or "No, Daddy." Do you understand? You should have either just thought the words "Yes, Daddy" or said them out loud. See how simple it is? [Yes, Daddy] Good! Under no circumstance are you allowed to use any toys. You're only allowed to use your hand. I want you to imagine I'm speaking these words to you. I want you to imagine my voice is soft and hypnotic, almost a whisper but still incredibly forceful. Picture me any way you'd like. I can have blonde hair and blue eyes or maybe I have dark hair with shades of gray. Picture me tall and built or thin and lean. Maybe you have a Daddy who loves you. Picture him. Or, better yet, have him read these instructions to you and make them his own. Do you understand? [Yes, Daddy] Good girl.

I'm going to count backwards from ten to one. You're going to touch yourself in exactly the ways I tell you. You're going to imagine and picture the things I describe. If you want to be a good girl for Daddy, then you'll delay your orgasm. You'll gradually bring yourself closer and closer, and, if need be, you'll dial it back. You're going to start off so slow touching yourself, and each time I count backwards your hand will pick up speed. By the time I get to two you should be right there on the edge, ready to cum. When I say "one" you'll have my permission to let go and unleash what's been bottling up inside you. Do you understand?

Good girl. Let's begin.

First, make yourself comfortable. Go somewhere quiet. Turn off all the noise that pollutes your life. Be alone with me and your thoughts. I want you to feel as if these words are moving your completely still and rested body, and you're just along for the ride. Take a deep breath, a really deep breath. Hold it a moment before exhaling. That's it. Exhale until all the air has left your lungs. Feel it slowly exiting your body along with your stress and tension. Now, do it again, inhale all the way, hold it and then exhale. The longer you exhale the more bad you push out. Feel your body becoming lighter. Feel all your stress and worry getting pushed out. Does that feel good? Do you feel nice and relaxed? [Yes, Daddy]. Good girl!

I want you relaxed. I want you so calm and still, because I want to remind you of what's important in this life. I want to remind you why you were created, why you have this strong sense that your body was meant to be bred. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's why you are who you are. It's why you have a womb. When you see women with their baby bump, you find it impossible not to imagine yourself with one. Maybe it brings you back to a time when you were pregnant. It's OK to long for that feeling again. Daddy longs to give you his seed. There's something about that feeling that makes you want to touch yourself. There's something about imagining Daddy unloading deep inside you that makes you so wet. Do you feel it? Do you feel your pussy tingle at the thought of all that baby batter rushing towards your womb?


Keep focused on these words. Let them sooth and relax you. All that matters is your Daddy's voice deep inside your head. You feel me there, can't you? You feel me massaging your subconscious, taking more and more control. Why don't you slide the back of your hand along your body? Imagine it's my hand gliding up and down your skin. It feels so good when Daddy touches you, doesn't it? It feels like you belong to him. It feels like he wants you and only you. Well, he does. He wants you to feel so calm and relaxed. Keep focused on my words. Feel my voice inside your head. That's it, little girl. You're being so good.

Keep sliding your hand up and down your body, but every time you move down get a little bit closer to your stomach. Hold your hand there and rub your thighs together. Feel your body; feel your womb ache. It's the part of you that makes you special, little girl. It's the part of you that allows you to bring life into this world. Think about how badly you want to be filled. Think about how you want Daddy to unload his cum inside you. Your pussy must be so wet. Those juices must be ready for Daddy's thick hard cock. Continue to obey me. Slide the backs of your fingers closer to that place you're desperate to feel me touch, up and down your body, closer and closer to your pussy. Now, slide the backs of your fingers along your slit. That's how Daddy wants to touch you. I want to just barely tickle your skin with the backs of my fingers. I want to feel your wetness leaking out of you. Do you want that, too?


