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by azumi


- SECRET LIFE of PRISONER GUARD a fiction story -

My name is Harold Ryenard Buttman, sure go ahead and snicker, everybody does. Yes, I do go by
the nickname, Harry. I've been teased about it my whole life so I'm used to it. It doesn't
help that I'm only 5' 4" tall. I make up for it by being heavily muscled and meaner than a

I'm a prison guard at the Purty Women's Correctional Center, and I love my job. Women
all over the place, big ones small ones fat ones and pretty ones. I love the women, and
can't get enough sex, so in my position as a guard, and with all of these love starved babes
around, I've been able to get enough sex to almost even, satisfy me.

I trade cigarettes, drugs, and favors for sex, with the occasional blackmail for the unwilling
ones for whom I set my cap.

I've got my little love nest set up in one of the locked electrical maintenance rooms, no one
ever goes in there, and I have the only key. My little operation is perfect, and to top it off
I'm being, paid for it. That with the money I'm making selling merchandise to the prisoners
outside of the parameters of my discerning tastes, I figure I'm making $100,000 a year.
Life is good when you know how to work the angles.

Today I have a meet set up with this hot little blonde from C Block that I blackmailed into
being my first of today's parade of sexual conquests. I caught her lezzing her cellmate,
which is strictly, forbidden by the prison rules. So now, that bitch is all mine and I'm
going to do my best to turn her into a heterosexual, or at least a bisexual.

I met up with Callie outside her cell and had her follow me to my little love nest.

"You are looking lovely today Callie," I started, "I have been looking forward to this since
yesterday." I told her as I opened the room with my key, and ushered her inside.

She was grinning ear to ear, as if she wanted me bad, "You looked please Callie, as if you
are hankering for a bit of man meat for yourself."

She quickly entered the room and started stripping.

Seeing this, I followed suit, assuming that she was as enthusiastic as was I. My cock was
rock hard and wanting this woman badly.

She smiled seductively and pushed me down on the airbed set up there, "Eager little thing
aren't you honey?"

She made no effort to answer. She just took my hands and placed them on her lovely DD
cup breasts that I had been drooling, over.

"Oh, God these feel... incredible!" I enthused.

She was sitting on my pelvis in just her panties, and my cock was at attention between the
cleft of her heart shaped butt cheeks, straining at the silky material of the pink panties,
she wore.

"Mmmm," she moaned as I manipulated those intoxicating mammaries.

I closed my eyes concentrating on her wonderful breasts, and the next thing I knew there
was a, "Click, click," as a pair of handcuffs were, clipped around my wrist.

'Wait a minute she's and inmate, where did she get handcuff?' I thought as my eyes flew
open and I felt a pair of manacles being, affixed to my ankles.

"What the Fuck...!" I exclaimed trying to dislodge Callie and force her to unlock my
bindings, but the dozen women that surrounded me, held me down to the mattress.

Then I saw the face of the Warden, Ms. Sterndackle, "You have been a very bad boy,

She turned and addressed the women, "Do it, and then take him to his cell!" she exclaimed
with vehemence and disgust.

I felt the sharp poke of a syringe in my butt cheek and everything went black...


I awoke in the warden's office in chains and shackles, forced into a kneeling position, with
the Warden behind a big desk, wearing a black robe, in front of me.

"I see the accused is conscious again," Ms. Sterndackle announced, "The witnesses may
come forward."

Prisoner after prisoner came to the desk in front of me and told the Warden about every
incidence, every dalliance, and every indiscretion I perpetrated since coming to work at
that Prison, and every time I opened my mouth to protest, I was, zapped with a stun gun.

After my third time though, the warden grew tired of it and had one of the female prison
guards shove a cock gag down my throat and strap it in place.

"I trust there will be no further outburst now, Mr. Buttman," she admonished, though she
looked amused at my predicament.

I had to struggle just to breathe and suppress my gag reflex so as not to vomit while my
face was, impaled on that disgustingly realistic looking thing.

"Please proceed with your story, Helga," the warden continued.

Proceed they did, until every sexy babe in the prison, and even one of the guards, had
testified against me.

Ms. Sterndackle called to the bailiff, "Bailiff, please run the video."

The monitor behind her showed my 'love nest' and a few of the dalliances I'd had in there
over the last few days.

When it was over Ms. Sterndackle picked up a ledger and said, "I have here your business
ledger detailing your illegal activities in my prison, and here," she picked up a passbook, "is
the evidence of all of the profit you have made off of the suffering you have caused, some
three hundred, fifty four thousand dollars."

"Bailiff, un-cuff his right arm please," Ms. Sterndackle, ordered, which was promptly,
carried out.

She handed the passbook and a pen to the bailiff, "Now Mr. Buttman, if you know what's
good for you, you will sign that withdrawal slip."

I hesitated. After all, it was $350,000 bucks.

The bailiff took her stun gun and fired it off into my balls, "Yaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" I screamed

After twenty minutes of intense testicular agony, Ms. Sterndackle again stated, "Sign the
slip, Mr. Buttman!"

This time I grabbed the pen and signed quickly, I didn't know if my testes could take
another and still produce sperm.

"What you have done here Mr. Buttman is beyond reprehensible. You have frustrated the
rehabilitation of my inmates. You have raped, stolen, and preyed upon the weaknesses of
these women. God help me, I'm partly blame myself. I have failed in my duties, and failed
to protect my employees and prisoners. I failed in that I did not catch you until now."

"A diseased creature such as you must be made to pay, and I will not leave it up to the
legal system outside of these walls to punish you. You will be punished here and in a way
I deem appropriate compensation, that will rehabilitate you before you leave these walls,"
she struck her desk with a gavel.

"Bailiff, sedate the prisoner!" Ms. Sterndackle ordered and I again felt my ass jabbed with a


'What a fucking weird dream that was!' I thought as I swam my way back to consciousness.
I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a Pink Cell!

I sat up quickly and felt a wispy feeling garment shift around on my body. I looked down
to see that I was wearing a pink baby doll nightie.

'Cute, real cute, wait till my lawyer gets hold of that warden!" I thought nastily, 'She'll rue
the day she humiliated me like this!'

