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My neighbor comes over...

by shotgoth

He comes over

Oh my god I want to fuck my neighbor so bad. He is literally everything that is desirable about the pure male form. His body his figure his stature his voice his fucking beard. Hes so…man. Everything sbout his exudes masculinity and I want his fucking cock in my mouth so damn bad.

He was just in my room shooting the shit with me about clubhouse and all I could think about was his large pumping bulge growing harder and larger through his short shorts and behind his compression shorts. He was standing feet away from me at the edge of the bed where I was laying on my side petting my cat. My head was maybe inches from his bulge, and I could just. Imagine the way it would smell and feel though his underwear as his cock starting growing harder and harder the more, he pressed his junk into my face, slightly thrusting against my open mouth, moving his hips side to side to make the outline of his ever-growing penis apparent to my open drooling mouth. The smell… not foul or rank, but phlegmonous and manly. Musky like his balls and cock had been pressed up tightly all day behind his compression shorts. Hes probably got a healthy amount of fur down there as well which is especially telling of his straight masculinity where he doesn’t need to shave his balls or cock because he’s a man. But there’s enough that he’s maintained so that he’s not unruly and untamed. He appreciates the value and beauty of his cock in his male form that he takes care of his grooming in a way that respects his manly hood.

A slight whiff of something cologne like, but he doesn’t wear cologne that would make his pheromone scent. The leftover smell of a morning shower can be picked up on especially up towards his pelvis. His junk and bulge are musky and warm, but it’s masked behind a smell of clean linen. There’s nothing better than the slight smell of man junk on a freshly washed and worn pair of compression shorts. Slightly tinged in sour warm sweat but clean like a freshly laundered sock. Fuck I can’t wait until he frees his expanding bulge from its pant prison. At that moment, all his scents and pheromones are released at once. A full day’s worth of work, and gaming and ball itches set free. Fuck. His penis smells so good. And the first taste I have of it is salty and a little but sweet, but the throbbing as soon as I put his head into my mouth grows his penis and he becomes almost immodestly erect before I can get halfway down his penis head to his shaft. I readjust my oral grip in my mouth on his dick. I pull the saliva from the sides and back of my tonged and let it fill the space between his cock and the inside of my mouth. I allow his almost fully erect cock to fill my mouth as i slide down his shaft and descend my face into his hairy but groomed base. He thrusts his pelvis slightly, pushing his cock deeper into my throat. It’s as if he knows how big and large his cock is in my mouth and uses it like a tool he’s skillfully mastered over the years. Of course, he knows how powerful his cock his.

That’s why he takes pride in maintaining his manliness and masculinity. It’s the essence of what makes him a man, and what gives him his manhood, and it’s all right there in front of me, concentrated onto his musky and manly wand that I’m now fully engulfing and digesting. All of that which makes him a man is filling my entire mouth and clogging my throat until eventually I can’t breathe anything but his rock-hard cock. His lungs fill my entire being every time he exhales and pushes himself just that bit further into my system. It’s like I am sucking the very faucet to all that is man and I’m being forced upon this realization with every moment that passes. My cock isn’t even hard. I’ve waited for this for so long, and my subconscious has slowly been grooming me for this day. What made him turn so instinctual against me? He became like an animal in a matter of what felt like a few seconds, and it all happen=ned so fast but as such a slow boil and build up that everything outside of this moment either didn’t or ever had existed. It was just the two of us in that room, but it really felt like it was only the two of us on this new unexplored planet, and this was our purpose of fulfillment to do the very thing we were both engaging in equally together and at the same time.  I was his, but he was not mine. In equal parts that he was mine and not the other way around. It was just this, and that’s all it ever had been. It was the way it was supposed to be. And so, I embraced it fully and let go of any inhibitions or insecurity.

This is what a man wants, and this is what the man is going to get. I want the man, and the man is going to take it from me whether I’m willing to take it or not. Which of course I am. I never made it obvious, but I wanted to fuck Dylan from the very first time I saw him. I kept it 100% platinic and neutral and tried to respectfully keep a boundary between us being that we were neighbors. But the way he was coming onto me and thrusting into me like he was, convinced me that his inhibitions were uninhabited far longer than what I had originally thought. Had e walkway swanted to to fuck me? Did he always question his feelings towards men or was sit a divine sense of fulfillment that just controlled his lust for lust that gave him the want to drive himself so needlessly and carelessly into my existence. All that mattered is that this was happening and, it was finally happening. My hole instinctually flexed as I tasted more of his cock as bobbed my head up and down his cock. His cock was wet now with my saliva, and I slurped it up indulging every drop of sweet precum and sweat the collected form his man faucet into my drooling we mouth. He seemed to take notice or maybe it was just instinctual because he leaned over and wadded towards my ass whip was popped and eager. A full 5finger palm directly cupping my ass with a slap.


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