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Laura - HypnoSlut

by markhypnosub

Chapter 1

Laura, Hypno-Slut

The Beginning and Laura’s Bad Day

“ Thanks, Mike” Laura said as she took the CD from her friend Mike, “How did you know I wanted this CD?”

“ I heard you say something about wanting it and not having the money for it so I hopped on the internet and downloaded the songs from it. After that, it was just a matter of burning them in the right order” What Laura would never know is that Mike had spent a lot of extra time implanting barely audible sound under the music tracks. Soon this little slut will be mine to command. Mike’s thoughts were running wild with ideas of what to do with his soon-to-be slut’s body. “Well, I got to get going. See you later, and enjoy.”

Laura soon had the CD into her stereo. She had a lot of housework to do today and her new CD would help the work fly by. Soon she was grooving to the beat of her favorite band, all the while her slut brain was being reprogrammed...

3 days later

Laura could not get enough of her new CD. It was almost addictive. She walked around the campus of UCM with her headphones on. Her D-cup tits bounced and jiggled under her flimsy tank top, completely unrestrained as she walked to her Psych class.

Laura’s mind was not on psychology however. She was thinking about cock, again. She had been so horny over the past few days and she couldn’t understand why. Last night, she frigged herself to at least four orgasms, thinking about getting fucked and cummed over all the while. The night before, her and her boyfriend fucked for three solid hours, but she just couldn’t seem to cum from his attentions. She had to finger herself off, which she did three times. And it looked like tonight wasn’t going to be any better.

She ran her hand down to her skirt-covered pussy. Why am I so horny today? Laura thought. She looked at her watch. Ten minutes until class started. Just enough time to get a little fun in, Laura thought, Just to hold me over.

Laura quickly ran into the ladies’ room and did a quick check. No one’s here. Time for some fun. She made her way to the last stall in the row and set her bag down. Hiking her short skirt up, she sat down and spread her legs. When did I starting shaving my pussy? Why aren’t I wearing any panties? How come I didn’t notice the trickle of juice down my leg? The torrent of questions stopped when Laura’s fingers made their way into her dripping wet pussy.

“Mmmmmm..ahhh!” Laura moaned as she began to cum

But once wasn’t enough for the young slut-in-training, so she began to toy with her clit in hopes of coaxing out another climax before class.

“Mmmmm, my fingers are soooo good, I just can’t get enough” Laura had one of her tits out now and was sucking and licking the nipple as she finger fucked herself in a public place.

Soon, she felt another massive orgasm rising from her overheated sex. “Oooh...Ahhhh...AHHH....AHHHHHH!!!!!” Laura cried out, legs twitching and spraying her juice all over the stall door. “Mmmmm.......that felt DAMN good”

At that moment, the stall door swung open and there was a bright flash of light.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?”

Laura adjusted her eyes to see a butch woman wearing UCM custodial gear holding a camera standing in the doorway to the stall. Shit!!!! Laura’s mind cried out. Apparently, in all of the commotion, she hadn’t heard the janitor coming into the bathroom.

“Looks like I found myself some shameless little slut messing up my nice clean bathroom.”

Laura tried to explain as she started to cover herself up, but she was cut off by the janitor.

“Shut up, slut. I’m gonna call security on you, you little slut”, said the janitor as she reached for her radio.

Shit shit shit! You got yourself into it this time. You and your oversexed brain. If security came, she would be in deep trouble, not to mention the story would probably be all over campus in a matter of days. She had to think of a way out of this, and quick.

Laura threw herself at the janitor’s feet and began to beg “Please, please don’t call security! I didn’t mean it, I wont do it again, Please!! I’ll do anything!”

The janitor had the radio up to her face, but she didn’t say anything, she just looked at the exposed Laura with a glint in her eye “Anything?” she asked.

Laura quickly nodded, “Yes, anything you want.”

“Good, take off the rest of those clothes. We’re gonna have a little photo shoot.”

Laura was going to protest but a stern look and a shake of the radio quickly dashed those thoughts. Soon, Laura was naked except for her high-heeled sandals.

“Mmmm, you have a nice body, slut. A little on the chunky side, but it fills your tits and ass out quite nicely” SNAP! The janitor took a picture of Laura standing naked in the stall. “Turn around, I want to get a better look at that ass of yours”

Laura turned so her back was facing the janitor. She felt a twinge in her cunt. What is wrong with you girl? You are standing naked in a bathroom stall being treated like a slut and you are getting turned on by it?!?

“Good, now spread you feet about shoulder width apart. A little wider. Good. Now bend over so your body is parallel to the floor, and arch your back sweetie” Again, Laura complied and was soon giving the janitor a perfect view of legs, ass, and dripping wet cunt. SNAP! Another picture. Laura’s skin flushed with humiliation and a single drop of girl juice fell from her cunt to the tiled floor, which was observed by the dyke janitor.