I peered around my environment, seeing a typical solitary confinement cell with a full bath.
Except that this one was pink, I mean everything was pink, the sheets, blankets, false
curtains, commode, shower, sink, floor, ceiling, everything!

There was a small dresser in this cell and a television. "Well at least I can watch some tube
until Ms. Sterndackle comes to her senses," I said to myself.

I turned it on, and the screen warmed up to, Ms. Sterndackle's smiling face, "I see you are
once again conscious, and obviously bored. Welcome to Ms. Sterndackle's, Buttman
channel, the only channel you have. This television is programmed with training videos," I
tried to change the channel, but whatever channel I turned to there was the warden,
saying the same thing, "you will be rewarded with a movie after watching three videos, but
only after demonstrating that you learned what was taught in the videos, yes you are
under video surveillance at all times. You might as well get comfy, because you are not
getting out of there for quite a while and not until you have been rehabilitated, which
means you will have seen all the videos and learned what we want you too learn."

'Well let's see what educational video she wants me to learn. Anger management, or some
lame sexual harassment awareness video...' I thought as the leader on the tape wound
through the system.


"Hello," said a pretty woman standing in front of a nondescript background, "and welcome
to Personal Hygiene for Girls. Before your teacher has to tell you, I will... Let's keep the
giggling to a minimum, ladies."

The instructor walked to her left and stood in front of a drawing of a naked female, "This
anatomically correct drawing will be used to show the areas of your body, and we will run
films segments to better illustrate the techniques we will be instructing you in today."

"This series of 5 films will be presented one per day for the whole week."

"Your bodies are changing, starting to blossom into full womanhood, and you will need to
know how to keep yourself healthy and beautiful."

"Today's lesson is washing your body. I know that you have been, taught by your mothers,
but we may have some girls in this class who do not have mothers in their lives. There is
also the possibility that we might know something your mother doesn't or has neglected to
teach you, so pay attention."

"Now I know that many of you may use antibacterial soap, we are not recommending the
use of this since studies are showing that using this all of the time tends to breed
antiseptic resistant bacteria."

"This is a washcloth, and though many of you have been taught to use them, some have
not. The cloth holds the soap and provides a soft yet increased ability to remove the dead
skin cells that your bodies are constantly shedding..."

I turned it off


'Great I'm being, shown hygiene for little girls. I guess since this is a women's prison that's
all they have on hand. Well at least they show half naked little girls and have a drawing of
a naked girl on it,' I reasoned

"I better have a look around my cell before I zone out on the tube for too long," I muttered
to myself, "and see if there is something else to wear in that dresser."

I made my way over to it and opened the drawers. They were all empty except for the
bottom one, which had a half dozen baby dolls, all pink. There were subtle differences in
the lace and shapes of them but to me the all looked the same.

"You could at least give me something decent to wear!" I yelled at the walls not expecting to
get an answer.

You can imagine, my surprise when I heard, "You will be provided clothing when you earn
it Mr. Buttman, not before." The warden's voice came seemingly from all around me.

Now that I knew she was listening, I was going to give her a piece of my mind, "You fucking
bitch! You can't do this to me! This is illegal and you know it! You wait till my lawyers get
done with you!" and then I got foul mouthed and nasty.

As I continued my tirade, I failed to notice a hissing noise emanating from the wall, as I lost
consciousness and fell flat on my face.


I could feel my self strapped down in bed as I awoke, but could see nothing, nor could I
open my eyes. I knew that I was, drugged and my face hurt terribly.

"Hello, is some one here?" I asked.

"You were very bad Harry, and the warden had to gas you. The only trouble is when you
fainted and hit your face on the floor, you broke your nose, and shattered your brow, but
don't let it worry you, I'm a rather good plastic surgeon, and I have repaired the damage
beautifully. You will look a little different but, that couldn't be helped," the lady doctors
voice came to me sounding strangely familiar.

I felt a needle stick on the side of my butt.

"I'm going to have to do some more work on your jaw, so when you wake again, don't try to
talk," she said as I felt her grab my wrist and check the pulse then blackness swept over


I slipped in and out of consciousness a few times again, but not for long enough to really
remember anything, until I came around to a brightness that caught my attention and
someone calling my name...

"Harry... we need you to wake up now..." the female voice called.

"Mmmmf?" I answered.

"Good you're awake, now don't try to talk. Doctor, the patient is conscious again," she

"Thank you nurse. Well Harry, it's time to take the last bandage off your eyes. Now things
are going to be blurry at first, so if you are ready wiggle your right fingers," the doctor
asked me, again with her familiar sounding voice.

I wiggled as asked, then felt gauze being unwrapped from my head and cotton balls
removed from my eyelids.

"All right, you may open your eyes now Harry," the Doctor said.

I opened them and saw the rather lovely face of the Doctor, who was also my last intended
victim, Callie.

"That is wonderful work doctor, Harry should be grateful we have such a talented plastic
surgeon in our midst," the warden's voice praised Dr. Callie.

I could not see the warden but I saw the doctor move out of my limited view and listened
intently. The only words I could hear was, "eye shadow," so I figured that it was just girl
talk and allowed myself to fade into the drowsy state that the drugs kept me in.

Later the nurse came in and fed me a milkshake through a straw since my jaw was, wired
shut. When I was finished, she took out some kind of cream and rubbed it into my face
wherever the skin was exposed.

"This will prevent scarring an help you heal quicker," the nurse said, then she jabbed me
with another syringe, "That's just vitamins and stuff to keep you healthy since your jaw is
wired. I'm going to turn up your dosage on the morphine pump now so nightie night."


It was like that for I don't know how long, then finally I was, wakened and the nurse
removed the last of my bandages. I was, escorted to my cell and left there with my food,
which I ate through a straw, pain pills, and vitamin pills, brought to me at regular intervals
and pushed through the slot in my door.

I became bored enough to watch the stupid hygiene tapes and finally was able to watch a
movie ...Miss Congeniality, whoopee. I wasn't too bad though, better than learning how to
shave my legs. That damned warden made me shave my legs and underarms, moisturize
and exfoliate before I could watch the movie.

