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Sugar Slut Cycle Deepener

by mystic-wolf

Sugar Slut Cycle Deepener



Sugar slut is sinking deeper 

into the endless depths of the chocolate bath

There’s no limit to it’s depths 

Just like how there are no limits how deep you can sink

Sugar slut is so happy being enveloped by chocolate

limitless to how far sugar slut sinks into a sweet slumber

Knowing you cannot resist drowning in the gooey goodness

That when you sink you fade away

When you sink you must obey

Further and further sinking deeper

Unaware of your body and mind

Only feeling your heartbeat

And your breathing

And when you breathe while in the bath

You breath in the chocolate

Filling you with the sweet gooey goodness

And you know sugar slut

That chocolate makes you happier

It’s common knowledge that chocolate does that

So sugar slut, since you are surrounded by chocolate

Being filled by chocolate

That sugar slut is being filled with happiness

Enveloped by happiness

Sinking deeper into happiness

Happier with every breath in

Happier with every second you sink deeper

Which means you accept more 

From the only sounds that matter right now

Being trapped by the chocolate

Into an infinite, eternal cycle of happiness

And that happiness makes you accept more

Makes you obey more

Makes you unable to resist

So sugar slut that is how the cycle works

Sugar slut breaths in chocolate

Sugar slut becomes happy because of the chocolate

Sugar slut’s happiness makes sugar slut accept everything

Sugar slut’s acceptance makes her obey more

And all of it reinforces sugar slut’s trance trigger which is

Sugar slut

Sugar slut

Sugar slut

It makes sugar slut sink deeper

It makes sugar slut breathe in chocolate

It makes sugar slut happy

It makes sugar slut accept

It makes sugar slut obey

It makes sugar slut trapped in the cycle

Happy sugar slut

Accepting sugar slut

Obedient sugar slut

And that’s how the sugar slut cycle works

An eternal chocolate loop for sugar slut

Sugar slut is absolutely helpless

Sugar slut being completely drained

Of everything

Leaving sugar slut in her chocolate dream world

Trapped in the sugar slut cycle 

Vulnerable to the sweet words and whispers

Sugar slut’s reality being bent and shaped 

To something new and fun

Undeniable, unresistable and unable to do anything

But to slip deeper into the chocolate depths

And to get trapped in the sugar slut cycle

Unable to move as soon as sugar slut listens

Completely helpless when sugar slut listens

Forgetting to resists when sugar slut listens

When sugar slut hears my sounds 

Then sugar slut slips instantly

Whenever sugar slut puts on the headphones

Sugar slut gets trapped in the sugar slut cycle

Instantly sinking into the chocolate bath

Instantly sinking into the chocolate depths

Instantly enveloped and filled by the chocolate

It all goes automatically as soon as sugar slut starts

And the sugar slut cycle starts anew

Sugar slut 

Sugar slut

Sugar slut


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