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Fun Times in Dallas

by dvalle910

Chapter 1

Let's start this off with context, this was the winter or 2020 in Dallas, Texas. I was visiting for a bit to let loose and relax without much obligations. The first man I met over there was a guy named Matt Prysock, he's a stud that lived by a river trail in a two floor apartment. We chatted on Grindr for a couple hours before I snuck out and met him to pick me up. (As a kid I hooked up with a lot of men, so I don't care about meeting strangers and being used, it's the fun of being a whore since 7 years old.) We get to his apartment, where he pulls out a pipe and we start smoking T while he plays some erotic music and sets up his cameras to film us. He wanted to be fully serviced, but as it was my first time on T, it was immensely  difficult to do so. I blew him for 30-40 minutes before he stepped out to try and find some spray on poppers to force me in a mask to be his bitch. I started jacking off and using this 8" red steel toy in my ass. He came back and said he couldn't find it, but was willing to let me blow him with the mask on. I just stayed in the same position while he angled his dick down my throat for another hour. We spent the next 4 hours with him in my throat and my using that toy and smoking every now and again.


The next night I met with a guy named James, who wasn't too far away. He wanted me to smoke some DMT and try some G with him. I've done G once before and loved it, so I said I was down for it. We didn't do much besides fuck eachother throughout the night. At the end we smoked and I left back into the night.


The next guy was my favorite. I chatted with Clint for a week before we met in south Dallas. When I was dropped off by the Uber, I met him and we chatted for a while before we headed to the bedroom. I spent an hour cleaning out and we got into him popper fucking me. He had a quite the collection and would alternate them on my face while I rimmed, blew, and bottomed for him. He was fucking great and he dumped seven or eight loads into me throughout the night. I bled a bit from my nose at one point, but that didn't stop us from having our fun.


The last guy is one named Joey Dinello. Him and I met and chatted for a while before he offered for me to come to his place. I didn't hesitate to get him into me while he drugged me with poppers. Just a fun and quick session.


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