I was so weak from the stay in the hospital I could hardly believe it. To top it off my
appetite was gone. I was eating barely enough to keep a bird alive. I must have lost fifty
pounds over... well to tell the truth, I have no idea how long. I have no clock, no window,
and no idea how much time has past.

They finally unwired my jaw, and it feels so weird, like my jawbone is smaller and I can
open my mouth farther. I suppose it is going to feel weird, until it is, totally healed. I wish
they had put a mirror in here, I can't even see if Callie did a good job on my face, or if I look
like Frankenstein's monster. At least she must have given me something to temporarily
stop my beard from growing, I can't even feel the stubble.

Every so often, I have to back up to the door slot so that they can give me a shot of
antibiotics to keep me from getting an infection. How long do you have to take these
though? I'm sure I've had forty or more of them so far.

I keep yelling to have them let me out long enough so I can get some exorcise, but there is
no answer, the walls just stare back at me. I can't wait until that bitch of a warden has
something to say to me, I'm going to give her a piece of my mind. This is just illegal, and
she is going to be in here instead of me as soon as I can manage an escape. My friends
must be hunting for me by now. My sister at least, she calls me every weekend to 'check
in' she should be looking for me and filing a missing persons report at least.

Well enough staring at my toes, I might as well watch the next installment of the young
and hygienic, let's see what the next installment is today...


"Hello," said the woman again, "and welcome back to Personal Hygiene for Girls. Today we
start a more advanced topic, hair styling. We will show you how to do some basic
hairstyles and use the basic tools of hair care that salons do."

'I suppose that whacked out warden is expecting me to put my hair up in a ponytail!' I
thought and quietly snickered to myself. 'Ouch, what in the hell is that prison laundry
doing? The baby doll I was wearing was irritating my nipples. They are all swollen and
puffy looking.'

A few minutes after the video ended I heard the warden come over the intercom, "Harry, we
are going to need a blood sample from you."

"Fuck you bitch. You send someone in here to get it and I'll fight tooth and nail. This is
illegal imprisonment. Pretty soon my sister and my friends will put enough heat on that
the cops are going to search this prison and find me and that will be the end of you!" I
screamed at the ceiling.

"First of all Harry, no one is looking for you. Listen to this recording your sister Simelda,
made for you," she told me sounding smug.

"Harry, you pig... You low life scum bucket! You total waste of skin! I... I can't even think
of you as... as my brother anymore! Don't ever call me! Don't talk to me! As far as I am
concerned, I have no brother! I saw all of those women tell what you did to them. I saw
how you sold drugs in the prison, and anything you could to make a buck off or...
or...(sobbing wail) trade for sex! I hope you die!" then the tape with my sister's voice on it
went silent.

"I don't think she is looking for you Harry. If she is, she probably has something sharp
with her," Ms. Sterndackle said.

"You Cunt! You fucking..." I screamed at her, as the gas took me again.


"Well Harry, you did it again," the nurse said, "You weren't even healed up from the last
time so the doctor had to do more extensive surgery on your face. To top it of you managed
to break your foot when you passed out, then unconsciously you tried to break your fall
with your hand and broke that as well." She sounded as if she really cared about me so I
held my tongue and was a good patient for her especially since my jaw was, wired again.

"The doctor has you on a morphine pump, so if the pain starts to creep up on you, press
the button that I am placing in your hand, feel it? Now I am pinning it to the sheets right
next to your hand, so it will always be there when you reach for it. Now I am taking your
hand to the call button on the side rail to your bed, if the pump isn't keeping up with the
pain, press this button. I am sliding your hand down the railing to the bed controls. Feel
them there under your hand. This button raises the head of the bed. This is for the foot,
up and down. There you go that should make you more comfortable."

"I'm going to arrange your baby doll so that it isn't all bunched up, so just relax," she
informed me.

'Wow, this nurse has a great bedside manor. Hey, let's see if this button really will give me
an extra shot of painkiller,' I thought to myself as I pressed the button.

A warm rush of well-being, started to wash over me. I couldn't voice my pleasure in any
other way except to moan, and somewhere far off it sounded to me like a girl moaning,
'Damn, this is some good shit,' I thought as another warm wave washed over me and I lost


"Well doctor, how is our patient coming along?" Ms. Sterndackle asked, sitting behind her
desk, nervously drumming a pencil on the desktop.

"Warden, Harry is progressing faster than I had anticipated. Of course, I didn't have the
facilities that you have made available to me, before. It's funny that the thing that sent me
to prison is being used to rehabilitate a scumbag like Harry," Dr. Callie Mannatter, replied
sitting in the leather chair across the desk from the warden. "He has discovered his
morphine button and unlike those set up in hospitals, this one has been set at a very high
limit, and Harry is using it generously. He is staying so stoned, that I think I will start in
on his other side without sending him back to his cell. By the end of the month, he should
be completely addicted to the morphine. I should have both of his hands done and his feet.
His pelvis is mending quite well and the vocal cords are so tight that the next time he
speaks you won't be able to hear him unless you are a member of the Canine Family.
Additionally, there is no way you will ever see an Adams apple on that throat. I have taken
three inches out of his legs and he is missing three ribs now. The over shrinking of his
skeletal structure is on schedule as well. When I have finished with him, his bones will be
lighter and smaller."

"You will be able to, get me the transplant materials that I requested, won't you warden?"
Callie asked.

"Yes, like you said, we can't request the exact parts we want but you can harvest them
directly by declaring a radiation victim with multiple needs. We can then have the whole
donor sent here on minimal support and you can take what you want," Ms. Sterndackle
admitted. "The unauthorized research that you were charged with, you're certain that you
can actually, do it?"

"I've done it twice so far. Never on a mentally alert person though, I used a couple of coma
patients. If they ever wake up, they might die from the shock of finding themselves so
radically different," Dr. Callie tittered at her own joke, "I just hope that a donor is sent to
us fairly soon."

"How are the subliminals going?" the warden wondered, as she stood up and walked over
to her coffee pot.

