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Magic Hat Shop Diaper Version

by gatormcgee

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It had been such a boring day for Gator. The green mutt had been window shopping all day, just trying to pass the time. Even the town seemed to share in his boredom, with him being one of the only furs on the street. About another hour passed with Gator about to go home and sleep the rest of the day, when he noticed a new store on the corner. A hat shop. Gator had never seen a store only dedicated to hats so he decided to give it a quick look before going home. 

Gator walked into the store sending a bell ring into the air, alerting anyone working that someone had entered the store. Inside he saw walls and walls of different hats. Not just basic ball caps, either. He saw top hats, fedoras, sombreros, even baby honeys. Gator was overwhelmed at what he was seeing. 
Gator continued milling around the shop, coming up to a shelf with a sign that read “The Hat Makes the Fur” and under that, in smaller writing, “Be Someone Else with Our Magic Hats”.  Gator laughed at what he was reading, never one to believe in magic. 
Gator picked up a baseball cap and put it on his head. Suddenly stats and players flooded his head. It’s as if he had seen every baseball game that had ever been played. He even suddenly knew how to play baseball. This would have seemed normal had he ever actually played. The dog couldn’t believe what was happening. 
As all of this was happening, a large bear was watching from across the room. As the owner of the shop, he knew what was going on and a large grin grew on his face. Quietly, he moved across the store and locked the door.  Moving towards the dog, he grabbed a pink baby bonnet from the top shelf. Something a baby would wear. 
The dog still enamored with the ball cap never noticed the bear until it was too late. With a quick swipe, the bear removed the hat and strapped the baby bonnet onto Gator’s head.  Almost instantly the dog’s mind began to fog up as thinking became harder to do.  Gator fell to his butt and innocently looked up at the bear, drool falling from his mouth and a puddle forming underneath him. 
The bear smiled and picked up the mentally regressed dog, not caring about the condition on the dog’s pants. Gator cooed and gurgled as he was carried to a large changing table in the back of the store. Once laid down, the dog’s clothes were gently removed and thrown in the trash. He wouldn’t be needing those anymore. After applying some wipes to clean the urine from Gator’s fur, the bear gently slid a diaper under him and applied a generous amount of powder. After he finished with the powder the diaper was taped onto the babyfied dog. 
The bear picked Gator up again and carried him to a chair on the other side of the room where a bottle of milk was sitting. Gator began hungrily making grabby hands at the milk eliciting a chuckle from the bear. Knowing what his new baby wanted, the bear sat down with the milk and gingerly put the nipple into Gator’s mouth. The dog greedily began sucking at the nipple, his belly getting more and more full.  Without a thought, his tail instinctively flagged as he pushed. A small crinkle could be heard as the diaper filled with his mess. Exhausted when he was finished, the regressed Gator inserted his thumb into his maw and began to drift to sleep. The bear smiled down at his new baby. He would change the dog after his nap. After all, growing puppies needed their rest. 


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