Now, ever so gently ease a finger inside. Slowly, feel it slinking deeper. Feel your fist knuckle disappear and then your second. That's it. All the way. Now, gently drag out your cum for Daddy. I want your finger soaked. I want you to pull all that delicious liquid up to your clit. I can imagine how sweet you taste. Why don't you give your fingers a lick? That's it, take them in your mouth just like you would Daddy's cock. Feel them sliding along your tongue. Do you taste as sweet as I imagine? Of course, you do. You look so sexy. Daddy wishes it was his cock. Get them nice and wet. Coat them with your saliva. There you go. Now bring them back down to your throbbing pussy.

Imagine it's my fingers teasing you, moving around and around so slow. I want you to feel your hips grind against my hand, that's it. It's like your hips are attached to me. Daddy's in control, and you want me to have more of it. You're so desperate for Daddy to be inside you. You're so desperate to feel Daddy's cum filling you up. Well, remember the rules. We're only on nine. You can't cum until I say "one." If you want Daddy's seed you'll have to be patient. Show Daddy you're ready to follow my instructions. Do you want to be a patient little girl for Daddy?

Good. That's what Daddy wants, too.


Picture what it would be like six or seven months into your pregnancy, and we're laying on our bed. Your Daddy's hand is on your belly and his lips are on your ear whispering. Can you feel it? Can you hear my words? "Daddy's so proud of you. Look how beautiful you are with our baby inside you." It's almost indescribable, how satisfying it feels to have your Daddy holding you tight, wanting to keep you safe from harm. It's as if all the shit you've been through in your life, all the bad relationships and terrible jobs, all the work and effort, all of it has been leading up to this moment. This moment where you feel absolutely safe, absolutely at ease and completely loved.

Imagine grinding against your Daddy's hard cock as his hand slips from your belly to between your legs. Ever since you started showing I haven't been able to keep my hands off you. You love it. You love how Daddy needs to be inside you. You love how my hand feels against your pussy. Keep rubbing your clit for me so slow. Picture how it feels to have that baby-bump and your Daddy's hand between your legs.


Be a good girl and slide your fingers back inside. Feel how wet you are. Get them nice and deep in your tight little cunt. Why don't you drag all that sweetness back up to your clit? There you go, around and around. Rub a little faster, not too fast, but just a little faster.

There's something so amazing about Daddy wanting to be the one who gives you his seed. It's like he marked his territory. It's like he claimed you for himself. Listen carefully and you can almost hear my words say, "You're mine now. You belong to me." It's because I have this need to get inside you: in your mind, your body and your womb. You must want it, too. Even now, as your rubbing your clit, doesn't it feel so good to think about Daddy using your body?

I want it everywhere, all the time: in the car, out and public, some random Tuesday when I catch you in the kitchen. Picture that. You're bent over the counter, like a good girl. Spread your ass for Daddy. Show me your holes. You know soon I'll be fucking you. You know soon my cock will be buried deep inside your little cunt. Lately, you've been feeling it. It's been a couple weeks since your last period and you know your body. You can feel your ovary sitting inside you waiting for conception. It's this primal need you can't describe. It's thousands of years of evolution telling you that in this exact moment you need to be fucked. You need your pussy stuffed and filed to the brim with cum. You say, "Come and get it, Daddy. Take your little girl's pussy. Don't you want it? I'm so wet for you."

You'll say anything. You'll do anything to satisfy this need.


Keep rubbing that clit, a little faster now, around and around. Obey your Daddy. Get yourself closer and closer to cumming but remember, you're not allowed to cum until I say "one." You have to be obedient. You have to follow my instructions exactly, or Daddy won't give you what you want.

You love how Daddy takes his time, rubbing that smooth head between your lips. Can you feel me teasing you? Can you feel me gripping your ass like I'm about to fuck you, only to pull away? Look at you thrusting your ass up at me, pounding your fist on the counter when I don't give you my cock. "Is this what you want, honey? Is this why you're so wet? Do you want all of me deep inside you?"