"The hypnotics are being pumped in and with the morphine, he can't put up any resistance
to the tapes we run, when he isn't fully conscious. Katie says that he has even, become
comfortable in his baby dolls," Dr. Callie let out a self-satisfied snicker. "He has been
trying to speak along with the tapes as they command him, even though his jaw is wired.
Have you thought of what name you plan to give him, we should start adding that to the
tapes right away. You don't want him to be able to tell anyone his name, do you?"

The warden sat in reflection for a short while and stated, "Horatia Harlie Hoard, that will be
her new name. Befitting her rap sheet that we have yet to produce, don't you think?"

Callie giggled, with her hand over her mouth, "I like it. I'll get started with her
programming right away. You, are sure, that you want the whole treatment?"

"I want even more than you did to the others. I want your imagination to get to work on
everything that you can do, to maximize our goals. I want you to make sure no matter if
she has been sleeping in a gutter that she, looks absolutely gorgeous. I want everyman
that sees her to immediately have an erection, and to start drooling. Do you think that you
can accomplish that?"

Dr. Callie gave her a diabolical grin saying, "I think so. Now here is what I want you to set
up for me..."


'Oh man,' I thought, 'time for another push of the magic button!'

I pressed it and waited for the warm elation to wash over me and take my pain with it. I
didn't even think about why the pains I was getting, were now in different places. How my
pain seemed to lessen in my right foot, only to reappear in my left one. It didn't even
bother me that the push button became bigger when one day it appeared in my left hand
after being in my right for so long.

I was a little alarmed when I heard, "Hello there, Horatia how are you feeling this

'Who in the hell is Horatia?' I thought, but for some reason I knew she was taking to me.

"Pretty darn good, I'll bet. Well this is Dr. Mannatter and I thought I would prepare you
personally for your next surgery. This is going to be the last one, so don't fret any. You
have the easy job today, but for me it is going to be a long one. I'll see you in a couple
week again, after your recovery."

I felt a poke far off in my butt, although it barely registered in my drugged haze, as I drifted
off to oblivion.


"Alright nurse Goodbody, let's get her into the operating room. The donors organs aren't
going to wait much longer," Dr. Mannatter told her.

"Oh Dr. Callie, she should be so grateful for the wonderful job you have done, although I'm
certain she won't appreciate it for some time, if she ever does at all. (Giggle)," nurse
Goodbody praised the doctor as she helped push the gurney towards the surgery.

Dr. Callie giggled as well, "We sure got lucky with the donors, and I never expected to be
provided with three of them all at once. I'm going to be able to do something special with
this one!"

"I hope you'll let me massage the kinks out of your back after all of this intense surgery.
Maybe even (giggle) you will like having me tongue fuck you too," nurse Goodbody licked
her luscious lips seductively.

"If you don't quit that Katie, I'll forget all about Harry and do you right here you vixen!" Dr.
Callie threatened, "Anyway we're going into the operating room and the other nurses will be
jealous so keep your motor running on idle till later, alright baby?"

Nurse Goodbody gave her a quick peck on the lips, "It's a date!"


I came swimming up slowly from a long strange dream. I became aware that I was wearing
a pair of headphones, which were, removed almost immediately.

I was feeling kind of sick and tried to press the button that should be in my hand, but

"No more morphine pump for you Missy. It's time for you to get up out of that bed and get
on with your training," I heard Mistress Callie tell me.

I opened my eyes to see the doctor's smiling face right in front of my eyes. I could see her
Katie Goodbody standing off to one side.

"Now just to prove to me that you are once again awake Harry, tell me your name?" she
sweetly asked, still grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Sure, my name is Horatia," I replied, "No that's not right, my name is Horatia! Wait,
wha... my... name... is... Horatia! What in the fudge?" I quit with my mouth hanging open
in shock.

I heard Katie titter in the background, while Callie laughed in my face. A devilish look
came across her face and she pulled away a little and said, "Not long ago you would have
done almost anything to get your hands on these," as she removed her blouse and bra,
pressing those beautiful breasts almost against my lips, "You should be sporting a rock
hard woody about now!"

She was right, I should be. My heart was pounding, my breath was short, and I was
definitely excited, but no hard on! I concentrated on the area between my legs, and it only
felt like I had wet myself, instead of the rigid meat I should be feeling.

'Did all of that morphine make me sterile? Had the drugs chemically castrated me?' I

"Oh, poor Horatia, she looks so frightened doctor Callie. Maybe you should tell her why
she doesn't have an erection," Katie Goodbody said in a rather condescending voice,
grinning all the while.

"What a good idea Katie. Well Horatia, the reason you are not sporting a woody is simply
that you no longer have the wood," as impossible as it might have seemed to me, she
smiled even wider knowing the effect that this information would have on me.

"What? You, castrated me? You can't do this it's illegal! Nooooooo," I screamed then


"Now don't you faint on me again Horatia! You need to know that, you were not, castrated!
Now if you will stop this sissy fainting routine and listen, I have more to tell you," Mistress
Callie told me as I regained consciousness for the fourth time after she told me that my
cock was no longer, my own.

"That's better! Now you relax Missy, that is an order from your Mistress!" she ordered
shaking her finger in my face.

Completely against my will, I found an intense blanket of calm descend over me.

"Good girl! Now, if you stay conscious for a few more minutes you may hear the rest, and
get on with the rest of your life," she sounded exasperated as she ordered me to listen.

Katie was holding my hand and patting it, "Callie, remember she is still weak from all of
the time in bed..."

"Right, I'll lighten up sweetens, but only for you, I don't give one whit what this scumbag is
feeling," Callie exclaimed.

"Horatia, you need to thank your lucky stars for Katie here, she has been the only person
in this whole prison who has tried to keep some very nasty things from happening to you,"
Callie said as she walked a little ways away, "I have an idea, Katie why don't you tell her
about her new situation? I have better thing to do!" With that Callie spun on her heals
and left my room.

"Ughn, why do I feel so sick?" I moaned as every nerve in my body complained, and the
room was doing flip-flops.

