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by judedaniel

Chapter 1

Nina watched as Sam's eyes followed the golden pendant.  Her eyelids

began to droop as Nina continuously suggested she was getting sleepy. 

Then Sam's head dropped.  She was under.  The other girl scouts watched as

Nina stood up and walked behind Sam.  Illuminated by the fire, each of the

five girls' faces seemed to be caressed by the flickering light.  Nina

leaned over and whispered into Sam's ear. 

     "Can you hear me?" 

     "Yes," Sam muttered.  Her body seemed to sway a bit.  The other three

girls giggled.  Sam's body, a bit over-endowed for a 15 year old, seemed

to keep pulling forward, as if her chest weight was dragging her down. 

"Chesty seems to have trouble sitting," one of the other girls chuckled. 

Chesty was Sam's nickname, a present for having developed before the other

girls of her pack. 

     "Shhh...quiet.  I've got her under now," grinned Nina.  "We don't get

to do these campouts but once a year.  I wanna have some fun." The other

three silenced themselves.  Nina's eyes lit up with excitement.  Her lips

stop inches short of Sam's ear. 

     "Sam...I want you to notice something.  I want you to notice that

your chest is getting smaller.  Your breasts are shrinking," Nina

whispered.  Sam instinctively raised her hands to her chest.  Her eyebrows

furrowed in worry as she groped herself in exploration. 

     "No..." Sam muttered. 

     "Yes," Nina continued.  "They're shrinking." Sam's multi-buttoned

sweater is undone just enough that the girls can see her cleavage a bit. 

She grasps her breasts and kneads them, trying to almost protect herself

from what is "happening." She shakes her head, her full red hair swishing

over her supple shoulders. 

     "Nina, do something else," one of the girls offers. 

     "Like what?" Nina shrugged

     "Tell her she's pregnant....with a 100 babies," a girl chuckles. 

Nina leans over again, grinning.  This would be fun. 

     "Sam.  You are back to normal.  But now, you have just found out that

you are pregnant, with 100 babies.  The months are flying by.  One month,

two months, three months, you're beginning to show," Nina smirks.  Sam's

hands move from her ample chest down to her stomach.  She moves her hands

out from her, holding onto her "enlarging stomach." Moans seep from her

little mouth as she experiences the pain of 100 children forming inside


     The other three almost bust up laughing as Sam slides off of her log

and lies on the ground.  Her savory legs wrapped in tight sweats move

apart from each other as her hands continue to trace imaginary growth of

her abdomen.  The other girls can't take it anymore and erupt in laughter. 

Almost immediately, Sam wakes from her trance. 

     "What the hell is going on?" Sam stammered, getting up from the

ground.  "You should have seen it, Sam.  You were so funny," Nina grinned. 

Nina's thin frame leans against a tree for support due to her fits of

laughter.  The other three are falling off their logs from giggling. 

     "I...oh bite me," Sam shouts, storming off into her tent.  Nina

begins to go after her, but one of the girls stops her. 

     "Let her go.  Chesty has always been testy.  It'll be good for her to

sulk for a bit." 

     "Maybe so," Nina wonders, "but I think I should make sure the trance

is gone from here system.  It's not good for someone to be brought out of

a trance like that.  They should be brought out slowly.  I think I should

make sure she is ok." 

     "Why? Just let her be.  She's been moody all day.  Talk with her

tomorrow." Nina shrugs her shoulders and walks with the other three to the

side of the lake. 



     Inside her tent, Sam continues crying herself to sleep.  She is lying

face down, hugging her cot and sleeping bag, which she is lying on top of. 

Tears are rolling down the side of her face.  She is apparently upset. 

She is almost asleep, but is still mumbling to herself. 

     "(sniff)...I'm not that big.  Why do they make fun of me?

(sniff)...just cause guys like me better...(sniff).  I wish I would grow

bigger.  That would teach them.  Make even their boyfriends look at me. 

(sniff)," Sam rambles, finally collapsing. 




     Hours later, the other girls return to their tents.  Nina crawls into

the tent with Sam, who is still asleep in her same position.  Nina

contemplates putting a blanket over Sam, but decides not to disturb her. 

She changes into her white nightgown and crawls onto her cot and into her

sleeping bag.  Turning over, she whispers to Sam, "Good-night Chesty," and

then falls to sleep. 

     Sam begins to move.  Her face twitches a bit.  "Chesty," she mumbles. 