“You little slut, you’re getting turned on by this aren’t you? I bet you even want to come, don’t you?” As much as she wanted to deny it, Laura’s body was screaming for release. “Well, answer me slut!”

“Y...y...yes” Laura whispered, humiliated.

“What was that, slut, couldn’t hear you?”

“Yes!” Laura yelled.

“Well, go right ahead but I think I should secure the room, so we aren’t disturbed.” The janitor walked over to the door to the bathroom, put a sign on the door that read “Closed for cleaning” and locked it. She put her radio to her mouth, “Stella, this is Barb, over”

“Hey Barb, what’s up?”

“I got this young slut in here gaging for it. You up for a little fun?”

“Always, where are you?”

“First floor bathroom, see you in a few”

“All right”

“Oh Stella, one more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Bring the fun bag.”

“Mmmm, you read my mind babe”

Barb then walked back over to the stall, where Laura had sat down on the toilet.

“You lazy little slut! Who said you could sit down?”

“No one, I was just....”

“Shut up and come here” Barb said as she grabbed Laura by her short, red hair.

“Owwww! That hur....” SMACK!!!! The walls echoed as Barb loosed her free hand onto Laura’s face.

“I said shut up. Here, sit down” Barb spoke as she shoved the naked Laura onto the floor of the bathroom. “Now, I want a show, and you better make it hot. And one other thing, no cumming until I say, do and you’ll be in DPS so fast your head will spin.

Laura nodded and started to have at herself. She ran her hands all over her body, pinching her nipples, fingering her twat, always mindful not to get too close to orgasm. Barb meanwhile had undone her overalls to her waist and removed her shirt. Her breasts were twice the size of Laura’s but were nowhere as firm. She tweaked her nipples as she gave pointers to the girl writhing on the floor, all the while snapping away with the polaroid.

At that time, the door to the bathroom opened and Stella, Barb’s partner in crime walked in. She looked much like the butch Barb except Stella wasn’t as toned and had massive fat rolls. She relocked the door and surveyed the scene before her. Sure enough, Barb had a hot young slut pleasuring herself on the dirty floor of the bathroom. And her lover Barb was playing with her own tits while photographing the young slut on the floor.

“Well, we are going to have some fun with this one.” Stella spoke.

Laura, so intent on giving a good performance, had not heard Stella enter and was surprised when she saw the large woman leering at her.

“Get your hand out of you cunt, you dirty slut. Stand up”

Laura looked at Barb, and Barb replied “Don’t just sit there stupid, do as your told!” Laura quickly complied and was soon standing in front of Stella.

“Gimme your hand” Laura offered her clean hand and Stella slapped it away, “The other one, stupid” Laura raised the hand she had been using to masturbate and Stella quickly took firm hold of it. Stella raised the hand to her mouth and began to lick small amounts of Laura’s juice from it.

“Mmmmm she tastes great, you should try it, baby”

“Now honey, you know I only like it fresh”

“Right, turn around slut so my lover can feast upon you” Laura was then spun around to see a now naked Barb kneeling in front of her.

Barb licked her lips as she brought them down onto the young coed’s pussy. Juice dribbled onto her tongue as she licked, bit, and sucked on Laura’s well-pleasured box.

Laura meanwhile was moaning and writhing as the woman explored every nook and cranny of her cunt. Stella was also toying with the girl, pinching and rolling the girl’s nipples in her big, powerful hands. “You should really try yourself, your quite tasty” Stella said into Laura’s ear as she took the girl-juice soaked hand and shoved it toward Laura’s gasping and groaning mouth. Laura took her own sticky fingers into her mouth and began to suck on them, tasting her own juices in the process. MMMMmmm I DO taste good! Oh God this is getting me so hot, I think I’m going to ahhh.....

Sensing Laura’s impending climax, Barb ceased her assault on Laura’s cunt as Stella yanked back on Laura’s silky red hair. Laura gasped and now found herself face-to-face with Stella.

“So, my creamy young slut, the taste of cunt gets you off? Why didn’t you say so? We’ll give you all you want!” Stella laughed as she forced Laura down onto her knees.

“Barb, dear, you found her so do you want first dibs?”

“Oh yes, I can’t wait to see how she use’s that tongue of hers.”

Barb’s hand took the place of Stella’s as she stood up and forced Laura’s face into her steaming wet box. “Eat up now, we wouldn’t want you to starve now would we? Hahahahaha!”

Laura wanted to wretch. The woman’s snatch was smelly and unwashed but she couldn’t see any way out of it so she slowly stuck her tongue out.