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry! Your suffering withdrawal from the morphine you were on for so
long. Here let me give you a little shot to just help you over the hump a little... but first
will you do some thing for me?" she asked so smoothly and convincingly I would have been
hard for me to think something was up, even if I had all of my wits about me.

"Anything, if you can make me feel a little better," I smiled up at her as best as I could
manage. I saw her take out a syringe and fill it from a little bottle.

"Well this favor should be easy for you. All I want, is that you please, please try not to do
anything to make Doctor Callie any madder. It is really hard on me to keep the others
from doing things to you in retaliation for any little thing that you do. So please promise
me that you will try, so that I can keep taking care of you. They have talked about using
one of the other inmates as your nurse, but I think they will find someone who doesn't
really care about her patients, and that makes me feel sad for you. Do you think that you
can try hard, for me?" she finished in an, oh so caring voice.

I got a tear in my eye and said, "Thank you for helping me," I could hold back no longer...
the hopelessness of my situation, and everything I had been told to this point came
crashing in and I started weeping. Not your ordinary basic cry mind you, but the whole
body wracking all out kind.

Katie hugged me while I sobbed, and dried my tears, saying soothing things while I had
lost it entirely.

When I had started to calm down, I felt the sting of the injection as she poked me in the
buttocks with the needle. Mere moments later I had a smile on my face and was in a warm
floating blissful high.

"Do you feel better now baby?" Katie asked, while she held me sitting on my bed.

"Yes... I fell all warm and floaty. You are my best friend Katie. I know that I don't deserve
you, but knowing you are here for me makes my heart soar," I rambled, in the haze of the
drug. Had I been a little straighter, I would have wanted to gag at the effeminate things I
had just said to her.

"That's alright baby, Katie is here for you..." she rocked back and forth as I became ever so
much more placid.


As the trio reviewed the tape, Katie said, "Can you believe that turd is buying this drivel? I
had to work so hard not to retch, when I said it!"

"Was it that bad? She looks so different from Harry that it's hard for me to think of her as
the same person," Ms. Sterndackle admitted, sitting in one of the office chairs next to the
other two women reviewing the tape of Horatia's first awakening.

Dr. Mannatter piped in with, "Well since we were the ones who did the actual alterations, it
probably is a little easier for us to know that underneath that beautiful exterior, lays the
disgusting and fetid mind of a rapist and blackmailer."

"I have to admit that you did a splendid job on her, Callie. You two had better get back
there, she should be coming around soon," Ms. Sterndackle reminded them.

"Yes warden, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to prove my theories, and to
save the other women incarcerated here from that pig," Callie shook the warden's hand as
she stood to leave.

Katie, being the more emotional of the ladies, threw herself around the warden's neck,
hugging and kissing her, "Thank you warden. You are doing a wonderful thing for women

"Sometimes I have my doubts about that. Luckily, all I have to do is review Harry's file,
and I am once again totally convinced that we are doing what must be done," Ms.
Sterndackle sighed deeply shaking her head, "I just wish we didn't have to."

"Bye warden, we'll keep you informed on how things are going, even though it is mostly
Katie's job for now," Dr. Mannatter left with her nurse to check on Horatia.


I came to, still feeling good, to see the lovely face of my only friend, Katie.

"Hi, welcome back sweetie. Are you ready to take your first walk to the bathroom now?
Come on, get that cute little tush out of the bed," she said as she pulled me gently to the
edge and I expected she was going to help me to my feet.

As my torso came more to a vertical posture, I felt... something I never in my life, expected
that I would feel! My chest slid into my lap! "Oh god! What was that?"

Katie giggled, "Don't be a silly girl! That is just your bosoms natural motion, when you are
not wearing your brassiere!"

I was shocked! Yet for some reason, I knew it was natural for a girl like me. My head was
spinning trying to get a grip on why I would think it was natural, when unconsciously I,
stood up. Well that's not entirely correct, I tried to stand up and wound up having Katie
steadying me. She helped me to my toes.

Try as I might I could not relax my foot to stand on the floor! I tried to take a step on
point, but my feet just weren't strong enough, and I was, forced to sit back down on the

"What is wrong with my feet Katie?" I asked in astonishment.

"Oh Horatia, you know you need special corrective shoes to walk in, ever since your
accident!" she chided me.

"I wish you would stop calling me that," I asked her, as she bent down to place my feet into
a pair of shoes from underneath the bed.

"What would you like me to call you sweetheart?" she asked, as she slipped my strangely
tiny feet, into a pair of radically high heals.

"Please call me by my real name. Horatia," I asked, "I mean the name I was born with,

Katie giggled a disarming titter and said, "That's what I have been calling you dear."

"Oh piffle! I give up! Call me Horatia then," I said, even tough I really wanted to use much
stronger language.

"I sure will honey. Do you remember the rest of your name?" Katie bated me, as she did up
the little strap across the top of my feet.

"My whole name is, Horatia Harlie Hoard. Oh dear lord, that's even worse than my real
name, Horatia Harlie Hoard!" I was so frustrated that even feeling as nice as the drugs were
making me feel, I started to tear up.

Now don't you go, getting all emotional dearie, this is just going to be a quick sissy, and
then it's right back into bed," she scolded me, as she finished putting my shoes on.

At least I think she put shoes on my feet, I could feel them, but it was impossible for me to
see them with the giant bulges in my way, "I can't see my feet," I complained.

"Well I can tell you that you are missing a beautiful sight! These are two of the prettiest
feet I have ever seen," I could feel her gently caressing the top of my foot, which sent an
sensuous shiver up my spine, making me quiver, "Now that's enough stalling, come along,
Horatia." She pulled me over to the edge of the bed.

That's when I realized that this couldn't be, the Katie that I knew. This woman is an
Amazon! She must be six foot or taller. Even her hands were bigger than mine are. Not to
mention she was one strong girl, pulling me as easily as she was.

She tugged one last time, and my bottom slid from the bed as I dropped the short distance
to the floor, and her strong arms kept me from falling over. I felt my chest pulling heavily
downward in front of me, while it bounced and jiggled all over. My legs were weak and my
knees felt like warm gelatin, as she slowly walked me to the water closet, as if I was eighty
years old or something.

