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A bad boy

by prehist0ric

Chapter 1

It was a nice sunny day with just a few clouds in the sky that flew around lazily. In a classroom in an ordinary high school called Fexton College. Sitting in Maths class was a short but handsome young Asian man called Anderson Hoang. He was of an average height at 175 cm on the skinny side but with some muscle especially on the biceps and abs. He had a short side swept fringe with brown eyes. As the bell rang signalling the end of class the young boy packed his bag and made his way to the school counsellors office. He was caught watching hentai the other day by his teacher and to make it worse it wasn’t even normal hentai it was young Danish girls tied to train tracks and being dominated by the Transformers. So as you could possibly guess he received a welfare concern alongside several compulsory sessions with the school counsellor. 


As he walked into the office he was shown the way to the room and told to wait for the counsellor. About maybe 10 minutes later a middle-aged Asian woman with light brown hair wearing a button up, black skirt and black stilettos walked in and sat down opposite Anderson. This woman was the new school counsellor Mrs Emma Humbry.


“Well Mr. Hoang, I’m not sure what to say here.”  Emma said as she placed her elbows above her knees and clasped her hands together.

“I understand that as someone who has just turned 18 you may be excited and very adventurous with your, ahh, sexual preferences, but a school is simply not the place for you to be viewing things such as pornography, unfortunately.”


Hearing these words Anderson’s face quickly morphed into a pout as he looked pleadingly at the very sexy looking milf.


“But ma’am it gets so hard to control my urges, and sometimes I just need a way to distress at school, and It's not like I can just find someone to do it with because I’m in a school. As much as I love my sex I love not being in jail more.” Anderson whined as he bit his lower lip and tried to look as innocent as possible.


A creepy smirk made its way onto Emma’s face as she pressed a button on a hidden remote and suddenly Anderson found himself bound to a spread eagle on a bed that just popped out from the floor. At the same time the doors locked, and metal blinds rolled down the windows. After ensuring everything was secure Emma threw off her blouse and bra, dropped her skirt and pulled out her lacy black panties.


“You’ve been a very bad boy Andy and now as your superior I'm going to have to punish you.” Emma said as he slowly waddled to Anderson with  a large 10-inch dildo in her hands and began to cut open his shirt and pants.


Tears streamed down Anderson’s as he thrashed against the ropes that were binding him. As a conservative straight male his pride and dignity would not allow anything to come even remotely close to penetrating his asshole.


“Ma’am, Miss, Mommy, please don’t do this!!! I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t stick that thing in there please!!!!!”




A red handprint found its way onto Anderson’s face as Emma backhanded him.


“Be quiet bitch. You lay there and let me use your only purpose.”


Sniffling quietly, Anderson tensed his unlubed asshole tightly as Emma stood over him with the menacing dildo. With a smirk Emma very slowly placed one of her black stilettos on top of Anderson’s dick and very suddenly stabbed it downwards. Anderson let loose a yell of agony and involuntarily unclenched his asshole and Emma immediately thrust the dildo into the tight, unlubed hole. Anderson cried as he felt the foreign length enter him. It was really uncomfortable for him as he’d never taken anything in that hole before and could only wince and groan as he tried his best to adjust. Emma however was not going to give him the chance as she pushed the entire length into Anderson’s ass causing him to cry out in pain once again. What followed was Emma repeatedly thrusting the dildo into Anderson  and after a few minutes Anderson’s brain became saddled with the mix of pain and pleasure.  Seeing the state of her new toy, Emma decided to unbind Anderson as he had lost the ability to resist her. As Anderson crumpled onto the floor as a quivering mess, Emma moved him into a sitting position and removed the soaked dildo. She then proceeded to stick multiple high intensity vibrators into his ass and poor Anderson who was barely conscious at this point could finally not hold on any longer and gave himself a facial as his brain melted into the pleasure, and he sprayed thick ropes of cum all over himself. Not being satisfied enough Emma pulled out a box of ED pills and force-fed them to Anderson and watched in satisfaction as his limp dick slowly began to rise again. This time she took out another dildo, but this one had a suction cup , and she stuck it firmly onto the ground. She dragged Anderson over and pushed him onto the dildo so that he impaled himself. As soon as the dildo entered his asshole, Anderson's brain was stimulated by the feeling, and he automatically began to bounce himself on the dildo. Tired of just watching, Emma pulled out her phone and a whip and began to record herself whipping Anderson as he rode the dildo like a bro. She finally stopped filming after Anderson came a few minutes after. She pressed another button on the remote and the room began to clean itself and after a few minutes the doors and windows were open once again and Anderson walked out with no life in his eyes.


On the same day Emma posted the video onto the internet anonymously and would sell off Anderson daily as a prostitute to the highest bidder. Anderson was never the same after that in the counsellors' office.




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