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The Curse of Pleasure

by crokadilla

The One and Only Chapter

Hiking for hours and hours on end through endless tunnels would wear on the feet of anyone. She wasn't being "obnoxious" when she continually asked for breaks, that was just being rational! She can't help that her dress snags the rocks, the least they could do would be to follow along and hold it up for her! What cretins!

"Esha, please come along now. The guide says we need to hurry if we are going to make it on time," her mother called back, too troubled with her luggage to actually look back.

"If I've told you once, I've told you a million times mother. All I care about is our pleasure, and that means being comfortable. I'm not going to keep running like this,' Esha replied with a great sigh as she slowly meandered onwards. For a moment, she stopped and put a hand against the wall to take off her shoe - a rock had gotten inside and was making the trip even more uncomfortable.

"Oh, don't give me any more of that nonsense Esha, you know damn well we'll be much more comfortable once we actually get there. Speaking of which, I say, by the time these buffoons finally manage to get my industrial hairdryer and sunroom dresses through this next bend, we shall all be wrinkled and dry just like my old aunt- "

And that is the last of her mother Esha ever heard, for the wall she was leaning against suddenly gave way, and she plummeted down a hidden shaft, the opening sealing itself back up just afterward. She landed in a pitch dark room, splashing up water in the impact. Suddenly Esha was scared, there was no way the party would know where to look for her down here! Why did this have to happen to her, and not some servant?

Something moved in the dark, brushing up against her leg - Esha froze in horror. Beneath her, she could feel a wet puddle over mossy stone - but not a single other thing was visible, for the hole above had apparently been sealed, and no light was visible. Thanking her tutor for putting up with her stubbornness and insisting she learn at least one small spell, she cast the one and only bit of magic she knew - "Lumen!" and there was light.

Mushrooms of all shapes, colors, and sizes dotted the walls and floor. Stalagmites and stalactites were everywhere, lichen growing wherever the water flowed. The true terror was above, however, for the entire ceiling was covered in a seething mass of gnarled bark vines, drooping and heavy with massive seedpods. The movement she had felt was that of a bulbous mushroom engorging before her eyes, when suddenly - it made a small pop and scattered wet spores into the air, almost like a sneeze.

Not expecting the blast, Esha's inhale put chills down her back and butterflies in her belly. Recoiling in fear, she jumped up and pulled her dress up to her mouth, bunching it up so that she could breathe better.  Looking around frantically, Esha spied a passage across the room that looked like it went upwards and back out of this mess - all she need do was cross the room and escape!

Frantic and desperate, Esha charged ahead, eager to get the cloud of strange spores behind her. But it was to no avail - wherever she stepped, Esha began kicking up more clouds from other mushrooms, and she was forced to stop. Quickly seeping through her cloak, she was beginning to feel a bit lightheaded, and there was a spark of heat in her loins. If she went too quickly and without care of where she stepped, it would just make her problem worse - but take too long and the spores would almost certainly catch up with her.

Forcing herself to calm down in order to face this race against time, she began the task of hopping from bald spot to bald spot among the many plants and mosses growing throughout the cave. Slowly but surely, she began to feel a little bit safer as the clouds dissipated behind her. Turning around for a moment to assess her progress, she spied her next major problem - while she had left behind the spore clouds, where they had risen up into the air, they seemed to be... reacting somehow with the seedpods on the strange ivy above. Before her eyes, the fruit was fizzing strangely, until it suddenly it popped like a kernel in the microwave. Juice splattered everywhere, coating Esha's arms and shoulder.

Surprised, she did her best to rub it off, but only succeeded in rubbing it in. Her nerves grew alight everywhere that it touched her, lighting her up down to her very fingertips. Falling once more into a panic, Esha returned to her path towards escape, but fear and hastiness made her clumsy. Spores began clouding up more and more as she hopped along, her dress pulling up mushrooms by the dozen. By this point, her spell was also beginning to wear off, and she was forced to take the dress away from her mouth in order to recast it. The resulting inhale was like fire in her lungs, making her vision go hazy. The lightheadedness had become full-on dizziness, and Esha's crotch was as wet as the puddle she had first fallen in. And yet, for her efforts, hope was within her grasp - the passage upwards was just ahead.

But to get into it and make her escape, she would have to fjord a small moat of fungi. It was here where the floor dipped and formed a pool which everything seemed to grow around, directly in front of the passage entrance. There was no way around. Terrified of what she might face, but knowing that the cloud behind her was only growing closer, Esha closed her eyes, held her breath, used adrenaline as a shield against her fear, and sprinted for the exit, trying to leap over the pool. In the dark of her closed eyes, she easily cleared the pool, but knocked against a low hanging vine in the process - dropping many nearby fruits to the floor. Furthermore, her footing was compromised on the other side of landing, and she toppled into a patch of fungi. Spores flooded her nostrils and fruit liquid spread all over her feet and legs.

Immediately, Esha's senses were overwhelmed. With her heart beating as fast as a galloping horse, her eyes seeing stars, with sensual chills running all up and down her nervestems, she began spasming in pleasure. Her back arched as her pussy cums like never before, squirting so hard it goes through her dress. But that is not the end, for as one ends, the next begins - her fists curling into balls as she struggled through orgasm after orgasm.

Finally, they began to subside, and Esha was left to gasp on the floor to try and get her strength back. Once she finally had it, she got her weight beneath her and finally tried to stand - the way to safety behind only just in front of her now.

But it was not to be. The slime covering her feet causes Esha to slip and slide backwards... into the pool. Immediately, her body is completely submerged in the combined liquids and fallen spores of every piece of flora in the room. Surprised and only trying to breathe, the liquid even went down her throat, making her choke. Lower and lower she sank into the muck, her strength seeping away the further she got from the surface. Vision going black, Esha was sure she was about to die...

When suddenly, she awoke. She was lying on a stone tablet, in a strange room with ancient inscriptions on its walls. A paper thing gown of translucent silk covered her form, from where it came she knew not. A quick glance around verified this was the same tunnel system she had first entered, so she hadn't been brought far. But how did she get here? What were these symbols? Where was this room in relation to the rest of the system? And first and foremost, where were the others?

As Esha moved to get up, suddenly everything came flooding back to her memory... as well as to her body. Every nerve was alight with desire. Her loins dripped with fluid, and as she breathed in to enjoy the clean clear air - she came. The very feeling of the air rushing into her lungs was enough to set her head on fire with the pleasure. Breathing out, the feeling intensified and she came even harder, her legs buckling beneath her as she fell to the floor. Unable to muster the strength to get up or even move, all she could do was lie there... slowing breathing in and out, spasming from the pleasure with each and every breath.

All she cared about was pleasure, eh? Well she might not have meant it, but she had as much as she could ever want and more, now. Esha knew not how this new body would mean for her future, or even for the next few hours seeing whether she could get up off the floor, but one thing was for sure - the life she had known before would be one she would never walk again.

The End!

Mostly wrote this story for free premium, but ended up drawing out a quick sketch of a fantasy of mine. Details are ketp to a minimum in order to save on time. Might go back at some point and edit it to make it sound better.

Thanks for Enjoying,



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