When we finally arrived, she turned me around?

'Wait a minute,' I thought, 'I only have to go pee, why turn me around? Maybe I'm so weak
that it's safer to do it this way, so I won't fall down if my knees go.'

Satisfied with that reasoning I suddenly felt Katie drop my baby doll panties to my ankles
for me, and then she held up the top so I wouldn't soil it when I sat down.

'Well I guess it's not so strange... she is a nurse and has seen lot's of people naked before,'
I rationalized as I sat down on the seat.

'It sure feels like my butt is covering more of the seat than usual,' I casually observed, 'I'm
going to have to get to the gym when I get out of here.'

I relaxed the usual muscles and I nearly fainted. It felt like I was peeing out of my butt!
My piss was spraying all over my ass too!

Katie must have seen all the blood drain out of my face because she asked, "What's the
matter, Horatia? Your face just turned really pale!"

"It felt like I was peeing out of my butt!" I almost screeched, having finished my sissy.

"Of course it did, that's how we girls pee Horatia, and no big deal is it? Are you done now?"
she queried with a matter of fact expression on her face.

I started to stand up and her strong gentle hands stopped me, "Horatia, you must be really
out of it girl! Don't forget to wipe yourself," she chided with a little giggle.

I snatched a wad of toilet tissue and reached between my legs, and when I wiped my
smooth creased gash, I screamed and fainted dead away.


When next I awoke, I felt myself floating in a strange unshakable state, when I heard
Mistress Callie say, "There that should keep her awake long enough for us to get her past
the basic hurdles! She's on enough Prozac to mellow out Richard Simons! She's alright
now aren't you sweetie?"

I felt Mistress Callie pinch my face to purse my lips with her hand.

"Hi gorgeous, didn't I fuck you a while back?" I asked stoned out of my head, sitting up in
my hospital bed and smiling.

"Actually no, I fucked you, and I fucked you real good!" she patted my cheek smiling at me.

"Aw that's nice... cause I like you a lot! I always did like a lady with big boobies! Do you
want to fuck me again? You can fuck me as good as you want, pretty lady!" I blathered,
barely able to form words as stoned as I was.

"I'll take you up on that offer later, after you get more familiar with your body though, for
now why don't you let Katie help you learn more about yourself?" she suggested, with her
hand stroking my hair on the back of my head.

"Does she want to fuck me too? She's pretty, she can fuck me too!" I offered.

"Okay, it's a date, but only if you are a good girl and learn what Katie is going to show you.
Do you think that you can do that for your mistress, Horatia?" Mistress Callie asked now
staring deeply into my eyes and holding my hand.

"I'll try really hard Mistress Callie," I promised, in the high sweet voice I was hardly aware
that I now had.

"That's a good girl Horatia. I have to leave now, so you be nice to Katie while I'm gone," she
ordered, with a sweet smile on her face.

As she got up to leave, I still don't believe I did this, I said, "Can I have a hug before you
leave, please?"

"That is so sweet of you! You sure can honey!" she hugged me tight, squishing my boobies'
way out to the sides as she did.

I started panting like a bitch in heat! Wow! I was, inundated by pleasurable sensations
coming from my chest. I really liked how my boobies felt when someone touched them, I
almost orgasmed just from her hugging me!

"Oh, so you like that, do you? Well sweetie, I'll be back and hugging you a lot over the next
few weeks, so keep that motor running honey," Mistress Callie kissed my cheek and I

Not like... so hard to think... anyway, I came harder than, I think I have ever orgasmed
before! In addition, whether I have orgasmed that hard before or not, I want to do it again,
a lot!

"Perfect! Everything is working out just as we planned," Mistress Callie announced and
then kissed me right on the lips, sending me into another magnificent orgasm, only this
time she held it for a couple minutes, I kept squirting and squirting lubrication until I was
sitting in a veritable puddle! She patted my cheek again and ordered, "You be a good little
sissy girl for Katie, and I'll come back and kiss you again later." She walked out of my
room leaving me with a satisfied smile on my face.

"Well that makes my decision for me, as to what to teach you first," Katie giggled and went
on, "bath time is what you need the most now. So let's get you to your feet and into a nice
hot and soapy tub full of bubbles."

Katie helped me to my feet, well to my stiletto heels to be more precise. Her strong hands
supported me into the bathroom and she placed me onto the water closet, while she filled
the tub and squirted bubble bath into the hot water, saying, "While you are there you
might as well go sissy, it will be a little while until the tub is full."

I stood and pulled down my pink silk panties, and then sat down again, and let loose the
stream of urine from my butt. I wiped my hairless pussy and started to pull off my top in
preparation for my bath. Katie came over and helped me get the gossamer fabric over my
gigantic breasts.

When the tub was full she supported my, oh so weak feminine frame all the way into the
blissfully relaxing bubble bath. At least it was relaxing until Katie started washing my
boobs for me. My legs went straight and rigid, and the muscles tightened up so much my
legs were shaking. My hands kept grasping the water at the bottom of the tub and I was
moaning as if I should be looking for Scrooge!

"I think you are going to need help getting washed, at least for the foreseeable future," she
giggled, I on the other hand could do nothing but twitch.

"Okay, now your mountains are cleaned, why don't you wash your arms and legs," Katie
handed me a wash cloth and I automatically took over washing myself as I had been taught
by the training tapes.

I ran into trouble when I started to clean my vulva, one touch and I nearly drowned. My
back arched hard and my head went underwater as I did. Lucky for me that Katie was
there to save me. She pulled my head up into the open air while I orgasmed.

"My, you are easily satisfied sweetie! How about, we wash your hair now Horatia?" she
whipped the bubbles off, of my face, which had covered it.

"Why am I orgasming so much Katie?" asked her as she supported my head out of the

"You are just a horny slut, Horatia. You always have been. It's okay though everybody is
used to it. In fact the girls on the cell block miss you terribly," she giggled, and I was
wondering why that would be funny.