 "Chesty...grow bigger." Sam's fingers clench together as her mumbling

grows a little louder.  Pretty soon, she is just repeating one

word..."Grow." Her hands relax open and drop over the side of the cot. 

She fidgets a bit in her sleep, her sweats-hugged ass rotating around on

the cot a little.  She begins almost chanting. 


     A faint thread-stretching sound emanates from Sam's back. 

"...Grow..."  Sam's eyes close a little tighter.  Her sweater moves a

little, the threads pulling apart slightly. 


     Sam's top half begins to raise off the cot a little bit.  Her sweater

begins to pull tighter to her body.  Nina hears Sam's chanting and begins

to wake up. 


     Sam continues to rise off the cot more and her skin-tight sweater

begins to reveal that her bra is sinking deeper into her sides.  Nina rubs

the sleep from her eyes and turns on the lantern. 


     Moans from the bra strap get louder as it stretches apart more and

more.  Sam's dangling arms begin to move slowly outward from the edge of

the cot, as if something was pushing them away.  Her frame begins to bend

as her front half continues to rise up from the cot.  Nina finally focuses

on her tent- mate, and almost screams at what she sees. 


     Nina runs to Sam's side just as her bra breaks in a tremendous snap!

Her sweater is pulled so tightly now that Nina can see her back through

the holes between the threads, and they are getting wider.  Nina watches

as Sam's compressed/enlarging boobs lift her body from the cot.  The sides

of her swelling breasts are filling up her sweater and pushing outwards

against her arms, making them rise away from the side of the cot. 


     A couple of the threads in the back of the sweater tear, opening up

the back a little.  Sam's eyes close tight in pain.  Her frame is still

rising upward, now putting her in an awkward back-bend form.  Nina draws

upon her inner strength and flips Sam over onto her back, trying to wake

her.  She steps back in awe at what she sees. 


     Two volleyball-sized masses of flesh continue to inflate inside Sam's

sweater.  Her already ample cleavage from before is squeezing slowly out

the top opening of her sweater.  Sam's erect nipples stick through the

holes in the sweater fabric, still covered by the remnants of the bra. 

The buttons of the sweater are almost to the breaking point, Sam's

tit-flesh growing out from in-between them.  Nina's mouth drops open. 


     Sam's hands ball into a fist as she involuntarily arches her back

slightly.  Her ballooning boobs jut forward into the already strained

sweater, busting two front buttons.  Nina watches as Sam's breasts flow

through the new opening, putting more strain on the other buttons.  The

metal cot creaks a little from the added weight of Sam's large chest. 


     One more button blasts off, letting even more jiggly tits loose from

their bonds.  Sam begins to smile a bit, raising her hands to the bottom

side of her expanding mammaries, pressing them together.  Nina finally

wakes from her awe-struck trance and yells out Sam's name.  No response. 


     Sam moans the chant now as beads of sweat form on her brow.  In

response to her new furver, her chest begins to billow out much faster,

busting her remaining buttons.  The sides of her sweater fall limp to her

side, as does the broken bra.  Now, two pillow- sized tits slump to either

side of Sam, their size and weight too much for gravity to ignore.  Sam

brings her arms over her chest and places both of them around each growing

knocker, coddling them.  Nina begins to shake Sam's shoulder, staring at

the shock waves it sends through the massive boobs. 


     Nina contemplates waking the other girls to help her revive Sam.  The

cot groans much louder now as Sam's tits begin to dwarf her frame.  Some

much flesh is ballooning from her front that it begins to spill over the

edge of the cot.  Sam is writhing slowly under the weight of her now beach

ball-sized bazooms, making them quiver gently.  Nina thinks quickly and

slaps Sam's face. 

     Sam's eyes open momentarily from the slap.  They center blankly on

Nina's eyes.  Nina begins to talk, but she sees Sam's mouth close and

begin to fill with air.  As Sam does this, Nina begins to feel a rumble in

her stomach.  Sam continues to fill her mouth with pressure, staring right

into Nina's eyes.  Suddenly, Sam releases her breath, blowing it right

into Nina's face.  She then closes her eyes and continues to chant again. 


     Nina notices sweat beginning to bead on her own brow now.  She gets

very dizzy and falls to the ground, rolling onto her back next to Sam's

cot.  Looking up, she sees Sam's right breast expanding over the edge of

the groaning cot, looking like a over-filled waterbed.  A bloated feeling

fills up her tummy and chest.  As she looks down her body to examine

herself, she sees that her stomach is beginning to swell outward, filling

up her nightgown! 

