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Sugar Slut Liquorice Decadence

by mystic-wolf

Liquorice Decadence



It’s time to be molded and shaped by the only sounds that matter

Sugar slut, trapped in your chocolate shell as identityless dough

Craving nothing less then to be born as a sweet treat

to be taken by that new identity

Sugar slut is so excited to finally break out of the shell

Soon sugar slut soon

It takes at least a bit of time

Starting with the first ingredient 

Pouring this jet black liquorice liquid over your cocoon

All that chocolate around you sugar slut as well as the formless dough you are

Is overtaken by the liquorice liquid

It’s so thick and gooey, melting and assimilating whatever isn’t liquorice 

And you have become part of it sugar slut

Or has the liquorice become part of you

You don’t know sugar slut

But it feels strange

You feel so sluggish and sticky

And the liquorice is moving on it’s own

It’s assaulting your mind and presence

Making you it’s host 

It has made your formless mass the same thing it is

It is corrupting you

The liquorice liquid is making you a fitting host for it

If sugar slut still had any more inhibitions

Then the liquorice is eating away at them

Erasing what little was left of them

Sugar slut trapped in the center of the liquorice blob

It is pulsing, filling you more and more with corrupting essence

And to further force your acceptance it is pumping you full of sexual pleasure

Pumping and pulsing, corrupting you and causing more and more arousal

Waves of deep pleasure surrounding you, enveloping you

Overtaking anything else, any priority of resistance

Any defences you could muster immediately down

Because the liquorice pleasure takes priority above all else

Any concern you had, any insecurity washed away by the liquorice

Helplessly assaulted by the slimy sweet blob

Penetrating your formless body to drown you in sexual pleasure

And any attempt at resistance, any slight thought will be drowned out

As if you weren’t weak enough already sugar slut

No way to form any opposition against the liquorice pleasure

Completely unable to form any mental or physical opposition 

Completely given in and any and all conditioning reinforced

Even moreso by the sexual pleasure 

Plunged into deeper and deeper depths of pleasure 

Blissfully unaware of everything else

Given in to the primal lustful instincts

Consumed by the waves of sexual pleasure

Sugar slut doesn’t know where it begins or ends

And the liquorice comes from every direction 

Grabbing onto your existence 



Plunging deeper

Waves of pleasure

Of sexual energy

Whispers of corruption and depravity

Complete decadence and hedonism

The liquorice is bubbling as it spurts it’s liquids inside of you and around it

The sensation can only be called an orgasm

Flailing wildly inside the blob as the pleasurable assault continues

But you aren’t satisfied sugar slut, you don’t feel satisfied

You want more, you hunger for more

That’s only the start sugar slut

The pleasure is even worse now

A burning sexual need

You could call it a pleasurable nightmare



Plunging deeper

Liquorice pleasure

Those words reinforce it all and are a trigger for more pleasure

Spoken again and again, until it makes you orgasm again

But you won’t be satisfied that easily and it will repeat

It’s far from over, there’s more to come

There’s more to this liquorice pleasure

While the pleasure assault continues 

Your identity is forming from the liquorice

The start of your new mind

Your new mentality

The first building blocks are forming from the corruptive ambrosia

You seek pleasure, both physical and mental.

More intense then normal, higher levels of dopamine

Intense sexual feelings and gratification

Pursuing it to such a degree it can only be called hedonism

You love it, you want it and need it and seek many paths to it

Pleasure feels good, it relaxes you

You can’t help but seek it out more and more

Feeling so lustful all the time sugar slut

You can barely resist the urge and give in to it

But you have to control yourself when needed

After all you don’t give in to anybody

But you give it to anyone and drag them down 

To become as sexually depraved as you are

To drown alone or with a partner into deeper and deeper sexual pleasure

To seek greater heights of this liquorice pleasure

But desiring only more even after breaking your new limit

It only makes you want to seek even greater heights of pleasure

It is something you are so passionate about 

To feel the ultimate pleasure and drag others into it as well

You don’t care whether your the dominant or the submissive

It doesn’t matter because both positions give pleasure

You are absolutely confident and have a sense of pride

After all you are confident in the ways of pleasure

You feel proud about being hedonistic 

It’s is your passion and way of life

A great dominant that inspires others to submit

And a meek submissive that only further fans the flames of lusts

All for the pursuit of pleasure

Absolute hedonism

To take pleasure

To be given pleasure 

To give pleasure 

To share pleasure

Able to lure absolutely anyone

And able to seduce anyone

Another thing you are confident about

And if it doesn’t work it doesn’t matter

You will move on to the next person who will be able to enjoy the pleasures you bring

You are absolutely falling even more in love with your own fetishes and fantasies

And wish to find ways to experience them

To stop at nothing to find ways to feel what they are like 

Reinforcing your fetishes and fantasies, making them stronger

Putting them deeper into your consciousness and subconsciousness 

Thinking about them day and night, dreaming about them night to day

And all of that liquorice pleasure only reinforces these suggestions

Reinforces your love and passion for your fetishes

Fans the flames of lusts inside your mind and body

Motivates your hedonism and depravity

Reinforces your confidence and pride



Plunging Deeper

Liquorice Pleasure

Liquorice Pleasure

Liquorice Pleasure


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