Katie showed me how to pat myself dry. Then she powdered me all over telling me, "I kind
of envy you Horatia, not ever having to shave your legs or pussy. The way you can casually
walk around wearing stiletto heels, which are so high that they are, nearly ballet boots, you
are incredible girl! Your breasts are delightful as well. I wouldn't have the courage to have
my breast augmented to the extent that you have," she lightly caressed my nipple, making
me quiver all over.

"Do your breasts, make you do this?" I barely managed to ask.

"Not to your degree honey. I love it when mine are, caressed, but I have never orgasmed
when someone played with them. You were just made special Horatia, created to be a sex
toy," she smiled as she told me this.

"Time to get dressed girl," she informed me. "I'll hold your bra while you step into the
cups, and then I'll make up the clasp in back, while you situate your boobs in the cups,"
she directed as I did just that.

"You might just have to get some bigger bras soon, this one is almost too small," she told
me as she hooked me in tightly in the back.

She handed me a crotchless pink thong to pull up my legs, which I did, and I enjoyed the
sisterly help she was giving me. She had me pull up rose colored stockings with lace roses
woven into them to attach to the matching garter belt I put on, and then she had to
straighten them for me, since it was so hard for me to see them with my huge boobs in the
way. Next came a pink see through silk blouse with elastic woven into the lower half, so
that it would cling to my tiny waist, before flaring out to hug my breasts, and display them
in a deeply scooped neckline.

The silk fabric, hugging me so tight, and sliding around my torso was sending wave after
wave of pleasure signals to my brain.

Katie then helped me into a sweet silky pink half-slip, she rested on my wide flaring hips,
before slipping up a scarlet silk skirt and fastened it in the back for me.

I was, seated before a mirror and Katie helped me rub conditioners into my face, and then
showed me how to outline my lips with a lip liner, before helping me apply my lipstick.

I found myself wondering why I didn't have to put on blusher or eye shadow until I noticed
that I really didn't need it, I already had a violet and pink eye shadow and dark eye liner on
and my cheeks were in a perpetual blush. For that matter I really didn't need the lipstick
or lip liner, I had applied the same colors that my big soft lips already were. I think she
had me do it to protect my lips from chapping, yes that must be it.

My long thick wavy strawberry blonde hair was, brushed out, and fastened into a cute
ponytail that hung down midway on my back.

I looked at my tiny slim hands and appraised my nail polish, it was immaculate as always,
just the perfect shade of pink, and an inch longer than my fingers. I was smiling at the
sight of them when I heard Katie say, "You know you don't have to worry about your
fingernails or toenails, Horatia. Remember, Doctor Mannatter replaced your nails with
enameled titanium implants, after the accident made you loose a couple nails on each
hand, she thinks you are real special!"

I was grinning broadly, knowing that what she told me must be true, since my nails were
so beautiful.

"That should do it Horatia! Now you and I have an appointment to keep with the warden,"
she led me through the security areas into the warden's office, where I took a seat across
from Mistress Sterndackle, Mistress Callie, and Nurse Goodbody.

"I see you have finally recovered from you accident Horatia. Do you think you are ready to
go back into the general prison population again?" Mistress Warden Sterndackle asked me,
her hands clasped together on her desk as she leaned closer to me.

I cleared my throat and answered in my sweet high little girl's voice, "I feel all better
Mistress Warden Sterndackle. I'm sorry to be so much trouble. I can go back in with the
other girls again now, and I promise to be a good girl!"

Ms. Sterndackle looked at Dr. Callie and said, "Impressive work Dr. Callie. You are, sure
that she can perform her trustee duties now? The duties that we discussed earlier?"

"Most assuredly warden, I will personally acquaint her with her new position as a trustee,"
she replied with a devilish grin, knowing what awaited me.

"Excellent, make sure I get copies of the first day's training films. You may take your
charge to her cell again and begin. I'll finish up the paperwork transferring her back to her
cell," Mistress Sterndackle told her, picking up a sheaf of papers and glancing at them.
Then she whispered to Dr. Callie, "Harry's sister, who works for the county records
department, has filed the fake records for Horatia. She is now officially here on repeat
offender charges of prostitution. Many, many charges of prostitution!" She snickered

"Perfect!" Mistress Callie and Katie stood, took my tiny hands, and lead me back to my
special pink cell.

Right away, I noticed that it had been, redecorated. There was a new King size bed with
pretty pink sheets and a ruffled pink comforter on it. All of the plain curtains had been,
replaced with ornate pink hanging draperies. There was a new cabinet against one wall.
The bathroom now has a big mirror. The shower was, replaced by a huge bathtub shower,
in pink. There was a walk-in closet filled with pretty pink clothes and lingerie, even a
section with latex out fits hanging there. My pink dresser was double the size it was when
I last saw it, and when I opened the drawer I saw scads of lingerie. There were different
colors and styles aplenty and none of them looked at all like ordinary day wear, it all
seemed to be out of Victoria's Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood!

I walked over and bounced onto my back on the bed and only then did I notice the huge
mirror on the ceiling!

"Beautiful isn't it Horatia?" Mistress Callie asked, as she had been watching me look
around from the doorway with Katie.

"It's wonderful!" I squealed enthusiastically.

"Well, not everyone has a nice cell like this one Horatia, and if you want to keep this one
you have to work for it. You do want to keep it, don't you?"

"Oh yes," I replied.

She closed the cell door and began stripping off her clothes, as did nurse Katie. I was
confused and started to remove mine as well when Mistress Callie said, "Stop! We will do
that ourselves in a minute!"

They both walked into the closet and when they emerged, Mistress Callie was wearing
thigh high black leather high heel boots, a leather thong, and a leather shelf bra, which left
her nipples exposed.

Katie was wearing a soft frilly baby doll with a leather color that had a leash attached, the
other end firmly in the grasp of Mistress Callie, "That's more like it! Now my lovely slave
girl Katie, I want you to prepare our special guest!"

Katie came toward me with an evil grin on her face.

I was so frightened I began to tremble all over, which made Mistress Callie laugh evilly.

Katie veered off toward the new cabinet, opened it, and brought out some restraints, which
she promptly affixed to my wrists and ankles. I knew that both women were bigger than I
am, and that the crop that Mistress Callie had would be able to quickly subdue me, so I
didn't resist.

