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Hermione fart

by huntmiller35

Chapter 1

Lavender always hated hermione. She was perfect.  Lavender wanted to embarrass her in front of the entire school. Then it hit her mind control potion.  Lavender would make hermione fart on command in front of the entire school.  The next day she slipped the potion in hermiones drink.  Lavender said to hermione you will fart on command whenever I want you to.  Ok said hermione.  Snap. Oh hello lavender hello hermione.  The next day lavender hosted a school kids only show in the woods. Come on gather around for the gassy girl hermione the farter.


I do not pass gas said hermione lavender snapped suddenly hermiones butt went pppphhhhrbbbbbbblllllllllppppbbbbbbbb.  The entire crowd of hogwarts kids erupted in laughter. Lavender mocked hermione.  Jeez hermione stay away from the mexican food

 How dare you lavender said hermione lavender snapped hermione again went phlbrttttttttrpppppppppfllppppppfrpppppprpp.  Oh Im sorry hermione I could not quite hear you  your butt interrupted me.  Lavender started smacking hermiones butt making it fart every time she did phhhlrb slap but phlllrp slap but frawppppppp every one roared with laughter  started chanting fart girl fart girl fart girl.


I am not a fart Phhhhhhllllprbbbbbbbbbbwarrrrrrrrrpbraaapppppppppppppppppp.  Hermione was suddenly mind controlled to flip around so her butt faced the crowd and then put her butt on the microphone lavender restrained hermione and pulled down hermiones pants. Please stop said hermione. No said lavender. Lavender took hermiones underwear and put it on hermiones head every one laughed.  Awww whats the matter fart girl loose something said lavender n’a n’a n’a n’a n’a .  Hey hermiones butt she said displaying it for the crowd and slapping it and wiggling it. Suddenly hermiones butt again went phhhlbrtttttttttttttttttttttttphllbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. Hey hermione I think your butt is talking.  Stop said hermione she was blushing red.  OK said lavender but first Stand up lavender came out with a crown that said hermione king of farts.  Now I want you to saywhsspwhhsp whsp hermione repeated  I hermione am the queen of farts My farts are the loudest smelliest farts in the world.  I am the grossest girl in school.  Hermione did one final fart

Lavender took a sharpie and drew two eyes and a mouth on her butt. Hello hermiones butt said lavender phhhhhhhhlbtrooooopppppp went hermiones but.  Hahahahahahah said lavender.  Who are you hermione said lavender.  NO No I wont said hermione.  Say it or we will do this again said lavender.  Who are you hermione. F f f f f f Fart girl.  Hahhahaha Fart girl said lavender started singing fart girl phhhhhhlbrt hermione went  fart girl said lavender Phhhhhhhhhhlbrrrrrrb  Lavender started hitting hermiones butt phlllbrt it went every time she hit it.  Lavender snapped hermione farted again.  Lavender drew out her wand and wrote a tatoo on hermiones butt and face that said fart girl. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.    Jeez hermione who new you loved beans you stink. A trolls farts smell like flowers compared to yours. Someone open a window I need a close pin for my nose hey hermione. What said hermione lavender stop it phhhhhlbrp hermione a but went please sto ohhlbrttrrrrrttirututjrbrbnnbbbnbrappppppppppppppppppp hey hermione dance what she starts swinging her butt phhlbert phhblrt hahahahahahaha. Dance hermione dance. Phhjlbrt


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