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by nikeb

Chapter 1



Josh was a young school nerd whose interests have been laying in Science and he was very high on intellect. That was the reason why some jocks of school catched him up and tried to get information out of him.So every time those dumb people called „hey joshi“ he knew what was going on.After a bunch of stupid comments it always got into the topic how untrained and wimpy he was.After that they always did some pranks to him .In the end he was running away.One day something special happened .A new student from Florida came into his class.A tall, muscled well toned guy who looked first like another of those stupid jocks, whose brains were the size of a pea.His name  was AJ which sounded already like a jockname.But then something happened that Josh did not expected.AJ chose to sit down right beside him a boring nerd in the front row. In math lesson another shocking moment. AJ was really smart. He could solve differential equations.But how could that be possible? In break he also didn‘t want to hang out with jock bros he went instead to Josh.Than they began to talk with each other about Science, life and then Josh started to talk about the topic sports.Because he was very wiry he started to ask AJ for help. AJ agreed and tried to help Josh to get into a better shape.So Josh started to workout together with AJ and tried to focus on training .As some other jocks catched the attention of Josh.This wimpy guy in the gym?Huhuhu that must be a funny joke. So then Brad the smartest of the stupid jocks had suddenly a mean idea.If this wimpy guy would like to be more of a jock he should also really become mentally one.So the bros began to whisper and stared with a mean grin to each others eyes.On next day they had prepared some hypnosis equipment and sports jerseys for their insidious plan. They catched up AJ and wanted to talk to him .They asked him about his shape and whether he would like to work out with them.AJ agreed and on the evening he went to them to gym, because Josh got a cold and stayed at home .So AJ started with them together the sets.Then brad asked him whether he would try the new booster they use, it would taste really good and would have such a good quallity. So AJ gave it a try and something tasted awkward .He went suddenly dizzy and saw Brad who was laughing and then it went dark.That was part of the evil plan of those jocks, because Josh would be smart enough to fight against hypnosis,  but if they hypnotise AJ to manipulate Josh step by step Josh should be more and more like them.So a week later when Josh hadn't his cold anymore he saw AJ preparing some sports equipment and asked him what he would like to do.So he sayd:I’ve prepared some special stuff for you bro“.Did AJ just call him bro?But then Josh forget about it and wanted to go to class, but AJ had another idea.He wanted to go with him to gym .Josh was confused. During school lessons in the gym that would be a bad joke, but AJ was so intrucing that he agreed and went with him to gym.In locker room AJ gave him some weird oversized jersey, which he should try on.It smelled awful, but well if he would Look in it sportier then give it a try.Then Josh realised he had forgotton his water bottle at home, but AJ gave him another one instead.AJ said here is some special ingredient inside which would be great for him, so he took a sip. By the time Josh started to feel dizzy and heared some jocks and went blank.



Next morning he woke up in bed with no memories.Maybe this was a dream?He felt a little bit light headed, maybe this wasn’t his day.In bathroom he saw himself in the mirror and got aroused by his reflection.Damn AJ helps him really bad.Sick gains .Josh didn’t realise that his vocabulary went more simple.Also he started to like flexing in the mirror.When he walked he felt his crotch and he felt bigger then before.When he was in the kitchen he felt the urge to drink some Brotein!Did he really just say that, well he should take a sip and go to gym.So after he took a sip he woke up in gym and heared some really arousing suggestions go into his ear.He wanted to lift those weights so badly and he felt really like a bro.He is a bro.Awesome.So Josh didnt realise that he was not in school anymore,  he always went to gym instead to hang out with his jock bros and AJ .His IQ doppelt when he was in school he failed Science class and took his Phone watched himself swiped through sozial media and watched jock profiles. He wanted to be like them look like them.So he started to war fitness clothing or tank tops and a Backwaren cap.Suddenly his memories started to dissappear.He always was a bulky bodybuilder and fitness trainer who only wanted to lift  weights and hang out with his gym bros .So the evil Plan of Brad ,made Josh into a Bodybuilder Jock with less intellect.So everyday Josh started his sets watched his new form and stared for a new victim which could be jockified.In his room at home were now fitness equipment posters of bodybuilders ,motivation slangs and every day he started to hear his jockification file to be more and more the jock he always wanted to be.In the evening he would went with his bros to a Bar and watch a football game.He always loved sports.He loves watching brutal fighting Sport and he loves to be an alpha .Strong,sexy and powerful.That was his ritual for the Rest of his life.





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