Katie laid me down on the bed and tied me to the four corners. My legs were, spread wide
and painfully. Katie then put a tight collar onto my neck and a small box was, attached to

"The collar you have on will emit a painful shock if you cry out or start saying
inappropriate things. Do you understand Horatia?" Mistress Callie told me holding the
remote control in her hand.

"Yes," I replied.


"That is, 'yes Mistress Callie'! Don't forget it! Note also that what you just felt was the
lowest shock level. I have four higher levels. Now say it again properly WHORE!" she

"Yes Mistress Callie."

"First lesson learned. That is good Hor, you don't mind me nick naming you Hor, do you?"
she demanded hand on her hip, the other firmly hovering over a button on the remote.

"N... No, Mistress Callie," I hesitantly replied, afraid to be shocked again.

"Good, because that is your new job, Hor. You are the prison whore! You will be trained
how to please a woman in many ways, and will become proficient in all of them, since you
will be having so much practice!" she turned to face Katie, "Make her ready Katie."

Katie splayed opened my blouse and scooped my breasts out of my bra, leaving then
standing high on my tiny chest. She hiked my skirt up around my waist, and then cut my
panties off me.

"She is helpless and ready Mistress Callie," Katie stated, taking her place standing behind
and to the left of her mistress.

"Key phrase, Harry Ass Buttman," mistress Callie stated with a smirk on her face.

Suddenly the haze in my mind lifted and again I was 'the me', that I should be, "What in
the fuck is going on! Where in the hell did these fake boobs come from and why am I tied
to this bed?"

"Those are not fake boobs Harry, those are your tits. You are tied to the bed to begin your
training as the prison whore," she left it at that, and just stood there smiling.

"Gigolo maybe, but only girls are whores, and I'd have willingly fucked as many of the
inmates you want, without having to be tied down," I replied.

"Katie, go ahead and start tongue fuck her!" Callie ordered.

I could feel the bed bounce while she climbed on, especially since my enormous boobs
jiggled all over, sending strange sensations all through me.

The next sensations were unbelievable, she spit on my crotch, and I felt it run down... the
crease in my crotch? Before I could come to grips with that, she gently spread my vulva
with her slippery tongue. I was unprepared for the intense pleasure her tongue was
inflicting on me. My head went back into the pillow hard, my toes curled up and I started
trying to buck my hips into Katie's face.

Mistress Callie grabbed my hair and pulled my head around so that my eyes opened to see
her face closely, "Harry, you are now a woman. You have a uterus, a vagina, and ovaries.
Unlike most women though, you have six ovaries, I wanted to make sure that if any were
rejected you would still have functioning ones. You have three clits, in a cute configuration
in the top of your vulva. I gave you a sixteen-inch long vagina, which will accommodate an
enormous dildo. You have flexible labia that will stay tight on whatever penetrates you but
will still stretch around huge objects. You have six Bartholin's glands, which will make
you just the juiciest fuck around, and guarantee that you orgasm buckets of pussy juice. I
made sure that those udders on your chest are incredibly sensitive with enormous nipples,
so that you can be, sent into quivering submission easily. Each normal woman's breast
has 15 to 20 sections, called lobes, you however have sixty per breast, so when I say udder,
I really mean that! I removed five of your lower ribs, and shrunk you in almost all
direction. Your waist is a tiny eighteen inches. You are almost five feet tall on your toes,
which by the way is the only way you can walk anymore. I spread your hips nice and wide,
around thirty nine inches. I'm sure that you have noticed that you sound like a six year
old when you talk, and I made sure that you're ravishingly beautiful," she laughed long
and wildly.

"You look like you don't believe me Harry. I'll prove it, look straight up, and watch as Katie
makes you cum in a wonderful gush!" she pointed my face toward the ceiling mirrors.

I saw a sweetly beautiful tiny strawberry blonde girl with her head held firmly by Mistress
Callie staring back at me, buried by a pair of huge boobs and a pretty blonde with her
tongue driven deeply up a hairless cunt, attached to the booby girl.

"Noooo!" I screamed, "Please tell me it's a joke! I... I... I can't be a girl! No one can give a
man a cunt that works! It's not possible you have to be lying!" I ranted, as Katie licked the
three clits in my soft sensitive labia, as she was rapidly bringing me towards orgasming.

When I did orgasm, it was like having an epileptic fit. I thrashed about, bucked, arched,
clenched, and gushed a small tidal wave out of my pussy!

Katie didn't stop though, she had me thrashing about three more times in the space of a
few minutes, one multiple orgasm after another.

Finally, Mistress Callie told her to stop, whereupon she came around and kissed me. That
didn't shock me as much as her sharing a mouth full of my own pussy juice with me,
which I had to swallow, or drown.

"It's time for Harry's 'Lady Viagra' shot Katie, so please administer it to her, and then inject
the oxytocin, I want her to become very feminine mentally, so getting her breasts to lactate
should help her to be more nurturing," she watched as Katie shot a huge syringe of 'Lady
Viagra' into my butt.

Katy turned to a table and filled another huge syringe and injected both of my boobies with
half it's content.

"You see Harry, you are going to be more of a woman than even Katie here. You should
start to menstruate in two weeks. You had better be a good girl or the warden has
promised that she will send a male guard in here to fuck you at the proper time to insure
that you are pregnant. Won't that be fun!" she giggled at the look of terror on my face.

"Don't worry I'll help you in that area, I'm going to restart your conditioning so that you will
be a proper whore, right up to the point when you are so close to the throws of ecstasy that
you can't stop. Then and only then will you be able to remember that you are Harry
Buttman, ex-prison guard, rapist and drug pusher. Oh, and the other leash we have is
your addiction, if you are not a good little slut whore, we won't give you your maintenance
dose of morphine. The withdrawals are impressive to watch, and I'm sure that you will do
anything we ask to get your drugs, how do you like being a drug addict whore Harry?" she
patted my cheek painfully.

"You Fucking b..." I started.


The pain overwhelmed me, and my jaw clenched.

"Pain and pleasure, I'm sur


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