Of course, you do. Nothing makes you happier than Daddy stuffing your hole, but you know I'm not going to just let you have your way. No, I always have to extract something extra from my little girl. "If you want it, beg. Beg like a cock hungry whore. Tell me you need it. Tell me you're desperate for your Daddy to fill you up."

I love how you whining voice sounds so frantic; so full of need when you beg. Make me believe you. Right now, beg for my cock. "Please Daddy. I need it. Give your little girl that dick. Fuck my tight pussy. Stretch my hole. I'll do anything for you. Anything. You name it and I'll do it. I promise."


You're doing so well. You're half way there. Keep rubbing that clit for me, around and around. Know that it pleases me so much that you've let me inside your head, that you want to keep giving more of yourself to me. Your Daddy's greedy. I'm going to take and take until every part of you is mine. It's what you want, isn't it?

That's why I make you beg. That's why I love to hear how badly you need me. "You'll do anything for my cock, you say?" Well, what Daddy wants more than anything is to unload inside of you. I know you're not on birth control. I don't care about the consequences. I want to feel it. I've seen your face drenched in my cum so many times. I've seen ribbons of white stretched across your chest. I've watched it pool in your belly button. I've seen it roll of your ass onto our sheets. This time will be different. "You'll do anything for my cock, you say?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"What I want more than anything is to deposit my seed deep inside your cunt."


You feel it building, don't you? The idea of your Daddy wanting to give you all of him has you so wet. Keep rubbing that clit for me. Feel your orgasm growing inside but don't let it out. Not yet. Show Daddy you're worthy of his seed by holding out a little while longer. Rub faster, but not too fast. Save a little for the end. Get closer and closer. That's it. Good girl.

I'm going to give you my cock. I want you to feel me stretch your pussy. You like it when Daddy smacks your ass as he's fucking you, don't you? I thought so. Feel the sting of my hand crashing down into you. Feel my hands gripping your hips. Feel me pounding. I can hear you moan. I can hear all the vile words coming out of your mouth. "You own that pussy. Daddy! It's all yours fuck it like I'm your whore. Give it to me."

I grab you by your hair and pull. I like seeing your back arched as I fuck you harder and harder. I love leaning away and watching my cock disappear. Can you see it in your mind? Your lips are so tight around my smooth shaft? Can you see that one thick vein? In and out. In and out. I know you love it when I make you feel every inch, when I pull almost to the point of my head popping out. You're so cute when you try to keep that from happening. "No, Daddy! Stay it inside me. Please. Don't take your cock away. I need it!"

Already, my balls are swollen. Already I want to explode. "Are you ready for it? Are you ready for your Daddy to breed you?


Rub faster. Read faster. This is the point where you should almost be ready to let go. I want you so close to the edge you can't take it. Feel your chest raising and lowering with each breath. Feel that growing momentum inside you. It's like you hit a wall, and now your pounding against it the same way Daddy's pelvis pounds against you.

I keep fucking you harder and my grunts grow louder. Is this what you need? Is this what you've been waiting for your whole life? All you've ever wanted was to have a Daddy who loved you, who was faithful and wanted you, only you. And now your Daddy's fucking your cunt so hard he's about ready to burst. "Fuck! I'm almost there. I'm about to cum. I'm not pulling out. I want to unload everything I have inside you. Daddy loves you. You belong to me. I want to make you mine forever."

Such a good girl should get pleasure at anytime. With just a phrase. Making you quiver in excitement and arousal. Ready for Daddy to use your holes. Like a secret phrase letting you know he wants you. That he wants your holes. To fill you with his cum. His thick, hot cum that drips from inside you. A phrase like MONKEY CREAM. Nice and private. Such a good phrase for a good girl.

Daddy's going to breed you. Daddy's going to fill you your pussy so full of cum that you'll feel bloated, that you'll feel weighed down. "Give it to me, Daddy. Give your little girl all that cum. Breed me, please. I need it. Fuck a baby into my womb. It's why I exist. It's what my body was meant for, to be owned by you, to be bred by you. It's all yours. Take it. Give your little girl all that cum."