“Oooh, that feels good now start licking, slut!” Barb slapped Laura’s ass hard to emphasize the point.

With a few more sharp blows, Laura’s tongue was working a mile a minute in Barb’s musky cunt. After a few minutes, Barb began to twitch and spasm and soon, wave after wave of sticky girl juice was covering Laura’s sweet face.

“Look at this, she’s dripping wet again!” Stella said incredulously.

Sure enough, Laura WAS getting turned by her abuse at the hands of the two lesbians.

“Smile, dear, you’re on Cunt Camera” Laura looked up to see Stella holding a camcorder. “How is she, dear?”

“Excellent, this couldn’t be the first time she’s eaten snatch.” Laura blushed. The truth was she had gone down a couple girls before. The thought turned her on even more.

“My turn, take this would you?", Stella said, motioning to the camcorder. Barb reached over and took the camcorder from her lover. She the turned its unblinking eye to the young captive. “Time for 20 questions, slut. Answer truthfully or you will be sorry.”

While Stella undressed, Barb made Laura answer all sorts of humiliating question about her sex life and other aspects of her life. She made sure to get Laura’s name and address to be used for future considerations. By the time Stella was ready, Laura was thoroughly humiliated, and extremely excited. Laura turned to her next task, the pleasure of Stella.

Laura’s first thought when she saw Stella’s naked body was disgust. Where Barb’s body was toned and masculine, Stella’s was just fat. The fact that Stella didn’t believe in shaving added to the disgust. Stella motioned for Laura to come to her. As Laura began to rise to her feet, Stella stopped and told her to crawl, like a bitch in heat. So Laura crawled over to Stella under the watchful eye of the camera.

“Now my young slut, ask to eat me.”

“Please, may I eat you”

“Beg me, like you can’t live without my sweet nectar.”

Laura was humiliated but she begged anyway, “Please, please let me eat you. I’ll positively die if I can’t. Please....”

“All right, if you want it that badly...” Stella grabbed Laura’s head and forced it between her legs. Laura began to lick Stella’s cunt like she had Barb’s and in a few minutes Stella began to grind her soaking cunt all over Laura’s pretty face. But Stella wasn’t done with Laura yet. In fact, she made Laura bring her to orgasm three more times, almost making Laura pass out in the process. When Laura was finally released, her face, hair, and tits were glistening with sticky juice.

“Good job, slut. I guess you earned yourself a cum” Barb handed Laura a huge dildo. “It’s a vibrator, too” she winked as she turned a knob on the base and the dong started to vibrate.

“Fuck yourself with that, slut. While you do, tell us what kind of dirty little slut you really are. Also, don’t cum until we say. When you get close, beg for it like the slut you are. Enjoy.”

Laura once again spread her legs and began to pleasure herself. She ran the dildo over her nipples and then down into her slippery wet cunt, gasping as it’s 12 inches entered her.

“Tell us what you are, bitch”

“I’m...a....horny.... little.....slut...ahhhh.....I...live...to...oooh...aahhh...fuck...and...ah...suck.....and.....uhnnnn....I’m.....nothing.....ah....more than.....ahhhh....a..oooh..ahhh.....cunt...cuz....uhnnnn...ahhh..cuz....that’s....alll. that....I....think with! AHHH!!! I’m coming. Pleeeeeeease let me cum......PLEEEEASE!”

Barb and Stella positioned the camera on the floor so they could see Laura’s spasming cunt. They then crawled over to Laura, positioned themselves between her legs and yanked the fat didlo out of cunt “Cum you little slut, spray your juice all over us”. And that’s exactly what Laura did. With a massive scream her long-awaited orgasm took her and she sprayed her juice all over the faces of the two women, who then had Laura lick it off their faces.

Just as Laura thought her ordeal was over, Stella spoke up, “You made an awful mess here slut, don’t you think you should clean it up?” Laura groaned and began to wipe off the juices with a paper towel when Barb said, “No you stupid slut, with your tongue” Laura almost began to cry as she started to lick up all the girl juice off the dirty floor. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Barb filming her ordeal and Stella masturbating with a piece of cloth.

After she was done, Barb and Stella made her thank them for abusing her and was allowed to dress. Her thin tank top was soaked with Stella’s cum, but it was the only clothing she had so she donned the soaked garment, collected her things and ran out of the bathroom, straight to her truck.

“Hey Mike, this is Barb.”

“Hey Barb, I trust everything went all right?”

“Perfectly, she’s going to be a doozie”

“That’s what I wanted to hear, when can I expect copies?”

“I can get them to you tomorrow.”

“All right, see you then.”

Mike set the phone back down in its cradle. Stupid slut, you have no idea what’s in store for you. Hahahahahaha!



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