     Nina places her hands over her abdomen, feeling the immense rumbling

that is happening inside her.  Her chest begins to tingle as it too begins

swelling outward, but not as fast as her tummy.  She is getting pregnant! 


     Sam's frame slams to the ground as the metal of the cot finally gives

way, collapsing under the weight of her huge breasts.  Like huge mounds of

Jell-O, her tits wiggle from the impact, growing still larger.  Nina

winces from the pain of her own skin stretching from her explosively

inflating stomach.  Her nightgown fills to it's fullest capacity, exposing

her legs and clit as it slides up with her balloon-like stomach.  Nina

tries to hold down her inflating frame, but is soon unable to reach the

top of her tummy.  Her growing breasts snap apart the strings of her top,

filling out more and more.  Nina yells at Sam to wake up.  No use. 


     Nina notices that the top of her stomach has almost reached the

summit of Sam's enormous tits.  Her nightgown rips asunder, exposing her

swelling stomach, now looking like a giant taught beanbag on top of her. 

Nina feels Sam's boob inflating next to her inflating stomach, sending

pleasure flowing into her clit.  The sides of the tent begin to stretch as

Sam's breasts and Nina's tummy continue to blow up like balloons.  The

rough canvas material rubs against their super-sensitive skin, making them

both moan in ecstasy. 

 They both take a deep breath and yell "GROW!!!" 

     In tandem, both girl's expanding exteriors grow bigger in one spurt,

ripping the tent in several places.  Climactic screams erupt from both Sam

and Nina, waking the other three girls.  They scramble from their tents

and almost faint from the sight that greets them. 

     Sam and Nina's heads protruding from the end of their tent, which is

filled to bursting with three bulbous balloons of skin.  Sam's nipples are

near football sized, poking through the top of the tent.  Nina's F-cupped

breasts lay about her neck and her partially covered tummy is exposed at

the top, showing her tire-sized belly button. 

     Sam wakes from her slumber, smacking her lips.  Her eyes widen as she

looks around her and sees her mammoth boobs pinning her to the earth and

filling up the tent remnants.  She screams "STOP!" and both her breasts

and Nina's stomach stop growing.  The other three stagger over to the side

of the girls.  Nina wipes the sweat from her brow, still panting.  Sam is

rubbing the surface of her breasts as far up them as she can reach.  The

tent is still intact for the most part, pressing her chest and Nina's

tummy together tightly.  Sam can feel her tit flesh rubbing against the

side of the canvas and against Nina whenever she breathes and it feels

very good! 

     "What happened?" Sam whispers in awe. 

     "I guess my hypnosis was stronger then I thought.  I don't know

really.  God, I came so hard just then." Nina gasps. 

     "I think I did too.  My tits are so huge! I'll never be able to walk

this way." Sam says, patting her breasts. 

     "Look at me," Nina responds.  "I guess I should have said two

children to you instead of 100." 

     "How did this happen?" Sam asked.  Nina tells her the story of what

they did to her when she was in the trance.  The other girls walk around

the pair, trying to think of how to help.  Nina finishes the story by

telling her what Sam was chanting. 

     "Grow?" Sam asks Nina. 

     Suddenly, both Sam and Nina moan loudly.  Their eyes widen and they

gasp in a deep breath as they begin to swell again.  The tent fabric

continues to tear as Sam's already immense chest and Nina's bloated

stomach fill up faster.  In a few short seconds, the tent rips completely,

allowing the entire mass of Sam's tits and Nina's stomach to expand about

them, flowing free of their constraints.  Looking like two people buried

under three fleshy mounds, the girls moan even louder. 

     Sam grits her teeth together and grunts "Stop!" again.  The swelling

stops.  Nina catches her breath and looks at Sam.  She is sweating as much

as Sam is.  Sam turns as smiles at her, but looks worried soon after. 

Nina then remembers something, she never snapped her fingers to wake Sam! 

     Nina snaps her fingers in front of Sam's face.  Sam's eyes close, and

she begins to open them again.  Instantly, the inflated parts of the girls

begins to shrink back, reverting to normal in seconds.  Sam opens her eyes

completely, looking around. 

     The other three girls are standing over her, and Nina's naked body is

lying near her.  She sits up and notices that her own top is naked.  She

covers herself. 

     "What is going on here?" Sam asks.  "What did you guys do?" 

     "What did WE do? Sam, we have a campfire story that you're never

going to believe," Nina sighs. 



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