It's time. You're right there. Rub as fast as you can, back and forth across your clit. It's time for you to crack the wall. It's time for the earth beneath you to shake. Save just a tiny little bit for the end but read as fast as you can. Hear my voice and feel me fuck you.

My cock pulses. That's it. Oh my god! It's happening. Daddy's cumming. I'm filling you up. All that cum is rushing up from my balls. I know you can feel it. I know you can feel my cock expanding and contracting. I can feel your cunt tightening around me. This is the moment we've been waiting for. This is where it all begins. Nine months of your body changing and your Daddy fucking you every step of the way. See yourself on all fours with Daddy behind you. Obsessed with Daddy. Daddies little slut. Always showing off making Daddy hard. Look at your giant belly and engorged tits swinging back and forth. That's my little girl. I can see you. I can feel you. Daddy's so proud. Do you know that? Can you tell? Give me what I want. Let Daddy bred you. Say it! Beg me!

"Give it to me, Daddy. Breed your little girl. I want to be yours forever. Claim me. I'm here. I'm yours for the taking. All you have to do is put a baby inside me. I want it more than anything. I'm ready. Please, Daddy. Give me permission to cum. Let me cum on your fat Daddy-cock as you bred me. I'm a good girl. I'll be a good mother for your baby. I've earned it. Please, just give me permission to cum.


Cum for me, little girl. Cum for your Daddy. Rub as fast as you can, back and forth across your clit. Feel your body rise off the bed. Feel every nerve fire at the same time. Let go. Moan for me. Hear your voice beg for me to breed you. Can you feel it? Can you feel all that warm Daddy-sperm filling you up, load, after load, after load? I'm pushing so hard, trying to get deeper, trying to give my seed the best chance to find its destination. I can't stop. It's never ending. It's like I've been saving all my cum, my entire life for this moment. I can feel your body, too. It's like everything you've ever done, everything you've ever thought, has all been leading here. The two of us, our souls in sync, pushing and pulling, your fist pounding the counter, my nails digging into your ass, fucking harder, slamming, screaming, fuck, shit, give me more! Don't stop cumming. Keep rubbing faster, let one orgasm morph into another, morph into another. Feel them building inside you. Show your Daddy how much you love him by cumming harder, cumming more, I want to feel it on my cock. I want your pussy to squeeze every last drop out of me. This is it. I can feel it, I know it's happening. My little girl has my baby inside her. I'm doing it. I'm breeding you. Say it over and over again, "Breed me daddy. Breed me, please. Breed your little girl." Keep rubbing until you have nothing left. Don't read past this point until all your energy is gone. Just when you think it's over, find a way to cum for me one more time. You don't have my permission to stop. Cum for me. Cum! Cum again!

Once you have nothing left, once you've drained yourself of so much energy you feel like you're living inside a drum, allow everything to slow down. Notice how your body is numb but you can hear and feel it all. The orgasm hasn't left you yet. Allow it to linger for just a moment longer. Stop moving your hand back and forth. Take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with air and then slowly let it all out. There you go. Now, take another deep breath. Feel relaxed and calm. I know your body's still shaking. I know you're still trembling. That's ok. Feel this calm and peace wash over you. Feel so at ease, like your wrapped in the warmest safest quilt ever. I want you to picture me any way you want. I can be big or small, tall or short, muscular or with a few extra pounds. It doesn't matter. I'm your Daddy. This is your story. Imagine I've just fucked you. Your pussy is sore and you can feel all my cum still inside you slowly leaking out. Imagine you're lying on your side and Daddy's behind you with my hand on your belly. Feel me holding you so tight. Feel how safe and secure you are. Your Daddy loves you, of that you have no doubt. My lips on your ear as I whisper, "Daddy's so proud of you. You're such a good girl. I'm so lucky that you're mine, and now you're mine forever."


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