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Short Hypno Story

by spunkytheskunky

[Single Chapter]

A short contribution of an original story by me so I can test a premium file on the site.

It should have been so simple. I paid a hypnotist so he could put me in a trance and make me experience my biggest fantasy: that of turning myself into an animal. He said he put a trigger on me and it would be a surprise, but I didn't put faith in it. In fact, I felt robbed! That is, until the day I suddenly realized that I was strangely attracted to my sweat. And then I said: "wow, I stink like an animal".

And that's when it started. I later discovered that the curse he had bestowed on me would force my mind to imagine that I was becoming any kind of creature that could be large and musky and dirty. At first, however, I saw my hands splay out as the fingers merged into hooves, my arms swelling and my entire body going plump and rotund. Greasy dough expanded my stomach and waist, my thighs growing as gigantic as my calves and buttocks.

The next thing I knew, I was grunting and then squeeling, watching huge tusks come out of my mouth as my nose stretched, my face turning into a snout as I saw myself in the mirror, less and less human and with a porcine gaze. Eventually, I witnessed my balls and dick change; my phallus curled into a corkscrew shape as the scrotum was thrown back in two pendulous spheres, banging against my new hoofed hind legs.

And then I just sat there, sweating more and more, making pig noises because, well, I was one. And it felt so good. I was able to explore my whole new body, even my anus had changed! I was all pink and plump, full of slimy texture and pronounced nipples. I stayed there, rubbing against the floor until I came, and that was the trigger that deactivated the curse. I returned to normal as gradually as in the first metamorphosis, eventually returning to humanity, but eager so I could test my new skill again. Over the next few nights, I experimented with the trigger and turned several different species over the course of the week.

A virile, horned bull even sweatier than the pig I was; a hot stud who couldn't stop wanting to trot and neigh; a wild gorilla who just wanted to scratch and sniff himself, beating his chest while exposing his ass to the open air and calling himself an alpha of the woods; a lion with a monumental mane and deadly fangs, displaying pride through an unshakable savagery of the true king of the jungle... There were so many things that I even got lost in how many different species I became.

Still, he wasn't satisfied. I wanted more control, more options to play with, so I went back and he gave me another trigger. This time he explained it to me, seeing that I was more confident in the work demonstrated. Now, in addition to becoming another species, I was also able to change gender if I wanted to. I never imagined that it would be as good to be a cow as it was to be a bull; I can't describe to you how sensational it is to squeeze the teats of your own udder. Or about the time I wanted to feel what it would be like to imagine being a werewolf with multiple nipples like in the commissions we see on the Internet, squeezing them as I transform. And it was crazy. Even though I was cisgender, I was kind of jealous. And then I went back to him. I wanted to try crazier things, test the limits of my mind's imagination. And indeed, it seemed to be limitless. Although clearly not happening in real life, during the trance I was able to imagine what it was like to be a dinosaur or a dragon, I could even see myself as anthropomorphic characters from series that are well known and whose design I find appealing.

However, there was the question of how to get into bed with my boyfriend. Was he as susceptible as I am? It was a matter of time. I ended up leaving him for a few weeks with my hypnotist and letting him work out his imaginations about the transfiguration aspect of bodies. Like me, he kept changing identities with each trigger activated, but I didn't accompany him because I wanted him to feast on his own before the big event. After a while of working on it, the hypnotist told us we were ready and gave us a keyword. "Baby, I want you another way"—was what we should say to spice up our relationship. And voila: there I was, like an elephant, eating my hippo boyfriend's gluttonous ass, or else being dominated by him like a lioness while he became a beautiful tiger. It was all divine and getting more and more addictive. It seemed that we were increasingly distancing ourselves from reality and would rather live in it than go back to normal.

Eventually, due to work issues and moving house, we ended up moving away from the hypnotist and the triggers gradually disappeared. And even with our common roles and desires, it was never the same after the mental images stopped appearing as clearly as before. For a while it even lasted and worked normally, but then it got lost and went... Until we were left thinking with the will, thinking about how we could live a little bit of our fantasies. We were satisfied, and happy, but we wanted to go back to that someday. Since then, we've been looking for someone who can help us go through a similar process as good as the previous one. And who knows, one day we will achieve that. For now, what remains are the precious memories of what it really means to be true free from any shackles, free to have sex roaring loudly like the animals we are, letting a wild primitive side flow without shame and limits, and enjoying every specific characteristic of our mutated bodies inside our own minds.

Tomorrow, I will meet up with a new hypnotist. And I hopefully will have great results from our appointment.


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