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The man in suit

by danielvanhorstel

It was a normal day, a warm spring day with a light breeze. My best friend asked me to go to the local bar, what’s so bad to go out for a drink? We were meeting in the afternoon. And then always the question stops by, what should I wear? The bar we were going has one dresscode, try to impress the public with a nice suit. I always had a fascination for a man in a suit, it looks so powerful, so dominant.

I was planning to wear a nice whit dressing shirt, nothing wrong with that. Following with a nice tie with dark and light grey stripes. A tie needs to be knot in a nice way to really make the suit flawless. What kind of pants and jacket should I wear? Well, it is a sunny day, so let’s choose something colorful, what about royal blue. This is the perfect combination to show off some style.

Eventually we arrived at the terras, my friends was looking stunning in his light beige suit with a tight red tie. We ordered our drinks and begon to chat. Mostly we were telling each other over what kind of clothing we bought or what kind of dates we had. For some reason we always had a some sort of true or dare game going on. Always challenging each other to go do somethings to proof we were afraid of nothing! Last time we had this challenge I challenged my friend to go to someone randomly and touch his ass. So of course I bet that he is planning something extremer for me.

After a while talking, there were new guests arriving on the terrace. A group of men, tiered of working all day. I bet that they came for some kind of law firm. They all were dressed nice, as a lawyer you need to look official and clean of course. But there was one man in the group that take my antention. He was dressed in a navy blue suit, with a whit shirt and a black tie. His hair was so perfectly shaved at the sides that you could cut your self with it. Was I beginning to feel horny? My friend saw me yearning towards him. He said ‘true or dare?’. Of course! He already noticed that I needed something different then a coffee. I replied with ‘dare’. He said ‘oke, when he is going to the toilet, follow him. Try to look at his dick. Perhaps he wants more?’ Oh, this was already exiting. After a couple of minutes the man stand up and was heading to the toilet. This was my chance to proof my self to my friend!

There I saw him standing. Man I was getting warm, horny and hard. I was standing next to him and I looked him straight in the eye. He was looking at me with this slightly smile, I bet he was also hungry for something different that just coffee. I looked at his dick and saw a perfect porno penis, altho it was not hard, yet. I touched his shoulder, I wanted to feel the fabric of his jacket. It was as soft as silk. My hand was moving to is neck, to feel his collar of his shirt. In the mean while his dick was getting harder and harder, bigger and bigger. The fact that he was getting horny of me was making me more exiting. His hand was sliding over my leg, towards my ass. He squeezed it like it was nothing. His hands felt so strong. We started to move to each other until our faces were so close, that kissing was irresistible. Starting with lip on lip, softly touching and feeling his soft lips touched the mine. Following with the tong. Why is this always such a warming up?

He pulled me by my tie to the ground, I looked up to him. He looked at me and said ‘are you going to be a good boy? Are you willing to do as I say?’ I replied with ‘yes, I will do everything you say, I will obey you’. Then pushed my face towards his dick and commanded me ‘suck... it... now’. I immediately liked his dick. I was looking up to him, how powerful he looked in that suit. I could feel his tie touching my face, but I didn’t mind. He was so dominant that the only thing I could do is obey him. He pushed his dick in my mouth. Deeper and deeper. Until, he took me into a toilet cabin. He pushed me down on the toilet and I continue to suck his dick harder then before. He was moaning, telling me that I was a good boy, telling me that I was a good slave. I felt him taking my tie and used it to guide me how fast I had to go. Now he command me to stand up, turn around and pushed me towards the wall. I could feel his fingers sliding over my but, his tong licking my pants. ‘Master, do you want to lick my ass? Master please, I need you dick in my ass, please, I beg you.’ He told me to shut up and he pulled my pants down. There was a little surprise, I was not wearing any underwear, makes sex in a suit way easier. He started to lick my hole, with is wet... warm... tong. He was really going for it, he kept going until I moaned. Until I begged for him to fack me. He stand up, pushed me against the wall, and stoked his dick in my  ass. What a joy I felt. ‘Thank you master, please, fack me harder!’ He pulled at my tie to have absolute control over me. He grabed my jacket to be able to fack me harder. The only thing what I could do was moan, moan and moan out of joy. Controlled by master, obey him, be his good boy. Even master was moaning like this was the best sex he ever had.

‘Ieee...’ someone entered the toilet, shit! Someone must had heard that we were facking for life. ‘Knok, knok!!!’ Somebody knot at the door. ‘OPEN THE DOOR!’ Master opened the door... we saw my friend standing in front of the door, smiling and asking ‘master, do you want two slaves?’ He looked at him and said ‘are you going to be a good boy too? Are you willing to do as I say?’ My friend replied, ‘yes, master every wish is my command, I wil be your good boy’ master command him to sit on the toilet, with is pants down. Master took my head and pushed it towards my friend his dick, ‘you know what to do, you must obey me’. I started to suck my friend his dick, made him moan like we did. Master started to fack me, this was the best challenge I had in a long time!

After a while master commanded me to sit on the toilet, holding my tie so I could not look downwords. My friend was standing next to him. ‘We are going to cum all over your face, so don’t you dare to move’. I could not move, overpowered by the power what he showed me. Then first my friend came all over my face, I felt his cum all over my face. Warm and wet, he moaned so sensual, so loud, so sexy. He sticked his dick in my mouth and was moving it softly. I could tasted  all the cum and his wet dick. Then master pushed my friend on the ground and command us ‘suck my balls’. We were licking his balls, master was moaning. He came all over our faces.

Man, I think I passed the test.



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